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#5834 Jan 26, 2013
WOW!! The Poetry Hour is ALIVE and WELL on Offbeat TONIGHT I see...DUDES..
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5835 Jan 26, 2013
As I make my way down a one way street
Among the sorid array of seekers like me
I happen to take a wanton glance
At a woman who asks do I want to dance
As I look into her transfixed gaze
I hesitate for a moment somewhat amazed
Does she really want to take this one time chance
To turn her world upside down with my idea of romance
Since I’ve grown tired of those stuck-up little women
Who like to play games with no good intentions
I’ve settled on a special kind of girl
That shoots straight from her lips
So that I may devour her world

As we make our way to the other side of lust
And she slowly begins to reveal her wares
I notice for a brief but uncounted second
How lovely she is despite her lost and lonely stare
As I firmly grab her soft delicate breast in my surgical hands
And wrap my lips around her hard pointed pink and brown nipples
I think to myself if just for a moment
How I feel like a little kid lost in the world of candyland...

While sinking ever so slowly to her smooth and tender knees
She slips my c ock in her mouth with tenderness and ease
While bobbing in time up and down on my shaft
She looks at me with tenderness as her hands caress my ass

Minutes pass like hours while she pays homage to myself
However, I have other things in store for her as she ravages me with her mouth
I quickly pry my manhood away before she has the chance to say who’s boss
And throw her on the bed ready to show her how good I can get her off....

I tie her hands above her head as she looks at me frightened but secure in the act
I slide my tongue from forehead to toe then slowly very slowly I make my way on back
I settle in on her p ussy that men have already entered but never before consumed
And begin to play the instrument that makes her hips as well as her entire body begin to move

Softly she whispers for me to stop then willingly begs for me to continue
Her juices begin to flow like the rain in an impending summer storm
Up and down and from side to side she writhes and she moans crying for more of the this venue

I take it one step further as I slide my tongue deep into her slit
The dam has been broken for sure this time as the waves begin to crash around, and inside her clit.

She’s in the throes of unending passion as her body begins never ending convulsions
Her love milk keeps flowing emptying refilling like the deepest of the deep dark blue ocean
She begins to whine or cry if you’re so inclined as the thrill of her sex takes her higher....

She can’t seem to catch her breath with the pleasure that’s so inspired
I suddenly get on top of her eager to keep this going I lunge my c ock deep inside her folds of silk
While it grabs me and pulls me and sucks me to keep me pumping for that last drop of milk

The tears are rolling down her face as her p ussy keeps throbbing inside
Guttural moans of ecstasy tear through her throat followed by long and lingering sighs

I begin to change the rhythm try to slow it down just a pace
While I slowly try to dig deeper I begin to see the passion that’s written all over her face
Just for a little flavor I throw her legs higher into the air.....

I inch my dick into her flaps knowing that my tongue has loosened any tightness that was there
Once again she’s calling but this time it’s too much

F uck me, f uck me, f uck me my baby and then all was really lost
I explode deep inside her warmth with the force of a megaton bomb
I never felt such surrender before never felt as one and as we lay panting trying to catch our breath
The silence that took over was the sweetest silence one of fulfilling calm.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5837 Jan 26, 2013
I'll keep you close to me. You
are what I desire to have at least

Caressing that body. Slowly. I
remove your clothes, slowly. You
lay in bra and panties, I retain only
boxers, pitching tent.

We want this. But no rush. I kiss those
full soft lips, we tongue. Only the
beginning. Kissing and nibbling on your
neck. Kiss down your chest, between your

I hold your soft supple belly, running my
tongue to your panty line. I bury my face,
tonging that deep navel. Kissing the inside
of those huge thighs, the bottom of feet to
sucking your toes.

As you sit up, I release those massive
mammories. Burying my hands in your
waist. Boxers lost; you feel that on your
back? Relax we just begun. Sweep away that
hair as to knead your back. I rub and massage from
shoulders to crack. Leaving light kisses.

Gently pulling those panties; I kiss the pussy,
sucking the labia. I lick the clit. Tasting the juices that
had been fermenting since the first kiss. Lapping it up
inside as legs lock behind me.

There isn't an inch of those breasts my mouth didn't
touch. Taking precision to the aureola and nipple.

Before I knew it, you went on top full force. Oh those
spreading hips. I went for a ride. No worries, I can't be
broken. I pull you down, I prefer it.

