The Gap, Australia

#6121 Feb 14, 2013

We Touch.

Blood Flows.

Garnishes are striped away leaving flesh.

Fire, your lips are on fire.

Barren souls, no lies, no secrets. Just flesh.





No alpha, no omega.

Fluid is the medium, our bodies, the vessels.

No time, no space.


We quiver, we tremble, we fall to dust.

Where do you end and I begin?


The Gap, Australia

#6122 Feb 14, 2013
An Innocent Orgasmic Awakening!

I fell in love with "Patty the Innocent,"
A pretty girl just twenty-five years old.
She was a petite and tender sweet young Blond,
With beautiful eyes shining Hazel Gold!

I saw her for the first time in her back yard,
And I was stunned at her activity.
She looked like she was in a sandbox playing,
And was having a good time, I could see!

I was "Mezmerized" with the picture she made,
Squatting there so innocent in her play.
The sundress she had on was hiked to her waist,
With her round silk covered bottom displayed!

Her orange colored panties emphasized the shape,
Of her succulent bottom formed just right!
When she leaned forward to reach out for more sand,
Her outlined pussy was a "Pure Delight!"

As I stood and watched her my brain caught on fire,
I KNEW she wasn't quite right in her head.
But my lust and desire kept growing hotter,
And I KNEW I'd get her into my bed!

When Patty glanced my way and caught me watching,
She giggled then gave me a friendly wave.
She was a pretty Blond with ALL I wanted,
And IF I could I'd make her my "Sex Slave!"

Patty had a prepubescent girl's body,
So enticingly willowy slender.
She seldom thought about things of importance,
But SHE knew she was a different "gender!"

I smiled and asked her where everyone had gone,
She answered with a giggle "Gone to town."
I grinned "Would you like to come for some ice-cream?"
She climbed the fence and I lifted her down!

When we entered my kitchen she took a seat,
And asked "What kind a ice-cream do you got?"
I looked into the box and said "Strawberry,"
She laughed and clapped her hands "I wanna lot!"

I smiled and got her a BIG bowl of ice-cream,
And sat it down so she could startg to eat.
As she ate her ice-cream I suggested,
"You know Patty, you can GIVE ME a TREAT!"

She giggled at me and asked "What do you want?"
And I said "I want to make love to you!"
Patty smiled in puzzlement and kept eating,
And then she grinned and giggled "When I'm through!"

When Patty finished eating she looked at me,
And with a shy smile asked "What do we do?"
I took her by her hand and said "Come this way,"
And I KNEW Patty didn't HAVE a CLUE!

I led her through the door to my bed and sat,
And got Patty to stand between my knees.
I told her "I can make you feel REAL happy,"
And my excitement made me start to wheeze!

She smiled and asked "What do you want me to do?"
I moaned breathing hard "Just stand where you're at."
I grabbed her waist and pulled her crotch to my face,
And inhaled her sweet delicious mat!

As my breath heated her crotch Patty giggled,
And said "Your hot breath tickles me down there!"
I slid both of my hands around to her cheeks,
And I whispered to her, "I want you bare!

Patty giggled and called me a silly man,

(More c umming.....)

The Gap, Australia

#6123 Feb 14, 2013
An Innocent Orgasmic Awakening!

.....Just take my clothes off if you want to see."
I lifted her dress up and off her body,
And she was wearing just her thin panties!

Patty giggled when I stared at her in awe,
She could tell she'd gotten me excited.
Then I reached and slowly pulled down her panties,
And the fever in my brain "Ignited!"

I cupped her cheeks and pulled her against my face,
And explored her p ussy hair with my lips.
Patty giggled some more when she felt my breath,
I licked her p ussy and caressed her hips!

Patty gasped and giggled "That feels so funny,
Your tongue is making me "Tickle" inside!"
Patty started wiggling, and moaning,
I sat her on the bed's edge by my side!

I rolled off the bed and got between her legs,
Then I gave her pussy a GOOD licking.
Patty raised her legs and wrapped them round my neck,
And I teased her "clit" with my tongue's flicking!

Patty began humping in wild abandon,
And I kept sucking her clit hard but slow.
Then Patty started gasping "Mommie Mommie!"
As I slurped and swallowed her pussy's flow!

Patty's p ussy OVERFLOWED with sweet nectar,
And what she gave WASN'T ENOUGH for me.
I swallowed every drop of her sweet love juice,
And DIDN'T STOP until I heard her plea!

