The Gap, Australia

#6647 Apr 23, 2013
Roxie Darling wrote:
<quoted text>
You can't hold a good man down@
Well not this one.....although a few have tried with little success.....

Hi Roxie, thanks for dropping by...

Let my poem come to you,
floating its way freely,
through the big fake world,
wild scented holy,
when it arrives,
as an ache....
embrace the hole in you,
like a hawk in the air,
sensing that it can't be caught,
feed my poem,
where spring blossoms a cherry tree,
make it a fat wombat,
contemplating life, if you like,
let it bend in the breeze,
let it leave as it came,
maybe it will open its wings to the sun,
maybe the poem and I will
just disapear in the fog ?


The Gap, Australia

#6648 Apr 24, 2013
They do it, the ones who love
without making love, by dancing with words
that reach out to each other, falling short
over the glass, fingers pressed
against monitor screens, curved
over keyboard bodies, faces
red as the sun, one setting the other rising
at the other end of the world, wet as the
oceans that come between their need to
come to, come to come to God come to
each other. They do it without kissing
the love that gave birth to their poetry, whispers
spreading steady like warmth from heated
laptops. These are the true romantics,
the dreamers, the mystics, the ones who
have accepted the logic of distance,
the mathematics of bridges and yet
don’t turn back at the sight of the gap, for
they are the greatest gymnasts: ones who
arch their backs over the globe, flipping
electrical switches to cross the synapses
of their bodies, neurons shuddering
in rhyme—these factors, like the bed
never been to, is the solution, to the
problem of souls divided by two, reaching
over the universe defying
their lack of owned time.

The Gap, Australia

#6649 Apr 24, 2013
She said divorce
was her idea and that
they'd been together
twenty years
she said she wanted
a new life
now she's online
chatting to guys like me
who want to know
what she's wearing
how big her titties are
does she swallow
has she got any 'pictures'
is it still tight
and after
short conversations
following a few texts
she'll be meeting guys
maybe married guys
just strangers
who have wooed her
with lies
who only want
to fuck her
in an inexpensive
hotel room
and then leave
as soon
as they can
the memory of
her happiness
on her wedding day
as she starts her
new life

The Gap, Australia

#6650 Apr 24, 2013
The cutting body slicing through the air,
The breeze moves past my ears, and whispers your name to me,
The room is suddenly filled with this pink hue,
The music slows down to a distance tinkle in the background.
There you wereJust standing there.
All the madness just stopped!
Some silly part of me filled with joy,
Some non sense thought took over me,
Some nervous twitch moved my heart.
Your bright eyes take me over every time,
The tone of your warm soft skin,
The pink of your lips launch me into day dreams,
The deep breathe inside me still waits to leave.
My heart is so weak so much damage,
Dreams that never came true,
Love that turned to hate,
Feet that are now used to run.
Nothing makes sense?
How can everything be such a mess,
But yet there is you!
With all that is going on forgive me for practicing caution.
Forgive me for the elusive behaviour,
For the bearing boldness of my nerves,
Forgive me for this mess.
Closer, closer.
The heart draws to you,
Nothing I can do,
Coming home to nothing burns my souls.
I sometimes wonder where you came from?
The moment you gone the space next to me will be felt.
The photographs and memories we share will never be forgotten.
In the end it was worth it all,
In the end it was two souls meeting and falling.

The Gap, Australia

#6651 Apr 24, 2013

Whether lapping wave band foam bath,
thunder clap, tsunami tall,
weather warm or glacier calf,
matters little, if at all.

Blood, pain and sorrow find dread reaper
works walks deathwards in the cards,
slight consolation for the weeper
a-wake in sombre sable shards.

Whether old one passes over,
young unsung, berth premature,
silver spoon and four leaf clover,
or homeless, wan, naught can endure.

Laments unheeded, red rims beaded
with emotions on the fly,
strangers never know they needed,
nor regrets, nor passing sigh.

Who with motives honed for getting,
never letting go of aim,
last laugh's left with time, forgetting,
fame's flame, game's name, wild or tame.

All's the same, what clock recording
second thoughts docked, time-lock knocked,
self-centeredness proves vain, affording
little leeway when boat's rocked.

