The Gap, Australia

#5497 Jan 7, 2013
Cotton sheets
In twisted bodies hold
Soaked remains
Of passion strong and bold
A distant clock
Marks passing time
Like faded bruises
And criss-cross lines

A buoyant lust
Holds lovers high
The ebb and flow
Of passions fires
Each swirling in
A spirals rise
Ever climbing
Care denied

Interwoven thoughts
Words need not spoken
Anticipated needs
Spell never broken
A bewitching blend
Of love and need
Reckless mood
Not caution heeds

Inevitable plateau
Love’s Darker Angles rest
Riding tips of waves
And bliss’ crest
Till toes do rest
In cotton sheets
And two hearts do beat
As in one chest

The Gap, Australia

#5498 Jan 7, 2013
Want me
Do you want me
Want to taste these
Hold me
Do you press me
Want to feel
The jut of
Touch me
Do you want to
Want to
Touch this
Miss me
Do you
Miss me
Miss the
Hints of

The Gap, Australia

#5499 Jan 7, 2013
No idea at all
She has no idea
Not even a inkling
But just a smile from her sets my heart on fire
Burning wild and out of control with my desire
All I ache to do tonight is hold her in my arms
So in love
So full of these feelings
I just can't fight it anymore
Tonight I must confess

I want you!

I'd do anything
Anything at all just to be near her
With her
Loved, kissed, and caressed by her
Don't know why
Don't know how
But everytime I see her
I am consumed
By a firey need burning red hot like lava in my veins
Making me pant, moan and groan

Won't you e-mail me
and tell me that you feel the same?

So sexy
Her eyes speak volumes of pleasure to me
Wooing and seducing
Teasing and tempting
Feels like I'm drowning
So deep that I never wanna escape
Dreaming of the day I can sleep
In the arms of my supernova lover
I would't
I could't resist

Tonight you got me crushing on you

Willing, ready and able
Baby, I wanna fall
In love with you
If only you would notice me
Baby doll I know that I could
That I would
Rock your world to its very core
Give you more love then any other ever could
As your perfect rockstar delight
I want only to be by your side forever

Oh my darling please, please

Say that tonight......

You'll make my dream come true

Oh, god, I love you!

The Gap, Australia

#5500 Jan 7, 2013
(Part One...)

I step off the plane into new territory
My head light, my body as if it were floating
Feet grounded on an uncertain path
Yet my heart beats strong and free
I wonder what you are doing
As you await for me
Sipping a hot coffee
Reading a paper
Mundanely distracted
Or pacing up and down
Wondering why that flight was delayed
If I was alright and safe
I smooth my wrinkled skirt
Hoping that you wouldn't notice
Adjusting my garments, to your specifications
It was always your way
How it should always be
In your presence
Wearily stepping to the terminal
Reaching for my bags
Smiling, heart fluttering
Knowing that we are in the same building
Amid the hustle and bustle of civilisation at work
I have dreamt for so long to have you hold me
Feel your lips caress my cheek
Your hands roam my body
My soul and mind captured by your heart
I bend slightly forward remembering your rule
Beaming, a Cheshire catlike grin upon my face
As I reach for my bags and turn
Seemingly lost as to what to do from now
I see you standing there
Watching me, taking me in with your eyes
As if you were devouring me with your gaze
I absent-mindedly leave my bags and leap into your arms
A scene just as any other in a busy airport
Two long lost lovers embraced tightly in eachother's arms
I take in your scent for the first time
I tingle as I feel your lips upon my own
Feeling your arms around me
The touch of your clothing
I taste your lips, drink in your scent
As if we were the only ones in the room
Dancing a lovers tango, drowned out and alone from the bustle
"Come my Angel, it is time we left."
I almost melt as I hear him speak
Watching his lips move his expression of love and care
As he breathed those dearest words
I suddenly giggle uncontrollably as I nestle against him
"What is on your mind Angel? Do not have me guessing little one."
"How are we both to fit on your motorbike with all these bags Master?"
He chuckles, and holds me closer to him.
"I do also have another vehicle which we can both fit in most comfortably."
We board the mini-bus with my luggage and ride to the carport
He allows me to enter first and then directs me to a seat
Discreetly at the back, for both of us still wish to remain quite subtle
As I rest on his shoulder, the jet-lag effecting me after my long flight
I feel his hand upon my thigh, caressing it, tracing his fingers along
"Let's see if my sub has remembered." He says softly.
I feel him move his head up, watching those in front of him
Ensuring that they were at their own business
Slowly I feel his hand snake up my skirt
Feeling his touch, although very slight
Sends waves of pleasure deep within me
"Good girl." He smiles wickedly at me
A little trickle escapes from my cu nt
"Good answer." He laughs.
I smile; I have always loved his laugh
I feel his fingers part my cu nt lips
Stroking the flesh between
"Some one is please to see me aren't they Angel?"
I shudder, wriggling against his fingers, a moan escapes from me
"Sit still" He breathes harshly in my ear "As much as I know you
enjoy being over my lap Angel, I do not believe you'd
appreciate it right now,... hmm?"


