The Gap, Australia

#5474 Jan 6, 2013
Crisp blue, sunny weather in cisalpine valley of dreams;
Sprightly wind gusts against my February rose and
Remembrance stirs jolts of sensations from head to toe.
Schussing over smooth, bumpy snow
Replays of the night cascades in Technicolor bold,
Igniting a warming fire during my slaloming course.

Tingling with effervescent delights in abandoned downward flight,
Shivering with shimmering anticipation of another long carnal night.

A sudden shocking caesura, tossed without ceremony upon my knees.
Self-made flurries land with indifferent ease,
Relinquishing heart to beat, casting away my poles and
Skis, plopping backwards into winter's white quilt: laughing.
Reveling in flyaway risk, laughter quiets, eyes close,
Sunshine rays falls on my face, coalescing with thrill turned need.

Pleasure grows stronger in a spiral twisting tight,
Baring skin to cold, leaving aching nipples upright.

Mewling, soft moans pillows in melting cushion below.
Slipping a hand down to my snowflower blossoming wet friction and
Reality reels in kaleidoscope of pulsing reds and molten yellows.
Searing ripples of rapidly surging tongues of flame ensnares
Rampaging senses and pushes ever farther into cumulating explosion!
A satisfied exhalation of smoky air fast becomes a hiss from icy chills.

Bounding up in rueful dismay, quickly fleeing nature's frosty bite,
Whisking blithely down to promised date, ready for another rise to passion's height

The Gap, Australia

#5475 Jan 6, 2013
Oh yeah, I'll compute you something
I deem you'll get to the bottom of
When I'll divulge that something
I thirst to impound your meathook
I thirst to impound your meathook
I thirst to impound your meathook

Oh tickle pink, divulge to me
You'll let me inhabit your husband
And tickle pink, utter to me
You'll make me impound your meathook
Now make me impound your meathook
I thirst to impound your meathook

And when I smack you I fondle
cock—a—hoop internal organs
It's such a passion that my soft spot
I can't secrete, I can't secrete,
Fuck it....I can't secrete

Yeah you've got that something
I deem you'll penetrate
When I'll manipulate that something
I thirst to impound your meathook
I thirst to impound your meathook
I thirst to impound your meathook

The Gap, Australia

#5476 Jan 6, 2013
Love you, need you want you, sitting naked on my bed,
Feel my tongue inside you moan my name as you give me head,
Lay back on my pillow, stroke my c ock and make it hard,
Think of all the wet dreams your naked lover has now starred,
Lay me back and suck me wrap your lips around my balls,
Straddle my face I'll lick your pus sy, suck that clit till orgasm calls,
Get down on all fours I'll slip deep inside as I grip your ass,
Then tell you that I love you, that I need you as I cu m......

The Gap, Australia

#5477 Jan 6, 2013
She must go down on her knees again, for a lovely time with his prick,
And all she seeks is a nice, long, fat co ck for her tongue and lips to lick,
And her mouth is warm; and moist, as well, at the thought that he is aching
For the service she gives and the way she lives: just for this awakening;

She must go down on her knees again, with a light touch on her shoulder:
It's a firm request: her interest ensures that she will mould her
Lips around the hardened shaft and tongue around the head;
And his pistoning sex will make its mark, when all is done and said;

She must go down on her knees again and beg for him to c um,
With eyes that plead she'll find that seed will spurt, before she's done;
And all she asks is he uses her face, her breasts and her soft hair:
Such destinations for sweet ovations, he would willingly share.

The Gap, Australia

#5478 Jan 6, 2013
ankles vise-gripped
around the pulsing fire
the burning lights
suck mundane thoughts
from her brain
and replace them
with the cacophany
of a billion frenetic
synaptic cymbals
firing in confusion
as she rises
through the ceiling
like smoke
seeking the stars....


The Gap, Australia

#5479 Jan 6, 2013

A proper English Lady
In an elegant boudoir.
Baccarat crystal, with a fine aged port
Beside the mahogany four-poster.
Tapestries on the wall and
Embroidered pillows with
Thousand thread count sheets.
Elegant lingerie,
Lacy chemise.
Silky thighs,
Creamy skin,
Undulating breasts,
Caressed by gentle hands.
Velvety sex
Awaiting my erect manhood.