Palm tree dates' anticipation
appetites encourage though
few know what matters, grief, elation
equal prove when fast moves slow.

Template telomeres with aging
evolution's leaps ensures,
one mutation disengaging
from another - naught endures.

Whether bright illusion shatters,
big head shed when will walks small,
ermine, mink, or patchwork tatters,
little matters if at all.

Ghost of Charontus present, past or
future perfect spun or spurned,
shepherd, wolf in pastor's pasture,
mess is earned, world less concerned.

Aeons long or echo fleeting,
naught completing, mocking glass,
mirage little else repeating
besides 'I thought I thought I passed !'

High and mighty host unpleasant,
guest of unguessed worth, to earth
soon consigned, resigned, peer, peasant
give redemption widest girth.

Polished pebble tide toned, rounded,
priceless gem, physique homespun,
each as sand ends, bright dreams grounded
in oblivion undone.

At weathered monumental gravings
Time jeers, grime sneers, climb hastes fall,
joyless jaded, constant cravings,
lust's treat dust meets, swallows all.

Seldom sense in destination
is revealed, within the way
purpose lies peregrination
in, of, through itself holds sway.

Whether generations flourished,
shared, bore brunt of grunt or gall,
prospered hale, failed, wailed ill-nourished,
matters little, if at all.

Here today and gone tomorrow

foregone conclusion for grief, glad,

leave leaf laughter, shore leave sorrow,

income. Outcome ?

naught to add.


The Gap, Australia

#6652 Apr 24, 2013
One wonders if coincidence can claim,
to substitute itself for Fate,- why pick
THAT flash point splash which lit love’s candle wick
or inflight insight felt, spelt feelings’ flame ?

Are these just fantasies [h]our needs inflame ?
What’s in a memory that seems to stick
to instincts, thoughts, remains through thin and thick,
alters the rules which score more mundane game,
tinting glasses to transform eye’s aim
Present, Past, the same. Here second sight can t[r]ick,
repeat, replay fey meeting ~ double click.

Threading maid man, man maid, from screen to frame
‘imagOnation’s’ writs two wits re[s]t[r]ain
within shared motions no emotions feign.

Coincidence is seen when into place
life slips its puzzle pieces for a time.
Awareness grows. Beneath another clime -
which still seems hidden - we met face to face.

Can dreams thread unseen signals, interlace
existence past and present, future, climb
consciousness’s barriers to rhyme
light and laughter, bright hereafter trace,
and karmic correspondance interface ?

Unique potential ? Human pantomime,
denies the base that smothers in its slime ~
Eternity awaits shared choice unchased.
‘Chance’ can catalyze twin hearts to grow
together, perfect symbiosis know.

Coincidence as catalyst
leading into a karmic dance
evolving patterns - ambiance
calls bluff, wins all, masks fall, dismissed.

Consciousness disperses mist,
encouraging, as, at a glance,
fresh vistas thread entente’s advance,
discover no need to resist.

Empathy, by Chance is kissed,
neither through insouciance
nor focus finds renaissance
spurred as joys enhanced minds’ tryst.

Osmosis, ever optimist,-
though ’Know thyself’- mind fer de lance
incisive, spurning nonchalance,
expands, through ego would persist.

But harmony the egotist
overcomes, and yearns to rise
exploring daily fresh surprise,
emotions Chance’s catalyst.

Level 6

Since: Dec 12

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#6653 Apr 24, 2013

The Gap, Australia

#6654 Apr 24, 2013
LupyLu wrote:
Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost <sigh> of the body.

True hearts have eyes and ears, no tongues to speak;
they hear and see, and <sigh>, and then they break.

Level 6

Since: Dec 12

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#6655 Apr 24, 2013
<quoted text>
Nothing can so pierce the soul as the uttermost <sigh> of the body.
True hearts have eyes and ears, no tongues to speak;
they hear and see, and <sigh>, and then they break.
Nothing can break a pure heart so true.
Bruises fade away.

The Gap, Australia

#6656 Apr 24, 2013
is a long aqueduct

with no water in it,

a line on a graph

that moves an inch a minute,

a twenty-brick load

sagging in the middle,

on good days, a violin

to play second fiddle,

or a shifting of lines,

a breath of recycled air,

a subtle promotion

from here to there.

