The Gap, Australia

#6085 Feb 9, 2013
Masturbating for warmth

calling forth memory

sliced up cut rough

once a family

now defiantly lonely

sucking up cold air

sniffing a burnt roach

picking up a dime in a parking lot

eating cheap meat in cheap tacos

with a wayward smell

and always MacDonald fries

salt and grease never tasted so good

as I grab my upper abdomen

withering in pain

slithering on the floor like a wounded animal

I'm not a true destitute

people still offer me a room food money

weed in a pipe rolled up or burnt

blaze that bad puppy up

and let's get twisted

then wonder where to go



with something

or nothing

reduced to being a tagger

tagging this midnight wall

trying to communicate to one or all

in a world void of human touch

with nothing much

but images on a computer screen

and then it's turned off


The Gap, Australia

#6086 Feb 9, 2013

You enter the house after a long day

sweat still on your brow as you get ready to play

The scent of your body ,the scent of musk

drives me Insane for your tongue to touch.

Slowly I undress you and lick your nipples

sending those tiny little ripples

Reaching your jeans your dick stands grand

Into my mouth no longer can I stand.

I lick up and down then stick my tongue in the eye of the head.

wrapping your hardness into the warmth of my warm wet mouth.

Deeper and Deeper I swallow you whole.

You pull me up and lay me on the table

licking and biting my nipples I moan

hearing that you let out a long groan.

You lick down my belly till reaching my pink p ussy

I beg you to please please eat me now

Your tongue enters me and gets soaked with my wetness and heat.

In and out goes your tongue kissing

my sweet little clit bud.

Ready to c um you ram that hard dick into my softness

grinding and shoving harder and harder and then I say c um in my face baby I wanna feel and taste you.

Moaning you pull out and squirt, and shhot you wonderful creamy juices all over my face, lips and hair.

whew.......please ride me again !


The Gap, Australia

#6087 Feb 9, 2013
Come life and wonder, this second

when the spirit turns and beholds creation —

The rock of wonder where we stand in awe

is alone in a wild river of love.

Romance provokes a belief that we each have

one person who fits perfectly. Perhaps we fool

ourselves and there are many, we just have to

stop gazing over the fence where we pretend

there are no troubles. Love denies pretense

but dreams are nothing but trouble if we avoid

taking responsibility for creating them.

DNA creates bonds. Sperm seeks to be the only sword

on any island. Starry nights speak of diamonds

how we can be as one in an infinite sky. But,

the male is written to only be concerned

his progeny, his lineage and even when the line

is followed by the woman’s blood, a brother speaks

loudest. Love becomes the royal tissue of excuse

when claiming the right for the hand that rules the land.

I started to write a love poem and having been married

for so long that I accept love is fashioned of steel

holds us in shared strength when times are hard and is

tempered by the flashing flames of joy

when we are free to dance with success.

I wanted to write a love poem and alas have

written something less. A poem about love

only a theoretician could possibly find lights

their inner fires and leaves them a quiver with hope.......

A Fool’s Discourse on Love.


The Gap, Australia

#6088 Feb 9, 2013
Ah Yes...

The anticipation !!

It sends chills up and down her spine.

Her body shivers with excitement and longing,

as it thirsts and hungers in greediness of wanton lust.

Her mind is in utopia, the land of paradise and ecstasy.

Her body yearns for fulfillment,

as her heart pounds and her breath pants.

The anticipation intoxicates her like wine,

making her senses whirl.

Every nerve in her tingles with the need of him,

the burning throb of desire.....

There is a deep longing that is ripe and fierce

within her as wetness develops.

Every sinew in her body throbs with want.

She is so feverish for him; with her heart beating wildly

within her breast.

Her body glows like red-hot steel with the wantonness,

and the anticipation of his caress.

A fire burns deep within her belly,

and all she wants him to do is extinguish it

with his feathered touch of his fingers upon her skin

which sends currents of lust vibrating and pulsating

in rhythmic tides throughout her body.

Her breath is ragged with the anticipation of his masculinity

thrusting between her silken thighs.

With eyes that are softly closed she imagines him with all her


The look in his eyes when he caresses her.

The aroma of him as he draws near is so intoxicating to her

soul, as she breathes in the essence of his arousal.

She remembers the sound of him as he cries out in ecstasy,

gasps speaking more than words and saying so much

of his lusty enjoyment.

The anticipation rises as she waits with patience.

Her silent beauty craving his touch, his lips to linger

gently upon her skin, and for their souls to become as one.

As flesh meets flesh and hearts soar high,

she hums him like a song when the pulse of her blood

propels her passion into a liquid blast of ecstasy.