The Gap, Australia

#5501 Jan 7, 2013
(Part two....)

I freeze, looking up at him alarmed.
"Although back at the apartment, that is a different story."
I shudder leaning back against the seat "Yes Master."
He removes his hand from under my skirt
And rests it upon my thigh
Wet and glistening
I look down, then back up at him
Amused how my body always betrays me
"Well Angel, is there something that you need to do?"
I look at him, puzzled, then regard his moistened hand.
"Oh…Yes Master, I'm sorry." I take his hand into my own
With my other hand I try and rummage for a tissue.
"No…Angel…lick it clean and tell me what you taste like."
I look up at him, a wave of recognition flows through me
"I understand Master, can you forgive your sub?"
"You are fatigued my Angel, I will let this pass for now."
He smiles, wiping his hand clean on my skirt.
"Later you won't be needing that clothing." He chuckles.
After what seemed to be an eternity
We depart the terminal and stand at his car.
He walks ahead, opening the door for me.
Ensuring I was safely in, I hear him put my bags in the back
He sits in the drivers seat, and looks me up and down
"How are you always meant to be when you are in the car?"
"Yes Master, I remember." He leans and pinches my nipple hard
"Make sure you do, You are with me now, not with anyone else. Understood?"
I position myself how I have always done back at home. "Yes Master."
"Lift that skirt up, bunch it up at your waist." He says off-handedly as he watches the road.
"Now the buttons, on your shirt pick three, and undo them."
"Yes Master." I writhe in my seat, the seatbelt biting into my sensitive nipples.
"So aroused and I have barely even touched you, my little slut."
"Your presence…that in itself causes me to stir Master."
"Well do not 'stir' until I order you to. Public or no, that must be upheld Angel."
"Yes Master." I watch Master from the corner of my eye, my heart swelling.
"Master?" I whisper as he pulls into the drive, and stops the car.
"Yes my Angel?" He turns and looks at me, smiling.
"I love you Master."
"I know my Angel, and I you." He leans giving me a hard kiss on the lips. "Don't you forget it."
"I won't Master." I smile as I reveal my silver bracelet with His initials.
"Still have it after all this time love?" He runs his hand through my hair.
"You are always with me, in this way Master."
"It's time that you had some rest, we have a big day tomorrow. Such a long flight for you…"
"Thankyou for taking care of me Master and being gentle in my jet-lagged state." I smile
"Wonder if you'll be saying that tomorrow little one. For that is when we begin our journey."
"As long as I am at your feet and loved by you Master, that is all I could ever desire."

The Gap, Australia

#5502 Jan 7, 2013
A lipstick requiem
on your mirror
the morning after
I still feel
inside Me
Oh, how I feel you
tearing me tender
wounding me whole
Your hardness buried
in my secret
Your eyes blazing
void of compassion
demanding my submission
Taking and demanding
Your due
The memory will not fade
the morning after
ravaged and blown out
I feel
inside Me

The Gap, Australia

#5503 Jan 7, 2013
Can you hear the sound,
Sense the rain of stars
That burst upon the senses,
Fireworks of the soul’s
Brief ecstasy?