I stood up on shakey legs and got undressed,
While Patty watched me with her half-glazed eyes.
She gasped when she saw what my pants were hiding,
And I whispered "Here's ANOTHER surprise!"

Patty wasn't shy when it came to touching,
She reached out and grabbed me with her hot hand.
I moaned out loud as I felt her squeezing,
Her hand felt like a burning red hot band!

Patty squeezed and ooed "You feel so BIG and HOT!
Your "thing" feels hard and hot like it's on fire!"
I groaned to her "You don't know what you're doing,
But you're lighting my brain with pure desire!

I stood and let Patty play with me awhile,
Then I moved my throbbing c ock to her hole.
I had noticed Patty's hymen was broken,
So I shoved my c ock into Patty's soul!

Patty's hips began jerking when I slid in,
Her p ussy felt like sliding in hot fire!
Patty's sweet hips started rolling with rhythm,
And my cock spurted out my hot desire!

My Patty began c umming at the same time,
And she cried out with joy "That feels SO good!"
My hot c um squirted deep inside her p ussy,
I filled her up with all my c um I could!

We both felt tired but Patty was exhausted,
After all she'd NEVER had sex before.
I whispered "Let me turn you on your belly,
What I'm going to do next you'll just "adore!"
Patty's naked bottom was "Pure" perfection,

Her cheeks were perfect half moons smooth and plump.
As she lay there gasping I started licking,
When I kissed her hole my heart lept and jumped!
I licked around and over her tight anus,
And I sucked it and plunged my tongue inside.

I sucked it til it pooched out red and puffy,
Then I slid up on her to take my ride!
My hard cock pressed against her swollen asshole,
When I pushed it popped inside all the way.

As I f ucked Patty's a sshole it kept squeezing,
And my mind fractured with my cum's first spray!
As my cum filled her asshole, I moaned "Baby,
I'm filling you with my hot creamy cum!"

Patty moaned and cried out loud, "Mommie Mommie,
It feels to me like you just tore my "Bum!"
I stayed inside and just laid there on her back,
Her squeezing a sshole kept milking me dry!

Her hot asshole squeezed and sucked out all my c um
And we did it ALL again, by and by!!

The Gap, Australia

#6124 Feb 14, 2013
Sitting on the boardwalk and watching the girls,
All the skimpy outfits make my head swirl.

Summertime sun must free their libido,
Cuz their barely covered bodies are straining my Speedo.

With a sway and a twirl, every one is a flirt,
But, I especially like the ones in the thin, little skirts.

Minis in a fabric that barely covers their booty,
Makes each of the strollers look like a cutie.

When the ladies parade with their pretty thighs bare,
A man would have to be a saint not to stare.

On the beach the sea breeze will constantly blow,
So those tiny light skirts lift and put on a show.

When their dresses fly up, pretty panties it reveals,
And the sexy madams make guttural, bedroom squeals.

For many, the lingerie is skimpy satin and lace,
And the quick glimpse offers a come hither taste.

Sight of well rounded globes and thongs cut real low,
Drive every man his seeds to sow.

The sexy undies displayed by the breeze,
Are worn with the intention of the audience to please.

A glimpse of pink, black and red will stiffen my snake,
While flower designs and cameltoes my breath will take.

One time is a fluke, but a second flash,
Is like holding a sign saying "I might be trash."

When that panty signal accompanies a come-on grin,
I'll approach and do my best her heart to win.

So every day the summer wind is blowing,
To the boardwalk miniskirt parade I'll be going.

Because when the lifted skirts are flapping,
That night I hope some pretty to be tapping.


The Gap, Australia

#6125 Feb 14, 2013
She said to me as we adjusted our clothes.....

"Baby, I didn't understand at the time
why you asked to f uck my p ussy
from behind.

It was strange, you know,
unbuttoning my pants and bending for you to see me
arched in my panties.

I wore a special, small thing, for you
with hearts and little strings
to undo.

You said you liked the way they looked on me,
before you forgot the strings
and pulled them down to my knees.

Maybe I'm like that girl at the club
who's pants have a zipper at the back
so you can f uck her in the parking lot
without making love.

Do you think she has, underneath,
the same little panties I do?

I don't know if you did me like her,
panting before you came,
or if you gave her a hard slap on the ass too,

as if to say, "thank you, sweetheart, for bending over; I'm going to f uck you now",
and you did.

