Brisbane, Australia

#2568 Aug 21, 2012
What If
What if I love you
as I love the grass
for greenness
and cool moist roots
As I love evening
that wraps around me like water
I absorb the earth
the roots of my hair
and the pores of my skin
I move across time like a tortoise
I have nothing else to give

Brisbane, Australia

#2569 Aug 21, 2012
Wetness does not always pertain to water
in an ocean, river or lake;
Sometimes it refers to how I feel
when I remember your embrace.

I only have to think of you
to remember me in your arms;
My legs quivering, my mouth moaning
I have fallen captive to your charms.

I long to feel your body on mine
to know the taste of satisfied love;
To lie quietly in your arms
we fit together like a hand to a glove.

You are the sweetheart of my life
you are my one sure bet;
You never have to wonder babe ...
you can always keep me wet.


Brisbane, Australia

#2570 Aug 22, 2012
Woman of intrigue, mistress of throaty, sultry talk,
Devises games to peak a man's desire as she plays.
Red stilettos, silk stockings, a provocative walk,
Inhibitions null and void in hips she slowly sways.

Teases she sketches on her canvas of enticement.
Captor emits sweet fragrance as lustful candle burns.
Passion released, calculated to bring satisfaction.
Holding virile drive captive, pleasure of fulfillment yearns.

Embers burning, hot, hot, hotter as she purrs,“Yes, yes”!
She savors the hunt, not showing completely her prize.
Intention’s cloaked in packages of sincerity,
Secrets tucked behind lust’s veil, all part of her disguise.

Goblets of illusion wait on bedside table.
Hands anxiously ignite victim with eager strokes.
Inviting, waiting, to consummate her fantasy,
Future memories of rapture femme fatale invokes.

Brisbane, Australia

#2571 Aug 22, 2012
Cloaked by curtains o'er the stars and moon,
Awaits a clandestine romantic pleasure room.
Lovers blissfully arrive to explore and to share,
Sensual time of intimate love in their hidden lair.

Inside the chamber, sunsets glow in aura of delight,
As couple cast love light to shine through the night.
Secrets unveil, revealed by spell of illusionary lure.
Love potion of unbridled passion is inhibition’s cure.

Boudoir ceiling glimmers in mystical moonbeams.
Lovers are bathed in stardust of fervent dreams.
Flames of Mars fuels intense passionate embraces.
Embers of love ignite ardor’s fire as heart races.

Ethereal light from Venus of Love is ever close by,
As Goddess offers gifts of ecstasy from Cosmic sky.
Treasures are blessed by vast meteoric showers,
While soaring among universe’s euphoric powers.

The Man in the Moon watches as lovers dance.
Their twists and turns add excitement to romance.
The rings of Jupiter spin in unison as they turn,
Perpetually suspended as they continue to yearn.

Perhaps in a fantasy of night in dreams as you sleep,
You'll discover your lover's special treasures deep.
Floating among celestial bodies on a midnight high,
Laden with imaginary pleasures, your heart will sigh.

Brisbane, Australia

#2572 Aug 22, 2012

Mulra was the Grand Sultan's fairest, sultry bride,
Considered by others as The High Master's pride.
At her side were lions, both trophies of his hand.
Felines, "Pleasure" and "Desire", were hers to command.

Each presented to her as gifts from her lover,
As she was favored by him, above all others.
His Harem held prized beauties from The Orient,
Yet, he deemed Mulra to be most magnificent.

She was clothed in gowns spun from the purest of gold,
And rarest of gems were hers to have and to hold.
In her smooth hand, was a mask used to tease and play
With "Pleasure" and "Desire" while enjoying the day.

She strolled the palace in aristocratic style,
As her treasured lions amused and invoked smiles.
Pleased, she responded with her soft clapping of hands.
While she enjoyed cool relief from harsh desert sands.

The Sultan ordered all wives to treat her with care,
For he prized her beauty as that beyond compare.
Wives pampered her for an evening of love with him,
Fragrant almond oils used as sweet balm for her skin.