While lying naked upon their bed,

her body shivers....Oh, but not from the cold,

it is solely from....

The anticipation of his touch!

Ah Yes...

The Anticipation !!


The Gap, Australia

#6089 Feb 10, 2013
She tilts her head back,

folding close her alabaster lids,

and opens wide her merlot-dipped lips

in eager anticipation of sin’s ripened pleasure

her sable tongue slips out,

warmly greeting frosted tip

with silken lick

aware “they” are watching

her breeze-blushed cheeks sink in

to the bliss of sucking

The Gap, Australia

#6090 Feb 10, 2013
Whispered breeze falls so quietly
upon soft bed of roses sweet,
perfumed scent locks hearts.

She lies there nude, her eyes closed
in waiting for delicate surprise,
breasts gently rising,
falling with her breath, released
into the summer day’s murmurings,
the world is silent fury as I smile,
collect thoughts and speak -
the words roll off tongue like melting ice-cube.

Whispers:(I love you.)
My life before has ended,
I am born again right here, now.

Do not open your eyes my sweet desire,
let my words roam you, touch secret places.
For you, I would throw life to the devil
and waste away pure time,
just for a glimpse of that smile
waiting in the crystals-jade.

I would live here in bliss now - die tomorrow.

Please don’t stop, baby,
as I lie here, eyes closed,
heart racing in fathomless time,
tears dance beneath my lids,
your words excite me, no excite
is too feeble a word to use
for my senses reel with passions bright.

I could lie here still forever
and wander the lines you breathe for me,
take me away, to that dream
you have brought into my life.

I would throw myself at your delicious feet
and bear my soul, cry love, "alive"!
Sexually (sigh) attractive wonder
that you are, my love, nothing
could hold back this leaping flame
that is for you alone.

Time will blush at the things I will show you.
The moon will weep for her sister sun -
die in Heaven for us, this true love we share.

I thank you for this,
this woman of wonder who sings her soul here for me.

Let this time forever be remembered
in the pages history folds throughout
my sweet fired eternity.

I have lived,
nothing can change that now, beautifully, I live!
(Sighs) fold me into these roses beneath,
my rivers run for you, always true for you.

My heart, open your eyes, look upon me,
see this truth I hold for your touch so soft.
There will be only you in the spaces wandered,
death, it could not remove me from this love, I swear it!

Come to me please and open me as I open your treasures.

Let the gods of old watch these scenes
as we fall into the wild veins of lovemaking.....
Come to me, give all that I ask of you,
take all that I give of myself so true.

Roses dance, the day laughs loud at pleasured sights,
hearts skip beats and gasp in gentle wisps.

Time sneaks away, it leaves lovers alone,
subtle breath smiles, wanders into dreams.


The Gap, Australia

#6091 Feb 10, 2013
I mess up the he

and the her

the him and

the she the change

in the case, the decline

all the time

but apparently this

is simply an unavoidable shift

driven by the territorializing

of subjective and objective space

yeah well screw that



will not correct the insecure

or ill-schooled. Most times you got

to come


Everything I Am Today

Took Days to Drive the Noise Out

And in this green room a sun.

And in this square plot

the narrative of my rocking.

And in this my chant an empty playing field.

A clean slate on which to focus attention.

Focus like a string

through the center of a body

the flesh like a sphere on its pole.

Spinal cord give me now liver or bone.

And in this root a drilling.

And in this blood pepper and seaweed.

And in this current exists gravity.

The sinking of teeth into beets.

From the translucent visions

of such wretched texts

escapes my beautiful lung sound this

my nerve mouth woe song sung.

The Gap, Australia

#6092 Feb 10, 2013

the best fuck I ever had
in the winter of 09 forgot my name
as I forgot her touch
and the awkward silences that persisted
when we weren’t intertwined
I think that entire season forgot about me
my home, my green oasis has now moved forward
while I am trapped in a 23 degree loop
that no winter coat can thaw
maybe I don’t have a strong enough heart
for the unwelcoming streets of New York then,
because the bare trees cast evil shadows
like some horrible acid trip
that lasts all winter......

The Gap, Australia

#6093 Feb 10, 2013
There were never any clean breaks.
We exploded into ourselves, with fire and brimstone and alcohol, the shapes we chose serving only to demonstrate our momentum. On summer nights we took to filling deserted parks in the hope of recreating the vintage photographs we'd seen in magazines, always grainy and clouded.

The blocks upon which we were to build were too sturdy. What if we caused them to fall, even when they fit so perfectly together? It's much easier to run from yourself as quickly as possible, in search of a tragedy to dignify your ragged edges.

