Brisbane, Australia

#6099 Feb 12, 2013
She said to me,

"Baby you wanna play this fairytale game with me ?

You're the big, bad wolf
I'm little red riding hood
I know if you catch me
you're gonna f uck me good

and like the other wolf
you're gonna huff and puff
if you get your paws on my ass
you're gonna f uck me rough

you're hung like poppa bear
I'm petite like goldie locks
we f uck and c um in all three beds
and I'm stuffed with your large cock

you're little boy blue
and you're doing more than blowing your horn
we're fucking in the meadow
and checking out some porn

I'm so horny
my c unt's so tight
and humpty dumpty's coming over
to screw me tonight

I know i'll sleep well
and I hope you do too
which fairytale character
would you like to do ?"

Brisbane, Australia

#6100 Feb 12, 2013

Waking slowly to heated kisses on my inner thigh.
Opening my eyes to find silk cloth covering them.
Moving my arms only to find their held above my head by two strong hands.
My heart beats faster as yet another pair of hands opens my legs wide.
I whimper as soft kisses turn in to genital bites.
Breathing fast and shallow as I struggle against what is happening.
Rough leather is tied to my arms to hold them in place.
Licking and biting mouth move closer and closer to my warm silky opening.
I moan still fighting the pleasure saying "No stop please....."
Yet I want it to continue I want to feel those silky lips upon my heated core.
Some one leans over me close to my ear whispering " stop fighting you love it we know you do."
A hot mouth covers my perky nipple sucking biting hard.
My body arches up as the pleasure courses down my body.
Fingers dig into my thighs keeping my hips down.
Soft lips suck hard on my wet hot mound.
Shivers run up my spine as a hot tongue slithers up my slit.
Biting my lips to keep from begging for more.
Feeling hands cover my tender breasts pulling and squeezing hard.
My pussy is on fire as I feel the slippery tongue find my clit, flicking softly adding pressure.
I feel rough thick fingers enter me slowly going deep stretching my tightness.
My hips buck up begging for more even as my head is shaking No !
A hard slap on my thigh is my reward.
Holding my body still as it is used for their pleasure.
"Beg for more" whispers along my breast as I feel the sting of teeth again and once more my body convulses.
" Please more Ahhh please..." I hear my traitorous voice beg and plead for more.
Hands roughly position my body for their pleasure, my thighs spread wide legs lifted.
I scream in Ecstasy as he drives deep into me stretching me more open.
My screams cut short as the other one shoves his hard shaft into my waiting mouth.
Pushing into me hard and fast, bruising my body with their strength.
Pleasure builds until I am delivered into sweet oblivion.

Brisbane, Australia

#6101 Feb 12, 2013
As a pussyologist
I am often asked,
"What is a pussyologist
and what does a pussyologist do?"
I reply, A pussyologists is
a person who has
disciplined himself in the
art and science of making
love to pussies; in knowing
how to satisfy, appreciate,
respect, eat, f uck, kiss
and make love in hundreds
of ways. It's honoring
EVERY p ussy regardless of
age, size, creed, or need;
a pussyologists listens,
asks, learns and has only
ONE desire and that is to
pleasure a p ussy to orgasms.

Brisbane, Australia

#6102 Feb 12, 2013
When I have seen by your fell hand arroused
The rich proud swelling of my upward reaching age.
When my sometime lofty tower, I see now upraised
Burning for your eternal ass; a slave to passion’s rage.
When I have tasted your hungry ocean gleat
In anticipation of advantage of my hungry shaft,
And my firm coil wan of the watery main
Inducing yours with mine and this with that.
When I have seen such interchange of state,
And afterward state itself abound in disarray;
Love has taught me thus to ruminate
In time I will come and in sleep drift away;
This thought gives me pause to catch a clue -
And make damn sure you cum before I do.

Brisbane, Australia

#6104 Feb 12, 2013
She was talking to me on our cel's, suddenly witout any warning she said.....

"Adrian, I lie there in my bed and imagine you f ucking me, yes, very hard and deep. I get so, so
wet just picturing you in my mind. I get wetter as my head fills with thoughts,
my senses feel you there, smell you even at times. As I close my eyes and inhale
I can at times almost feel your flesh touching mine. But in no way does this fantasy
match the reality of actually having your cock owning my hot wet c unt. Yes, owning
it. Eyes still closed I imagine the saliva I drink from your tongue. It scares me
as I realize I have come to the point of craving what ever you feel like offering
me. My lips ache and I could nearly go insane with desire for your kiss, hard and
purposeful - intensely passionate.