A wanting slut
In a neon bright motel.
Chipped glasses and cheap Scotch
Next to the simple mattress.
Fur pelt tacked to the wall and
Lumpy pillows with
Coarse linens.
Body stripped bare
Except for fishnets.
Sweaty skin with
Legs in air
Roughly grasped by calloused hands.
Exposed swollen c unt
Ready to be fuc ked
By my engorged c ock.

The Gap, Australia

#5480 Jan 6, 2013

The power in your
eyes, making me submit to you.
I am yours to take.

Wrists pinned back behind
my head, legs spread far apart,
unable to move.

Giving myself up
surrendering to your will,
I feel powerless.

I submit myself
to you, take me for your own.
That is my pleasure.

The Gap, Australia

#5482 Jan 6, 2013
"Sweet Dreams"
Candle lit room with a king size canopy bed I'm dressed in a renisance swordsman white shirt and black pants.....Your wearing a blak velvet dress.

I lead you to the bed and lay you down upon it ,tieing your hands above you with a silk scarf. I start to undress you,gently kissing your flesh as I expose it.

With the dress finely off I tie your ankles losely to the bottom corner posts..... then takeing a dagger I start at the nape of your neck and begin to move the point down the center of your body paussing only to cut away what undergarments remain......

Then starting with your right ankle I run the tip of the blade lightly up your calf and inner thigh on up your stomach slowly en-circleing your breast up to the nipple then back down and over to your other breast en-circleing it up to the nipple then back down again and on down your stomach to your left inner thighand calf stopping at your ankle.

Then I repeat the process with a frozen popsicle, slideing its tip up your leg and stomach en-circleing your breast then on up to your mouth were I have you suck on it like it was me, then back down en-circleing your other breast, back down over your stomach and legs.......

Then I take it and tease your clit with it and slowly start to slip its tip in and out of you.... I start twisting it back and forth as I dip it in and out of your soaking wet, and now sticky, sweet pink pussy

I can fell your pulsating vagina muscles thightening down on the popsicle with every twist and turn.... finaly I push it in as far as I can get it to go, and leave it there to melt......as the sticky sweet cum juice runs from your slit like a stream

Now I take off my shirt and pants, exposing to you my rock hard, throbbing, eight and a half inch, five inch thick, erection... and start to massage your body with a strawberry glaze makeing sure no spot is left untouched..... using just the tip of my tongue I begin to lick the glaze off you,... ocasionally stopping to nibble on certain delicate areas...... then unexpectedly slip a peice of ice in to you and begin to tease you with my fingers as I feed you strawberries dipped in chocolate and whipped cream.

Now useing some whip cream I give you a tasty bikini wich I top off with cherries. I start uncovering your breast one at a time, slowly licking and nibleing and suckling them...... finaly I begin to uncover your pussy's lips teasing your clit with my teath and tongue and after I torture the outer edges of your lips with the tip of my tongue I slowly slip my tounge into you kissing you in such away that no poet in a millon years could find the words to describe the ecstasy

I've started in you.... I do not stop kissing you there until your body is completly numb with pleasure or until you cum so hard you pass-out from it, or which ever comes first......then while I'm still messageing your clit I ask you what you want to do next..........as the pre-cum dribbles from my erect manhood.......waiting.....thro bbing....

The Gap, Australia

#5483 Jan 6, 2013
She left me a text, it read.....

"Adrian sweetheart,
I want to be touched.
I want to be desired.
I want to be held, touched, fucked,
filled, stroked, and slammed into.

I want to be licked, sucked, swallowed,
I want you to drink me with lust.

I want to be felt and fingered,
fondled and forced,
feel the roughness of your face
on my cheek, my neck, my lips.

I want to be touched......and baby
Take me and keep me when you’re finished (xxoo)."