These coveted personalities we cover ourselves with, this music that is earplugs and clothing that is the gleaming armor we saw on the fictional knights who were men when we were just boys – I still see them in Technicolor when everything else is sepia. Armored and earplugged, our senses are dulled, numb to touch and sound, and in this mottled moonbeam of self we deem each other invincible, free to tiptoe on ledges and writhe naked together in the opalescent grass. When loneliness bellows from the pit of our stomachs – we are not who we say we are, and who will catch us if/when we collapse?– we numb ourselves and nod off to sleep.

The day I was born, they said I was moonfaced. LOOK AT ME. I am a trample-faced reflection, chalky white and wavering. A bastard of a full moon sculpted by porcelain angels who fixed my cracks with bubble gum. There is no such thing as a clean break. There is no such thing as a broken circle. I was covered in scars from the day I was born; you just called them craters. They were hard to see at night, and I swear to God I hid from you during the day but you found them anyway.

So here I am, ragged-edged, ambling, dented barefoot toe prints chasing themselves across my chest like an infinity sign, ribs furrowed, still not dignified or defined, but I think I found my tragedy. And it wasn't anything you did, don't worry. Maybe we can talk about it someday.'Til then remember how you nested in my shadows for so long I couldn't tell that you'd left. A half crescent, a split open womb. You said we fit like puzzle pieces and congruent angles, but I think you curled up against me like a question mark to the end of a sentence.

There is no such thing as a broken circle, you just helped pick up my pieces because they were the same as yours.

The Gap, Australia

#6094 Feb 11, 2013
People ask if I am a virgin
I say yes, I am waiting for marriage
I hear "good for you"
or "dude you gotta get laid"
still, a part of me doesn't believe what I say
Everyone has there Thorn?
I mean who hasn't looked at porn
but where does it stop
I have Never had sex
but I had a sick addiction
Filled by this simple prescription
Every night I fucked that girl
on the little screen that taught me
she was merely a possesion
I Just typed in those three letters
and it became an obsession
A black hole
Ripping apart time and space
Not even light would escape
And the only thing that mattered
Was me
Me, and that thing on the screen
who nobody wanted to be
An object
Like a silly little toy
For those fucked up little boys
Who after batting you around
And shoving you in the ground
Just cram you back in that chest
at the end of there bed
Like a ratty stuffed bear
No Love, No soft touch,
no sweet embrace, no caress
I didn't even have to care
Why would I?
How could I?
You were just a wave of photons
collapsing in my eye
to come and go as I pleased
projected from that dirty little screen
You were just a whore
to me
and not anything more.
In a place where I was supposed to have
the deepest most intense connection
I would replicate with meaningless,
emotionless self satisfaction
I would sow seeds of my own destruction
every time I opened that link
where I was made to feel love and joy,
I would only sink
becoming tangled in emptiness,
I was lost, I was dying
like a bird drowning in a sea of stone
where no one would think to find me
No light would be shed
on this pathetic part of my life
A life of darkness in that room
where my face glows
and my pupils dilate
My fate slips from sight as I separate
Body from soul
I see myself mindlessly staring
at that dark light
It was a drug, My sick Addiction
I wasn't even trying to fight
It consumed my Thoughts,
took me from above
dissolving my capability to love
I tried to run
I didn't think
That without His hand
I will always sink
Back into that creaky chair
Where this beautiful creation of God,
this person, this human being
Just becomes one of my daily rituals,
self fulfilled
She becomes just a thing

In short, if I gave an honest answer,
I am not a virgin....not at all.


The Gap, Australia

#6095 Feb 11, 2013
Her heart skipped a beat
As his fingers caressed her cheek
Eyes closed.
Body, heart, and soul smiling.
The heat of his body radiated.
He kissed her forehead,
Soft lips, warm touch.
His body, so strong
Yet so gentle.
And for a moment
The world stopped turning,
They were alone.
Perfect happiness, perfect bliss.
Love spilled from their every pore.
The world could see it and so could they.
Her world was brighter when he was around.
Like a silent movie, unmuted.
Grey turned to color.
Every worry less important than before.
Everything was perfection.
Like Heaven on earth.
Both in disbelief that someone so perfect
Could want their bag of imperfection.
But all they needed was each other,
And they could take on the world.
Just not today.
Today all they want is each other
And their embrace.
The beats of two hearts as one.
Two lives combined.
A two-piece puzzle, finally complete.
Utter happiness
In their own perfect way.