I silently tell myself to let go and hold nothing back from you...... yet still I know deep down I am not yet able, but I want to. I want
to but I must remain in control of my feelings, I have to. What I want and what
I need must not blur together. As my mind silently carries on this conversation
of rational thoughts mixed with lustful desire my right ring and middle finger rub
my stiff clit in a slow clock-wise motion. Every few seconds I flick downward into
the slimy wetness dipping my fingers in then dragging them back over my little pink
bud. I want so badly to kiss you right now. My left hand finds its way up, my nails
rake my flesh from the curve of my hip bone up my stomach. I pause at the tender
crease under my left breast. Again I rake my nails across my own flesh in a painfully
slow manner. I imagine your body shuddering as I touch you in this way. I begin
to roll my left nipple between my middle finger and my thumb, pinching it. Small
stiff nipple, as I pinch harder I feel impulses of energy, almost electrical
throughout my body. Up my spine, through my scalp, my nipple stiffens even harder
as I feel my p ussy pulsing faster. Flattening my nipple I press hard against my
chest then pinch suddenly again. I cannot cum. I need to be filled. I cannot do
it, it feels amazing and I am on the edge but I need you filling me. Thoughts are
no longer complete. Like panted breaths filling your aural canal my mind screams
"f uck me" but little more. A now audible sound escapes my lips as I moan
softly "Oh my God, yes, yes"

Licking my lips I lift my hand from my sticky
folds and smack my clit. Twice, no three times I spank myself. With each small smack my body jumps slightly as my muscles clench. I see you in my mind, I feel you in my soul guiding my hands. Control.

A squeal, escapes me as I quietly lie there next to him in bed and cum. A wicked
grin now graces my face as I very very softly continue to stroke my clit just playing
in the wetness. It was not a mind blowing orgasm but it was mine. I close my eyes
and once again I feel you there, your weight pressing down on my body. I am under
you secure and hidden in the safety of a comfortable easy feeling. I inhale deeply
and breathe you in once more not wanting this feeling to end. As I exhale
I smile once again knowing I will fall asleep with a wonderful Valentine night ahead
of us.

I am in total control......darling,
I want you."

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Since: Dec 12

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#6105 Feb 12, 2013
Oh! My God! WOW! That was awesome!

Brisbane, Australia

#6106 Feb 12, 2013
Sally Brown wrote:
Oh! My God! WOW! That was awesome!
Yeah, she said it was one of the best dreams she's ever had.

Thanks Sally, I'll pass your WOW comment on........

Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch. He flies through the air and brings sex-toys to all the ladies who come here and leave three wishes.......

Level 7

Since: Dec 12

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#6107 Feb 13, 2013
<quoted text>
Yeah, she said it was one of the best dreams she's ever had.
Thanks Sally, I'll pass your WOW comment on........
Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch. He flies through the air and brings sex-toys to all the ladies who come here and leave three wishes.......
I was in a mood yesterday! Not really into sex toys, I prefer the real thing.

You are a very good writer, are you in RW? Or just for fun?

Brisbane, Australia

#6108 Feb 13, 2013
Sally Brown wrote:
<quoted text>
I was in a mood yesterday! Not really into sex toys, I prefer the real thing.
You are a very good writer, are you in RW? Or just for fun?
You'll get no arguement from me......the "real thing" is unquestionably the only way, however Sally, I think it might be unwise, or even a little foolish, to look a gift horse in the mouth.....a girl just never knows when she might regret an offer she ought not refuse.

thank you kindly.....not sure about RW ?..... have an idea what you might mean, but could you expand a little ?

no, not for fun.....I am a freelance journalist, however writing poetry is not how I make my living.


“Valentines Day ”

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Since: Mar 12

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#6109 Feb 13, 2013
Not trying to fight with you just wanting to say

"Happy Valentines Day"
to everybody...Have a good one..:O)

Brisbane, Australia

#6110 Feb 13, 2013
What parents do not tell their children is that there are no bones in toys.

No hard secrets. Only air that when pressed out smells of a foreign country.

This is February of an early year and already
I am braiding their hair: synthetic manes the color of thistle
and steel, trussed with tinsel—slippery
as my tongue in my own mouth.
The horses’ names I know by symbols
stamped on their flanks. Pinwheel, Parasol,
Lickety-Split, Gusty—this is the catalogue
of my small human dominion.

I have them act out plays, and at the end of the hall, outside
my doorway, my grand-mother sorts the medicine in the closet,
bandages with tweezers, iodine from calamine—
talking to herself—
rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, Triaminic...

Every character is given an epiphany:
the new king wakes in the middle
of the night, tossing off his sleep cap,
and the scientist—in an orchard
cosseted with wind—receives the good pendragon apple in his lap.

Time divvies, as simple
as it sounds, it delivers us
moments. So what sort of chime or present
does it take to understand that others
can hear you speak? That you are a person capable
of making sounds with meaning.

My grand-mother asks what I am doing.
Embarrassment canters its tight track around my cheeks.

