The real story about B- blood &Esther...

The real story about B- blood &Esther& Exilarch& the Rudari Gypsies

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#1 Dec 2, 2012
The real story about B- blood &Esther& Exilarch& the Rudari Gypsies
Zerubbabel was the head of the tribe of Judah during the time of the return from the Babylon exile. He was the prime builder of the second Temple, which was later re-constructed by King Herod.
Many scholars, who believe that Luke's genealogy of Jesus traces his bloodline through his mother Mary, believe that Zerubbabel is a common ancestor for Mary and her husband Joseph, who was Jesus' adoptive father. The story of Queen Esther is in accord because Esther was a Jewish Exilarch Princess like her Cousin Zerubbabel or Daniel. The story did not take place in the 4 Century B.C. with ARTAXERXES I (464-423 B.C.) that is totally false because Xerex is another way of Saying Cryus as Cyrus the Great who married the Jewish Exilarch Esther or Esthra(it not a fathering name is mean whore)because prostituted herself and she also one time married her first Cousin Zerubabbel but he gave her up to join Cyrus Harem and eventually became Queen and Cyrus let the Babylonian Jewish Exiles return the Jerusalem with Zerubabbel who was Esther first Cousin, 4th Exilarch and leader of the tribe of Judah. But Cyrus the Great died in battle in 530 BC. He was succeeded by his son Cambyses. Esther from Susa who was a Jewish slave from Susa who became a Noble and did her brother Daniel or Zerubbabel or Susa who was settle to from Susa to Build the Temple in Jeruselam and Esther and Daniel, who Persian Jewish Noble ploted along with her son Darius to kill Gaumata the Magi King who a Medes who capital was Ectabana or Hamadan. Darius, Daniel and Esther had a Coop agianst Gaumata the Mede Magi King in order to control not only Persia and Medea but for the Daniel to become Rab Mag or Chief the Magi priest who is the Forfather of the Parsi in Iran, Pakistan and India. His HLA Blood type is HLA-A2901 & HLA-B4201 and HLA-DRB1*0302 and B- Blood type found in first Ethiopian Jews or Moses family then Palestinian or Palestinian Jews or Benjamin Tribe, then Iraqi Jewish, also the Benjamin or Belites or Son of the Sun or Belita the Sun Goddess of Sumerian Jews, then Kurdish Jews all form the Benjamin tribe, and Parsi in Karachi Pakistan who 98% genetic similar to Iraqi Jews or the Benjamin tribe or Daniel the forfather of all Parsi or Zoroastrians. Cyrus the Great was the Shiayant or Messiah to Jews when he died, there was a power struggle between Medes and Persia Guamata theKing was pro-Medes and Darius was a Medes Royalty was the Jewish Persian in the South mainly in Susa were the Jews were. Just about all the Exilarch from Zerubabbel to Mary had B Rh negative blood type and the Karaite Jews who descend from the Exilarch Bostanai have 53% B Rh negative blood type. Darius the Great the son of Esther and Cyrus or Xerxes had B Rh negative blood type from his Mother Esther was an Exilarch Princess and either brother or 1 Cousin of Zerubbabel the 4th Exilarch. The Sassanian King from Yazdegerd I who married a 21th Exilarch Mar Abba daughter Shushandukt who Yazdegerd III and his daughter Nazbanu from Pars the Homeland of the Parsis and Sassanian Noble family. Both Yazdegerd III and his daughter Nazbanu from Pars had B Rh negative blood type. Nazbanu fled to Deval or Karachi in 714 which Parsis or Sassanian Noble family and ruled Sindh until 1010 A.D. then they when to Vapurkhan which was still Persian Noble property like Deval in Karachi was. They when from Vaspurkhan and went into the Caucasus and Lom Gypsies or Aryum Gypsies this were Shah Pahlavi the Shah of Iran who infact B Rh negative, so he Jewish or Gypsy like me and belonging the same Lom Gypsy Ayrum tribe that came to Bulgaria who is almost 100% genetically Iranians including Zoroastrian and Noble Persian Gypsies like me.
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#2 Dec 2, 2012
In 1447 Vlad Dracul goes to Bulgaria when has been before and get 12,000 Gypsies and enslaved them. They become the Rudari or Dracula Gypsies. Dracula father also take Rudari Gypsy Witch Wife name Caltuna when mean Bewer or Witch and he has 3 son Mircea, Vlad Dracula and Vlad Monk because his wife Cneajna could not have children. She was infertile. So the Lom Rudari Cultuna is not only the Romanian Nobles related to Vlad Dracula family but also related Prince Charles Grandmother Mary Von Teck and her son, who was Prince Charles Uncle Edward IV the Duke of Windor and Both Mary Von Teck and Edward the Duke of Windsor were B Rh negative and true descendants of the Rudari Gypsy Caltuna who was Vlad Dracula and Vlad the Monk mother. They are my distant Cousins because my mother is B Rh negative and and I am B Rh negative Carrier related the Stankovich of Rio de Janiero Brazil who own the Stankowich Circus in Rio for 180 years.
They came in 1820th with Austrians passports from Curtea de Arges Romania near Pitesti. They directly related to Stanesuc who are King of all 78 million Roma Gypsies and the Stanescu Rudari have be King of the Gypsies in Romania or Bailiff and Stanenik as they were called in Bulgaria, for 600 years. The Rudari were the first Gypsies in Romania, They were King of the Gypsies for 600 year, They care B Rh negative Persian, Romania, Gypsy and Jewish Noble blood. Other Gypsies do not. That B Rh negative Rh bloodline started with Solomon and Sheba son Menelik or Rehubaum the true King of Israel and Judah. He father Solomon B – blood type also came David, Moses who Moses because his half brother Ramesis was B Rh negative carrier and Jewish. Moses got it from Abraham and Abraham got from Geshtianna or Lilith in Ur Sumeria more 6000 years ago. This is what some Jewish people and some Brahmin people don’t want you to know about Jewish and Gypsies.
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#3 Dec 2, 2012
How could the son of God Jesus Christ Be AB- Rh negative is Mary and all her Royal descendants including Zerubabbel were B Rh negative? Think about ittt! Message!

So one have been feeding a line of BS!

Now this is Real History, No BS!
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#4 Dec 2, 2012
B blood and B Rh negative is consider Asiaitic or Foriegn blood in the Middle East.

and to AB and AB- blood type Israelis B and B- Blood types is consider Oriental Jewish blood Mizrahi Jews

The Virgin Mary and all her descendants are Mizrahi Jews or Oriental Jews.

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#5 Dec 2, 2012
^^ He's right, You know.


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#6 Dec 2, 2012
I'm wondering who tested Jesus to find out his blood type?

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#7 Jan 23, 2014
Could you please tell me where to find more informations about B negative blood from history, migration.. thank you
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#8 Jan 24, 2014
65007noogard wrote:
I'm wondering who tested Jesus to find out his blood type?
G Q. When they did blood tests on the shroud of turin it came back as female.

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