Loud and clear I hear every orgasm in my ear.
Then a whisper; hurry up. Big ass chesire grin as
I was heavy-sat on. Licked, sucked, drunk trapped.
She must have thought of her weight, but I grabbed
that sexy waist down for one more orgasm.
Reassured, she turned with legs extended.
As she sucked me, I grabbed ass chowing
both holes.

I doulda kept her on top as long as I erected.
But her butt beckoned. I mounted, givinh it hard
and swift. her arms gave way.

My times has come. I lay between her breast
with my head in her mouth. Oh god. She
keeps it in her mouth rubbing the rest in.
We kiss and share the gift.

I hold her as she lay on top of me.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5838 Jan 27, 2013
You close the small
synapse gap
between us
and together we are one
circuit embodied
The water pouring down over us
running down your neck
onto your breasts,
down your body
and on to mine
in currents
until I cannot tell
where one ends and the other
I don't care.

We are surrounded by love
water, love, steam, sexual
God, yes, the wanting
I can feel the charge
burning, singing
hotter every second
that I touch
your electric skin
or that you reach for me.
Nothing matters,
in ethereality
but you
and I
and now
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5839 Jan 27, 2013
He whistled, sotto voce, as he walked
not because he liked the tunes she sang
but as a way to vent his tensions:
a safety-valve was still a safety-valve
in this sun- and shadow-speckled suburb
as much as in his engine-room.

A certain kind of Englishman he knew
would see these dainty picket fences
and be reminded of verandahs
round cricket-ground pavilions.

Not his cup of tea, that: he’d no time
for blazer-capped adventurers,
Gentlemen and players,
who shipped with him at intervals
to battle over reputation’s ashes.

Reputation set a ripple running
through the reasons he had chosen
to accept her invitation.
Going up the garden path, he thought
of what he’d say when he went home.

Was just a cup of tea,
as he’d take care to put it, simply
insufficiently important
to be mentioned? Or too-much-so?
Or no worse than crossing oceans for a game?
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5840 Jan 27, 2013
through an empty glass

the sun split into a million colours

like an oil slick

and that is how it is

that is where I live

populating my own love story

in a city of colour

a city of faces

a city of voices

a city full of love stories

a city of wildness

a city of streets going nowhere

a city keeping the wilderness at bay

keeping it away

a city that wears you out

makes you mad and sane

makes it possible to grab the next line

to see the words transparent meanings

pregnant with possibilities

or know where it is coming from

somehow the future is getting shorter

the time available less

the days that once seemed endless

pass almost almost almost


although I come here alone

I am surrounded by voices

in a city full of love stories

and I tell you I’m here

you have no memory of it

no memory of it

you have never been through the woods

or walked the secret paths

to my midnight ballroom

some things you may know of

some things I have written of

some things are on photographs

may have left an impression

but you will not know the

rise and fall of paths

the ladder rocks

the smells of the wet ferns

unless I tell you

unless I tell you

you may think you know

how I sit and watch the river

crystal cloudland

those you know from other places

but on that bench on that hilltop

it is mine and only mine

and as the sunlight towers

reach down to the fast flowing river

it reflects upon the shortening future

and the lengthening past

this I know and only this

for most people here is a now

made from words images and hope

they go like little children

to inherit coffee spoons

while my life has been a gift

I spend walking between towers

in cities of glass

a million fly eye reflections

these are the places

I made for myself

and populate with my dreams

here in this city of class

the city of glass
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5841 Jan 27, 2013
It was four pm as I arrived outside
The Pacific View hotel
I stood before the reception desk
And rang the little bell

They directed me to the seventh floor
Room seven hundred and seventy two
And as I got into the lift
My thoughts they turned to you

Soon I am at the right room
And knocking on the door
Hoping at last to see you
To hold you and much more

Soon the door was opened and I saw
You standing before me
In a very sexy black dressing gown
That was so good to see

We gently kissed in the doorway
And then we moved inside
To see the lovely room we shared
Fit for a groom and bride

The door is closed – we kiss again
More passionate this time
That silky gown feels oh so good
I long to make you mine

Your lips taste so exquisite
As our passions start to grow
I want to hold you closer
And never let you go

Our tongues entwined together
Your kisses tell so much
Of how you hunger for me
So desperate for my touch

We part for just a minute
I go to lock the door
Then turn around to face you
So wanting kisses more

The silkiness of the dressing gown
Has made it open wide
I see your sexy underwear
That you don't try to hide

You look so lovely standing there
And soon I'm back beside you
Holding you so close again
And knowing what to do

