Habiru or Hebrew worship the Sumerian...

Habiru or Hebrew worship the Sumerian Sun God Nebiru

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Habiru or Hebrew worship the Sumerian Sun God Nebiru
Asshur Anshar is Shahar or Winter Sun or Beginnging and Anu is Shalim the end.
When the Hebrews were in Egypt - living as Egyptians, worshipping the Golden Calf of Horus, etc.- they also worshipped Horus's "twin," Set, whence comes Satan. Where Horus is the Golden Sun in the Age of Taurus the Bull, Set represents the Serpent of the Night, i.e., the night-time sky. The battle between Horus/Jesus and Set/Satan represents the struggle between day and night for supremacy.
Hebrew \He"brew\, n.[F. H['e]breu, L. Hebraeus, Gr.?, fr. Heb.
August the 12th and 13th is also the high point of Sirius. Nebiru (Neb Heru) in the sky. Nebiru is the sign of the cross within a cross. The cross of our solar system to the galaxy, to the star system of the cross, which is Neb Heru (Heru Ami Septeb, Horus of Sirius or Heru Sept, Horus of the Dog Star).
Carol Redmount who wrote 'Bitter Lives: Israel in and out of Egypt' in The Oxford History of the Biblical World concluded that the term "Habiru" had no common ethnic affiliations, that they spoke no common language, and that they normally led a marginal and sometimes lawless existence on the fringes of settled society.[4] She defines the various Apiru/Habiru as "a loosely defined, inferior social class composed of shifting and shifty population elements without secure ties to settled communities" who are referred to "as outlaws, mercenaries, and slaves" in ancient texts.[4] In that vein, some modern scholars consider the Habiru to be more of a social designation than an ethnic or a tribal one.[5]
The Habiru or were Mercenaries or Sumerians Slaves, who Sumerian Kingdom was destroyed by the Babylonians. They were Nephilim (Fallen Angels) Orion from The God Anshar or Asshur called Ashura Mazda in Persia and Asuramaya or Varuna in India. Anshar is the father Anu or Anunnaki or Fallen Angels who felling Sumeria in Ur or Eridu or whatever but first in Sumeria with coming of the Moon worshipping Arab Semitic. The Siga-gigi or Tsigane or blackface people or Sumerians, became a people who Sumerian Kingdom the Tsigane the first Gypsies or Black face people, then when the Semitic Conquer the Baluchistan in They called people Sindh or Zingan or black face people. Habriu or Hebrews worshipped Nebiru which Sirius and the Planet Mercury or Winter Sun which Virgo or Sharhar dawn or the beginning of the birth of the Sun or Universe. Shalim is end the Universe or dusk. When the Habiru or Hebrews came to Egypt they worship the Golden Calf with Horus Sun God or is Neb Heru (Heru Ami Septeb, Horus of Sirius or Heru Sept, Horus of the Dog Star or Canis Minor the Son God Child. But Moses suppose got rid worship of the Golden Calf or Sun God replace with a Semitic God, until King Solomon and Sheba who ruled Jinns or Genii or Nephilim brought back Sun Worship or Tishri in Autumn Equinox to Solomon Kingdom in Israel and Judah. Judah and Benjamin tribe accepted by Israel and the King of Israel rejected and rejected Solomon or Sheba son Rehubaum or Menelik as king or Israel and Judah. They had War and Rehubaum lost fled to Sheba and then Ethiopia were Hallie Sallasie family family descend and Rehubaum family in Judah were taken captive in Babylon that Biblical Daniel family who my family descend from they went back that practice of Worshipping Nebu or Nebiru in Babylon or Chaldea or Sumeria. So they were Hebrew came from people who ancient Sumerians Jews who worship Nebiru or Nebo or Mecury or Virgo or Winter Sun or Sharhar Sun God or Morning star or Sirius the Fallen Angel on Orion Belt or Nephilim who over by Semitic Moon Worshippers.

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