Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5814 Jan 26, 2013
Enchant my mind

Possess my soul

My heart is yours

You're half to my whole

The glare of the moon

Your seductive touch

A deep heated kiss

Revealing so much

Red satin lace

Against silken skin

A bed of roses

Such hunger within

Temperatures rise

With a caress of the face

Volumtus breasts

So eager to taste

A kiss of the neck

Cupping of the breast

Removing the lace

Falling onto the bed

Touching and teasing

Tasting the way

Entering her essence

A frantic display

Her nails in his back

Quivering inside

The deeper he tastes

She trembles and sighs

Caressing his face

Sweet moans are heard

Her climax is reached

Filling his thirst

Parting her legs

Finding his way

He enters with a thrust

Quivering in disarray

He thrusts with ease

She rains from within

Deeper each thrust

Dancing skin to skin

Hip up on hip

She moans in delight

He thrust even deepen

Overflowing his wine

Holding each other

A deep kiss is shared

Lovers in ecstasy

A true love affair
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5815 Jan 26, 2013
Let not this moist cavern
of tangled limbs and
sweat and the sense of sex ever
evaporate but distil
its latent power to
banish break of day so that
night and silence can reign in the
banked heat of skin on skin.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5816 Jan 26, 2013
"How should I take you?" He smiled,
Sliding two fingers into her soaking interior,
Swivelling to bring out the lightest of sighs
And the softest, most gentle of reactions,
As she squeezed him happily, murmuring:
"Let me count the ways..."
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5817 Jan 26, 2013
Its late at night, and lately,
I've been doing fine
But then she texts. She's horny
And looking for a good time.

I should say no.
But giving in to her wishes,
Is all I know

I used to love her
But I knew things wouldn't work.
I was right, and I got hurt

Now she only speaks to me,
When shes all alone
And needs a release

I don't want to be alone tonight
But she won't hold me, and when she does
It just doesn't feel quite right

But I'll please her anyway
So at least she'll pay attention to me,
Though, it'll be some other day

She arrives late, with a bag of toys
She wants me to use them, and my mouth
I do as I'm told,
apparently better than other guys

I lick and suck
She tells me grab a toy
She wants to fuck

I make her moan, and scream
You'd think she cared for me
But nothing is ever what it seems

After an hour, I finally stop
Not that I needed to
But in my neck, there's a knot.

She praises my ability
And her legs are still shaking.
I want to cuddle,
but am met with hostility

She wants to sleep
And doesn't like being touched
So I'm alone again,
till next we meet

Perhaps one day,
someone will hold me
And treat me with respect
Until then, I'm only good,
for eating pussy
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5818 Jan 26, 2013
To the bush rich and thick,
Full of esoteric limerick.

To the bush full and tightly woven,
As the young girl turns into woman.

To the bush a dark forest damp,
Men prance to its encampment.

To the bush of honey brown,
Sweet treasures to be found.

To the bush of wheaten fields,
Billowing waves in passionís zeal.

To the bush a haystack on fire,
Full of wet burning desire.

To the bush viscous mysterious,
Bermuda Triangle of passions delirious.

To the bush a man can sink his lips in,
And floss his teeth naturally in-between meals.

To the bush and the young women,
That saves their razors for armpits and legs.
And leave their steaming haystack in great array.

Why women shave between their legs is beyond me,
Is it because they all want to look the same?
Bare of hair bland and plain?
The lost of individuality?
A proclamation of hairless liberty?
Or is it because of thong sun suits?
I didnít see tan lines on the last two,
Whatís a man to do?

Girls-ladies and dear women let your hair grown rich and thick,
Something a real man can lay his cheek against when exhausted,
Like a silk carpet of passions deep,
Drenched with womanly wetness in secret keep,
And save your razor for your long legs and armpits.
From a poet that cares about your thick short hairs.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5819 Jan 26, 2013
I didnít need to say I love you...
When I lay with your memory this morning...
The soft pillow next to my shoulder...
Your impression on my mind...
Tangerine on my tongue and I could taste you...
Sunlight danced through the curtains...
And your hands found my skin...

I didnít need to say I love you...
When the cool breeze fluttered over my skin...
Like your lips upon me... searching for treasure...
Exploring south from my chest to my waist...
Honey on my tongue and I could taste you...
A thousand years of wanting on my thoughts...
And your mouth has found my skin...

