Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5559 Jan 18, 2013
When I reached the peak, I asked the holy man
To tell me life's meaning as best he can.
He replied that life's meaning, true,
Was "do wa diddy diddy dum diddy do."

I said "That isn't true,
I can't accept it, I won't."
He said "How about
Do wa diddy diddy dum diddy don't?"

I couldn't understand
A single word that he said.
I guess he was talkin'
Over my head.

So I went to see the governor
To see if he'd help me out.
He is a great statesman,
With intellect and clout.

But they told me he was too busy,
And as they walked me to the door,
I could hear the governor sayin'
"Give me all your fours."

I went home and turned on the TV
To watch a talk show.
They were discussin' things
They said I needed to know.

A man said that on judgment day
So many would be left out in the cold,
Because the appendix was the place
That God put the soul.

And I thought that I was lucky
To be turned into that station.
It was a valuable contribution
To my education.

But I still have my appendix,
Wisdom teeth, tonsils and gall bladder,
But without my poetic license,
This doesn't seem to matter.

Without my poetic license,
Life, I didn't like it.
I picked up my phone
And called a telephone psychic.

The psychic said his name was
Michelle Nostrodumbass.
He said he knew my future,
My present and my past.

He said I was a man
Who had a telephone.
And could afford $4 a minute
Without taking out a loan.

He said I was good at breathing,
Good at sleeping too.
Good at eating
And tieing my shoe.

He said I was like him
Because we both have names.
And except for our differences,
We were both the same.

He told me my life would be easy,
Except for the times that were rough.
He said that I'd die old
If I lived long enough.

He said if I had a pencil
On the world I could leave a mark.
He said that when the sun went down
My world would grow dark.

He said I was a proponent
Of flushing the commode.
He told me I'd be naked
If I took off all my clothes.

He said I had a clock
That did a lot of tickin';
And that I had eaten a lot of stuff
That tasted a lot like chicken.

But when I asked about my license,
He said he didn't have a clue.
I hung up and called a lawyer
And asked if I could sue.


I got rights;
I got lefts;
I got a right to bear arms;
I got a right to bare legs;
A part of me looks like a knee;
Another part looks like a foot.
I wish I hadn't told the man
Where to put--
My license.

Cause now I want it back,
But I don't dare
Reach in there.
If that's where he put it
It's going to have to stay.
I'll have to find some other way.


I got my poetic license back;
I can legally rhyme once more.
How did I do it?
You implore.

I enrolled in the poetry school
That is run by Mom and Pop.
It is called Our Lady of the Catfish Pond
Poetry School and Bait Shop.

Mom is the headmistress;
She taught us from books.
Pop is the headmaster baiter,
He taught us how to bait hooks.

The school turns out real scholars.
Better education you could not wish.
Not only can I read and write poetry,
I can also catch fish.

The picture in my license, you ask;
Well that was sort of a gag.
I told the D.L.V. that I was The Unknown Poet,
And I always wore a bag.

Besides, this is just a minor flaw,
And possession is nine points of the law.
And I now possess a license to rhyme
Which you can't prove isn't mine!

Think what you want!

If you want to think that I got a "real" poet
To go to some other D.L.V.,
Take the test in my name
To get a license for me,
That is your choosin'.
Good luck with the provin'.

But until then:

Sail on, sail on
Oh mighty Rhymin' Jones--
Oh great phantom
Of the mobile home--
One who inhabits the twilight zone,
Cosigner of my loan--
Hold the phone,
I got a dial tone;
Pass a kidney stone;
Throw the dog a bone;
Enjoy an ice cream cone,
As I rhyme my way
Through the great unknown!

Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5560 Jan 19, 2013
My soul is sick
I need touch, I crave warmth
I feel so lost
A soft word, kindness, strength
I am so tired
Not my own strength, for I have none
Dreams are not real
To let me know you understand
Love is not true
To provide arms to hold me
Life is not fair
To share a shoulder to cry on
My hope is so jaded
For somebody to goddamned care
I can't still be here
Before it's too late and I'm gone
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5561 Jan 19, 2013
As His touch brings her alive,
sends butterflies
to swirl and dance
in her bare belly,
she gazes with awe
into eyes
with understanding,
wondering how
He can see so clearly
into her soul,
the longings, cravings
which go unanswered
Her dreams
become reality
when His warmth
enfolds her
offering so much
that she has been missing.
When He fills her with His heat,
rains come
searing, soaking
freed by her submission
to His yearnings and desires.
His dominance
a sculptorís pick
chipping away
fears and oppressions
the woman
she was meant to be.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5562 Jan 19, 2013
My false smiles, my real tears pouring down
Hiding my pain in fear of what you may say
'Tho without you this agony would not exist

You walk along too blind to see my heart
The sun never warms the long, frozen days
And the dark, empty nights go on forever

My bed is cold, my useless arms lie still
I can only tear apart and bleed so much
But the deep self-loathing never ends

Some might call me lucky- I'm not
The wretched scabs cover a thousand scars
I live in dreams to hide what's inside

I feel my confusion multiplying
Fake a big smile and pretend not to cry
But I have forgotten the truth of what's real

For when you loved me it felt so right
Without you I find myself lost and alone
My life feels broken and torn

Come back, hold me and kiss away my pain
Wipe away my hot, sorrowful tears
Make me whole; I long for you to save me
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5563 Jan 19, 2013
Sweet temptress, sweet orchid,
Your calyx clusters
'Neath a rich foliage,
Warm and inviting,
Guarding the tenderness

Tenderness revealed
As you unfold, pink chalice.
Pink, shiny,
Flowing with the richness of your nectar
Hiding deeper within
A glistening jewel
Crowning the mysteries
of your hidden depths.

A pollenator,
Drawn by your perfume,
Enters gently, treading softly
On the tender flesh.
Probing, drinking the sweetness
Which you give so freely,
so wantonly.

Trembling inflorescence,
Your sap rises
To engorge your petals,
Your pistil, your jewel,
The centre
of your being.

You welcome with trepidation
The invasion
As the pollenator enters your hidden,
your secret parts,
Seeking the darkest depths,
And there bathes your seed
with its pollen.

You rest,
You fold in on yourself,
Your task fulfilled, your purpose done
Enclosing the precious miracle,
New life within you,
Sweet orchid, sweet temptress.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5564 Jan 19, 2013
Is it possible to be involved
with someone and not feel
one emotional bond?

After all
that time we spent fuc king,
talking, laughing, fighting
hating and making up.....

A f uck is a f uck Ė is that
really true?

Can you honestly
sit there and tell me that Iím
nothing but another fu ck to you?
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5565 Jan 19, 2013
feathers of your fingertips
still trace my inner thigh
shadows from your lips
pressed so softly next to mine
the scent of you is heavier
than memory ought to be
you wakened all my senses
and gave me poetry

a murmur of contentment
escapes at thoughts of you
fantasies or memories
I canít tell which is true
as fleeting as our moment was
it was sublime and it was real
leaving heavy traces
of your heart that I still feel
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5566 Jan 19, 2013
Humhainna wrote:
<quoted text>
What a beautifull thought.

here's another.....

Lay your head upon my pillow,
Rest your cheek against my breast:
Come the night, the sweeping swallow
Seeks the comfort of her nest.

Hush your words for words are hollow,
Silence brings its own release:
Though the winds may beat and bellow,
By and by the storm must cease.

Close your eyes and dreams will follow,
Sleep and I will soothe your brow:
The sun wil rise again tomorrow,
But that is then, and this is now.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5567 Jan 19, 2013
With his quiet voice,
his caring manner,
he touches me.

Reflecting on our days,
our nights,
he touches me.

Igniting my desires,
my passions,
he touches me.

Making me feel his heat,
his love,
he touches me.