The Gap, Australia

#6096 Feb 12, 2013
She was just a girl
Seated at a bar,
Beautiful in a black dress,
With perfect hair and skin
And eyes like blue areolas
Swollen with neediest need,
Until the hero came
Along, a tower of strength
Moving among false men
And women, mere mannequins
Who once were real,
There, like extras, to dress
The set. He put his lips
To her ear and whispered
Something sweet, perhaps,
And they rose, as one,
Passing through the smoke-
Filled room, and he hailed a cab
And took her home, and she
Became a somebody,
Who before was a non-entity,
A nobody, just a girl
Seated at a bar,
Beautiful in a black dress,
With perfect hair and skin
And eyes like blue areolas
Swollen with neediest need.

The Gap, Australia

#6097 Feb 12, 2013
From the Land that gave you , Dear Readers
the Kama Sutra of erotic Love ---
I come with the gifts of Root Lock !
Mool Bandh it is called in Yoga
why bother with c ock rings 'n cock lock !
my own Muscular base ring on my penis
your Kegelian Muscular band on my C ock !
will give you a bliss and pleasure
my Tool will stand erect like Rock !
hold breath and squeeze with all your might
my lingam ,phallus ,penis/c ock !
converting your p ussy's jisming orgasm
into a Squeezasmic , Blissful Root-Lock !!
I thrust , piston ,shoot
valuable semen or hold vide c ock-ring/lock ??
muscularly squeeze your own pleasure
as I plunge deep......up to my hilt, inside
your pink folds of your soaking wetness
now blissfully enjoy Mool Bandh / Root Lock !
C um on baby doll...Let's Rock !! F uck 'n' Rock

The Gap, Australia

#6098 Feb 12, 2013
The sun shone down like a blanket of fire
warming them both in their passioned embrace
hearts pounding rhythms of untamed desire
damp skin touching skin; silk touching lace

fingertips trembling so gently they laid
hearts racing, desire, passion burning inside
his smile broke her heart as she tenderly played
her eyes saw inside him, all innocent and wide

In physical union they found neutral ground
passion winning over the fear and mistrust
Their bodies danced fevered around and around
passion changing their fear; filling with lust

The hearts that once were joined in innocence
now pushed them with passion towards a mutual goal
Aches ground them together in an explosion of lust
Two souls once broken now sin has made whole

Gently they parted with eyes full of tears
their rationalizations of the lines they just crossed
Their release erasing all guilt and fear
a smile crossed his lips, opportunity taken, not lost.

The Gap, Australia

#6099 Feb 12, 2013
She said to me,

"Baby you wanna play this fairytale game with me ?

You're the big, bad wolf
I'm little red riding hood
I know if you catch me
you're gonna f uck me good

and like the other wolf
you're gonna huff and puff
if you get your paws on my ass
you're gonna f uck me rough

you're hung like poppa bear
I'm petite like goldie locks
we f uck and c um in all three beds
and I'm stuffed with your large cock

you're little boy blue
and you're doing more than blowing your horn
we're fucking in the meadow
and checking out some porn

I'm so horny
my c unt's so tight
and humpty dumpty's coming over
to screw me tonight

I know i'll sleep well
and I hope you do too
which fairytale character
would you like to do ?"

The Gap, Australia

#6100 Feb 12, 2013

Waking slowly to heated kisses on my inner thigh.
Opening my eyes to find silk cloth covering them.
Moving my arms only to find their held above my head by two strong hands.
My heart beats faster as yet another pair of hands opens my legs wide.
I whimper as soft kisses turn in to genital bites.
Breathing fast and shallow as I struggle against what is happening.
Rough leather is tied to my arms to hold them in place.
Licking and biting mouth move closer and closer to my warm silky opening.
I moan still fighting the pleasure saying "No stop please....."
Yet I want it to continue I want to feel those silky lips upon my heated core.
Some one leans over me close to my ear whispering " stop fighting you love it we know you do."
A hot mouth covers my perky nipple sucking biting hard.
My body arches up as the pleasure courses down my body.
Fingers dig into my thighs keeping my hips down.
Soft lips suck hard on my wet hot mound.
Shivers run up my spine as a hot tongue slithers up my slit.
Biting my lips to keep from begging for more.
Feeling hands cover my tender breasts pulling and squeezing hard.
My pussy is on fire as I feel the slippery tongue find my clit, flicking softly adding pressure.
I feel rough thick fingers enter me slowly going deep stretching my tightness.
My hips buck up begging for more even as my head is shaking No !
A hard slap on my thigh is my reward.
Holding my body still as it is used for their pleasure.
"Beg for more" whispers along my breast as I feel the sting of teeth again and once more my body convulses.
" Please more Ahhh please..." I hear my traitorous voice beg and plead for more.
Hands roughly position my body for their pleasure, my thighs spread wide legs lifted.
I scream in Ecstasy as he drives deep into me stretching me more open.
My screams cut short as the other one shoves his hard shaft into my waiting mouth.
Pushing into me hard and fast, bruising my body with their strength.
Pleasure builds until I am delivered into sweet oblivion.