The Gap, Australia

#6658 Apr 24, 2013
double use

window looking in window looking out

win win view

world wide wagon

window a square a circle

all around the world

double you-s

P.S. Copying from a dream had several mornings ago # pragmatological

The Gap, Australia

#6660 Apr 24, 2013
If you’d win the game of life never sign as trophy wife,

Kiss meet bliss is lovers three:

one to cook, clean, fire for you,

one to sire four children too,

one to warm you now and then when you feel free.

If you’d win the game of life avoiding stress, frustration, strife,

plumb plum mystery:

make poppet do as told by you,

let others bend to fresher view,

Goddess with wings, pull puppet’s strings, sting as Queen Bee.

If you’d win the game of life and avoid Time’s jealous knife,

thank the rule of three:

one with rings new, one with few,

one guaranteed to watch those two,

years of false fears you’ll change for countless tears of glee!

If the game of life you’d win never take a husband in

for bed and board you’ll soon be bored

with football, beer, words sharp as sword,

with cooking when he’s elsewhere looking,

or travel with assistant booking.

If family to build is billed, be both self-willed, self-confident, fulfilled.

If life's game you’d win begin!

Outlaw all inlaws' kit[sc]h and kin

At times adored at times bear mawed,

it's difficult to bear accord

when one plays lord or can’t afford

all you deserve as just reward,

when you discover you mistook

bald cheek, beer reek, for strong good look,

for compromising beauty, brains,

when you yourself should hold the reins.

If family full blown, home grown,

you’d own dethrone male chauvinists' drone groan.

Send 'preconceptions' in tailspin,

banish guilty conscience, sin,

end male control of sex and soul,

compete to self-complete, stay whole.

You need, seed sown, one mantra only e'er intone:

Free, clone alone !

The Gap, Australia

#6661 Apr 24, 2013
In other Worlds where conscience lies
A paradox: who questions why
Time, a phenomenon where constructs thrive

In search for truth and knowledge
Overcrowded with infectious foliage
material mass overshadows
no moral compass

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
Questioned worldly ways
Etymology, answers fraught
What's left? Is times remains...

Enchanting enlightenment is what I am seeking
The desire for possessions only serves to weaken
Maybe, just maybe Doxa was right

Human revolution...
Creation. Compassion. Evolution.
Transcendental, existential

In a Worldly fashion

The Gap, Australia

#6662 Apr 24, 2013
THE SUNNY rounds of Earth contain
An obverse to its Day,
Our fertile Vagrancy's domain,
Wan Proletaria.

From pole to pole of Poverty
We stumble through the years,
With hazy-lanterned Memory
And Hope that never nears.

Wherever Plenty's crop invites
Our pitiful brigades,
Lurk cannoneers of Vested Rights,
Juristic ambuscades;

And here hangs Rent, that squalid cage
Within which Mammon thrusts,
Bound with the fetter of a wage,
The helots of his lusts.

With palsied Doubt as guide, we wind
Among the lanes of Need,
Where meagre Hungers scouting find
But slavered baits of Greed.

The wet-lipped Lamias of Caste,
Awaiting our advance,
Our choicest squadrons' fealty blast
With magic smile and glance:

Delilah-limbed temptations flit
Among our drowsy rows,
And on our willing captains fit
The badges of our foes.

What wonder sometimes if in stealth
Our starker outposts wait,
And, in the prowling eyes of Wealth,
Dash vitriol of Hate;

Or if our Samsons, ere too late,
Their treasons should make good
By whelming in the temple's fate
Their viper owners' brood!

Our polyandrous dam has borne
To Satan and to God
The hordes of Night, the clans of Morn,
That through our valleys plod.

Ah, motherhood of misery
For Christ-child as for pest!
The greater her fertility
The drier grows her breast!

Too many linger on the track;
A few outstrip the time:
Some, God has tattooed yellow, black,
And some disguised with crime.

Art's living archives here abound,
Carraras of Despair,
And those weird masks of Sight and Sound
The Tragic Muses wear.