The Gap, Australia

#5484 Jan 6, 2013
words and invitation
arouse electric desire
in sleep
information is held quiet

you have spoiled me.
I long for you, just you
out from zipper, out for me,
a cock hungry woman
not a poet, just a whore
taking you in my mouth
as requested, on my knees
your hands tight on hotel radiator.

you watch the parking lot through clouded glass
nothing scenic, just an industrial park
where truckers and travelers sleep and pass.
this is not a destination
nothing grows except highway rumble
and in my mouth is just you
not a poet, you
raw and real
uncomplicated by adjectives
history and metaphor
nothing to post
pretend, prepare, picture

just you
out of denim into mouth
as long as it takes
and I will take it without asking for salt,
fantasy or friendship

come loud and
hard in my mouth
truckers and travelers might hear,
but that is to be expected
it is every day

not poetry just sex
pounded hard and loud against glass
clouds and drops
fist and knuckle

The Gap, Australia

#5485 Jan 6, 2013
All knee socks and lingerie, my lover
Crawls and curls into our awaiting bed.
Tongues swirl, dance, she warms to the core of her.
I caress her thighs; they melt caramel-red.

The peaks of her pointed breasts gather tight.
My tongue flicks; my tongue licks and discovers
Gathered gauze at her chest. Open to night,
I suckle like a babe, one, the other.

She raises her hips to meet my fierce hand.
I push aside her panties and feel heat.
I find the mirage in the desert sand.
The soft wool wraps around my hips to meet.

Her warm feet still so childishly covered,
I know this grown woman as my lover.

The Gap, Australia

#5486 Jan 6, 2013
The sign says,
"No sexual behavior
in or around the pools."

~At this point, breathing is a sexual behavior for me.

This is a feast,
an eat-it-up, soak-it-in,
orgy for the eyes and mind,
imagination race.

My nipples bloom
as in my mind, my fingers trace
her hip, his thigh,
biceps firm and nameless face.
Fantasy orgies dance, reminiscent
of Greek mythology
where rampant lust was slaked
at will
for God's and nymphs alike.

Gods and nymphs
move gracefully
through warm and healing waters,
stately up the stairs,
revealing nudity, unashamedly,
glistening in the sunlight,
then later in the candles' glow,
these wanton bodies show.

The lust!
My gods, the lust that plays
upon my skin and wheels
my mind: a furnace feels
as cold as stone compared
with where my mind doth go.

Serenity this place bequests,
on the off chance libido rests.
But by magick of a woman's grace
I glide about with tranquil face,
erotic itch quite well concealed,
unlike the men who must reveal,
as they step from the mineral pool,
their lurid turgid lustful tool.

The Gap, Australia

#5487 Jan 6, 2013
The camera is ready
so you know what that means
it's time to record
one of our steamy fu ck scenes
We love fuc king on film
then sharing it on the 'net
justd writing about it
gets me all wet
I dress up
in sexy lingerie
you hit record
and we start to play
The camera catches
our hot fuc king action
we hope our performance will be
to your satisfaction
You're humping me hard
and i'm thrusting right back
you're ready to let loose
that load in your overflowing pink sac
I love fuc king on camera
it gets my tight little pu ssy hot
then publishing it on the web
why the hell not
I'm a star on film
with tons of sex appeal
maybe this will lead
to my own porn deal
Our web show is sexy
it arouses masses
and we get off by
showing our bare asses

The Gap, Australia

#5490 Jan 6, 2013

Walking on a misty night
what pray tell do I catch sight?

a lone lover's wanting delight
awash in the glow of candlelight

eyes closed with halting breath
shadow dance of teasing hands

budding nipples begins to grow
flick of tongue of finger 'n back
gentle swirl upon puffed areol'

sliding silhouette of other hand down
thighs spread for curling crown

cushion for a lusted wrist
blushing folds awaiting solitary tryst

graceful slide of palm 'n fingertips
upon clit 'n weeping lips

darkened finger take hold
strokes glistening on sexual fold
palm caresses clitoral bold

watching hips slowly dance to unheard beat,
making shadows upon her sheet

faster the motions do begin, hips buck
swallowing fingers in hard fuck

hips 'n fingers hurriedly meet, stroke to stroke
glistening thighs begin to soak

final thrust of hand
last pass across bursting clit

close my eyes, memorize,
fearing lest image lies - immobilize

solo lover's touching tango
such sharing of solitary delight
on a misty night

The Gap, Australia

#5491 Jan 6, 2013
We meet for the first time in two years, on a date after a candle-light intimate dinner, back at her hotel room, she says to me.....