The Sultan desired her behind sheer flowing silks,
Hungry for the honey from her full crimson lips.
He longed to hold her body closely in his bed,
As she fed his lust with kisses upon his head.

Mulra strolled majestically down long palace halls,
Awaiting his whim at his ever beck and call.
Her lions stood panting, stationed close by her side,
Hearing sounds of passion while safeguarding their pride.

Nights of romance ended as the morning light came.
Mulra would retreat to chambers where she'd remain.
"Pleasure" and "Desire" ever guarded his bride,
Emerald gilded mask always close by her side.

The Sultan dressed to attend matters of his day,
With thoughts of Mulra and her sultriest of ways.
He knew at night his passion for her would return,
As lust's wildfire would reignite and hotly burn.

Mulra relived her nights, feeling the Sultan's charm,
As "Pleasure" and "Desire" protected her from harm;
Ready to respond when her dear lover would call,
For long nights of passion behind sheer silken walls.

Brisbane, Australia

#2573 Aug 22, 2012

As you see your lover before you may your thoughts be of how to please her and help her enjoy the experience of her life!

As you advance to kiss to her, kiss her on the cheek, move up and kiss her ear lobe, kiss her ear and breathe a warm soft breath of air over her ear bringing a rush of warmth to her emotions.

Let your lips touch hers softly, smooching her without pressing hard against her lips. Pucker, kiss gently – pucker kiss gently – continually kissing.

Put your arms around her embracing her, drawing her ever closer to yourself.

Slip your tongue into her mouth and slid it over the end of her tongue bringing the sensation of intimacy. Engage in a romancing of the tongues and then gently suck her tongue into your mouth, increasing the sucking action into a gentle pull. Release her tongue and begin kissing again, over and over.

Put your hand on the lower part of her back and gently rub her lower mid back. Continue kissing her; slide your hands over her hips feeling the transition from her lower back to the smooth roundness of her bottom. Slip a hand up under her blouse and rub her tummy briefly enjoying the softness of her skin, then move upward to her breast, squeezing it over her bra. Move to her back and unhook her bra, then start massaging her breasts under her bra slipping your fingers over her nipples.

As you press against her body she will be delighted to feel that she has made you firm and hard. Her anticipation of making love will grow.

As you slide your hand back down and unhook her pants, slip her pants down over her hips, rub her hips a little then slide your hand down into her panties and gently, ever so softly slide your hand over her flower of pleasure. Her erection will be tender yet firm; like a butterfly, looking to be gently caressed. Softly rub this area of great joy, increasing all her sensations. Kiss her lips, her neck and breasts as you gently open the lips of her butterfly of delight. Skimming softly over the area.

Pull her nipples into your mouth sucking gently.

Move down and tongue tickle her butterfly – gently sliding your tongue over her firm rib -taking extra time to move up and down over the upper edge. Use your lips to squeeze her rib of delight. Slide your tongue on her feeling all over the smooth, firm tender flower.

Use your mouth to gently suck her whole butterfly and enjoining flower area into your mouth. As it moves outward her sense of anticipation will rise and reverberate throughout her body. Release and tug ever so softly as you continue to suck and release the entire area of her greatest pleasure.

As your tongue tickles her some more she will moan and move in rhythm with your engagement of her fantasy.

Enjoy her as you make her feel ever so special, knowing that you are pleasing her.

As you move back up her body kissing her tummy, her breast and sucking on her nipples, move your body on hers. Let her feel your magic wand, firm ,hard and erect sliding against her body.

Move over her and gently massage her butterfly with your magic wand, sliding it over her puckered rib of excitement. Sliding it over and over continuing to boost her excitement until she feels an explosion of great warmth rushing over her.

As she hugs you and reverberates, gently slid it in her just enough that she can feel exactly where you are. Slid it in and out ~ heightening the excitement in anticipation of the full insertion.

Move fully into her, kissing her neck and lips. As your feeling of pleasure escalates – move over her kissing her all over. To further stimulate her senses ~ gently tug on her hair. She will feel the desire you have for more of her.

As you are having your climatic moment increase the intensity of kissing and tugging. Firmly stroking her with your magic wand, kissing and moving over her. Let her feel you eject inside her, giving her a warm feeling of satisfaction.