So I invent an epidemic
of silence.

Slowly the ponies begin to whisper,
gathering their voices behind them—
though only half-disguised, their monologues
now like a company of ghosts covered in white sheets.

Then finally quiet surrounding........

It has been years like this.
Tell me, tell me
there will be a time again
to announce our imagination,
whatever animals we are holding in our hands.

Brisbane, Australia

#6111 Feb 13, 2013
The pool is empty; no bathers stand nearby.
The beast must be glorified and so each bristle stands out
on its raised, humped back.

The pool must be glorified and so each aquamarine tile glistens, having
been scrubbed, before the photograph was taken,
with bleach.

It is the perpetual today, that which has historians running
through empty fields in white coats,
taking the pulse of the world ...

The beast breathes silently, exhaling steam from its nostrils.
The crowd maintains its distance and its composure:
how like a crowd.

The beast maintains its beastliness: how like a beast. That which
is wild will remain wild.

The last doctrine is that of redistribution of matter.
The last item is a stick, and, at the end of the stick,
a soul.

Brisbane, Australia

#6112 Feb 14, 2013
Maybe more’s not merrier but messier,
since you can be your own

object and taste of desire, both surrender
and control in one wet exchange,

intimacy’s frontbend: the torso strong-
armed against wall or swivel-chair

until the sex dips into the same body’s
mouth. It’s like watering

and being watered at the same time.
Fall seven times,

and you’ll stand up full. Slippery logic:
the snake who ate its tail.

Maybe it’s the true preservationism,
cutting out the middleman—

him or her—making it local and organic,
pleasure’s Trader Joe’s.

But sustainability’s never sexy,
canvas clad in its carbon-cock-blocking.

If you can’t save the penguins please yourself,
Objectivism’s golden rule.

To be volition and validation, lover and lovee,
a recipient handing himself money.

But a party of one’s no fun—
even auto-eroticism’s depressing.

Like a return to the wellspring of childhood,
where we confronted it face-first,

our awful club scout truth:
that we enter the valley unchartered and alone,

and we must leave it this way too.

Brisbane, Australia

#6114 Feb 14, 2013
Skeins of smoke in the sky
The cornfields suffer snow

Moon, barn, bird, as in
a photogram: objects

exposed as layered light
Love as a joint into which

a little blood has leaked
(scissors, a straight pin

a pair of hands) And why
not cry in the root cellar?

Loose ice in the wind, grief
freezes and falls through the air

The sword and the sky are contiguous,
the halo of one saint the face of another.

Every leaf on the tree turns to be seen.
Angels never fall through the uneven

azurite, the hand stays grafted to the heart.
Devotion is possible. No thing behind

the color of a rock. Gold stops at the garment,
touches it, touches what skin is exposed.

Now mother and child need only one body.
The impossible bowl of wine will not spill.....

Before the Invention of Perspective in Painting

Brisbane, Australia

#6115 Feb 14, 2013
Into every girl's life some possible lover should come.
you don’t quite catch his name the first time through.
call him bryan or ryan, even deVine...
you met him at the antelope petting zoo.
or on the steps of city hall at the yearly die-in: he was a body among so many other bodies
some furry and with horns, some able.
some glistering in sweat,
some you heaved upon like amphibious d-day craft quitting the ocean
some unable to stand erect,
their soft boy-parts pressed against you,
the way lunchmeat feels when it falls
from the sandwich onto your legs

All the untouchable figures outspread
upon the asphalt, as if it’s natural to recline this way,
playing possum, flashing the word vacancy
glowing snuff-colored against the motel background of a pornographic magazine carelessly tossed against the curb.
recognize one face
among the twenty-three airbrushed faces,
slightly withdrawn, obviously stoned,
nimbused in a union of illapsing smoke and incandescence

Isn’t he the one who looked upward
into your gawp as if a deathbed held him against you.
he was living, then. you both were living
and the vessel protruded,
your hull dragging up onto the beach,
his carcass already a carcass on the sand,
no, he was a darling critter
a feral thing, but he struck you,
he bit you, and you broke inside
and the condom broke, shoddy piece,
princeling, posturer, dirty dirty beast.

Brisbane, Australia

#6116 Feb 14, 2013

As a boy I wanted to be good, loved
cotton candy and f ucking more than anyone,
wanted to please and now may I say

I have squandered my sugar. I lick
and lick the sweet pink sugar cone
but I’m a bad boy, baby, I’ve fucked
it up good though you probably know that already

what with all your new companions
who drink tea and wear thin
their mourning kimonos.

My only pain being your lipstick kissed
into the white linen napkin I saved
and thereby understand by multiplying

your lips and I’m a bad, I’m a bad
and I miss the snow on, the rain on,
the green grass on the great lawn I recently had
paved over

so as to avoid being reminded of picnics or the smell of burning
leaves or your fingers tying on my hat
so I wouldn’t catch cold while I made angels...