"please, darling
take me,,,,get
Behind me, bend me over, trembling
one hand on the floor
the other seized and held to my spine
your grip so urgent

Your foot against my ankle
silently commanding compliance
provide you full access
to that which you covet

Fingers trail down my skin
excitement brings a shudder
finding my moist treasure
imploring you to enter

Pulling me against you
pushing ecstasy inside
strong fingers giving me a tease
of surrender to come

My moans betray me
revealing that I desire
long for the helplessness
that pleases your soul

Please the only word
I can think of now
please don't stop, I ache
I need...please don't leave

stay the night.......please.."

The Gap, Australia

#5492 Jan 6, 2013
Dripping wet and hot
I step out of the shower,
wait for your return

You've gone to the store.
And I feel much better now
the sweat has washed off.

It's a long summer,
and work gets harder each day.
But nights are cool bliss.

All I can think of,
Is catching your gaze my way
when you come inside.

My legs glistening,
My body wearing little -
only sheer black lace.

Thought of you all day.
If you don't come home real soon
I'll start without you!

The thought of your touch
and your breath upon my skin
makes me start to rush.

This cloth on my skin
feels smooth under my fingers
as they explore me.

But silky nightgowns
do little to take my mind
back from thoughts of you.

I can feel my walls
quiver beyond my control,
tightening for you.

I want you so bad
that it hurts me now, with my
lips grasping for you.

Can't do this myself,
would rather wait for your help.
Quietly, I sit.

Peaceful night calling,
I nearly begin to drift -
Wait! Was that a click?

Key slides through the lock,
making me think of you just
sliding in your cock.

You come in my room,
I make certain to give you
quite a lovely view.

Legs spread and ready,
I give a "come hither" look
The next move is yours. ;)

The Gap, Australia

#5493 Jan 6, 2013
Wanting a woman of flesh,
skin and bones and all the rest.
Every perfect imperfection,
every flaw and every hair.
A body to caress and grope,
here, there and everywhere.
Eyes to drown in and be seen,
to show myself to unclad yet clean.
Hands that take me,
explore and grope,
claiming my member,
rough but slow.
Skin to skin and flesh to flesh,
turning our bed into a delightful mess.
Hands allover touch my skin,
squeezing, pleasing everything.
My lips they wander,
and let me know,
her feel and taste,
and lick and so.
Kisses, caresses, touch and skin,
what a wonderful world to be living in.

The Gap, Australia

#5494 Jan 6, 2013
Down amongst the mossy rocks,
Rain puddles, in her hiding spot,
He crouches next to her, paused,
Then unbidden, kisses her.

In her head, music — guitars,
Classical and sharp piano;
A swelling overture to love.

She tries to get away; it pours.
As he drives himself inside her,
She's thinking, why now this tune?

The Gap, Australia

#5495 Jan 6, 2013
closing my eyes,
I imagine you
sweet powerful images
flood my mind,
permeate my soul.

endless longing for you
frightens me
your passion shapes me,
alters me
I am renewed.

your fire sears me deeply,
my longing hurts
in your strong embrace
tightly holding me,
I am comforted.

my dreams are filled with you
tossing and turning,
incredible desire
wanting more
I feel you.

knowing hands moving over me
spreading fire, white-hot
skin pressed to mine
desperate kisses
endless hunger

O god, how I want you!

The Gap, Australia

#5496 Jan 6, 2013

Cool things are your legs and my face
Tongues tasting finger trace
Warm hands running over naked flesh
Those things are cool
Lips locked and taste of wine
Cool things always on my mind
Lusty touching with trembling hands
Those things are cool
Can’t get enough of things that are cool
You in my bed, me inside you
Wet pus sy, flesh, hot to the taste
Those things are cool
Things cool to me are hot things to you
Hot co ck pulsing pus sy gushing
Rubbing you harder, you’re rigid and taught
Cool things to me are just so fuc king hot.


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