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Since: Dec 12

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#6126 Feb 14, 2013
RW = Real World

I had the same problem when I first saw it. Thanks don't feel so bad now.

The Gap, Australia

#6127 Feb 14, 2013
Sally Brown wrote:
RW = Real World
I had the same problem when I first saw it. Thanks don't feel so bad now.
A library is a better world, built by the brains and hearts of poets and dreamers, as a refuge from the "real world" outside; and in it alone, is to be found the land of milk and honey which it promises.

Fragmented poetry often purports to subvert the “Real World” ways of daily discourse, worldview, or societal interaction, but as often it forgets that one’s thoughts from moment to moment are fragmented. Thus, fragmented poetry becomes more mimetic and closer to verisimilitude than so-called conventional poetry.

Despite those who say that poetry makes nothing happen, humanity continues to be built on the literary device of the simile: Love thy neighbor as thyself......


Sighting her in opposite mirror
Like a boundless poetic mirage
Finding no words I surrender
To the beauty unfolding its image

Beauty seemed lesser in lily
To compare her to lotus was silly
No simile, metaphor or metonymy
Describe her fathomless beauty aptly
~ Vidyadhar

The Gap, Australia

#6128 Feb 14, 2013
The hero comes home!–the jerk
In his journeys

His penis grown so long he loops it through
His belt-loops to keep his pants up
And still its tip drags in the dust behind him

Drawing a line pointing backward
To everything the hero’s entered. It’s a kind of pride:

Origin, that voice
The brute severed from its face, saying as if

Saying forever
“Now crowd yourself back into time.”

Do the trick again where you throw your voice
Do that trick

Where you make the stone say “life is so hard”

That trick that makes the dead laugh so hard

That makes the stones follow you as you walk

The applause that is those tears in the sockets

Do the trick where you put your voice inside the head
Of one who has no voice, that one through whose mouth

You speak to yourself golden-sandaled, purple-robed,
Descend you‚ descend you whom I love

Nice to walk on the tops of their heads

But hard to keep balance. There are other tricks
The crowd applauds with their hands

As the flower swallows its own head
A green sword cuts itself in half
So a tendril somersaults into a seed

But you can’t bury yourself

Fate rings a bell when the air is on fire
Everyone can breathe fire

But can you stop breathing
He says‚ until the sky turns blue


I speak these words directly into his yawn

Open cave of
his dark almost kind
of fire-lit mouth

And the shadows there my words form
These shadows in the back of the hero’s throat

We watch the trees walk past us and want to clap and clap
Except the chains are so loud when we move
We’re all afraid the leaves will grow afraid.

There are other ways to describe the year:

Acrobat bent so far backward he stands on his own head‚ or

Seasons of
The hero’s boredom.

Where the horror is comparison, honor sees
Hands in the trees instead of leaves—

Honesty asks why the applause is so quiet
When the wind blows so hard–

Breath is the atmosphere at utmost extreme
Where the lungs are flowers–thought the dew—

The sun doubts everything‚ a general statement
In whose light the hero sees these helpless things

Beg mercy, beg darkness for obscurity–
We do not comprehend the awe, it comprehends us–

When leaves fold in halves they look sleepy
Like eyes, but these eyes are fists.......

The Gap, Australia

#6129 Feb 14, 2013
What he desires is a face he can desire
Without waking up or changing his own face
But desire puts on him a mask he cannot take off
No matter how he strains the flowers laugh
As he pulls on his ears with all his might
The flowers clap and show him patience
A bee gathers pollen from their dust-heavy eyes
As the hero wrestles his face into the ground

The mirror in his own house kept tricking him
Putting a hole in solid
In solid stone the apple tree bloomed
And the glimmer turning poppy in the sky
He calls the sun my poppy
When the sun is in his house only another room
He feels this awe when he steps forward and sees
His face feeling a shape called awe

The palace is nervous
Her fingers shake holding up her head
The light never veil enough to hide her many eyes

Every door is the erotic entry
Into the underworld
The hero laughs as he gropes Wisdom