The Gap, Australia

#6101 Feb 12, 2013
As a pussyologist
I am often asked,
"What is a pussyologist
and what does a pussyologist do?"
I reply, A pussyologists is
a person who has
disciplined himself in the
art and science of making
love to pussies; in knowing
how to satisfy, appreciate,
respect, eat, f uck, kiss
and make love in hundreds
of ways. It's honoring
EVERY p ussy regardless of
age, size, creed, or need;
a pussyologists listens,
asks, learns and has only
ONE desire and that is to
pleasure a p ussy to orgasms.

The Gap, Australia

#6102 Feb 12, 2013
When I have seen by your fell hand arroused
The rich proud swelling of my upward reaching age.
When my sometime lofty tower, I see now upraised
Burning for your eternal ass; a slave to passion’s rage.
When I have tasted your hungry ocean gleat
In anticipation of advantage of my hungry shaft,
And my firm coil wan of the watery main
Inducing yours with mine and this with that.
When I have seen such interchange of state,
And afterward state itself abound in disarray;
Love has taught me thus to ruminate
In time I will come and in sleep drift away;
This thought gives me pause to catch a clue -
And make damn sure you cum before I do.

The Gap, Australia

#6104 Feb 12, 2013
She was talking to me on our cel's, suddenly witout any warning she said.....

"Adrian, I lie there in my bed and imagine you f ucking me, yes, very hard and deep. I get so, so
wet just picturing you in my mind. I get wetter as my head fills with thoughts,
my senses feel you there, smell you even at times. As I close my eyes and inhale
I can at times almost feel your flesh touching mine. But in no way does this fantasy
match the reality of actually having your cock owning my hot wet c unt. Yes, owning
it. Eyes still closed I imagine the saliva I drink from your tongue. It scares me
as I realize I have come to the point of craving what ever you feel like offering
me. My lips ache and I could nearly go insane with desire for your kiss, hard and
purposeful - intensely passionate.

I silently tell myself to let go and hold nothing back from you...... yet still I know deep down I am not yet able, but I want to. I want
to but I must remain in control of my feelings, I have to. What I want and what
I need must not blur together. As my mind silently carries on this conversation
of rational thoughts mixed with lustful desire my right ring and middle finger rub
my stiff clit in a slow clock-wise motion. Every few seconds I flick downward into
the slimy wetness dipping my fingers in then dragging them back over my little pink
bud. I want so badly to kiss you right now. My left hand finds its way up, my nails
rake my flesh from the curve of my hip bone up my stomach. I pause at the tender
crease under my left breast. Again I rake my nails across my own flesh in a painfully
slow manner. I imagine your body shuddering as I touch you in this way. I begin
to roll my left nipple between my middle finger and my thumb, pinching it. Small
stiff nipple, as I pinch harder I feel impulses of energy, almost electrical
throughout my body. Up my spine, through my scalp, my nipple stiffens even harder
as I feel my p ussy pulsing faster. Flattening my nipple I press hard against my
chest then pinch suddenly again. I cannot cum. I need to be filled. I cannot do
it, it feels amazing and I am on the edge but I need you filling me. Thoughts are
no longer complete. Like panted breaths filling your aural canal my mind screams
"f uck me" but little more. A now audible sound escapes my lips as I moan
softly "Oh my God, yes, yes"

Licking my lips I lift my hand from my sticky
folds and smack my clit. Twice, no three times I spank myself. With each small smack my body jumps slightly as my muscles clench. I see you in my mind, I feel you in my soul guiding my hands. Control.

A squeal, escapes me as I quietly lie there next to him in bed and cum. A wicked
grin now graces my face as I very very softly continue to stroke my clit just playing
in the wetness. It was not a mind blowing orgasm but it was mine. I close my eyes
and once again I feel you there, your weight pressing down on my body. I am under
you secure and hidden in the safety of a comfortable easy feeling. I inhale deeply
and breathe you in once more not wanting this feeling to end. As I exhale
I smile once again knowing I will fall asleep with a wonderful Valentine night ahead
of us.

I am in total control......darling,
I want you."

Level 7

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#6105 Feb 12, 2013
Oh! My God! WOW! That was awesome!

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