I didnít need to say I love you...
When an image of you teased my soul...
The caress of the goddess on my hard stomach...
Knowledge and juices flowing together...
Whiskey on my tongue and I could taste you...
Your haunting has embraced me...
And your body has found my skin...

I didnít need to say I love you...
But I wanted too...
The day exploding into my head...
And the memory faded as life bristled at last...
Salt on my tongue and I could almost taste you...
The light betraying my dreams...
Hoping the darkness soon finds my skin...
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5820 Jan 26, 2013
Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
So you came forward
Just fast enough
So that your robe
Of thinly veiled secrets
Blew open lightly slightly
Bringing with it
Dark scented perfume
Of your bodyís mystery
I thought I caught
A small handful
Not yet promises
Hot and hoary
Slipping slippery
Between my fingers
Down into places
I dream to dare to go

Blue moon
You knew
What I was therefore
You held back
Out of arms reach
To tempt and tease and teach
So as to show
In showing slow
Each inch by inch
A sacrament
To be savored
Rolled over the tongue
Brightly lightly
Night fruit brushed
Brewing passions nectar
Humming bird licks
Butterfly kisses
Lacegap breaths
While hungry loins
Swell and ache
To reach touch and release.

Blue moon
Come to me
Clothe me in your wild eyes
Impassive feral
Under wrapt stone facade
Concealing your desire
Reflecting mine
Strained through
Fine silk
Black lace
Fishnet nylon
Feed my need
Feast at eventide
In this carnival
These masked days
Clever words in clever tongues
Aching reaching to touch

Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5821 Jan 26, 2013
Forgive me as I mark
the purity of your body
with my need

mold to fingertips,
as you arch to my touch.

Forgive me as my teeth
tease you in rippled
paths of silken lace

and light glistens
on a descending
trail of kisses.

Forgive me as a moan
penetrates the depths
of your passion

and breathless I gasp
the bliss from your lips
muffling the whimpers.

Forgive me the silence
as the color slowly sets
in your delicate flesh

and the ache fades
as one by one
I taste your tears.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5822 Jan 26, 2013
Corn ground, the wheel rolled,
coated with fine powder,
the dust seeping into,
weeping into every whisper
like tears flooding the endless
cracks and indentations.

His fingertips marked her
like footsteps in the snow,
a temporary warmth
as skin heated and sweat
trailed rivulets in white.
Her touch painted him.

Dust danced in sunlight
as his shadow covered her
in dark motion, breathless
she arched to the light,
feeling his strength
seep into her every heartbeat.

The wheels rolled, grinding corn
between the dusted stone,
she moved beneath him and
in the infinite closeness
she became the dust
weeping into his whispers.

Level 2

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#5823 Jan 26, 2013
Never say a man loves less than a woman,
that your sex alone holds the cup of truth to that aching pain that swells the chest and tightens the throat. Know you not that as I stand before you stolid and strong I can barely keep the quaking fissures of my soul together from not rushing into your arms and pulling you close? But I must firmly I must stand you see. Tell me you can in those small tender ways you have.

-unknown man
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5824 Jan 26, 2013
Brush poised, thoughtful,
he lifts it to his lips
sucks it to a point
and draws a line.

She murmurs a soft giggle,
the brush down her neck,
round curve of breast,
and spiraling in
to her nipple.

As it stands, puckers up
like the kiss it seeks,
he paints the nipple,
a miniature mesa
in soft, subtle strokes.

She draws a deep breath.
The brush sweeping gently,
fleshes both breasts
circling in to center
another nipple.

A soft line feathers down
spreads curves and shadow
dancing round her navel
then beelines curvaceous
to twin hills close-set
and the valley between.

A soft gasp from her
a spread of the legs
a parting of lips
a pant as it paints
feather-light the rise
nestled there.

He takes his time here
brushing detail, relief,
of a cloak spread open
into wings exquisite
the hood slipping back,
light pink revealed
in a delicate blush.

She moans from the touch
a tease and a tickle
growing insistent
the brush dipped in
tracing under the hood
drawing her up
to an arch
and a cry.