Not with his hands,
but his words.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5568 Jan 19, 2013
Shy, Determined
Wishing, Hoping, Lusting
Friend, Beautiful, Virgin, Minx
Touching, Kissing, Licking
Joyous, Aroused

NaÔve, Open
Giving, Taking, Gasping
Slender, Sweet, Wet, Fragrant
Moving, Pulling, Arching
Full, Satiated

Happy, Grateful
Wanting, Asking, Begging
Encore, Anxious, Lustful, Submissive
Spreading, Teasing, Squeezing
Flushed, Exhausted

Intimate, Caring
Sharing, Laughing, Enjoying
Faithful, Protective, Companion, Determined
Planning, Listing, Loving
Joyous, Beaming

Tender, Happy
Trying, Clinging, Succeeding
Sickness, Pain, Shower, Preparation
Breathing, Crying, Pushing
Exhausted, Glowing
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5569 Jan 19, 2013
Under This Dress
(1 of 2)

You man with your words;
Those cleverly woven words,
With the long step, your eyes swept,
Ever so lightly across me -and my breath stopped.

How you soothe me with those very eyes,
Your laughing, knowing eyes,
As we read between the lines
And you move between my thighs - if only in my mind.

And I laugh with glee when you scold me,
Telling me how to do better, be better, and know better
When it has always been me to say unto another

Do right.

And though your mind reaches heights mine never could
I might come close at times, and go further, when you take me.
That mind of yours that thinks such wicked thoughts,
I do know, and it does suit me.

And that damn glint in your eye, ever so sly,
Tells me that you want to try me on a little too.
So my knees weaken, my mind slows,
My breath quickens and my body knows Ėthere is you.

So I dance.

I dance around in my head,
Barefoot upon your bed,
In my torn little dress,
And my hair is such a mess,
Always such a mess,
And I am always in a dress,
Always in this dress Ė for you.

While your hands that can fix every little thing,
That strike the keys, they strike me Ė and I like it.

You might even try to fix me,
So you mend, while I bend,
And you crash into me,
Complete me, deplete me, relieve me Ė

Oh, Please, do it again.

And your hair; that dark hair,
That covers all of your body, will soothe the bare of mine
Brush pink, stroked raw, soaked wet
Rubbed in, the marks of our sin,
For days, the tinge upon this fair skin-

And I wouldnít have it any other way.......
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5570 Jan 19, 2013
Under This Dress
(2 of 2)

Am I still unfaithful to write of this?
Or imagine us, as it could have been, maybe would have been,
had we crashed into each other on another day?
I know that I am - but I canít help it.

And I am certain that we must not betray,
So I should no more say out loud
How your silence, or how your words,
Pull me forward, ever towards you.

Or how you reach places inside
Like no other before,
With your mind, with your eyes, with your sigh, with your smile,
With your hands upon my waist,
Upon my little wrist,
An imagined kiss, this mental tryst.

So I will write of this.

Thrown out of chaos to the page
Thoughts of how all the subtle ways,
Our word plays, humorous displays,
Saved in this head, for still moments or hurried days,
Do bind me to you

No more bold exchange.

So when I am near you, I will laugh,
Because that is what I do
Then I wonít come crashing into you,
And beg of you
To just take me, break me,
Sate me, please make me
Do unto you
Every little thing that you would have me do Ė

For I would do it all.

Yes, I would if you would have me,
Lay down for you, bend down for you
Be bound by you, go down on you Ė
And I would swallow you whole.

I would take you into me, in every way
And I would play anything that you would have me play,
Say every word that you would have me say. And maybe a few of my own.

You would like that.

I would wear it, I would bear it, and I would beg you for more.
I would be your little girl innocent, and I would be your brazen whore.
And you would be that man, that impossible man
That shook this swirling girl to the very core.
Damn you, man, already you are

So I ask, is it only in my mind then, or on the page, or in my dreams
That you would make me yours?

It should be.

And the truth of that does weigh heavy, and breaks me just a little, and more
As it shakes me just a little, and more
To know that you exist, but I should not reach for you.
With my hands forever tied, I must remain true, and so must you.

