Asians & Indians are tagerted to cur...

Asians & Indians are tagerted to cure AIDS &Cancer by White Africans

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Man from Atlantis

Irmo, SC

#1 Jul 8, 2012
HTLV-Ia virus originated in Melanesian Negritos and Australian Aboriginals who colonies South America more 40,000 years ago and they did live in North America to and some 12, 900 when the clovis Comet hit North America and melted the ice enough for the Melanesians and Australian Aboriginals from South America and North America to cross into Siberia, Korea, China, Russia and Japan mixed with the local population there. These Melanesian Negritos and Australian Aboriginal had so-called Caucasian or Melanesian features which Caucasian feature come from the Highland of Papua new guinea who carrier the HTLV-Ia Virus and DRB1*08 found in high number in Papua New Guineans and Australian Aborigines. The brought it to South America later up the Coast or North America to Asia. DRB1*0802 with HTLV-II came from South American Indians and moving up the coast Maztlan and Siberia where the South American Melanesian Negritos and Aboriginals with O blood type mixed Altaic which had A and A- Blood types which the Saami or Scandinavia are known to have. The A blood type Caucasian invaded North America 12,900 years ago and massacred a lot of local South American Melanesian and Australian Populations. The Altaic people became the Athabaskan or Na-Dene people or first Euro-Native American people which the Eurasian people or Slavic people or Aryan people descend from Euro-Native American. They Ainu Japan, Saami in Norway, Ethiopian Jews, Yemenite Jews, Iranian Jews, Iraqi Jews and Zoroastrian from both Pars and Yazd and the Kalderash Gypsies who from Zoroastrian from Pars who from Iraqi Jews or Exilarch are all Euro-Native Americans. The all carry the DRB1*08:01-DQA1*04:01-DQB1*04: 02 and HTLV-I Luekemia viruses. The all frequencies ABCB6 and ABCG2 specify two new blood group systems called Langereis (LAN) and Junior (JR), respectively. Erythrocytes is related to small thyroid gland that is very sensitive to radiation same the Bison or Buffalo with DRB3*0101 in Amerindian, Malay and B Rh negative Jews and Gypsies originated from Ur Sumeria originally. More than 50,000 Japanese are thought to be Junior negative and may encounter blood transfusion problems or mother-fetus incompatibility it is the same blood incompatibility Bison in American and Australian Aboriginals and Melanesian Negritos who expose to extraordinary among of radiation from the Clovis Comet that hit North America 12,900 years ago, which a lot of Australian Aboriginals and Melanesian Negritos Native America population died off as did a lot animal but one who survive became a Super race or people. Immune to varies type of diseases including a lot differ type of Cancers and HIV which people who carry the ABCB6 and ABCG2 specify two new blood group systems called Langereis (LAN) and Junior (JR) have it not just the Japanese and the Gypsies but the Jews and Amerindians. This is the Aryan race and the people who do have these Super Races gene in the CIA and Mossad other government were doing illegal experiment to not only to fine new cure from all differ types or cancer and viruses which included the HIV virus. I was one of this people or European Russian Brazilian descent with same DRB1*0802 from Jews as the Ainu in Japan have who got their originally South American Australian Aborigines and Melanesia Negritos who colonies South America more than 40,000 to 60,000 years ago with a similar type of ABCB6 and ABCG2 blood group systems called Langereis (LAN) and Junior (JR), Australian Aboriginal have a blood incompatibility
Man from Atlantis

Irmo, SC

#2 Jul 8, 2012
Asian have 80%, Australian Aborigines and Paupa New Guineans have 95% and South Americans Indians or Amerindian have 75% and Europeans only have 50% mostly Eastern European with the acception of Portugal which higher and Africans have maybe 2% Neanderthal genes.

That 50% and 98% of Africans who do not carry Neanderthal genes are targeting the Oceania, South Asia and Pacific Rim and Central and South American Native American population to find all the secrets to Neanderthal Health Immune System which the Africans lack especially White African European or the Nazis people who be doing secret government experiment on my certain Asian and Amerindian Ethnic group with high level of Neanderthal DNA to cure everything from Cancer to AIDs. My family have various differ source of Neanderthal DNA come African mtDNA, HLA typing and other sources. I and family very high level of Neanderthal DNA especial DNA that resistant to various type of Cancer and AIDs so the United State government mainly right wing Republican in the CIA have been carrying secret experiment of Jews, Gypsies and Amerindia and Japanese who people have these cancer and AIDs resistant genes. They have been exposing us secret to various differ retrovirus and cancer put out health and life a risk for fine cure for these White African diseases. We have target AIDs people, Racist White African Scientist and Republicans in order to try to save there race from nearly did to the Neanderthal species 65,000 years ago, which is nearly wipe them out with murder and disease.
Man from Atlantis

Irmo, SC

#3 Jul 8, 2012
Gypsies, Jews, Japanese, Amerindian and Paupa New Guinea and Australian Aboriginal all share high level or Neanderthal gene far more higher then European. It is the big myth or lie that Neanderthal originated in Europe or Africa! Neanderthal originated in the Sunderland in Negrito from Paupa New Guinea Oceania or Southeast Asia more that 1.8 million year ago.

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