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#1 Oct 3, 2013
has live voice chat
and many types of posts and forum has tons of people plus it has a YOUTUBE channel and all kinds of cool stuff for ya all to check out..
no not putting a link to it just do a web search and BINGO!

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#3 Oct 3, 2013
if I want to live chat i'll call my daughter, shes always good for that.


Carnegie, PA

#4 Oct 5, 2013
well the site is full of interesting stuff

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#5 Oct 5, 2013
Where you been? Listening to rock and roll music and bad-mouthing your country, I'll bet!
HL Shancken

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#6 Jan 5, 2014
Are you happy with the site, Trin? Or is it Scrump's site now? I believe he goes by 'Doombert' these days, but I could be mistaken. I see he has a lot of friends. I never really paid attention to him whatever he called himself, but now that he's gotten me banned I've got a better idea what he's all about. He's like the Karl Rove of GLP or something. A big shot whose time should never have come. But unlike Karl he's got real sex appeal for the ladies. One in particular that comes to mind seems to be smitten with him. She goes by Lady Jane Smith. I think you know her (she's one of your mods). Anyway, they've really carved a niche there at the GLP I see. They really have each other's back. It's a love story. She shows her admiration by pinning everything that he posts. She shows her love by banning people that he is otherwise unable to handle. He need not even utter a word and the deed is done. She knows. She sees. She will be his eyes and ears, and his balls. Rivals compete for him, but he is hers.
While it would have been nice if infatuation would have melted Janie's penis envy, it has if anything agitated it. Now, penis envy among the mods is widespread, especially among the ladies of the house like your oldest and bestest GLP buddy, Big MO. The little lady cries herself to sleep nights thinking what she could have accomplished had she only been born a man. I ought not be too hard on her, though. I think over the years she's shown some personal growth and it wouldn't surprise me if she might even grow out of GLP itself. Time will tell if her penis envy is cured as it was with D. Bunker, who went quietly off into the night, probably carried there by a man who won her by demonstrating to her that it is the woman who bends over.
No, if we're to give out prizes, the "Queen of Mean" (for those reading not familiar with GLP, that is how Phenommennonn signs every post. The picture of the huge microphone in her signature, well, you don't have to be Freud...) likes to think she has the biggest cock on the internet. She's a lovely woman, Trinity. You made a fine pick there. I'm sure you've discovered by now that you're stuck with her for life. She'd go Kathy Bates on you in a heartbeat if you ever called it off with her. Being a mod at GLP has prolonged her life, and if you were to take that away from her...Anyway, she's not all bad. I hear she's the best dick her boyfriend's ever had.
I guess this is turning into an opus! I think I'll continue with the mods. Let's see, there's Chip. He's alright as far as I can see. Seems level-headed and all, and he doesn't seem to be too much of a chatbrat. And Dr. Acula never was much noticed by me, as I stay away from the dingbat shit he's into and I'm pretty sure it hurts his brain to wander off in my field. Then there's the guy with the tomahawk, I can't remember his name. Just another fly on the wall. Just another member of the clique. It seems like kind of a lot have come and gone over the years. I really can't think of any other mods in active operation. I've always avoided them like the plague, as power can go to anyone's head (but especially idiots who become free labor for internet conspiracy forums) and I've seen so many make the innocent mistake of happening upon a mod who's on the rag.
HL Shancken

