The Aryan Matriarchal Society White Wash

The Aryan Matriarchal Society White Wash

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Conquering Lion of Judah

Pawleys Island, SC

#1 Nov 19, 2011
The Aryan Matriarchal Society White Wash
Israel biggest problem in the future is not Iran or the Nazis, It is Kabbalah or mystic Judaism, any mystic religion like Gnosic, Sufi Islam, Zoroastrian Magi ect... Because it the Mystic the people of Magic or the people who practice Occult Science that have taken over the world. Not to destroy the Earth but to Save it and to save what will left of mankind. It is the mythic from East with Eastern Influences that are not conquering the Western Nations. An Aryan is a Eatern or Asian from Orion Belt or Uru-anna of Light of Heaven or Fallen Angel or Meteorite Women. Native America know this women came to the North America a the Clovis Comet or Fallen Star that curse with death and destruction of North America from expoding Comet but bless the survivor with the wisdom the Aryan religion which leader by the Women the Native Called Whope or Meteorite or White Buffalo Calf Women both White Buffalo Calf people who were irraditon and the Bison Buffalo or B blood and Rh negative Buffalo people have immunity to HIV 13,000 years ago, the brought this Indus Valley and Sumeria 12,000 years ago and started the Solar Calender, Astrology, Astronomy, Farmering, Worship of Women fertility Goddess, Ritual Prostitution, Communinal living or Communism or Sociality, Matriarchal Society or Communial living like in Kerala India The traditional Kerala women of Nair community had a place of importance in the system,mainly because it was a Matrileneal community. Wealth is passed down threw the women, the women has control of the children and women has the power to Fraternal polyandry (from the Latin frater - brother) is a form of polyandry in which two or more brothers share one wife or more like fraternal polyandry in the Mahabharata between the five Pandava brothers and Draupadi, there are other instances, Kuru were so called Aryan but were Semitic who adopt Aryan Gods from Pandavas who were the Real Black Aryans on the Indus Valley or Kerala and were Matriachal Society that came originally from black Southeast Asian Negritos and Native Americans like Na-Dene Lakota Souix tribe who brought Whope the Meteorite or Fallen Star or White Buffalo Calf Women, called Durga in Druj or Dirty whore, Lilith or Belitu the Sun Goddess or Adam first Wife and first Vampire, She called Ishtar or the Whore of Babylon because like the the Souix Women Native American and Nair Kerala women or the Pandavas she had man loves or husband which show the dominance and in powerment of women from the East and it was not welcome by the Semitic Arab tribes in the West so they found way to Bind and Control women and convert her Aryan Sun God people and White wash the religion and history and say they were Moon Worshipper, they Patriarchal, Racist, Sexiest and Homophobic and they printed the Semitic books like the Bible, Koran and Mahabarat but is it the truth? Hell Nall! it ain't the truth! Is the Biggest lie every told about Aryan Race of Virgin Mary and pass incarnations. Even the fact they that there was one Virgin Mary and not Many down the line in Matriarchal history and they all were the same women from Lakota Souix tribe the came Earth as Clovis Comet 13,000 years. That is the real devil that is the real fallen Angel or Fallen Meteorite Women called Whope the Meteorite by Souix Lakota or White Buffalo Calf Women, This Women is a Rh negative Caucasian and Native America Souix Women from the Lakota who settle in Iran 12,000 years with X2a and which product J1 haplogroup in Marsh Arab or Sumerian and was also brought the Yemen where black Ethiopian Saba or Sabean people came from L3e came from in Yemen from X2a or the Atlantean genes of X2a, J1, J1a, J1b, and L3e and L3h in Ethiopian Jews.
Conquering Lion of Judah