We passionately kiss again now
You're unbuttoning my shirt
I want you more that ever
So much that it hurts

My shirt is now upon the floor
As your hands you gently run
Through the hairs that lie upon my chest
I know this will be fun

You break away from kissing
And start to nibble now
Upon my hardening nipples
As my arousal starts to show

And as you nibble and suck
Your hand slides down below
Gently massaging my trousers
As my cock begins to grow

My pleasure is so obvious
As my cock grows bigger still
Wanting to feel you holding it
As we both know soon you will

Your undoing my zip now
Your hand soon disappears
Inside my silky boxer shorts
And soon my cock it nears

You pull it forth and soon your hand
Is stroking my erection
And as you start to kneel down
This soon will be perfection.......
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5842 Jan 27, 2013
.......Your lips are on my cock now
Gently licking me
And as your start to suck me in
My pleasure is clear to see

I moan and sigh to feel you there
As you take me in much more
Sending vibrations through my cock
Sensations oh so sure

I know I cannot last much longer
My orgasm is so near
I call your name and tell you now
How I hold you so dear

I'm shouting now as you squeeze my balls
My ejaculation flows
Long and hot it fills your mouth
And down your throat it goes

You suck me dry – every drop
Nothing is left to waste
You seem to so enjoy it
And welcome its bitter taste

And now it's my turn to pleasure you
And make you feel so good
I make you stand the way you love
And kneel the way I should

Your dressing gown is open now
Your knickers look so sheer
As my head is soon between your thighs
Your pussy drawing near

I soon am kissing them – so soft
You moan and close your eyes
And as I start to lower them
I hear your gentle sighs

I ease them down around your hips
And then down to your thighs
And as they get down to your knees
I see the perfect prize

You kick them off and stand before
My ever waiting lips
And as I start to kiss and suck
I hold you by the hips

You push against me wanting more
Your clit so hard and firm
And as my tongue slides inside you
Your hips begin to squirm

You're so turned on and so wet too
So sensitive to touch
And as I see you so aroused
I want you oh so much

I'm holding onto your arse now
You writhe and sigh and buck
And we both know it won't be long
Before we need to fuck

But before we do I want to feel
Your own hot juices flow
And so my tongue stays where it is
Making you want me so

You're now so wet and sighing long
And nearly at that place
Where sensations course throughout your veins
And a serene look is on your face

You start to scream as you explode
Your flow so hot and divine
I taste you and don't want to waste
I want every drop as mine

You tremble as you stand there
Your legs shiver and shake
As with each gentle stroke and touch
More strong sensations I create

Your breathing is so laboured
As the aftershocks continue
And now you know there is one thing
That you need so much in you..........
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5843 Jan 27, 2013
.......I take your hand and lead you
Towards the king-size bed
Then bend you down across it
To give you more than head

You arch your back to show to me
The lovely sight before
And as my cock is hard again
I want it now for sure

I tease you as I rub against
Your lovely pleasure hole
Then slide my cock in gently
To make us both feel whole

Slow rhythmic strokes both in and out
Your muscles hold me tight
And gradually my rhythm builds
I want you with all my might

I'm thrusting harder, deeper now
Each thrust takes you even more near
To a lovely second orgasm
Which you need oh so clear

You're moaning loads and calling out
Needing me so hard and deep
Within your lovely pussy
To make me yours to keep

You're calling out my name now
Your orgasm again so near
And mine will quickly follow yours
Of that there is no fear

My cock is taking you to pleasures
You have long forgot
And with each deep and powerful thrust
I'm hitting just the spot

At last you can last no longer
Your shouting fills the air
And tells me just how good you feel
And how you want me there

There between your longing thighs
To fill you up again
And as you roll on to your back
I slide in with no pain

Your legs are on my shoulders
To make my thrusts go deep inside
A pussy now so sodden
As your legs are open wide

At last I can see your face
And watch the pleasure there
As I continue fucking you
You want it everywhere

But I can last no longer
And fill you with my cum
As we kiss both long and passionate
With your finger up my bum

Massaging my prostate
As my juices cover you
So much that they must overflow
My passion oh so true

And then we collapse together
Without a need for more
We kiss and cuddle together
Of our love we are so sure

And then we'll share a shower
And make each other feel
So loved and so special
Our passions oh so real

We know that once we recover
More loving there will be
For we both need each other
There's so much more to see

And so on this first meeting
We have our love awoken
By showing how we both feel
Much better than words spoken

And it will be the first of many
So much we have to give
But we will both remember this
As long as we both live.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5844 Jan 27, 2013

She stands, blonde and naked,
Large breasts, a narrow waist,
And a dimpled, hairless crotch,
Before a metal cot
Her wall papered
With the funny pages
Of a yellowed newspaper,
Circa 1950,
Looking lovely
In her nostalgic pose,
Someone's daughter grown
To interesting proportions.