Says hard things go soft and World says
Soft things get hard

Faces, facts, columns, flowers, eyes

He carries in his face an infant almost
Always crying

Witness behind the sham veil

Deception is the form description takes
When a tree falls to its knees and begs

For a form called mercy the hero
Feels a form called structure or pride

Speaks about himself to experience
Himself in words others gave him
But uttered deeds grow dark so dark
Clouds stutter and swarm around him
Removing him from himself the hero
Fears he his own frustrated battle
And the field an audience inside him

The Gap, Australia

#6130 Feb 14, 2013
Name never subtle he invokes himself

The weather like a riddle he never stops
Asking for an answer instead of a process

(a cloud hides itself in its own display)

Divergent emergencies can split his thunder
Head in two, one voice saying to the other

Its typical lament:“I could’a been a source”

Growing aged and dying
One head became hundreds of
The hero’s most feared
Weapon he released with his breath
Only conquered the field
Didn’t know it was under attack

Dandelion‚ you sphinx
You riddle the epic you sing

Bind me fast is the lover’s prayer
But the hero’s lash is dispersal

He weds Circumference
So abandonment steps
Him always closer home

A center is a simple wreck
Impossible not to believe
The heart is a thing that beats

Beats in the air a ripple
As water beats out from stone
Tears what the hero follows

It rips through the ground
His bride leaves
A furrow in his brow

Circumference is that half-erotic everywhere
That makes the hero go hard

Betrayal a turned-around faithfulness
Abandons the center to prove the orb

The Gap, Australia

#6131 Feb 14, 2013
There is a way to think that asks no questions
But divides every question in two

The peach splits apart and reveals
Its mind, the crenellated pit

The hero swallows whole each seed
His intestines consider gardens

When he belches the clouds congest

Shamelessness is a stunt they all appreciate
Those bones with the marrow dry inside them
Those sockets in the shoulders all of them in the eyes

When he farts the wrens begin
To sing as he scratches himself

He says‚“Look at me, I’m a waterfall ...”

And the chorus is left behind to gather the wet
Pansies removed from his care and or thought

“... Yet this is only half the truth‚”
And then he puts the waterfall away

Pick a flower and the ground opens

A woman opens up
Her heart pick a flower‚ any flower

The hero says a bouquet in his hand
His smile goes to seed

When he pretends his hands are weeds

But the source wilts

Earth so earthy in him so earthly
Or earthlike the little world accommodates
This sod he is so full

Of himself he calls himself “bloody fool”
With such tender love his tears turn
The garden into mud

Gods so godly above him so god-like
Throwing lightning and shining
In their faces he calls them

“those samples” and his laughter laughs
So heavenly or is it so heaven-like
The garden dries in his sigh

Opinion and prayer
or the onion’s layers
Chorus and chaos
or the curious rhyme
Tear away a peel
and find a tear
Speak in one voice
to keep measure or time

The Gap, Australia

#6132 Feb 14, 2013
Fate the ditch

Study nature to know

Yourself a current

Through the debris
and the debris

Gets carried away

He smiles inside his own face and cries
Not the fear of monsters, but the fear that none exist
“Lightness” kept turning over and over in his mouth
Light then weight then light then weight

He cries inside his own face and smiles
“Monster” is a word and a word is a labyrinth
From one side you know your way about
From another side you no longer know your way about

“Fate” he says it and it is like a torch
Chasing through the dark the person
Who wants to stay lost in the dark
Did he say “person” Did he say “person”

Desire grows a face and then the mirror makes sense
Of reflection’s furious pursuit–the bells‚ the bells
Are shiny but they do not think when they ring
Stretching desire’s face into its own atrocious mask
Where the mouth is a ditch that smiles

Desire desires

The hero was taught and so he teaches
Tautology is the nature of

Whose breasts bell-like ring when she runs

And every tongue must say what it says

Calling me to myself, whoever Me is

A name

Clap-clap-clap goes the tongue
Clap clap clap

Breath is no wonderment
But being out of breath works hard
As a flower works hard
In the sunlight to open

Fate is the awful equation
That makes of one two
And makes of two one

They open almost like eyes......

Is what he thinks as he runs
Away from his own applause

The flowers

The Gap, Australia

#6133 Feb 15, 2013
Do you realize I almost fell inlove with you;
I couldn't help the way you loved me back or perhaps lusted over me. How subtle it was that made the decision to love you or to be fooled thinking it was love.

I tried to ignore it, I tried to ignore you, but it persisted that you were the one, insisted that it was the right choice. Under the influence that you were the right choice.