Fairfield, CA

#7 Jan 5, 2014
You've really got some fine posters at the site these days. I can't think of any of their names because I'm not really into soap operas. You have people there posting 20,000 posts a year, probably some even more. What do these people post? Banality. Are you so lonely down there in Florida that you really need all these friends over at your place yucking it up 24 hours a day? All this while your trusted buddies you've left in charge while you try to have a life are partying right along with them. It's turned into Boogie Nights. The poster Brief has turned into a right-wing version of GLP's old poster Malu. The only reason he's online appears to me to be to try to get laid. For that and a lot of other reasons he's a goddam embarrassment, so what does it tell you about GLP that he is hands down its most popular member.
You know, not all of us who go to GLP are there to pass out karma points like it's Valentine's Day for 4th graders every day. Not all of us are idiots. Not all of us are there to yuck it up. I personally can't stand most of the people at your site, Trinity. I told you that in 2005 when I said to you that the only reason I was there is because you get huge traffic, and I have a message and information to get out. Of my almost 5,000 posts there in 9 years, I'm sure that no less than 90% of my posts were dedicated to one thing, and it wasn't making friends.
Internet friendship is, in the end, absurd. We have all had internet friends, in fact I'm sure most of us have some now. But they are not real. They are not going to bring you gas if you run out. They aren't going to the ballgame with you and they can't meet you at the bar after work for drinks and nachos. They aren't going to the movies with you and they won't be on your softball team. They are not going to wire you money for bail or to help you start a business. The internet "friends" you had fifteen years ago are gone. You don't even remember their screennames, let alone their real names, which they likely never told you. That is not to say that communicating with people online is without worth, of course. There are a million things to recommend it. All I'm saying is that the internet can make you a lot of things, but it very seldom makes you real friends.
All that said, I feel as if I have achieved some success in what I set out to do at GLP. I recognized right away when I got on the site that it was destined for big things. It is a visually appealing site and everything about its functionality and form is at the highest level. I saw that it would be an excellent vehicle for what I was setting out to do. And it has been. Of course, I have had to endure bans which took me off the site for long periods, and had it not been for that I believe I could have been more successful still. My goal was to get people to read Jeff Nyquist, Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, and other very serious writers whose topic is my own. It was to get people to watch videos of Yuri Bezmenov and audio recordings of tom Fife. It was to put on the internet critical passages of books by people like Ion Pacepa and Anatoliy Golitsyn. My purpose was to steer people in a certain direction, toward an explanation and understanding of the world radically different than what most people think, whether they're from the right, left, middle, or all over the place. I was able to gauge what worked and what didn't in various ways. At the very least I was planting seeds. More and more are sprouting all the time.
HL Shancken

Fairfield, CA

#8 Jan 5, 2014
Since I've decided this should be an open letter posted at whatever sites wish to do so, I'll take a moment and explain where I'm coming from. You may not really know yourself, Trinity. You see, I have this silly notion that the collapse of the Soviet Union wasn't what we all thought it was. That it was staged and was a means for the communists to regroup before moving in for the kill, as Golitsyn told us it would be. I know, I know, yuck it up. It's nonsense. But at any rate that's what I believe and when I was introduced to the concept that the Soviets tricked us, I bought into it in a big way. I mean, I read everything I could get my hands on about the USSR, communism, the history of socialism and Marxism/Leninism, communist and socialist theory, the KGB, disinformation and propaganda, communist terrorism, and on and on. I really went crazy with it. I scoured used bookstores in Detroit and Chicago, Portland and L.A. I bought hundreds of books that nobody had any use for anymore, communism being dead and buried and all. I know, I know, what a silly thing to do. And it was, seemingly, for a long time.
Then Barry got elected. Suddenly the words "communist" and "socialist" weren't as scoffed at anymore. Fast forward to today, and they seem to be on everyone's lips. Funny how that's worked. Back in 2004 when I started to learn about a long-range communist strategy it was a very tough sell, so I had to be quite serious in my study. I had to get information out as well as I could. I had to motivate people to take it seriously. The reason why should be obvious, but we as a nation are very far gone, I'm afraid. The more people I can get to search on the names I've already mentioned, or others such as Jan Sejna, Viktor Suvorov, Vladimir Bukovsky, the better for all of us. Serious-minded people look up those names, look into these things. They find out that they should be taken seriously. Before you know it they're on the case themselves. That's what GLP was for.
And you, Trinity, what about you? I've watched you all this time, friend. You have gone from having a mind so open your brain was hanging out to now finally getting your head sewn back up. It has taken repetition and duplication. You have begun to come around, and I have helped bring you here. You have more to go, and in some things you go too far, but about that there will always be speculation about what GLP really is, if it has a nefarious purpose, if it is in mysterious hands. I don't speculate about it myself. I just read things here and there when I go digging, but I don't have to believe them. That's all irrelevant to me. To me, the important thing is that GLP is a vehicle for ordinary people to communicate important things that have the potential to create serious consequences. Now that I am cut off from it I will have to find other places where I can communicate effectively. That should be easier to do than it was ten years ago.
Anyway, f*ck you and the horse you rode in on.

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