Two girls,
Best friends,
Judging by
The intimacy
Between them:
The brunette,
Bare breasted,
In pink panties,
Leaning in,
Close to her friend,
One hand upon
Her lover's shoulder,
The other upon
The erection
Which, jutting from
The blonde's green
Panties, marks her as
A lesbian in disguise.


Sometimes, she goes unshaved
For weeks at a time,
Allowing her body to grow
Hair under her arms
And on her legs;
She becomes hirsute,
Especially when
She deigns not to shave
Her bristling pudendum.


Women are free
To take a male
Or a female lover;
They are free to walk
Half-naked in public
Places; they are free
To laugh or cry,
As they please;
We give them the liberty
Of the court jester
Or the sex slave.


She looks pretty
In her inflated
Breasts, the sleek
Tummy above
The flared hips,
And the hairless c unt
We've dressed her in;
The long, tapered legs
And the buttocks,
Full and round and sleek,
Are just the finishing touches
For the costume
Of flesh and desire;
Don't be surprised to see her
Modeling her sex
On a Parisian runway.


Why is it, do you think,
That women and gay men
Alike look better
Masked in sperm,
Their faces aglitter
With the gleam
Of pearl-white semen,
And which looks better,
Do you think,
C um dripping from a
Fluted labia
Or a reamed-wide anal


Women are too tentative
About holding a c ock;
Had they one of their own
To practice on,
They'd be more comfortable
Choking the life out of it;
She-males know how to handle
Men, for they are, or have been,
The same sex they now deny
Only a few orgasms ago.


In the field of yellow wildflowers,
Her pale skin and red hair
Are nymphs more stark
Than her breasts, her buttocks
Or the blossom of her untamed c unt;
When she bends to pluck
A flower from the bank
Of the brook flowing at her feet,
My nipples swell, my big c ock rises,
And I seed the meadow
With the womanliness
Of my feminized virility.


A sharp slap upon the bottom,
A hard c ock up the ass,
Semen splattering the face
Astonish one, no matter how
Many times before
They've been experienced.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5845 Jan 27, 2013

"Baby, I can feel the howl
of your harp
calling me home,
slung low in my belly.
I wanna cradle your wail,
rock it in my arms,
a sweet sung baby,
pure angel cry.
Tease me, piper,
with that call—
I respond
with honey dripping legs
that crumble at your feet,
lost in the smoky sound of you.
You know DeVine,
I will follow you
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5846 Jan 27, 2013
Nicky, How can your lovely slim neck,
the one I worship,
cope against that massive pressure.
It’s the first time I haven’t heard you
sing in the shower,
and I wonder what you’re thinking,
or if you’ve drowned.

Like being underneath a sacred waterfall,
I assume you’re wishing for it to
wash away the impurities you imagine.

The world is running too fast lately
and I am afraid
that you were expecting to fly with me.

You are my universe.
Didn’t I make that obvious?
I’ll miss us when we’re gone.

Level 2

Since: Jan 13

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#5847 Jan 27, 2013
Not me for I

wonder lust of youth saw me pass
old and grey, wrinkled and bold
say but for one, she did a day
waded through ages, not find faded
glimpsed a time, a wisp
Lass, did she wonder
'i' for eye?
mind for thine??

Was the youth behind me.

The Gap, Australia

#5849 Jan 27, 2013
embers of coal wrote:
Not me for I
wonder lust of youth saw me pass
old and grey, wrinkled and bold
say but for one, she did a day
waded through ages, not find faded
glimpsed a time, a wisp
Lass, did she wonder
'i' for eye?
mind for thine??
Was the youth behind me.
certainly together
they saw the best in one another,
certainly at that first point,
they had each other’s
full support,
certainly in the beginning,
there was no one in mind but
the other and
that was all “right” and “good”
until that moment at which
the strength of one’s skill
came into question.

it doesn’t matter what the skill is,
doesn’t matter what was said---
what matters is that when things were
blissful, it went without saying that
there was encouragement,
there was someone in the world who would
stand by and go down with the ship if
but unlike the movies,
the credits did not roll---rather,
wreckage began to form when honestly allowed
one of the two to admit that
the skill in question,
had been bested by another and
this burnt a scar into the very heart of the
loved one,
so deep that suddenly
everything else came into question, and
the sky began to fall.