Do you know the weight,
Sense the pull of lips
That close within the circle,
Thunder of the soul’s
Full ecstasy?

Will you feel my soul,
Touch the pulse of blood
That moves, like melted chocolate
Charging of the soul’s
Wild ecstasy?

The Gap, Australia

#5504 Jan 7, 2013
While an unsuspecting father's at the office making money, his eighteen year old son will spend his day in mother's cu nny.
We're at the breakfast table, father eats and takes his calls, he doesn't know his mother's toes are kneeding at his balls.
Then he reads the paper to get stockmarket tips, while mother stares into his eyes, tongue rolls across her lips.
Mom walks him out, dad's off to work, I hear her pull the latch, it won't be long before he'll sink his balls deep in her hairy snatch.
Boobs rock beneath her robe, each bigger than his head, she whispers in my waiting ear "let's go up to bed."
She takes his hand, he follow up the stairs and to her bed, she makes him take the very spot where father rests his head.
Her robe comes off, pounds of tit-flesh roll across her chest, large glistening lips and a chubby clit mark the entrance to her nest.
In the sixty-nine, mom takes her spot, her pu ssy in his nose, her pungent smell and drooling lips, like the blossom of a rose.

While his father gone from 9 to 5, busy selling stock, his mother's lips glide up and down upon his meaty co ck.
Her tongue flails round his knob and underneath his crown, and fu cks it with her gullet, bobbing up and down.
Soon she rolls upon her back and opens up her legs, its time for his potent teenaged spunk to mingle with her eggs.
For hours his mom an he will fu ck and sweat and scream, bathing in a slippery pool of c ock and pu ssy cream.
While the unsuspecting father drives home upon our road, mom and him bounce and hump and blow their final load.
And after a day of fucking and sucking and cu mming like a whore, his gorgeous horny mother will greet her husband at the door.....

The Gap, Australia

#5505 Jan 7, 2013
she sits by the fireplace
cozy warm
quiet and content
immersed in a book
away from it all

i gaze at her body
still sexy
still attractive
still beckoning
after 20 years

the house is quiet
save for a chirping bird
it's snowing outside
the wine warms
what the logs can't

red panties peek
from beneath her tee shirt
exciting my loins
as my smile emerges
cause it's Saturday Night

it has become a tradition
on this weekend night
my craving to be satisfied
a special time and soon
i turn down the light

she's always loved it
not always, but especially
when the mood strikes
when the need arises
and on Saturday Night

she looks up and smiles
she sees me squirming
she knows
"It's time," she laughs
setting down the book

she crawls across the rug
slowly, I know
stopping at my feet
she looks into my eyes
i am in for a treat

she reaches up
and upzips my pants
smiling up at me
reaching inside
teasing all the while

my c ock springs into view
in front of her face
hardening by the second
extending to full length
as my pants are dropped

she licks her lips
smiles once more
slips my c ock toward wetness
toward her face
and licks all over the tip

her moist mouth

for 20 years
give or take a week
she's performed
her mouth magic
her gentle loving

she does it with style
and sometimes with grace
sometimes real dirty
rubbing it on her face

she has perfected the art
of giving great head
of sucking a c ock
of satisfying her man
without being led

she sucks on the tip
then down the shaft
nibbling the underside
bobbing her head
lovingly fore and aft

the pressure increases
my c ock and her mouth
interact as one
bound together as she
sloppily sucks