And we might

Unless you should decide, on some weakened night
That you would have a taste,
Not let these offerings go to waste, I would come.
Or if I beg of you, please make this girl right. Oh, god, I might.
And if you do -

We would fall.
Fall forever into the mist, into that great abyss
Of broken promises and broken hearts,
And, I would be that girl after all

That foolish girl,
With the wild curls in her hair,
That swirled into you, crashed into you
And shook you for a little while, when you needed to stay still.

And I would cry; god, I would cry
For this lie we would tell, this inevitable hell,
And the look upon your face, full of disgrace
Full of such disgrace for me, I could not bear.

That is one dress I wish not to wear for you

So I will still dance.
But I will dance in the rain,
And not in your bed
In my torn little dress,
With my hair such a mess,
Always such a damn mess.
And my bare feet,
Soul bare of this sin,
And I, still fair of skin.
I am always in a dress,
Always in this little dress; for you.

I will put these flowers in my hair,
And these braids I shall wear,
As I swirl here, twirl here
Dancing about in your mind, perhaps from time to time

Because, dear, I will always be
That clever girl, that naughty good girl,
That silly, ever-spinning girl; a friend, and a loyal girl.
But always, dear, under this dress,
I will be every bit your girl -

Even if you should never claim me.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5571 Jan 19, 2013
All I Want Is....

Just one...only one...
One memory making
Goose bump creating
Smile causing
Skin tingling
Moment...just one...
One nerve scorching
Body wrecking
Mind breaking
Moment....just one.
Just one...only one
Kiss that lasts for hours
A caress that travels miles
Breasts that swell and heave
Nipples that stretch and harden
A moment, singular..just one..
Heat encompassing two
Sliding within wet places
Hair gripped, eyes rolled
Ecstasy seen on faces..
Just a moment...only one..just one...
Thrust and stroke
Perhaps even some pounding
Some tenderness found between walls
Gripping and milking a member..
Nails digging into softness
Holding desperately for time
To slow down,
and allow the coming wave to crash
Just a moment...
To roam inside of you
Exploring a wonderland of beauty
A moment where we meet on a plane
of plain intentions.
A moment
where you clench, and you clinch,
And you groan, then you growl
Where I hold you as you shake
Right before my own explosion
Warm feelings and cold sweats
Addiction rooting ever so slowly,
In a moment...Just one

Only one...
A moment.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5572 Jan 19, 2013

All of you
in the tight circle
of familiarity are woven
like cloth I used to wrinkle
until you ironed me
out of the equation--
the birthday parties,
and Sunday roast lamb dinners.

All of you bastards
who paint me mad
as Mrs. T's lover,
hide me from any display
of your public approval,
but deem me safe enough
if a secret in the attic
of your morality
with its painted window
nailed shut.

Here is where it snows,
where days pass caught
between the faltering arms
of hope and the restless
desperation of escape,
which is never a possibility
if you carry ghosts
everywhere you go.

My past and present
polarities spin and weave--
the New Year's Eve we dressed
in gowns and tuxedos,
promising illusions of forever,
which is never a possibility,
and the snow that falls today,
and freezes and melts
as I watch from one window.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5573 Jan 19, 2013
Ah, the morning after a night of lust
That certain scent still in the air
A whisper kissing silky skin
And gentle brush against the hair

The awakening, slow and easy
And easy press of flesh to flesh
The meld of two becoming one
As their bodies begin to mesh

No demanding rush nor need
The objective not release
Just the pleasure of the joining
Wanting the feeling not to cease

Building, oh so slowly
Never wanting it to end
Feeling each and every movement
And the joy that it does send