Brisbane, Australia

#6117 Feb 14, 2013
I never knew she was a woman
Never thought she had a body
Nor did I imagine she had any breasts
Or something like a vagina between her legs

She was unseen like the sofa in drawing room
Or rigid like the washing machine in the corner
Until I saw her one day from my upper room
Reaching for the clothesline on her toes
In her wet clinging white lingerie just bathed freshly
And saw her awesome boobs jumping up and down
Her round sexy hips, thighs and calfs straining

The thunderbolt hit my newly adult manhood
Like in King David and bathing beauty story
I went down and helped her all hot aroused erect
She knew something has happened to me

Mothers are never frigid they are burning hot
Their lips are honey filled, tongues cream coated
Their full round breasts tremble when touched
Nipples stand erect and hard when pressed on your chest

Mothers are never frigid they are electric sex dolls
If you know the switch to turn them on
You get heavenly ecstasy, carnal pleasure and erotic fucks
Like never before never with anyone anyone ever

Mothers are never frigid they are sluts when they fuck
They give so much everything you cannot receive at one time
They are fairies made of LOVE, CREAM, HONEY & HELLFIRE

Mothers are never frigid they are dick sucking whores
Every flesh part is to lick to suck to fuck as you wish
From lips to breasts to nipples to naval to crotch
To her soft mound to swollen vagina to her nub
To pink pussyhole and the moist canal all steaming hot
Everywhere everything holy,sacred and divine

You lick and suck and kiss and hug and sigh and cry
You tongue and knead and push and pull and clutch
You hump and thrust and piston fast and furious
You moan and shout and explode and orgasm
She gives herself she haves you she swallows you whole
She keeps you in her womb again now forever

Now you know she is never frigid your mother
Mothers are never frigid they are bitches down there!!

She is just as human flesh as you are.

Brisbane, Australia

#6118 Feb 14, 2013

I watch as you walk across the room, I smile as I see your eyes devour me, I feel wanted, sexy and powerful beneath your hungry gaze.

Licking my lips I slowly run one hand down the length of my body, my silk robe moulding to my curves as if it were a second skin.

I wait till you are standing at the foot of you bed, my eyes take in your pure naked masculinity, I crawl and kneel before you, letting my hands run down over your firm solid chest, a hear a sigh escape your lips and you grab me yanking me so I fall against you, now I am powerless and your are powerful as my body reacts to your touches.

I whimper so your strong mouth takes mine in a fierce hungry kiss, when you pull away my lips feel swollen and bruised.

Slowly you untie my sash and with a flick the silk falls away from my body pooling around me, I watch as you take me in inch by inch, I know when you have reached your surprise, I see your lips tilt with a wicked smile as you look at my shaven mound, your fingers caress the silky skin where little blond curls had previously been.

I can see your throbbing manhood; I reach down to grasp it running my finger of the tip of you.
You make a sound like a growl and in one fluid movement I am on my back with you pressing down against me, I bring my legs up to wrap them around your waist, pulling you into me as you thrust, burying yourself in my slick heat.

Together we move as one, our lovemaking passionate and frenzied, moans and gasps fill the air around us, I grip you tight as I feel my release building, I cry out as I explode my body shaking and shuddering, I feel your climax as you cum with a shattering force, deep inside me.

Content and sated we lie wrapped in one another’s arms, listening to rapid heartbeats and small breathes.


Brisbane, Australia

#6119 Feb 14, 2013
Darkness of night falls across the land,
A beautiful woman longs for a loving hand,
She tiptoes out into the night,
Trying to stay well out of sight,
A stranger meets her at a small stream,
Passionate victims of a lustful dream,
Taking her into his muscular arms,
Seducing her with his manly charms,
Emotions building and trembling within,
She is enslaved by his smirking grin,
They lie down together on the dew kissed ground,
No longer caring if anyone is around,
Love's sweet passion is their escape,
Tiny moments of joy in a sorrow filled life,
It hurts to be the wrong man's wife.

Brisbane, Australia

#6120 Feb 14, 2013
the sight of steel
shining – bright, cold
laid out

shivers whisper
across flesh
grown suddenly too warm

Is this what you want?

barely spoken
craving breathed
through tremulous lips
felt more than heard

Yes What

yes Sir
muscles quiver
eyes riveted
captured by visions
long awaited desires

strong, commanding fingers
grasp, twine
through soft, silky strands

Very good My little minx
firm, demanding pull
of Master’s hand
exposes creamy column
of tender flesh

Don’t forget again bitch
teeth sink
into delectable flesh

need ripples
through trembling muscles
passion flows
liquid heat

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