The idea seemed natural and easy and you made it sexy even though I thought it would be over, I thought we would never do this again. I don't believe this is happening all over again. Look at what this girl has done to me. She told me that those days were gone and we done.

Maybe we were moving just a little too fast in hopes of forgetting each other, trying too hard to deny ourselves, but what we've done we can't take it back. This has got to be the last time; I swear it will be the last time.

Now I'm sitting here going half crazy cause I know she still thinks about me too, wishing I feel the same and there's no way in hell, that we can be just friends. The way it felt, the raw feeling of me inside of you, the tight orgasm of juice flowing freely between us, I don't believe this.

I know this is wrong but my body tells you that it's right and feels good. I want more, the way you seduce me and all I want is a taste. You and I together makes a bad combination and good sex, no telling what we could have been if we tried.

If I knew it would end like this, I would never have committed this sin the first time. I lost my only lover and my friend that's why I wished we never did it. This is the last time, it's going to be the best though, I promise, just one last time.

Even though this is not right, I just can't get enough of you. Let's just make love for the last time; let your hair down, take it to the bed now, spread them lovely legs now. I want to make love to you with nothing but your heels on.

Take off your clothes for the last time; tell me how you want to get it, you like the way I kiss it, I love the way it tastes. I'm touching while imagining, I'm tempted while I'm fantasizing. I feel so bad but it feels so good, wishing for you to bring your body here let me fall into your love and be a complete sinner.

The Gap, Australia

#6134 Feb 15, 2013
Cherry lips of dreams that seem insomnia. Retire with lazy eyes to the world that hides in love with them and have only their shadows as company.

I’m lonely in a world that loves me but does not cherish me and all the aspects of your cherry lips.

Not all the constellations could explain your reason that stood in reflection of the image of you.

I surrounded myself with substitutes that never perfected you. No man can claim knowledge of your eyes that roams in the misty hearts that smile at love.

Rouge red, tear drops twinkle, starlight mystified by beauty.

How rare the morning beauty glows in the bud of freshness and all known movement of time faces eternal love of this time.

I bare the marks and sworn torn tattered wrenches that is love.

Sweet desires, throw me with force, fade into nothing, disappear into the fog and rains, be consumed by emptiness and allow her to cleanse your sadness.

Allow her loving arms to constrict your lies that ripple in my heart only to destroy my image of a former self that once was a proud man.

I’m convicted by loneliness to endure a journey that never ended.

Should happiness entangle itself with you? And capture hearts that pause at every smile of you.

Joy would seem only fleeting in moments with the bride of love. Don’t smile at me with conjuring looks that tempt all fraction of a diminishing me. Twilight seems eternal in your arms that bless me with five seconds of falling in love.

How tragic is love that is sentimental about you and the spring morning gently says goodbye to you.

United States

#6135 Feb 17, 2013
Homunculus Nebula wrote:
You puff the poets
of other days,
The living you deplore.
Spare me the accolade:
your praise
Is not worth dying for.
She told me she was in love with a poet
I knew not who she was speaking of
I thought she was reading a book

She said, "I am in love with a poet and I want you to know it"
"He speaks softly to me and whispers sweet nothings like a beautiful dove"
She said, "I love you baby, but this poet, baby I'm caught on his hook"

I told her to show me the book and she blushed
She started running about frantically looking, I said, "Baby why are you so rushed"
She smiled at me and said with a grin, "You've got to see this baby, I"m in love with a poet"

DeVine it turns out you are my baby's poet
I just wanted to tell you so now you would also know it
What are your intentions, may I ask of you poet?
Do you know my baby is blushing reading me your poems?

I'll be honest with you DeVine,
I'm blushing as well knowing that my baby thinks you are so fine.

Thanks the sex has never been better between my baby and I. We are sitting here naked and blushing while writing you this poem.

United States

#6136 Feb 17, 2013
She said,

Baby, I would never be unfaithful
No James, she said I'll never cheat on you.

The poet is HOT and He makes me very WET
I never intended to get WET without you there baby
What am I to do, I'll not be unfaithful to you.

He said,

Baby, I know those words make you HOT
I feel your heat and see you are very WET

The poet is HOT and He makes me Hard
It's okay baby, I'll allow this from you
as long as you rush home to f uck only me.

Cheating James told his baby, it's okay if you
cheat with the poet, but come home to me when
you're done and make love to me.

