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#6276 Feb 22, 2013

Your words come to me
Like music on a page
The embers caught fire
Now our love can’t be caged

Such power and energy there is
In the mystery of the muse
I feed off your energy
I am yours to love and abuse

I feel like one with you very often
Such a beautiful thing it is
We have so much more to discover
A life with you is what I want to live

Your words caress the heart and feed my soul
You are my comfort food for within
It is you that makes my life whole
Our exciting life is ready to begin

Since: Jul 12

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#6277 Feb 22, 2013
We Talk

Both unavailable but yet we talk
Not expecting anything
A communication we both enjoy
Making each other laugh and think

What are we doing?
Do we even know?
A relationship unsaid
Never to be shown

We chat through messages
About everything and anything
Sometimes it's just stupid
Some of the things I bring

There is just something about
The way that we talk
Never revealing what’s inside
The thing growing in our hearts

So I will remain silent
And keep chatting with you
Because all I know
Is that I don't want to lose you!
Cast of Characters

United States

#6278 Feb 22, 2013
We have a guy who takes credit for other's work
And a troll with about 300 socks, what a JERK!
A clueless princess who admires the trolls
Gimme some of whatever she smokes in her bowls
Then there is PEST Trish with profiles galore
Get out of the way I'm headed for the door!

Since: Jul 12

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#6279 Feb 22, 2013

I sit patiently
With you on my mind
This is what I do
Just to pass the time

Waiting for a note
Or even your call
Because you are the one
That made me fall

Dreaming of your smile
Waiting for those lips
Wanting to feel your skin
With my finger tips

One day my wait will be over
My happiness will be achieved
I know I’ll be in heaven
Because you are all I need

Since: Jul 12

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#6280 Feb 22, 2013
Until tomorrow!:)

I made you laugh, I made you smile
I am so happy we chatted for a while

We are building and learning each day
Waiting for the time for you to say "Come my way"

Have a good night and hug that pillow tight
Listen to the whisper as you fall asleep tonight

Until tomorrow, you'll be in my heart
A place you stay and will never depart

So know that tomorrow will be bright and sunny
Because I'll chat with you, my darling my honey!

Since: Jul 12

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#6281 Feb 22, 2013

Someday I hope
We could get together

Wishes and dreams do come true
Especially when the love is true

Someday I wish
And I could taste your kiss

One day we will together be
Not just I or you but we.


Since: Jul 12

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#6282 Feb 22, 2013
A poetic butterfly

Butterfly wings flutter
It dances on the wind
Like a poetic inspiration
That comes from within

Not fighting the wind
But being as one
Floating freely
Until the wind is done

Not a care in the world
And free to go
Where the wind takes
Only god will know

Drifting off
Into a clear blue sky
It is never lost
A poetic Butterfly
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#6283 Feb 22, 2013
I gotta stop reading Trish..entertaining as she is.

Hold me,, mommy.. I see dead people....
to steevie

Roanoke, VA

#6284 Feb 22, 2013
lol lol get a clue u piece of old tail!
If he wanted u that where he'd be not with me!!!

Brisbane, Australia

#6285 Feb 22, 2013
In the stillness of the evening
As I reflect upon the day
I first replay the struggles
That I faced along the way

Until exhausted from the thinking
Of how bad they came to be
I stop in realization
They have gained control of me.

So I slowly shift my thoughts
To the good things that occurred
Until the bad on which I'd focused
Is now completely blurred.

The victory of this day
Is when I think about the good
And it changes my perspective
Just the way it should.

"Finally, brothers/sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable -- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -- think about such things."

~Philippians 4:8

“Best Friends”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

I Love The Color Purple

#6287 Feb 23, 2013
hey girl..whats up???I dont believe no one..I am not the one to judge you or anybody and neither do they have that right but we are all guilty of it..I have liked you from the time we have met and i still do..you have that right to take up for yourself as so does everybody else..you will always be my friend..LY girl....:O) you ahve a great day okay....smile it kills them...
Level 7

