The Gap, Australia

#5453 Jan 6, 2013
The Wind's my best friend and here's the reason why,
One quick gust, balloons out blouses and makes skirts fly high.

To see outlines revealed briefly, caught in glimpse of an eye,
Is a treasured moment worth looking forward to as each possibility goes by.

I watched as you walked ahead of me your shapely body wiggling caught my eye,
I tried to see through your loose garments but the sun got in my eye.

As you rounded the next corner, my friend Wind gave it a try,
Lifting your skirt which showed no outlines, astounded I see why.

Naked underneath, as the day you were born, you lovely curves I spied,
Try hard as I might, my erected excitement would not subside.

Telescopically growing like a tent pole inside,
As my pants stretch and start bulging, I hear my balls cry.

"You know her...You want her...Go get her for both you and I!"
I approached and we talked as the Wind whistled by.

Another strong gust this time blew up the dress of another passerby,
Still laughing and talking I ask you out, you'll never score unless you try.

You said yes way back then and now after so many years have gone by,
Each time we're out walking you wear a skirt and I look up to the sky.

I pray to the Wind and he comes and lifts your skirt up high,
I pay homage to him when he comes, he's my friend and now you know why!

The Gap, Australia

#5454 Jan 6, 2013

This is my song,
He smirks.
As his fingers,
Stroke inside me.

This is my dance,
He groans.
As his cock,
Leaps beside me.

This is my sea,
He gasps.
As his release,
Comes upon me.

Is this my love,
I wonder.
Or has peace,
Again, deceived me.

The Gap, Australia

#5455 Jan 6, 2013
For the first time ever
I've begun to see the allurement
of submissiveness
and domination.
'Coz if you were here with me now
I wouldn't ask
but BEG
for you to f uck me.
Not have sex with me
not make love to me
but f uck me.

An the thought of begging you
is unexpectedly arousing......

The Gap, Australia

#5456 Jan 6, 2013
I am well aware
I have not had your skin on mine forever
It is your voice from far away that entrances me
And triggers the memory of your hands and mouth upon me
I am well aware that it is not your breath on my neck
your hands smoothing my hair
your skin warm on mine
your scent filling every intake of breath
your teeth on my pulse
your thighs spreading mine
We have not dressed and undressed one another
We have not teased or tasted or taken
Yet I feel your mark on me
Branded in flesh
Wishing the mirror could show me
What I feel
What is real

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

In Honor Of The purdy Clown FL

#5457 Jan 6, 2013
Lie,Cheat,Steal or drink but...if you must lie ,lie in the arms of the one you love.If you must steal,steal away from bad company.If you must cheat then cheat death.If you must drink,drink in the moment that takes your breath away...

“Live, Love, Laugh”

Level 2

Since: Dec 08

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#5458 Jan 6, 2013
It was the night we were together,
Something happened, I wished it never.
He ran away and left me alone,
But left me something of my own.
I love her now more than anything else
Because she's something of myself
I wrote this poem when I was 12 after babysitting

The Gap, Australia

#5459 Jan 6, 2013

Across a table,
winter fading through bright glass,
raw lust overwhelms.

She felt his desire.
The weight of his attention
made her heart trip up.

Like leaves in a gale,
Desire whipped between them -
Glorious agony!

Cradling her face,
raging hunger in her eyes,
maelstrom sucked him in.

Word play raises heat -
assault, seduce, devour -
passion's summer blaze!

The Gap, Australia

#5460 Jan 6, 2013
Milee wrote:
It was the night we were together,
Something happened, I wished it never.
He ran away and left me alone,
But left me something of my own.
I love her now more than anything else
Because she's something of myself
I wrote this poem when I was 12 after babysitting
Profoundly moving; touching: a poignant memory Milee....I liked everything about your words......

Tuxedoed elegance
Feet shuffle nimbly in danse de l’amour.
Frozen herring carefully shaped,
Proffered in token of submission.

Beaked insertions
Transport beyond all knowing,
When you’ve had beak
None else will you seek.

Penguin love, cold yet burning,
Fulfills her deepest darkest yearnings.
Flippers holding, caressing, spanking,
She surrenders, body and soul.

Penguin love, nine months later,
Egg held warm ‘tween toes.