Brisbane, Australia

#2574 Aug 22, 2012
A touch of skin soft and slippery,
With the hint of hint of sweat.
We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets,
As the wind flowed from the window above us.
Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance,
To abandon all of our uncertainties.
You began your work on my lips,
Probing gently as if drawing sex,
From a deep well of longing and need.
Then heated tongues met in the midst,
Of hot and quickening breath.
And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts.
Then intoxicated with those spirits,
Our clothes found resting place on the floor.
Piece by piece,
Until there were no hiding places,
For the two glistening and wanting bodies.
Hunger revealed in this hot moment.
Then skin meshed with skin,
As the floor became the stage.
You moved atop of me easily,
And lowered yourself gently.
Kissing me as I was filled with you.
As a gasp broke the kiss,
Your hands stroked the stray strands,
Away from my forehead, then became entangled.
Our slow rhythm gave way,
To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion,
As I arched my body for your comfort,
And you threw me into ecstasy,
With the strength of your blows.
You left me screaming and soaked,
In oblivion again and again,
As you growled my name from the back of your throat,
And our bodies both demanded more,
Each giving to the other,
High on the fluids of foreign substance.
I grasped, then released you,
Grasped then released you,
In effort to relieve you of your control.
The taste of your skin between my lips,
Was like no other.
To hear your cry of mercy,
When my teeth met your warm skin,
Was more breathtaking than you knew.
Yet I still released the control to you.
As you wound your hands in my hair,
And pulled until the flesh on my neck was taut,
You moved with one final and breaking blow,
Forcing our way to the peaks of bliss,
Leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries.
I welcomed the weight of you to crush me,
As you collapsed on top of me,
Still hot and burning,
And I glowing like an ember,
Casting a welcome light,
Should you seek my gifts again.


Brisbane, Australia

#2575 Aug 22, 2012
Do not mistake
my kindness
for weakness
for infortiftude
for a lack of fire,
verve, strength

I am beauty
I am softness
I am flight
I am love

and yet

I am the tower
stretching to
heaven’s gate

I am the root
of the ancient redwood
I am the wave
crashing on the beach
beneath the timeless cliffs
of eternity

I am creation
I am destruction
I am the fullness
of masculine ardor
of writhing passion
of unmaskable longing
of unshakable truth


do not mistake
my kindness
for a lack
of pure and
utter passion
of towering strength
of masculine perfection

I am man.

Since: Nov 11

db, fl

#2576 Aug 22, 2012
<quoted text>Merci beaucoup pour vos mots doux Chelsie ......

envoyer mon amour.

Adrian DeVine. xxx
lol, im sorry, i've never studied that language, i havent the slightest comprehention of what you said.
care to interpret?

Since: Nov 11

db, fl

#2577 Aug 22, 2012

It was a hot summer night, the sound of crickets filled the still air. A half moon and one whole star shone through the clouds. She waited by the window, knowing that her Lover and Poet would come to steal her heart away.
He is so handsome and strong. His eyes are dark and mysterious, for that is where He hides His passion of Her. Which only She could see.
Their Love has traveled through space and time, one life touching the next. He The King and She The Queen

Her thoughts interrupted, feeling His hands holding Her. Mind whirling, Body burning, She turns to kiss Him. She longs for His lips for they taste like honey.
He presses Her tightly to Him and She feels as though She cannot breath. I am intoxicated with Your Love and am drunk on Our lust.
His hand gently touches Her face, moving the long red strands of hair. Now He could look, long and deep into Her eyes ,Which could speak unspoken words.....

Their stare becomes an embrace The place where Their souls meet and fly together
His breath heats Her lips and the fire burns with in Her. His lips tease Her neck and shoulders. My Body aching for You. Her body aching to be as one with His. Slowly He begins to unbutton the back of Her dress, one by one, waiting to see Her Beautiful Body

Her dress slips away. She stands in front of Him, Her body begging to be touch. He cannot do anything except touch Her, Feel Her, and Feast His senses on just Her. Softly He kisses Her neck, His hands touching Her breast, Her body falls into His.