Pawleys Island, SC

#2 Nov 19, 2011
Longtime ago when the Clovis Meteorite hit in 13,000 years and destroyed most of Native American of Clovis people and their Animal like the Bison and the survivor be became the Na-Dene people who appear 13,000 years ago as irradiated people with Irradiated Bison with B blood type in Rh negative with DRB3*0101 and B gene and HLA-DRB1*0802 found in Na-Dene Indians and Iraqi Jews or Sumerian Jews who Zoroastrian Parsi descend from. The Clovis Meteorite was living extraterrestrial being, more just a fallen star it was a Fallen Angel from Orion Belt the astral homeland of the Aryan people. Whope or the Meteorite women taught Sioux Lakota about Shamanism or ability to live in the world of the living and dead and to resurrected, from the spiritual world or Necromancy. She taught them Communal living or farming which is Communism, She in power the women and they became a people who were lead by Warrior Race of Women in which women were honor above men and women control the tribal counsel and women had to marry as many men as they wanted. Women control the Children and Wealth was passed from female Matriarchal lines. The Sioux Lakota were Matriarchal Society lead by this Meteorite Women called the White Buffalo Calf Women by the Lakota Sioux or Whope the Meteorite Women and Durga in India, Anahita in Persia, Lilith or Belitu or Belitu the Sun Goddess in Sumeria and Belit-Anat by Akkadian and Ishtar the Star or Fallen Star by the Babylonians and Virgin Mary or Mari Christians. She is Warrior Queen riding on Buffalo originally but later change to Lion in Sumeria with Lilith and Egypt Isis and Tiger in India with Durga. This Warrior Female spirit brought a Matriarchal Society to the Middle East from Asia hence called Aryana or Easterns or Light of Heaven, She brought Native American or Asian way of farming, Asian way of Sun Worship and Goddess Worship and Female Fertility Cults or Ritual Prostitution, She brought the Asian or Eastern way of Communal farm living or Communism, She both the Eastern way Tantra sex for purpose of enlightment, She brought the recognition of the Third Sex or Gays and Lesbian, She brought Rh negative and B Blood levels of immunity to various retrovirus like HIV which a lot Native Americans and Amerindians have who have DRB3 gene lineage HLA-DRB1*0802 and DRB1*0801
The Lakota Sioux brought HLA-DRB1*0802 and DRB1*0801 to the Ainu in Japan and Sumerian Marsh Arab or Jews in Middle East who brought to the Zoroastrian Parsi Persians. So this is White Wash, Arab Male Moon Worshipping Men and the Male dominated Gods blind to women and damn this Warrior Women to hell this why the Sun Gods also with hell or Netherworld,
Conquering Lion of Judah

Pawleys Island, SC

#3 Nov 19, 2011
Mari the Sea Goddess is half human and fish or Mermaid or Merud who Shaman ability to raise the dead. They said the Orion Belt was the homeland of Canis Major and Minor or the Werewolves the not Sun Fish or Dagan or Marid the Vampires when Orion Belt is the homeland of the Aryans and Atlantean Vampire race which leader a Women who Sumerians called Belitu the Sun Goddess Belit or Belit-Anat or Lilith Samael the Sun God Shamash and the Sun Goddess Belita or Lilith along with their son Dumuzi or Tammuz had the ability to resurrect the Aryan spirits from hell with the help of Zoroastrian Magi Necromancer or Shaman. She was brought of Communal farm living or kibbutz or Commuism to the Middle East in Sumeria the first Farming Community and the first Communist in the Middle East and as Farming spread so did Communism to Elam in Persia, Harappa in Indus Valley and Nabta Playa in Egypt and center the original Solar Calender which started September 19th or All Souls Day and original Autumn Equinox and is September 20th for Aztec and Mayan. Semitic people or Bedioun raid Communal Community and then would treat back to the dessert to live a Nomadic lifestyle because Capitalism is a Caste or color and class system control by Bedouin men who have class and caste system and Noble and slaves.. They Communal Farming Community was control by were wealth is pass down by the women, Women of the Battle Field with Men like Durga or Isthar or Whope the White Buffalo Calf Women all were Royalty, Warriors and Communal famers. This why the Warrior Queen Durga is called Druj or Dirty because she royal Vampire Queen and a love from killing, blood of her eniemies and her lust sex is just as great because he has man lover ; Hence called by the Semitic in Babylon the Whore of Babylon or the Devil the real Devil and Samael or Lucipher is not the real power, she is. The Semitic band women in Combat, They band Ritual Prostitution which inpowers women by letting women use sex a weapon for war against Semitic Bedouin Men. They Band Tantra Sex or various different type of sex and sexual position to limit enlightment of sex and standardize it to one position called missionary which is used for conversion and pro-creation. The Semitic refuse to accept Gays and Lesbian this why they destroy the Gay city of Sodom and Lesbian city of Gormorah. Semitic had a caste system separating black Aryans from White Aryans, and intermarry with the black Aryan to produce white Children and to give all spiritual powers and genetic immunity to virus the hit Middle East 12,000 years similar to Black Plague or HIV and convert the Aryan Sun Worship Vampire Socialist population in a Semitic Moon
Worship Werewolves Capitalist population and they have been very good in White Wash everything Aryan from Arabham and Ahura Mazda to Jesus to Zoroaster as Blonde Hair Blue so-called Aryans when real Aryan were not Raciest, Sexiest or
Conquering Lion of Judah

Pawleys Island, SC

#4 Nov 19, 2011
Homophobic. They have time and time again rejected the Eastern Aryan Value which came Native American people. They only want to Mary a Virigin not prostitute, Warrior, Inter-racial lover or Vampire or Supreme God of Gods because she is women and to Semitic women are not equally to a Man, Even thought it she who invented Kabbalah in Sumeria, Virgin Birth, Ritual Prostitution, Vampirism, Communal living or Communism or farming, or shared work and share profit and shared women and shared men. When Oil run out the Semitic Male time run out and Israel know it they know the Elites or Elihom the Moon race is dead and Belita the Jewish who worship the Sun or Belita who Belitu or Lilith is alive well spread Communism or Socialism or Marxism around the World, You see it the Middle East with Persian, in Europe the Scandinavains and Germans, Africa with Berber and in Yemen with Marid or Queen Sheba people, in all threw of Asia especially in India and China, Latin America the Amerindian and Mulattoes and Meztisos people. Communism is Everywhere because Mother Nature or the Virgin Mary is every now with all the Aryan Gods spreading real Aryan Socialism lead by women and every the Nazis worship if St Anna honor this omnipotent women.