The calligrapher sighs
painting droplets of dew
clearly pearlescent
trickling down wings
of softest rose
into a pool
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5825 Jan 26, 2013
Cradled just between your thighs
Approaching with my mouth.
The fullness of your wetness greets me
and my lips contact your warm essence.
Your sweet taste is on my tongue
and your fragrance stirs my senses.
No simple lick this time.
No halting cautious approach
Now is the time to consume you.

Press against my hungry mouth
As the tip of my tongue slides along the slippery furrow
Welcoming it to flow between rows of delicate petals.
Thrust hard now against my tongue.

Show me the power of your passion
take full this oral caress.
Exploring tongue now lifts the hood
and finds your precious pearl.
You moan now at this full approach,
signaling the finding of that button full.
I harden in response.

The play continues, my tongue provides
This full and unrelenting,
Focused only on your fulfillment.
Your body now comes fully tense,
and the sounds from you are stopped..
Concentrating... bearing down.
Let it flow my dear full song to sing,
As ecstasy approaches.

You press hard and fast against my mouth,
shameless in your use of it
the opportunity to provide,
until you cry out...
and in your release,
I find my own,
And mine will be the greater.
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5826 Jan 26, 2013
Friction of flesh,
in perversion we mesh
Your body swells,
mine gets wet.
Your steamy breath,upon my soft neck
our skin is sticky as we work up this sweat.
The salty taste I find so sweet
Give me more of your hot treat.
Build it up from deep inside...
explode all over my bare backside.
Trickling down my inner thigh,
it tickles me I want to cry.
You spread my legs and lick me dry
Still quivering, while here I lie.
Your tongue so masterfully navigates,
My pulse begins to accelerate...
You're teasing me, almost there,
I want to beg, but I don't dare.
If you choose you'll find your way,
if I'm lucky you'll make my day.
Gripping tightly ahold of your sheets...
at long last, your tongue
and my lips shall meet
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5827 Jan 26, 2013
standing there
in the moonlight
in pantyhose
and those clunky
high heal shoes
and a nervous
half smile
on her pretty face
and throbs
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5828 Jan 26, 2013
Slick wet roads,
snow falling and you frolicked
seduced by innocence
layers peeled by frozen fingers
hot tongues, melting lips
painful needs traveling from
bullet nipples to whispering pussy
cluelessness turned to wisdom
Twister games come in handy
in the backseat of a Caprice
hips frantic in their
swallowing of my hand
backs arching,
fingers skimming, digging
teeth leaving half moons
on shoulders, thighs
snake of a tongue
and you implode
wet enough, slicked by sweat
cum and juice
peirced, held tight
the pain too sweet to bear
and we rocked my car
my voice harsh, hoarse
and then I was me again
only not me anymore
your first...by dashboardlight
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5829 Jan 26, 2013
She said with a glint in her eye....

"Do you know what you do to me?

I donít quite think you do,
not everything, not always
not the way you should
not the way I want you to.

Do you know that my heart races
at the sight of ďonlineĒ,
that I start to tingle at the sound
of your voice?

Do you know that my knees
go weak at your touch,
or that my stomach jumps
when you kiss me?

Do you know that the feel
of your tongue tangling with
mine does fabulous things
to my mind?

Do you know that your hands
on my body is the most
incredible feeling I have
ever felt in my life?

Do you know that the sight
of your glorious cock
straining towards me, wanting me,
makes my juices start to flow?

Do you know that when you
nuzzle my pussy it is all I
can do not to yell to world
how magnificent I feel?

Do you know that as you enter me,
I am taken to the plateau that
women have ached for, since
the beginning to man?

Do you know that when I cum
it is the most intense release
that I have experienced ever
in my life?

Do you know that as you keep
hammering into me and turn me
over, that the animalistic nature
of us is joyous?

Do you know that the sounds
you make when you cum is
music to my ears, because I
am the cause of it?

Do you know what you do to me?

Do you, DeVine?"