He lifts Her and lays Her down and begins to undress. His eyes never leave Her beauty. She has captivated Him, with Eyes orange like the sun. Lips red like the rose that blooms in the morning dew. Their love transcends all time and space, He cannot wait to feel Her Body beneath Him.
She reaches out to Him, and runs Her hands along the length of His body. His skin soft and smooth.
Primal feelings rush over Her, knowing that the Man She loves is in Her arms. Desire takes control and she must fill Herself with Him, Her body arching to meet His....

Every move He makes fills Her, bringing Her to new heights of unspeakable pleasures. Their souls reaching to be as one, Now and Forever
Their Magical dance, Entwines them. Their Love gives the other new life.
Now He holds Her close to Him, feeling Her Mind, Her Body, and Her Soul.
Im at a loss of words.
this is, incredible....
if only everyone could feel passion that intense from the heart.
You, I am quite sure, are twice the writer "I'll" ever be.
Your works are amazing, I think you've just become one of my favorite poets. lol.

Brisbane, Australia

#2578 Aug 22, 2012
xxchellabellaxx wrote:
<quoted text>
lol, im sorry, i've never studied that language, i havent the slightest comprehention of what you said.
care to interpret?
Chelsie I'm sorry.....please excuse my french.

I was just saying thank you, and I assumed a sweet girl like you, from Daytona Beach, FL might know what I was bad.

In future I'll keep my comments to english.

Adrian DeVine.

Brisbane, Australia

#2579 Aug 22, 2012
Telling the truth
Will cause you a lot of trouble
Commit the crimes of poetry
Dig through the savage underbelly
Every sexual dream
Everything you want to take as your own
Does the heart die
Will the sentence be passed
How much time served in this prison
Ripping apart the veil of secrecy
Exposing the truth in the light
Feelings dragged down an empty street
Love is killed in the night
Will they call you scum
For being accused of these poetic crimes
Wear it as a badge of honor
Burn down the night
Steal all visions
The dawn is a forbidden dream
Beyond all of our desires
I will see you there
Your hair lit up by the first rays of the sun
Never losing the love we share
As the rules of society
Are abandoned at daybreak
And I take you in my arms
Under a cloudless sky
Not caring about the price
Not caring about the sacrifice.

Brisbane, Australia

#2580 Aug 22, 2012
You and I are covered with the
Black shroud of nihilism
Tortured by the walls of our minds
Driving each other into a deep dark abyss
Covered by gray ashen clouds of fragile dust
Crippled in a cavity of calamity
Hold my hand in the darkness
Comfort me in this hellish pit
You hold the key to my soul
Shelter me from savage oblivion
Nurture me in the void
Descent into madness
The light has been extinguished
We hold on to each other
In the cold dark cellar of our minds
Grasping at each other for solace
Oh wet cavern of pleasure!
My judgment swayed by passion
As we move through fantasy
Losing touch with reality
Falling into the infinite abyss with you
It is too dark to see the demon in your eyes
Longing for the rites of Spring
Are you forever mine?
Do not forsake me in
This labyrinth of hopelessness
Hold me close to your heart
Guard my soul with your gaze
Look deeply into my eyes
With total devotion
And unconditional love.

Brisbane, Australia

#2581 Aug 22, 2012

The tissue box is by my head
I hope the neighbor girl does not see me
As she walks down the back steps
I am thinking about a woman I know
She has nice legs
They are soft and lovely
My cock is getting hard thinking about her
I work my coock and balls with my hands
And think about her statuesque beauty
As if she were standing over me
I recline on my sofa
She kneels and bends over
Her red lips wrapped around my coock
Her soft hands petting my balls
It feels so good
I am feeling light headed
She mounts me
And slides my cock into her pus*y
A soft wet glide
Up and down
Up and down
Her rhythmic motion
Bringing my semen close to the head
I pull several sheets of tissue from the box
Her feet are under my legs
Her hands grabbing my balls
As she rides me
I put the tissue over my coock
And cuum into it with a groan.....Mmmmmmm