The Gap, Australia

#5461 Jan 6, 2013
It doesn't seem like that much time has passed.
I suppose a part of me is still really angry.
You know what you were doing was wrong.
Sometimes, I put your picture on my desktop.
I never leave it up for long, though.
My favorite memory is not even when the crystals were swirling all around us.
Although that is still special to me because it was the last.
There was a time, in the middle of the night when I was waiting for you.
You thought I was asleep, but I heard your key in the door.
I listened to you stop in the middle of the hallway and shed your clothes
before you slipped in bed with me.
You thought you woke me up, but my heart was racing before you even got to me.
When you let me slide my tongue inside you,
it was all over.....

The Gap, Australia

#5462 Jan 6, 2013

Woman is a rail and chain,
held fast by man’s perversion.
She kneels in the come-down rain.

Blessed by his sick immersion,
she’s bent over shadowed beam,
held fast in his perversion.

Night flows like a steady stream,
deep in his darkest donna,
who’s bent over shadowed beam.

He baptizes false Madonna,
drowns his pleasurable ills
deep in his vessel, donna.

He drains into the well, and seals
her hard with dominate need,
that holds in his pleasurable ills.

He loves her more, indeed –
slave bound to rail by chain.
Filled with his dominate need,
she kneels in the come-down rain.


The Gap, Australia

#5463 Jan 6, 2013
Her touch
sending currents through me
A soft, warm kiss
erasing the day's stresses

The tastes of her skin
take me to places seen only in dreams
Feeling her against me
time halts, so it seems

Warm and inviting
we become one
She moves so gracefully
I want to lose control
but her heights not yet reached

On the edge
she's trying to make me fall
Her actions more deliberate now
I hope I can hang on, but how?

The Gap, Australia

#5464 Jan 6, 2013
for a passing moment come with me
put all thoughts of trepidation away

slight uncomfortableness with near nudity
breathing cotton covering wanton sex
a throb calling you can't ignore

nine and a quarter inches of crop
thunderious as I slap it into your hand

our eyes briefly connect
the lightness of your eyes obscured
by the abysal widening pupil

I raise the flesh of breasts by your nipples
as if they are just objects

giving them a good pinch
watching as they rebound back
the inner-sub purrs luxuriating

your body, so beautiful, God's own clay
so responsive, so needy, such raw lust

too many nights your fingers lead you
down the path that is now complete
selflessness overtakes your very being

The Gap, Australia

#5465 Jan 6, 2013
How many times have you wished for one last fu ck?
in the morning when you part
even though she is already sore
and you are riding the highs from a wild night
just one last fu ck in case
your paths don’t cross again
one last fu ck before the next drought
before the next pus sy famine
just one last fu ck before you say goodbye.....

The Gap, Australia

#5466 Jan 6, 2013
"I think I want to fuck you." You said
And scurried of to extract
A condom from the closet.

I sprawled on your bed naked
And read a book on samurai.

My pussy was wet from hours of
Incessant foreplay:
Dry Humping
Finger Banging
Feverish Kisses

Things I thought I had missed out on
By being celibate in high-school.

"Did you know the daito appeared around 1600?"
"I'm not interested in Samurai…
Not now."

You batted the book away with a chuckle.
And were on top of me
Pressing against me
Slipping against my moisture
And failing to enter.

I reached down guided
you into me.

You thrust with all you had:

You pushed deep into me
And came

When it was over we dressed
And argued global warming
Over burgers with
A dine-in tax.

I had kissed you
I had held you
Had pressed my lips against
The bridge of your nose

When my ride approached
You froze
And dropped my hand

And though my gaze followed you.
You never once looked back.

The Gap, Australia

#5467 Jan 6, 2013
little girl
in satin bra
silk panties
high heels
black as night

lips shaded crimson
eyes painted smoke
faint blush on
hair dark with
streaks of gold

beautiful doll



The Gap, Australia

#5468 Jan 6, 2013
It's oh so nice (while it lasts), she should smile,
When she turns in her warm bed, with a sigh;
Let's do it once again, she could beguile,
I'm ready for sliced heaven and, so, why
Not reach for me and come to feast some more,
I have so many tricks to heat desire,
That I would play for you; and so restore
Those appetites, which really do inspire
Burning, that's as slow as sweet narration
Of poetry or prose or molten word,
Written with devoted application;
Until I am unutterably stirred
To turn decisively for your advice,
Which (while it lasts) is oh, so very nice.

