Mongols MC

Babylon, NY

#463 May 7, 2014
bulldog wrote:
we are just a bunch of guys who wants to drive in pack and when we do we are bad they say.
we are brothers and we help each other like good brothers do,tahts it.
anyone who doesnt understand try to toalk with one brother and you will unmderstand that we are just llike you or nearlly the same.
Good point ... Please continue further ... you speak from the heart ... There is no lie in you
Sur 13 Beat

Babylon, NY

#464 May 21, 2014
latino wrote:
Oh and this goes for the mongols, im glad to see u guys opened house in mesa,az. Absalutey awsome what a great move. Now i just hope u guys take care of buisness.. i feel its a slap in the face to have a Hispanic club like ALMA support the HA i wished you guys wouldnt allow that its wrong..i would say your with us or against us..either jump ship and support the black n white.. or else...? Thats what im talkin about hell ya put the smack down....
You have the answers. Your a deuce bag.

Vista, CA

#465 Aug 12, 2014
Just ride

Jacksonville, FL

#466 Aug 15, 2014
rooster wrote:
the mongols will never die!!!!!!
You know what is bad ass who runs the marathon and who finishes the iron man! Mongols are stupid idiots!

Mccoy, CO

#467 Aug 21, 2014
too bad these so called "men" do nothing but beat, rape, pass around and force women and little girls into stripping and prostitution

United States

#468 Nov 13, 2014
V E N I C E 1 3 wrote:
pay taxes &#128514;&#128514; &#128514; tax free bitches!

Long Beach, CA

#469 Dec 9, 2014
I remember when the Mongols MC was green lighted by the big homies here in Cali they lost 25 members but they asked for war an they got couldnt hang

Babylon, NY

#470 Dec 9, 2014
SURENOS13 wrote:
I remember when the Mongols MC was green lighted by the big homies here in Cali they lost 25 members but they asked for war an they got couldnt hang
You can't ride around on your motorcycle when someone is constantly taking pot shots at you.

Babylon, NY

#471 Dec 9, 2014
SURENOS13 wrote:
I remember when the Mongols MC was green lighted by the big homies here in Cali they lost 25 members but they asked for war an they got couldnt hang
That was nasty the way that Sur13 guy died. The state cut him loose after 17 years and he ate himself to death.

They need to ban fatty foods this guy ate 24/7: potato chips, Popeye's Chicken, donuts, butter shots and god knows what else that blubbery mess inhaled.

United States

#472 Feb 12, 2015
Ferrus wrote:
<quoted text>
So you are saying Black and White=Cops or something like that?Feels awkward you know..
He was referring to Iron Order cop club

Scottsdale, AZ

#473 Mar 27, 2015
low rider biker wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont know about all this north cal n world chuck cause it looks like HA been making enemies all over the country. Also ive been riding to laughin for the past decade and in 2011 i did not see not one HA member on the strip all weekend and mongols were way deep full force. In fact!! I did see HA on the arizona side of the river. Also i would easily say there not the dominant club in new mexico,texas,nevada,and other states, Arizona has been a strong hold for HA and i truly believe that they will lose ground there too. Because of bad decisions and i hope they do. And your right mongols should get more support groups behind them thats a great idea then they will easily take over sothwest part of the country. Like HA who heads the Arizona confederation of motorcycle clubs in Az. I would agree mongols should start thinking in that direction! Then they can ask for anual fees! Mandatory runs from the confederation! At 20$ a bike from all the clubs just like HAmc does in AZ. Shit in fact the florance prison run is this weeknd. Boy i really do know whats going on! Anyhow.. i ride anywere i want. all over, the whole country is my play ground.!! A true easy rider my bike,money in my pocket,my ol-lady, and the World with no boundrys on the back of my vest..and loving it!!
whole country to ride
No, HA will not lose Arizona, not even close. HA still runs Northern Cali and has a large growing force in So Cal. Red and White's only mistake was complacency, nothing more. Your inbred Mongol brothers do not have the numbers or the intelligence to amount to anything more that the street punks they are and recruit. Furthermore in Laughlin NV Mongols hide behind the law. Keep talking nonsense free rider, you stand on the sidelines talking shit....Funny and typical
Ray ray

Whittier, CA

#475 Jul 29, 2015
SYLM get tough or die much love to the black and white nation

Houston, TX

#476 Aug 13, 2015
Actually black and white means "DFFD"...DOZEN FOREVER...FOREVER DOZEN!!!!
The new Rebel

Garden Grove, CA

#477 Sep 21, 2015
I dont think doc, ratted , nobody got real time except him. The cops made him look bad and yes he got voted out but thats for being an outlaw . And stealing money. Power curropts i guess. The club is not as great with out somebody like him, lil Dave is a joke
Angels daughter

Indianapolis, IN

#479 Jun 1, 2016
The real fight is not within our walls, we are stronger in numbers, WE the people, one people for one cause, alliance HAS to happen...
Angels daughter

Indianapolis, IN

#480 Jun 1, 2016
Loving you always

Venice, CA

#481 Jun 4, 2016
Seems obvious, he got popped for being with
Cops who brought too much attention to themselves.
Surprised they separated, seeing as how the cops left him to 1) mess up the investigation. Or... 2) be found out and killed.
I'm saying maybe they left him alone to be killed.
Why?! Why wouldn't HE leave first, then the cops? Suspicious.
In would attribute his death to the cops

Tucson, AZ

#482 Dec 28, 2016
Where are the biker groups in Tucson....
Battle Tested

United States

#483 Mar 6, 2017
Shout Out to MONGOL MAGPIE Oregon. Keep the shiny side up and put some rubber down... Respect from A Old Nor Cal Brother...

South Gate, CA

#484 Mar 27, 2017
ABC wrote:
I read earlier in this forum some guys claiming the Mongols suffered 20 killed at the hands of a street gang is this true.?
It was 25 by the time the green light was lifted. Thats was the ones killed. Many more shot, beat, stabbed, etc. but it wasn't just one street gang it was all the Sureno street gangs going at them as a result of a green light by the eMe. It has since been lifted and the mongols are cool with the homies now. They ev nick it with us in the joint now too I hear.

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