Brisbane, Australia

#2583 Aug 22, 2012
Red lipstick
Smeared across her lips
Dominatrix boots
As black as night
That she wears with abandon
I love it when she sings to me
And looks me in the eye
Baptizes me with liquor
Burns my soul with her smile
I can’t let her go
Haunted by memories
Years pass in a haze
Doing what I have to do
I wish I could see her
Outside of the sonic waves
Emancipated at dawn
I have nothing but love for her
Our hearts are fragile and breaking
Scratch marks down our souls
The fire that rages inside
Destroys all heartache
Cleans out the wounds
I want to see the happiness on her face
That eclipses the sun
Deliverance from pain
In the light of joy
She is my girl
I will hold her in my arms
Until the world ends.......


Brisbane, Australia

#2585 Aug 22, 2012

Mother of Jesus
I am so fucking high right now
That I hope no one notices
Let me tell you about a girl I know
We fucked in the summer heat
Our bodies sticky with sweat
I was fixated on the wound on her hand
And the moles on her back
The sunburn that grazed her skin
As we fornicated against each other
I buried my face in her hair
Taking in all of her scent
Sex poem
Ready for you
Welcome to the human race
Not always so pretty
The look on your face
As you ride your orgasm
Your body is a paradise of curves
A soft and gentle cat
Ready to bite and scratch
Stand in your stiletto heals
Presenting your ass to me
A vision in white
Yes you are the ocean mother
Holding on to my balls
With your soft hands
As I come
Kissing your smile


Brisbane, Australia

#2587 Aug 22, 2012

Dim the lights
Disrobe in near darkness
Move through the shadows as sultry leopards
Flesh upon flesh
Embracing each other's strength
Feeling breath and heat
The sadness and the joy
As the night unfolds
Collapsing in each other's arms
Vulnerable through intimacy
Love has made its mark
Pleasure parallel to pain
Immersed in the dance of souls
Throwing caution to the sky
Driven on by impulse
The softness of your form
Radiant and wild
Merciful in the execution of love
Outside of culture
Not limited by convention
Transcending all borders
The kisses are wet and pure
Touching in a trance
Annihilation versus romance
Sever from the physical world
Withdraw when all is done
Magical and rare
The quiet and the stillness
That engulfs us both......

Brisbane, Australia

#2588 Aug 22, 2012
xxchellabellaxx wrote:
<quoted text>
Votre poésie a donné la chaleur de mon corps et mon esprit. S'il vous plaît, ne continuer àécrire. Meilleurs vœux Chelsie-
Chelsie, "May the heat of your body and your spirit continue to be pleasured",..... and if this is so it would also delight me, however I'm not sure if you needed to copyright your appreciation....

You'll note that here, that I haven't, replied to your kind words this time, in french (as I could have) on the understanding that you do not understand it,(?) though you do express your discourse towards my postings so eloquently in the same language you found so difficult to discern or comprehend.


Brisbane, Australia

#2589 Aug 22, 2012
Submit to me
All of your failed dreams
The path to your broken heart
A body full of pain
Can you suddenly derail
A day full of hope
For a night without love
Was it more than a fantasy
Played out over the years
Following a golden dawn
Searching for reprieve
Are these wishes fencing us in
Maybe we should live what comes
Until the end
Not wondering about what could have been
What lies behind the veil
Are we victims of time
Felons of fame
Pronounced dead at the scene
Could I ever show you
What it all means
Behind the darkness
In the arms of a powerful soul
I can see all that you are
After you are gone
Whatever is left
I will keep it here
Forsaking the dread of the day
As the night takes us down.

Brisbane, Australia

#2590 Aug 22, 2012
Faded dreams
reigniting passion
beginning to take hold
To battle melancholy
with sudden joy
Jagged journey
towards the limits
I feel you here
surrounding me intensely
Purity of purpose
becomes overwhelming
As stars collide
and drift apart
Trying to help each other
sort through the vapors
Skin is velvet
smooth to the touch
Enslaving visions
permeate the past
I remember the soft darkness
alcohol and smoke
The smile
full of life and wisdom
Dive into the slumber
that is the night
A rapid rendezvous
that lives on...

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