The Gap, Australia

#5469 Jan 6, 2013
She said......

"today, i want to be held. comforted with a cock.
i want to laugh about being flabby in my belly
and wrestle with someone.
today i have a need to be turned on slowly,
without any determination
or need to fuck or orgasm.
this is one of those days when i want
to stand beside a man, naked,
both of us looking in the mirror,
him pointing out all of my good features...
the breasts, his hands cupping each tit
and sliding down to my navel,
his fingers pulling my vagina open
as he quietly watches my reactions...in the mirror.
i want to feel it happening,
but watch it happen voyeuristically, also.

i need to be set free, made whole
and given clarity.
yes, i want to fuck for days,
but i want to taste every pore
on [your] body, too.
i want to know the patterns of hairs
on your stomach as we
bask in afternoon sunlight.
today i want to know that tomorrow
is coming but not stop to inspect time
or body odor.
i want to sweat and smell of sweat.
in fact, today i want to stink
and smell [you] stinking of cum
and bad breath
and dirty hair.
and moreover, i want to be addicted
to the feel of cum encrusted sheets
and not move, even though it seems "gross"
and unclean.
i want to be unclean.

i want to be real and eternal
and get to the core of another person...
get to the inside guts of who we are...
what fucking can be. i want a house
that doesnt smell like vanilla and
pumpkin spice, no. i want a
motel that wreaks of piss and stale beer
left in bottles overnight.
i want the grime of life,
the david lynch-style sex scene with
sailor and lula in wild at heart.
i want to grab the sheets, tear at them with my teeth
and cum so much my ears pop.
i want to be force fed every cock in sight
and have semen slickened hands that
virtually "glue" themselves to [your] cock
while i stroke it.

today is the kind fo day where i hate "nice girls."
i fucking despise little white princesses
who can't ask for anything,
who don't know about the human body
or the human condition.
i want to be bitten, gnawed and nibbled.
i want clothing torn and hair pulled.
i want broken bottles and spilled ashtrays.
i want to know i am just one of many.
i want to be completely used,
degraded and made to feel a whore.

and i want to go".........

The Gap, Australia

#5470 Jan 6, 2013
The night is young
and we are more
than in the mood;
take my throbbing,
pulsating cock
and play with it in
that special way that
only you have mastered;
take me to the edge
of paradise; let me
run with the wild animals
and taste your liquid fire;
play with my balls in
those tender soft hands;
rim my ass with your
satin wet tongue; play
me as your favorite game;
run the score up higher
and higher, wilder is
the key word for tonight.

The Gap, Australia

#5471 Jan 6, 2013
Teachers hand
her and moved closer
she rubbed my upper thigh
math teacher so close

slowly pulled me out
soft hands on the hardness
rubbing and holding and cupping

so wrong so wrong so close
looking in my eyes
I saw hunger in hers

her body shook with each stroke
closer now
then it arrived

a full release of conciousness
flooded my mind, her hand, the desk
on and on, dizzy and hot

disbelief and want
my beautiful math teachers hand
she chose to give a gift

never to be forgotten

The Gap, Australia

#5472 Jan 6, 2013
"Hello Sweetmeat," she said.

How nasty!
How sexy?
Meat on a table,
and sweet for dessert.
A table of woman,
and dessert of middle.

she makes me wet.
she makes me warm.
More accurately,
I'm wet in my middle,
and warm in my breast.
Like steak for a table,
and pie for desert.

A pink steak so rare,
and cherry cream pie,
A steak of cherry pus sy,
and cream of rare tit.
Turns over.

Ant wrestles foot.
Foot wins.
Foot wrestles mouth.
Mouth wins.
Mouth wrestles tongue.
Tongue wins.
Tongue wrestles pus sy.
Pus sy wins.
Pussy wrestles orgasm.
Orgasm w ...
... damn alarm.
Clicks sleep button.
Turns over.

A visit to the middle of one of my dreams.

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