Since: Dec 12

Location hidden

#5830 Jan 26, 2013
Written by

How could a woman not know the impassioned love of a man

Not understand the aching pain of his love


See in his eyes the quaking fissures of his soul

The fervid wanting of bodies pressed together

Ardent need to smell her perfumed skin

How could a woman not understand a manís imperturbation and strength

The restraint and strength upon which she throws herself





Not just in those moments when he is standing before her with a hungry appetite for

But in those moments when she is reduced to fragility


She is once again a little girl

Small whimpering child

Indubitably she can

Know the impassioned love of a man

Understand the aching pain of his love

See in his eyes the quaking fissures of his soul

The fervid wanting of bodies pressed together

Ardent need to smell her perfumed skin

Understand a manís imperturbation and strength





When she looks deeply in his eyes
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5831 Jan 26, 2013
The wind blows a masculine cyclone towards filling her body with its powerful expression of tempting engorgement known to men as a wilderness of sprouting wood.

Her pensive stare towards her bed tells me she knows it has never been the answer she sought for her bodyís endless pursuit of tender lips consuming her surging moisture of womanly passion.

A creature of special indifference she searches forward knowing that even her life offers delightfully unexpected joys.

Trickles of winding pain might find their way inside her empty cavity.

Any man might be captured to satiate her bodyís endless flood of lust that she so carefully hides.

She cares to portray herself as the woman of his dreams but that image is an illusion to carefully distract him from understanding her need for his cradled blackness.

Within the blackness; that not even she admits to, lives their deepest desire that they might create a furnace of spurting soft butter inside her silky soft joyous invitation.

They are nothing except their entangled growing hunger to share that darkness of spurned powerful passion.

Still her men will try to look beyond her engrossingly gorgeous body that feeds their desire to settle upon her flesh as they taunt their bodies in anticipation.

For they are nothing more than bees which search for the flowers which it knows will answer its fullest desire for satisfaction of engrossing and gluttonous entertainment.

Together, lying in each othersí affliction of passionate craving, where those creatures knowingly search for the release that will gently turn her body rigid with unfettered delightful ecstasy that even a dancer cannot deny.

A slight smile plays on her lips as she contemplates where her bodyís image displayed for anotherís unrestrained entertainment might carry her own quest for knowing unbridled tenderness and passionate engagement of human matrimony that pulsates within her inner world.......
Homunculus Nebula

The Gap, Australia

#5832 Jan 26, 2013
.........As her hair dangles down across her breasts what dark creature would be denied the desire to swirl her hair in its burning fingers as it secretly cuddles her coveted nipples for only her to know.

She canít deny it when he runs that hair longingly across his face so that he might breathe in the fragrance of her animal aggression of compelling rutting.

Intelligence lives outside her and entices those creature that lure her in, to caress her shimmering flesh that pleas with him.

For unwilling is he that is her captive and the blackness that cradles his lustfulness bring forward a hardness that is hers to entreaty in hysterical yearning for succulent fulfilment.

Dressed in hidden nakedness is she.

He sleeps in his frustrated stupidity of repressed spurting calmness.

Is she the wind that will carry him forward?

For she is the goddess of lingerie, her image is drawing him unwittingly towards her; like the succulent new leaves search out the sun to keep lifeís perpetual dramas unfolding.

Those arms of perfection so delicately draped at her sides, so tenderly relaxed for satisfying every manly bodyís unrestrained quest for her naked bodyís shimmering embrace.

Pretence is not beyond him for he would shed a tear for his satisfaction of that desire to be perfectly connected with her.

Darkest creature why do you dream with so many pensive hopes?

You must know in that void that envelopes you that she will wrap you up and open her body to the shared wild longing that surely waits, quietly ready to erupt in natureís uninhibited copulation.

How can anyone deny too long that she is like a motherís welcoming embrace for her new baby to their shared body?

As their minds carry them in togetherness, they see the worldís deepest beauty when they are joined in pyretic lust as one.

Oh darkness provide them with the contented contemplation that as a copulating couple of craving creatures, from beyond the walls hiding them as they were before, and deliver them lifeís radiant propensity for passionate entanglement.

Afterward as every party to life volcanic organisms tentatively wonder, these humanís lye together such that the world opens up to them.

Hold still, for they must never stop trying to demonstrate the sustainable passion that lives within the beauty that is always living.

Always known by those who feast upon lifeís early morning joy, passionate satisfaction may be an unknown jungle for her now but her perfect bodyís abstraction is bound to tear apart that hidden vision; on natureís endless path to continuous contentment.

Syracuse, NY

#5833 Jan 26, 2013

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