Thanks again POET <3 my baby and me

Now, wasn't that DELISH

The Gap, Australia

#6137 Feb 17, 2013
He would check her window, throughout the day, quickly glancing whenever he was near his window. If he detected movement there, he would grab his telescope to zoom in for a better view. Most of the time he saw her as she cleaned, or cooked or simply watched TV, but on occasion he saw more.

She was beautiful, with long dark hair that curled over her shoulders, seeming to reach for her breasts. The clothes she wore were understated, they seemed to downplay her incredible body, concealing her ample breasts, the sexy curve of her hips, the way her ass rolls to the back of her legs. He enjoyed seeing her move about her apartment while dressed, but he yearned for those times she moved without clothing.

It was exquisite watching her move through her bedroom as she went to the shower. He loved how she'd quickly bounce through the living room to answer the phone, only to hear the click as the phone disconnected just as she picked it up. But what he loved best was after her shower, when she settled onto her bed and began to touch herself.

When she moved to her bed and began running her hands over her breasts, he would imagine his hands touching her like that. Sitting and watching through the telescope he would write of her, inspired by her passion.

I yearn the touch, your hands are mine
Searching your soft geographies
Fingers ply your body supine
Coaxing the ache, sweet agonies.

Looking into her face, into her eyes, he could see her flush with desire, breathing faster as her hands moved to her breasts and her palms slid over her nipples. He would watch them harden to her touch, and imagined his hands feeling the firm nubs, how they gently folded between his fingers.

He would lean to her, his breath hot in her ear and whisper to her, telling her what he would do. Seeing her respond would inspire him, as he continued his poem.

Your face, your eyes burn with your needs
As palms press your breast's supple line
And I whisper my lonely pleas:
"I yearn the touch, your hands are mine."

His fingers would move over her nipples, toying with them, circling them, teasing her as her back arched to his touch. He watched through the lens as her hands moved downward, over her nipples, down the curve of her breast, searching the softness of her flesh, her hair, her sex......


The Gap, Australia

#6138 Feb 17, 2013
.........Fingers and nipples intertwine
Grow firm to your circular tease
Then curving downward, serpentine
Searching your soft geographies

Fingers entwined in her hair, he imagined her fragrance, the wet heat flowing upward, begging the gentle touch. He would watch her fingers move through her hair, searching her slit as it opened in her desire. He would move his hips with hers as she would find her wet opening and dip her fingers inside. She arched her back, opening her legs wider, pressing her fingers deep inside herself.

You move in subtle harmonies
Arching upward and then recline
In rhythm with your fragrant seas
As fingers ply your body supine.

He would watch her wet fingers move upwards to her clit, slowly circling as her hips began to move up and down, her p ussy open, wanting. He felt her passion build as she moved faster, her fingers moving over her clit, then down between her lips to sink into her aching c unt. She glistened as her juices coated her fingers and ran onto her lips.

Tension rises, desires entwine
Throbbing lips part to your wet heat
A liquid touch in rhythmic grind
Coaxing the ache, sweet agonies:

She would raise her hips off the bed and moan as her fingers coaxed the sensations, drew them from deep inside her and splashed her in the liquid pleasure. He would see her face contort in ecstasy and longed to be her hands, to touch her so. Through his telescope he pictured himself driving her to ecstasy with his touch.

A pulsing quake of ecstasies
A burst of light, the sun outshined
As you seethe in your lone release
I'm left to dream, breathless repine
"I yearn the touch."

She would collapse on the bed, her breath ragged, her face, relaxed, perhaps a tear would roll from her eye and she would look to the window. He would finish writing his poem in her gaze and then reach out to touch her again. Looking into her eyes, he would reach to his lap and take his c ock in his hand.

The Gap, Australia

#6139 Feb 17, 2013

It was slow and humiliating, just as Janet had craved since she first met Andy. She had heard about him from a friend of a friend, not really a friend of a friend, perhaps an acquaintance of an acquaintance she had met on the internet. It was convoluted, but then it had to be, this was not something you told your friends about, not your straight friends at least. Hell, she hadn't even told her husband.

She first met Andy at a bar, a crowded place, a bit too noisy to talk. They met, with all the bells and whistles, a requisite safe call and a chaste kiss before heading to different homes and different lives. They met again at a crowded restaurant, crowded but quieter, so they could talk some.