Tho' blind and dull,'tis we supply
The Painter's dazzling dreams;
The rolling flood of Poetry
From our dumb chaos streams.

Nay, when your world is over-tired,
And Genius comatose,
Our race, by Nemesis inspired,
Old Order overthrows:

With earthquake-life we thrill your land,
Refill the cruse of Art,
Revitalize spent Wisdom, and-
Resume our weary part.

The palace of successful Guilt
Is mortared with our shame;
On hecatombs of Us are built
The soaring towers of Fame.

We are the gnomes of Titan works
Whose throbbings never cease;
Our unregarded signet lurks
On every masterpiece.

The floating isles, that shuttling tie
All peoples into one
By adept steermen's sorcery
Of magnet, steam, and sun;

Religion's dolmens, Sphinxes, spires,
Her Biblic armouries;
The helot lightning of the wires
That mesh your lands and seas;

The viaducts 'tween Near and Far,
Whereon, o'er range and mead,
Bacchantic Trade's triumphant car
And iron tigers speed;

The modern steely crops that rise
Where technic Jasons sow:
-All these but feebly symbolize
The largesse we bestow.

And our reward? In this wan land,
In clientage of Greed,
Despised, polluted, maimed and banned,
To wander and-to breed

The Gap, Australia

#6663 Apr 24, 2013
The consequence of sex

A hurried fuck

Do the right thing: stop living

Forced into a nightmare

Marital bliss

is not the drink you ordered

Lose your anger on your wife

Assert your independence

The stupid cow who changed your life

Flirting with the skirt

Mistakes are home sleeping

Dad’s a game you sometimes play

But soon get bored of

You soon get bored

Bedtime stories

Toys on the floor

Endless questions

He started it....no she started it

First day at school

Riding a bike

Trips to the zoo

Parents Evenings

End of term reports

Pocket money

Summer Holidays

The facts of life


First kiss

First girlfriend

Putting up with mood swings

‘You just don’t understand me!’

16th birthday

Revising for exams

Driving Test

‘Can I borrow the car?’

A levels

Off to college


First job

The boy becomes a man

You missed all of these

You missed all of these

You never missed any of these

The Gap, Australia

#6665 Apr 24, 2013
You are fresh words
on the old stone of time.

Here, silence honors you,
here now, the earth turns,
the sun beats, the rain sings.

You are not adrift
among the wheeling constellations
but held by the hoop of love.

Ancient as the ring of standing stones,
prophetic as a snow-ring round the moon,
marriage is.

Wear your vows well when laughter
is the wine between you

or when night lies like a bolster
down the middle of your bed.

May the cold shoulder of the hill
always afford you shelter.
May the sun always seek you
however dark the place.

We who are wordless know
thorns have roses.

And when you go from this day
the burnished stars go with you.

When you go forward from this day,
the love that grew you
grows with you

and marriage is struck,
iron on stone, hand in hand.

The Gap, Australia

#6666 Apr 24, 2013
The first time we lay naked
in my bed
we did not have sex
but weathered the worst together
I kissed your scars

And read Plath to you
and we laughed of how cliché,
we are.
Billy Joe Jack

Peakhurst, Australia

#6667 Apr 24, 2013
Roses are red
Violets are blue
This poem is over
How bout we screw?

The Gap, Australia

#6668 Apr 24, 2013
I told you
it was liberating in a way
once I found out
you can be in love
with more than one person
at the same time

but maybe I was lying

we were standing on the edge of spring
and the skies were clear and the road was clear
and I thought I could see into the heart
of the mountains so I told you what I saw

now summer is coming and my own heart spins
like the slender shadow of a sun dial
until I’m not sure where I stand
and will I fall at my own feet?

still, I have loved every flower
I have pulled from the side of the road
and I would not wish to put them back

but what does it say
that I find it so sweet
to rip their lives from them
just to put them in your hair

The Gap, Australia

#6669 Apr 24, 2013
I’m waiting for you
to join me tonight
as the prelude
to a long summer
reveals itself
through fluid lines
of cross winds
a soft exhale
up entwined curtains
dancing like wings
upon the song
of an angel
on my windowsill

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