The Gap, Australia

#5850 Jan 27, 2013
Ch0rtle wrote:
that writer makes me hot
that writer makes me wet
kiss me here alongside my neck
worked your way down to my erect nipple
kiss my belly, kiss my ass, then kiss my
mouth before I pray you'll want to kiss me
down south (throbbing pink pearl)
hot and wet I anxiously await
your kiss and then I want to kiss
you all those places before you pound the every loven
horny right out of me and maybe one more kiss on my mouth
Ch0rtle now
salt in milk
crow among peacocks
thorn amidst flowers
is like doubt in relationship
it spoils it all........

you feed my goldenrod
that blooms in your mouth
those petals of pleasure
thick and sweet
swirl down my throat

sunny from the surface
twisting and felt
coating warmly
in a poem needed,

again for our pleasure

Level 9

Since: Feb 12

Location hidden

#5851 Jan 27, 2013
<quoted text>
salt in milk
crow among peacocks
thorn amidst flowers
is like doubt in relationship
it spoils it all........
you feed my goldenrod
that blooms in your mouth
those petals of pleasure
thick and sweet
swirl down my throat
sunny from the surface
twisting and felt
coating warmly
in a poem needed,
again for our pleasure
You're quite the thief there...a drain...

The Gap, Australia

#5854 Jan 28, 2013
Ch0rtle wrote:
your every word I wish to devour
like the cum you produce over me you shower
lick it quick lick it with vigor
your words intoxicate quicker than liquer
sex and porn they are all new to me
I'll strip naked in the moonlight for you to see
ram me hard from behind if you wish
taste me like you're hungry and pretend I'm your favorite dish
touch me there poke me here both at the same time would be nice
suck me there like you are trying to swallow me and then if you would please f Uck me twice
your words turn me on
I want my man to talk to me this way
I want my man to be your a day
The vision of your shape

The feel of your pores

The smell of your body

The sound of your ecstacy

The taste of your skin
I feast upon you

This is our playground

There are no rules
There are no secrets
There is only...us.

The Gap, Australia

#5855 Jan 28, 2013
Sleepless, I lay yearning
Trapped inside your soul.
Aching to feel the slightest touch
A kiss so powerful, I lose control.
Feverish and unyielding
Crashing deep inside of you.
Passion igniting my heart
The flames all brand new.
Body trembles, moisture seeps
Tears faintly falling.
Bound together forever more
Spirits crawling.
Taste the depths of my being
Chase the moon tonight.
Dance among the stars with me
Hold me close, everything's just right.
Your eyes lost in mine
Sacred caresses capture me.
A hunger consumes my body
Sensuality set free.
Carry me forever deep
Hold on to tomorrow's dream.
Reach out to me, complete me
Your heart's fury redeemed.

The Gap, Australia

#5856 Jan 28, 2013
She Said.....

"Fill me,
Like the hand fills the glove,
Putting your fingers deep into the velvet that you wear so well.
Fill me,
Like the coffee fills the cup,
Pouring your hot love into my delicate china that you never will break.
Fill me,
Like nail fills the wood,
Driving your hard metal into my wall until the hole is stripped.
Fill me,
Like the fish fills the ocean,
Swimming inside my waters so delicately finding your home.
Empty me,
Like you empty the tub,
Draining my existence of all it’s wetness,
Until it pours right down the drain."

The Gap, Australia

#5857 Jan 28, 2013
In a long hot shower; with a grin you ask for some help
I’ll step in to wash your back and in my hands you will melt

I’ll turn you to face me, so a single spot I won’t miss
As our bodies press together, you’ll feel the hunger in my kiss

When I sink to my knees, with my lips I will trace
Every inch of my way to the most intimate place

One leg draped over my shoulder, caressing flesh from calf to waist
I will be lost in crafting your pleasure, and I will savor your taste

You’ll beg for release from the torture of my tongue
But I will take my sweet time as the night is still young

When I’ve teased you enough, I’ll look up through the steam
To see the look on your face in anticipation of your scream

When you lose control of your being, I’ll ease you to the tile
And watch your expression change to a weak and shaky smile

As the water starts to cool and clears up the steam
You’ll come back to your senses and know it wasn’t a dream

I’ll wrap a warm towel around you, hair still dripping wet
Then carry you to the bed. I’m not done with you yet

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