Since: Apr 08

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#6288 Feb 23, 2013
AKA - Trish wrote:
<quoted text>
Kevin, it was a mistake that I posted that note here for you. You've been spreading rumors about me that JUST ARE NOT TRUE.
You once stated you don't post at OFFBEAT -- You've posted in this thread and you even said Hello to me in a thread about OFFBEAT love. I can't recall the name of the discussion, but it was about anything but LOVE on TOPIX.
A good number now BELIEVE all the LIES being told about me and you helped start some of them with your LIES.
ADRIAN - You LIE too. NO, I'm not anyone you ever met before I arrived at OFFBEAT in July. Yes, I've been banned as you have, but most certainly not with GOOD reasons as you have. I'm NOT clear on WHY I was banned repeatedly. Yes, I created a few socks to HIDE from those STALKING my NAME and LYING about me and TRASHING me,,, such as LAURA BETH does to you. MAYBE she is NOT lying about YOU,,, SHE IS LYING ABOUT ME.
Rumors ... they're NOT all TRUE.
Reebee, you are quick to jump on the Rumor BUS,,, but what do you know?
I know the show we put on here,,, but I most certainly wasn't the only player involved. I TOLD THE TRUTH ... regardless of the rumors you chose to believe.
Trish, honey, I didnt jump on any bus, your profiles are VERY EASY to spot.. I actually feel sorry for you..but you dont listen to any advice you are given, by several good posters.
your a entertaining read at this point... if you could figure out how to generate better response for revenue, Topix would probably employ you for trolling purposes...
ps, I dont think you are any of the s/p , but you may be that yellow badcat guy,, cuz,,neither one of you can STFU!
have fun here today allllllll over the place....youve made your bed.
Offbeat Judgeit Poem

United States

#6291 Feb 23, 2013
Racy, Nuts, Clueless, Mean
Incendiary, and the checks are green
Offtopic, Spam, and Touching too
Why do Icons make some so blue?

Level 6

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#6292 Feb 23, 2013
Just like love and sex
same is love and poet
Love makes every one a poet.

Level 7

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#6293 Feb 24, 2013
Offbeat Judgeit Poem wrote:
Racy, Nuts, Clueless, Mean
Incendiary, and the checks are green
Offtopic, Spam, and Touching too
Why do Icons make some so blue?
Because they DO!!!!!!!!! LOL
Just k icking fun ;)
Have a great day everyone!
When you can't smile laugh..........LOL :)

Since: May 12

A Blur of Fact & Fancy

#6296 Mar 4, 2013
Where is Adrian?

“Best Friends”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

I Love The Color Purple

#6297 Mar 4, 2013
A beautiful woman uses her lips for truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity, her heart for love, for those that dont like her, she uses prayer..


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#6298 Mar 4, 2013
Moss and Honey wrote:
Where is Adrian?
EXACTLY!! At least we Got some poetry to read!! Have a ROCKIN' Day!!

Brisbane, Australia

#6300 Mar 4, 2013
You couldn't name it, the scent
on a woman leaving Bath and
Body Works downtown

a fragrance an old college
girlfriend used to wear

and on the crowded sidewalk –
amongst drilling jackhammers
and blaring car horns – you go back
to that night in her apartment

her rippling, wet hair and Taiwanese
eyes watching as you pulled her towel
loose and ran your fingers over peachblushed
skin warm from the shower

your sweat mixed with that aroma,
and lingered long after you both
called out to the whole note moon

you couldn't name it, but the body
remembers – its stiff limb reaching
for what it once knew

Brisbane, Australia

#6301 Mar 4, 2013
John Dryden observed in 1681 that "Great wits are sure to madness near allied, And thin partitions do their bounds divide," echoing the observation made centuries ago by the philosopher Aristotle that madness and genius seem to go hand in hand. In this cultural tradition, we often believe that the mental illnesses of great poets are simply a condition of their own artistic genius.

“ We poets in our youth begin in gladness; but thereof comes in the end despondency and madness.”~ William Wordsworth ~

Why might creative people be prone to such dementia? Perhaps it is the fact that their subject is the world of experience itself, reflected through their creations. Perhaps in some cases it is the unceasing pressure and stress that is the nature of celebrity. In their attempt to tell the truth as they see it, poets may find pain, yet their craft itself might offer one way to lend them power over that pain.

“ The lunatic, the lover, and the poet,
Are of imagination all compact.”~ William Shakespeare ~

The interest in the controversial aspects a poet's life itself can sometimes draw attention away from their creations. There is a general tendency for the sensational and pathological to attract heightened notice by the general public. This may not always be a negative thing, however, as it can generate more interest in a poet's work.

“ The boy was sprung to manhood: in the wilds
Of fiery climes he made himself a home,
And his Soul drank their sunbeams; he was girt
With strange and dusky aspects; he was not
Himself like what he had been; on the sea
And on the shore he was a wanderer.

“ Wild, audacious, rebellious,... half mad by nature; a creature made to tempt and to be tempted, to seduce and to fall, about whom there was but one certainty, that he was irreclaimable.”~ John Murray on Devine.

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