I can't imagine
saturday night
without her mouth
without her enthusiasm
without her blowjobs

some men complain
that their wife neglects
their wanting cocks
they have to beg
they bargain

on the other hand I
am the lucky one
my loving woman
my sweet baby
enjoys giving head

that's not to brag
it's not to gloat
it's not to embarass
i merely am thinking
how lucky i am

my body starts to rock
gently in and out
of her loving mouth
nerves tingling
waiting, anticipating

she knows she has me
under total control
under her thumb
my c ock in her mouth
mushrooming, throbbing

she removes her head
and looks into my eyes
a look of love
she licks the pre-c um
she smiles, sighs

she knows it's time
to complete the act
to polish my knob
to suck my dick
to eat my c ock

I explode in her mouth
and on her face
on the tee shirt

exhaused I lean back
she still on her knees
sucking my shrinking dick
cleaning my cock, swallowing
a smile creeping onto her face

it's Saturday Night
the best night of the week
I'm so lucky
my honey the super-sucker
she performs and makes me weak

The Gap, Australia

#5506 Jan 7, 2013
How marvelous it is to lay between her legs
Spread, knees bent, feet flat on the floor
Watching the shimmering firelight
Reflected in her glistening lips

A lazy lovely evening so far
Having talked with wine and cheese
And kissed and fondled
Cuddled in front of the fire

Having kissed, caressed
Felt her hot breath
Being directed on my cheek and neck
As our lips melted and kneaded

As my hands cupped the outline of her breasts
Felt through silky fabric
Feeling the nipple points come erect
And resist the pincers of my thumb and finger tips

As our mouths opened wide
And we breathed as one
Air going in her nose
And coming out mine

As our bodies tensed and quivered
Thighs melted together
Soft tummies flattened
And pubic bones pressed hard

As we sensually played with
Buttons, snaps, and zippers
And peeled our clothes
As if stripping luscious bananas

Still kissing, sinking to the floor
Bodies stretching long
Naked skin caressing
Shocking as our hearts wince in anticipation

My feet caressing her arches
Sliding up and down shins and calves
Knee sliding, parting thighs
Until my hairy legs feel her springy curls

My knee bending
Pushing my thigh higher
Parting lips
Feeling luscious wetness

Then moving my thigh back and forth
Feeling the wetness begin to bath me
Washing with sweet wetness
Listening to the silky slide

My heart beating, k-thump,k-thump
Pushing blood into my growing shaft
rising, falling, rising, falling

My hands caress her soft breast flesh
Gently vising nipples twixt my closing fingers
Her fingers touch my shining helmet
Touch my slit that oozes diamond drop

And tenderly smooth the crystal liquid
O’er my skin stretched
Burning, throbbing
Purple head

Kisses still engaged
Lips so soft to almost not be felt
Tongues entwining licking flicking tasting
Saliva sagging down our cheeks and chins

And now I lay between her legs
And watch the licking fire light sparkle
Showing pink and supple glistening lips
As hooded node moves in and out with heart beat throbbing

I lay just looking, looking
Looking at her woman’s nest
Thinking of the coming parting
Thinking of my tongue on fairy tip

Knowing that when my tongue and her tip touch
A warmth will wash and fill our bodies
As my tongue encircles swelling engorged pinkness
And rocks her body with electric shocks

Tonight I know will be of sensual pleasure
And know that we will not beware of clocks
But only of our hearts and souls enflamed
At the meeting of my throbbing probe inside her spongy nest

The Gap, Australia

#5507 Jan 7, 2013
She wants to be fucked hard against a wall
That's outside and exposed to elements,
And, with each thrust, she'll find her recompense:
For, when he's pushed in firmly, she's in thrall,
Finding the bricks will pattern her backside,
Unless they're shielded by this stranger's hands,
Or she is turned, obeying his commands,
To engulf his long, fat cock, as he decides
To take her from behind; so she is pressed,
Her tits squashed up against the chill cement,
His prick's embedded, so she feels his balls;
Her skirt's rucked up and blouse opened: undressed
And taken roughly - would she were so content(!);
But she's too shy for hard fucks and cold walls...

The Gap, Australia

#5508 Jan 7, 2013
A coc k and a c unt
going in, pulling out
gasping, sweating,
crying for mercy.

