Review; Adam and Eve.
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#22 Jan 20, 2013
reebie wrote:
Interesting reading...
Im gonna go get an apple and hang out under that fig tree over there>>>>>> cuz, Im feeling hellfire fixin to fly.....
You see a meteor headed this way ?,2933,343674,00...
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Allentown, PA

#23 Jan 20, 2013
Not happy wrote:
<quoted text>
I hear you clearly on that one! When God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden, He told them that Eve would suffer tremendous pain during childbirth, Adam would earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, and both would know pain and suffering. And who would have guessed that even all that would be nothing compared to what would happen in the future. Adam and Eve's own son Cain murdered his brother Abel in cold blood, which was the first homicide in history. Literally, the first homicide occured right in Adam and Eve's own household! And then just a few generations later, all hell broke loose throughout the world as all but 8 had become totally evil and nasty. Society was literally ravaged with war, murder, bloodshed, theft, robbery, adultery, arson, violence, slander, and practically every nasty sin you could think of. And it got SO bad that God said; "Enough is enough; I am going to have to destroy mankind." It got SO bad that it actually grieved God's heart that He made man!
There are many parables throughout the Bible. The Garden of Eden is one such parable. Like all parables, it's a guide for everyday living, much like the 10 commandments - Don't steal, kill, etc.
I'm not saying there isn't a God or that he doesn't exist. The Bible has some helpful and good rules to follow and live by and has comforted many since it was first introduced. Just the same, there is nothing wrong with being inquisitive or questioning an ancient book that was revised many times over the course of time. Without it, I'm sure many would have gave into despair and hopelessness. We live in a modern world and that is because man never stopped learning or searching for knowledge - or truth. There may be a lot of bad in the world today, but there is also much good, but isn't that the way it always has been? We learn from generations before us. Greed, power, lust and violence have always been the crux of man from his earliest beginning, but so has good. Ironic that we have so many churches, ministers, priests and the pope and religion is an important component in our society, but for all that it is worth, we still have much greed, lust for power and flesh, and violence in the world today. Man is who he is by nature and it seems that very fact will one day be our destruction, unless something else, or a "God" decides our time is up.

Cicero, IL

#24 Jan 21, 2013
Not happy wrote:
How dare you, Adam and Eve, eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden! How dare you bring sin into this world! Especially when God Himself told you not to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil!
Because of their sin (in the Garden of Eden), the world is separated from God. There is crime and violence on our streets. There is rampant divorce, broken hearts, and other nasty things.
Because of their evil disobediance, our lives are temporary, only about 1 in a million people receive eternal life after death, the rest are thrown into Hell, where they are consumed forever by white hot fires, giant, mutant, flesh-eating worms and bugs that bore into them and devour them from the inside out, giant spiked snakes, demons that rip them to shreds with a single swipe of their huge clawed hands, hopelessness, a total absence of love, pitch black outer darkness, and it all goes on forever. Not to mention the horrible suffering and pain Jesus had to go through just to put a narrow bridge over the huge wide gap that sin left between us and the Lord.
Before their sin, there was only 1 rule in all of God's law (for mankind personally); No eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Now there are over half a million rules that must be followed in order to have a chance of salvation. To make matters worse, even Jesus said that not everyone who calls him "Lord" will have eternal life, but only those who do his Father's will. And as far as I know it, that will is to be perfect (Matthew 5:48). And that means not only avoiding all 667 sins listed in the Bible, but also doing massive amounts of works, isolation from the world every Sabbath day, earning NOTHING for ourselves by the sweat of our brow (Malachi 3:8, 1 John 2:15-17), and living in limbo and constant fear of eternal damnation to Hell while on Earth. There could even be infinitely more that is required of us! As even the Bible says, God is infinitely holy!
You know something, you are absolutely right! In fact, Malachi 3:8 is the EXACT reason why Millions of Christians are in Hell right now, and with billions more about to join them! For failure to pay their TITHES!!! And also, you think there are 667 sins in the Bible? Well, there are in fact closer to 667 TRILLION sins listed in the entire Law! Failure to tithe is one of them, AS IS not being a priest/pastor, elder, evangelist, Christian leader, or any church staff, not attending church EVERY week!

You think spending time in jail for failure and/or inability to pay your taxes is bad? Well, how about spending ETERNITY in HELL for failure and/or inability to pay your TITHES?!

Too poor to tithe? Too bad! Man has NO RIGHT to even BE on the Earth AT ALL!!! Hunger, thirst, and poverty are part of taking up your cross DAILY and following the Lord! As it is allready said, you are to CRUCIFY the flesh! And that means MORE than just the sinful nature; it also means to DENY the flesh food, water, shelter, warmth, comfort, sleep, rest, everything!

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