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#7032 May 15, 2013
I'm hurt
Hot, cold, hot, cold
I cry
I didn't make the grade


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Rockin' USA ;)

#7033 May 15, 2013
Fairy Verte wrote:
I'm hurt
Hot, cold, hot, cold
I cry
I didn't make the grade
Whimper YOURSELF to beddy bye then...


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"..who whating how with huh?"

#7034 May 15, 2013
How fcucking depressing! I'm not reading this rubbish anymore. Life is Beautiful and LOVE is All !

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#7035 May 16, 2013
Oh ladies,'s just a thread.

“Easy does it... ”

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#7036 May 16, 2013
Beginning to End

As I briefly scanned this thread mainly out of curiosity, and searching for a meaning to this madness..

I've come to the conclusion that there rarely is ever meaning, just only sadness..

But as "sex" was the word that originally drew my attention...

I'm fairly certain my better half would place me in permanent detention...

But considering our age, she knows better than anyone..

That as far as perverts go, it's very possible... that I just may be the very first one.

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#7040 May 16, 2013
<quoted text>
Correction !!
It's not JUST A THREAD.....
it is THE THREAD !
"There is a kind of invisible thread between the poet and the audience, and when it's there it's stunning, and there is nothing to match that.....I write long, I write short, my words tight to the thread of the narrative."
I feel that invisble thread.

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#7047 May 16, 2013
Colorado Chick wrote:
<quoted text> Whimper YOURSELF to beddy bye then...
Do you always attack others when you feel threatened by them? Climb a tree and keep on rockin cause it's a totally grovin day. Get over yourself chica.

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#7064 May 17, 2013
Making love to you
I can never get enough
Sometimes it's slow and tender
Sometimes hard and rough
Making love to you
Always feels so right
Sometimes it takes hours
Deep into the night
Making love to you
You turn me on so much
I feel I will explode
By one simple touch
Making love to you
Your body soft and sweet
My hands and tongue exploring
Your hands they grab the sheet
Making love to you
Kissing, licking, teasing
Till I hit that spot
I feel your body freezing
Making love to you
Feeling your pulse race
As I quench my thirst
Deep in your secret place
Making love to you
The best thing there is
The way you make me feel
Sweet, perfect and complete bliss

Tempe, AZ

#7075 May 17, 2013
How about just "Sex," Baby Doll doesn't like foreplay.
Re Title

United States

#7077 May 17, 2013
Just Sucky Pervertry!

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#7087 May 18, 2013
<quoted text>
I'll pin you to the bed
spread your legs
penetrate you
without a condom
skin against skin
tits against c ock
c ock against t wat
you whisper my name
tell me youíre falling for me
ask me what weíre doing
and Iím not sure, what weíre doing
and I'm f ucking you slowly
teasing you with my cock
in a little, out a little
are you liking it
are you sure you're liking it
because I can stop
if you're not liking it
and you assure me
Iím liking it! Iím liking it!
but youíre not so sure
are you sure ?
now I slow to a stop
and you're begging me
but do I care, yea
please f uck me!
I take a chunk of your hair
rotate your head, kiss your neck
and youíre moving again
I'm in deeper, out, in, and out
sideways, allways
and Iím gonna c um
and youíre gonna cum
because Iím gonna c um
and Iím gonna c um
weíre gonna c um
and I ask you if you want it
and you yell, yes, more than anything
I want to be swimming inside you
and Iím gonna c um
weíre cumming, weíre c umming
and weíre screaming
each otherís names
yes, yes, fuck, yes, yes!
.......always DeVine.

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#7090 May 18, 2013
Alone at home, it's Friday Night
Thinking of you I turn out the light
Wishing you were here with me
Together with you I'm longing to be.

No one knows these dreams of mine
Melting candles and deep red wine
Only thoughts of you I think
Of your soul I wish to drink.

But alas, my dreams are kept
In my heart and where I slept
Never to share with another
For I am the lonely lover.

Dreams of you are all I know
They give me a deep inner glow
So know that you're in my thoughts
Your inspiration has me caught.

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#7091 May 18, 2013
I've known you for a year and a day,
From the net, online we plan,
I see you on cam, you take a screenshot,
I love you, yet know you not.

We have our chats, online at night,
Your voice I never knew,
Our endless topics, in messenger,
We type until we're blue.

I want to take this to level two,
The one I never knew,
I want to know more than words and pics,
No video, the real you

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#7092 May 18, 2013
Water trickling

water gurgling

surging splashing

sploshy burbling

Wooden wheel

tirelessly turning

spun by cascading

torrents churning

O Iím such a naughty girl!

On sunny days I love to take

A whippy whacking rod

One to make my bottom ache

Naughty me, Iím quite undressed

Soft lush grass, bare feet caressed

A sunlit stroll, by gleaming brook

Down to my secret spanking nook

Passers-by would not believe

What devious imagination first conceived

Of harnessing pure waterís flow

To whack naughty bottoms so

I bend across the wooden bench

And slot the cane into the post

I feel it press upon my cheeks

Then the bit I love the most

On the wheel there is a peg

It lifts the cane and makes it creak

Up and up it bends until it slips

Whacking back to make me squeak

A short pause to catch my breath

Cane upon my stinging cheeks

The peg will soon be round again

Do any ever hear my shrieks?

My merciless water-powered imagination machine

Whisks my mind away to waking dreams

I imagine wrist and ankle stocks

They place a rod across my bum

Leaving me struggling against my locks

My shouts receding as they walk away

Leaving me at the mercy of the wheel

Perhaps theyíll not return today

Or Iím a naughty millerís daughter

Sent to the wheel, discovered wanking

Iím disciplined by gushing water

Returning home to show my spanking

Afterwards I love to lie

On the dewy riverbank under sky

Damp grass soothing poor pink bum

Slow filthy rubbing Ďtil I come

Mesmerised by the turning wheel

I rub to the rhythm of the lifting cane

Massaging deep within my crack

Pleasure overwhelming pain

O how it bends, and then whips back

Where my bottom used to be

My ears fill with an imagined thwack

Until Iím swept away excitedly

At night I listen to the rain

A trillion raindrops fill my dreams

UnitingÖ mergingÖ surgingÖ

Into torrential bottom smacking streams

[original posting]

submitted by Spanking Theatre

“Roses in September”

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I ain't Misbehavin'

#7093 May 18, 2013
I think a few folks posting here need some cold water thrown on em!

“Roses in September”

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I ain't Misbehavin'

#7095 May 18, 2013
ICE water on Racy Mean Disagree!

How's THAT for 6 words, kiddo??

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#7096 May 18, 2013
Fairy Verte wrote:
I could have been in love
but the "ultimatum" didn't set well with me
so I made the choice to leave.
You're not the boss of me
but you could have been.....
Oh God, you could have been.
Why oh why you didn't fall in love
People just set the ultimatums when feeling you are theirs
No body is boss of anybody
You could have availed the chance
Had you given the chance yes he could have been
Oh God please do some miracle and make them an item again.

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#7116 May 19, 2013
Roxie Darling wrote:
ICE water on Racy Mean Disagree!
How's THAT for 6 words, kiddo??
why only 6 words?? is there a war on??

“On The Wings Of A Dove ”

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Two Hearts In Love

#7133 May 24, 2013
I never intended to be the most important person in your life,that's just "too much" to ask..but I do hope that I'd cross your mind and you'd smile thinking..I touched your life and heart in a special way....:O)....


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#7136 May 24, 2013
Adrian... YOU are on a sensuous trip of sheer pleasure... OOH, OOH..making my heart flutter...

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