Not a loud and screaming finish
More moan and sigh when we are done
Then a snuggle close, a touch of lips
"Good Morning, l'il one"
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5574 Jan 19, 2013
Ask me how many times Iíve thought about you today.
Tell me if it was as many times as you thought about me.
Tell me when you fantasize about me. Tell me about all the things you wish you could do to me while youíre at work. Tell me about how you canít get my lingerie off your mind.
Make it so that youíre the only one I fantasize about.
Donít let us make it to the bedroom.
Tease me until I ache.
Use your hands anywhere you want. Then use your tongue.
Tell me how much you want to be inside my body.
Tell me you canít help yourself.
F uck me.
F uck me as hard as you can.
Make me scream. Cover my mouth when I do.
F uck me harder.
Kill my inhibitions.
Make me tell you what I want you to do to me.
Then make me ask...... Then make me beg.
F uck me until my vision blurs and I canít think about anything else.
Use my body to slake your lust.
Show me how much you love me.
Make me c um so hard I cry.
F uck me until I canít move.
Corner me.
Tell me Iím the only one who does this to you;
the only one you want like this.
Tell me Iím yours.
F uck me.
Tell me you have to f uck me harder.
Ask me if I like it when you f uck me.
Tell me you love it when I say your name.
Make me tremble.
Make me pant.
Make me want to hurt.
Be rough.
Be violent.
Throw me down on the bed. Slam me against the wall.
Show me how easily you can control me.
Show me how you can take whatever you want.
Scare me.
Make my heart race.
Pull my hair. Harder.
Watch what it does to me.
Make me want you.
Make me need you.
Make your love more necessary than air.
Make me take everything you give me and still want more.
Make me love you.
Make love with me.
F uck me.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5575 Jan 19, 2013
The white of a newborn snowís an illusion;
winterís true colorís the dead gray of smoke,
in ominous plumes over black ice on highways,
of Marijuana nights spent in longingís cold bed.

The pale white of winterís the color of absence;
a bone white square on an empty gray wall,
a diaryís page on her desk by my window,
the white of her lips where red kisses once played.

The yearís longest night heralds winterís arrival;
the sun flees in tears from her frost-covered grave,
the moon veils its sorrow in clouds thick as woodsmoke,
as red embers fade to the still gray of ashes

and snow palls the earth in a shroud of white linen
and turns hearts to marble, cold-blooded as thieves......
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5576 Jan 19, 2013
I have seen a thousand suns rise.
I have chased the stars across the sky.
I've seen the dark side of the moon,
Reflected in the darkness of your eyes.

You smiled at me once,
And I remember the way it felt.
Like the gentlest sprintime sun,
Shining down on only me.

So would you think me crazy,
If I said I'd had to find you?
The feeling grew and grew until,
It seemed it would carry me away.

Now I stand here, silent, still,
At the edge of a held breath.
Afraid to move a single inch,
That I might miss my chance,
To hear your voice again.

So call me crazy if you will,
You wouldn't be the first.
You're a mystery leading me astray,
Disrupting what little sanity I had.
Come and see me my sometime boy,
I want you to smile at me again.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5577 Jan 19, 2013
Show me what you've got boy
Tell me what you need
Let me be your plaything
Come do that dirty deed
Whip it out and slam it in
Fuck me now I plead

Take me like you mean it
Teach me right from wrong
Put me at your mercy
Make me sing your song
Fill me with your juices
Baby it's been so long

Shake me like your rag doll
Watch me come apart
Reach into my velvet place
Keep my stolen heart
Hold me like your treasure
That's my favorite part

Whisper to my soul now
Pluck me from the ground
Melt your flesh into me
Impale me on its crown
Shower me with your pearls
The best I've ever found
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#5578 Jan 19, 2013
Warm breath grazing
Swollen pink lips
Opened flower petals
Dripping luscious nectar
Tongue tip exploring
Stirring inner fires
Body trembling wildly
Sweet juices flowing
Thirst drinking deeply
The taste of you

Softly teeth brushing
Twitching crimson shaft
Rock hard sculpture
Chiseled from desire
Silken lips accepting
Coaxing forth eruption
Hips thrusting quickly
Thick essence exploding
Throat swallowing greedily
The taste of me

Bodies together facing
Senses open expanding
Nerves alive burning
Feather touches tingling
Mouths meeting crushing
Tongues twisting mingling
Salty sweet sharing
The taste of you
The taste of me
The taste of us

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