What dreams are made of,
what wars are fought for,
what these poems are about,
why porn flicks are rented.

The Gap, Australia

#5509 Jan 7, 2013
mood is wet

mind is soft

patching walls

of sullied thoughts

through plaster

moon gazes

into reflection

of glassy eyes

The Gap, Australia

#5510 Jan 7, 2013
Neither a Spanker , nor a Spankee be ---
Erotica swings both sides !
Dost Thou see ???
Conquer Thy Fetish or Fantas-eee-
Still Thy Mind,Cock or Pussee!
What goes up will fall down , see ?
Master-Dom today is Slave-Sub
tomorrow !
One day's joy is next day's sorrow !
Mistress tonite is a Slutress
on the morrow !
Exhilaration is followed by Deja Vu--
Beg, Steal or Borrow !
Count Leopold von Masoch or Marquis De Sade
Daylight's Sunshine or Dark Nightshade
Opposites Attract ,Zoom ,...Metamorphosize !
Even stupid slaves of Fetish
can Become the Buddha wise ..........

The Gap, Australia

#5511 Jan 7, 2013
Thoughts of seduction fill my mind
A mental exploration of our desire,
coming alive!


The warmth of your body
The touch of your kiss

So tenderly...

The sound of our sighs mix...
Such bliss

It's that look in your eyes,
Which stirs emotions so deep inside

Intensity, never before realized
Dreaming of the chance to be next to you...

Once again making these fantasies come true!
Then unbridled passions shall rage anew...

As only we can do.

Level 6

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#5513 Jan 7, 2013
Princess Hey wrote:
Lie,Cheat,Steal or drink but...if you must lie ,lie in the arms of the one you love.If you must steal,steal away from bad company.If you must cheat then cheat death.If you must drink,drink in the moment that takes your breath away...
Very nice.


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#5514 Jan 7, 2013
<quoted text>
I INAUGURATED SITE WAY BACK....SO I DO HAVE MORE CLAIM TO IT THAN MOST.....ESPECIALLY YOU, who is rappidly becoming a "Real Pain IN THE ASS" ........this site is for just what it was intended by ME....."Just Sex and Poetry"
NOT SOME excessive or maudlin sentimentality, or some syripy quotations about the silly unrequited love, you keep posting here That is love, that is not openly reciprocated, or understood as any form of VERSE.
Post some poetry.....make a contribution....or please go away......
ADRIAN..WHO THE FREAK....DO YOU THINK YOU ARe? YOU CANNOT tell another poster to go away?? We are all readers, idf we chose NOT to come to mOffbeat and read posts..How loooong do you think TOPIX would stay in business? RUDE AND CRUDE BEHAVIOR..really thought more of you..really!! YOU owe Princess Hey an apology, fer sure. Topix Mods am sure are watching you..bet on it, Poet!! Play well on the playground kiddies..Later ROCKERS!!!


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#5519 Jan 7, 2013
Who isn't he ????
Chick..ya think MY post to Adrian WAS any of your business to Reply to?? Where is that poet.?? Doesn't surprise me..he hasn't responded yet.. Probably TROLLING Tiger Lilly.. see she is bacccck..BUTT OUT..Chick??

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#5520 Jan 7, 2013
Oh how cute ..... Sweetie Pie DUDE is obsessing yet again .

Rotflmao ..... Hey Oz you done lost your marbles !


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#5522 Jan 7, 2013
<quoted text>
Oh, and one more thing...
" People seem to be getting dumber and dumber. I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure wank machines. The Internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all its really given us is Howard Deans aborted candidacy and 24-hour a day access to kiddie porn, you know. And people dont write anymore, they blog; instead of talking..."
Speak for yourself.
Hallmark Cards would have gone out if business..if THAT were true. As well ad Stationary Stores Online...We are TALKING.. we are typing..sharing our opinions and Adrian and other poets reciting their poems OUTLOUD at the same time they post them...on a blank quote box. Folks still talk, YOU JUST AIN'T LISTENING..

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