Free from the apprehension associated with a first meeting, tonight Janet could relax a bit and really look Andy over. He wasn't tall, perhaps five-eight or five-nine, but he was muscular. While not the ballooned out buffoons she often saw at the gym, she could tell he did spend some time working out. His dark hair was salted with some gray, mostly at the temples and a touch in his mustache. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black that seemed to smolder intensely, especially as he looked at her. All in all, Janet thought to herself, he was simply gorgeous.

Fidgeting some under his intense glare, she tossed her dirty blonde hair back over her shoulders exposing the milky white skin of her chest. Her low cut dress tastily exposed her ample cleavage (thank you push up bra) and actually made her look a bit thinner in the stomach and hips than she actually was. She ate very little at dinner, instead focusing her attention to Andy's conversation about what he would expect from her.

He would go slowly with her, introducing her to the reality of the scene. They discussed the safeword and what limits really were. Janet had heard it before in chatrooms and played online with it all, but hearing it now, in real time, real life, she was almost breathless with longing. Telling him she was ready to go, he disappointed her, telling her that he would decide when she was ready. They parted with a less than chaste kiss.

After a few more meetings in public, they finally arranged to meet at a motel, where he would introduce her to a bit of bondage. The experience was exquisite, as the restraints chaffed her a bit, and as he gently touched her breasts for the first time she thought she would simply melt away. But all he did was touch her breasts then, and when he finally untied her, he instructed her to come for him.......


The Gap, Australia

#6140 Feb 17, 2013
.....Reaching to her aching clit, she longed for his tongue, his hands, his c ock to take her but satisfied herself as he watched. She came violently, her pent up need oozing out over her fingers as Andy silently watched. That night they kissed as he caressed her breast.

The next meeting he touched her ass, burning from the spanking he gave her. He rubbed a soothing cream over her as she masturbated again for him. The juxtaposition of sensations, the burn of her skin, the cooling, gentle touch of his hand and the fevered massaging of her own clit spun her into a swirling climax that left her trembling in Andy's arms.

A week later, he invited her to a "Club" where she met some of his friends. Expecting some sort of wild party, she was surprised when they moved to a small room with a large screen TV. Andy took her aside and asked her to step into the bathroom and undress. Still very shy about her body even with Andy, she bit her lip. Seeing her apprehension Andy whispered, "This is what I have trained you for, you'll be magnificent."

She slowly undressed and carefully hung her clothes up on some hangers. She glanced in the mirror, fixed her hair a bit, took a deep breath and stepped into the room. Not really knowing what to expect, she stood still, as the men in the room all turned their attention to her. Andy stood up from his chair and motioned for her to come to him.

Trying to be as graceful as possible, she walked across the room and went to sit down next to Andy, but he stopped her. He stood up and said quite loudly, "Janet, you are to kneel here, on all fours."

She lowered herself, carefully positioning her knees into the carpet and then moving her hands onto the floor. She felt Andy's hands on her ass, as he pressed it down a bit. Spreading her legs a bit wider, she lowered herself until she heard him say, "Yes Janet, that's good."

Then she felt a shiver run through her as someone placed a cold drink on her back. The men started talking and she realized they had a football game on TV. Tears formed in her eyes as Andy and the other men simply began watching the game. One person rested his feet on her back, and several other's put their drinks on her. She trembled in frustration as they seemingly ignored her.

All except one man, a particularly disgusting man who alternated between reaching down and pinching her nipples and sniffling and wiping his nose with his hand. Turning her head in disgust, she noticed Andy, sitting across the room, ignoring his friends, ignoring the game, he was focused completely on her.

Halftime in the game rolled around and the men's interest diverted from the game back to Janet. Now she faced not only the occasionally tweak of her nipples from the disgusting snot, she felt other hands slide over her ass, rub her stomach, flow through her hair. One hand slowly ran up her thighs and then lightly traced her lips.

Janet gritted her teeth, she had saved herself for Andy, actually stopped having sex with her husband several weeks ago, just to make it special when Andy finally penetrated her. Now this... strangers fingers hovered at her entrance, teasing it, but not quite slipping in. She knew he felt her moisture, she was so wet, aching for Andy, who continued to sit, watching the men touch her.

The touching intensified, teasing her, and yet thankfully, the finger had not entered her. She moaned, feeling incredibly aroused, but fighting her urge to enjoy it, she struggled to save herself for Andy, who simply watched.

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