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#5 Nov 19, 2011
Oy Vey ,I thought my Rabbi was long-winded.

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#6 Nov 19, 2011
Be very quite...I'm hunting Wrabbi's...

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#7 Nov 19, 2011
Get a different hobby dude(or dudette).

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#8 Nov 19, 2011
Oh man.....where do I sign up. LOLOLOL!!!
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#9 Nov 19, 2011
Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the river.

- Tuscarora

“It's Not What You Do”

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It's The Way That You Do It!!!

#10 Nov 19, 2011
But tell me.......who is the real Sultan of Sulu???
Truth Bringer

Warminster, PA

#11 Feb 13, 2012
More matriarchal BS from Khazars (i.e. See so-called "Jews").

Mashing Jewish (See Babylonian) mythology, a bit of scientific wording, Star Wars, and feminism together to create a new religion of woman worship.

In fact, "Mother Durga" is nothing more than "Hinduism" which was controlled, and created, by a male priesthood.

Also, the idea of a "classless society" first emerged in Ancient Greece. Not with space women who came here with mythological names on a comet.

Get your head out of the clouds. Stop preaching mythology masked as scientific theory. No one with a brain is going to worship women. I'm getting sick of you Khazarian priests trying to spread your matriarchal religion.

Tampa, FL

#12 Aug 19, 2014
The truth is MANY groups of peaceful spiritual people were Matriarchal. Matriarchy is a SYMPTOM of a Right Brain spiritual society. This is because the Right Brain is feminine with more Estrogen receptors. Left Brain is masculine with more Androgen receptors, where the Ego is housed and processes 'religion.' Right Brain has no Ego, recognizes all patterns & answers and controls Spirituality. It is also your instincts or 6th sense and why women often seem psychic.

Due to their neurological anatomy men tend to think very 'self' centered--the seed of arrogance. Once planted this seed grows into violent patriarchal empires--that always fall. Ego-based Patriarchal rule is brutal, abusive, competitive, always based on money, power, control & greed. Patriarchal groups failing is physics--negative energy will always cycle itself out until it destroys itself. It needs balance of positive matriarchs.

Matriarchal societies are based on spirituality; 'rising' through ranks revolved around spiritual evolution. Many groups you believe to be 'patriarchal' were only spun that way in history books. Ancient Matriarchal groups include most Native American tribes like the Iroquois(like Mohawks) Hopi, Blackfoot, Apache. Other matriarchal groups include: Mayans, Ancient Egypt, Musuo, Kalash, etc. If you doubt rest assured, I am Mohawk....we are Matriarchal.

Matriarchs do not use money or place monetary value on people or the Earth--they value all EQUALLY--->TRUE Matriarchy is BALANCE...not valuing one sex over another. All is passed Matrilineally as a safeguard; it is known when men are given too much power their ego always takes control of them. This should NEVER be allowed--it disrupts society. But in western worlds men are always given too much power, and always abuse it.(Stanford Prison Experiment) Women do not choose power; power is forced upon them to keep the male Ego in balance to maintain societal balance. The polar opposite of how patriarchal groups function--on selfish endeavors like wars, and "I could never value women" thinking. The result is obvious in today's warring climate.

Wars happen because Ancient Matriarchal Egypt was a Utopia, until the fall when it's men became greedy--needing power and willing to kill to get it. Male Initiates of the Egyptian Mystery Schools defected ('fallen ones') to serve Babylonian slave masters (wealthy merchant 'demons'). Men and women were kidnapped from conquered regions Babylonians used to create a slave society. Religion & myths of demons & satan were created from stolen artifacts & symbolism of Matriarchy to keep them in fear.

Babylon created money, banks, debt & debt slavery, the gold standard, child brides and prostitution. They thrived on greed, lust, hate, wars, suffering and pain--THIS IS PATRIARCHY. True Ancient Egypt did not 'worship' cows...the valued them. God had told them cows held the secrets of the Universe and human health, and to NEVER eat them. This was a true statement and why we call "vaccines" such--'vacca' is Latin for "cow."

So of course Babylonians slaughtered the cows, danced in their blood, and ate their muscles(meat) & organs ingesting their disease. They immediately became infected with Toxoplasma Gondii....the 'zombie' parasite. This bug has been proven in modern studies to be responsible for schizophrenia, bipolar, mood disorder, sexual perversion, lowered I.Q., mental retardation, seizures--MORE. This bug has been passed from generation to generation in latent infections.

Those same psychotics that created Babylon are still in control today....these are the "bloodlines" they claim to be proud of--BABYLONIAN BLOODLINES.

The only thing that can save Matriarchy.

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