The Gap, Australia

#5368 Jan 3, 2013
It was another lonely evening
In another lonely bar
When across the crowded gathering
I see, there you are
Intoxicating beauty and grace and poise
Seemingly unaffected by the crowd and the noise
I watched you deflect suitors by the dozen
Hovering about and stalking you like a coven
I sat and we talked and I no longer had a choice
Uncommon beauty and a lively intelligence
A rare combination beneath such a lovely countenance
And, oh lord, such an exquisite voice
Low and breathy, full of promise
The voice of seduction
Eroticism, witticism, full of compassion
A voice that prompts thoughts of
Nights of wild abandon
Of full moons.... Above warm tropical rains
Of long moonlit walks on the sands
Of fine wines and candlelit dinners
Of mountain log cabins with crackling fires
Of romantic destinations, nights filled by sighs
A woman whose conversation is an event
Intelligent, inventive, romantic, and heaven-sent
Knowledgeable about so many subjects
With a voice that entrances sweet and direct
A woman's maturity and a little girl's innocence
Simple naivete and seductive temptress
A complex woman without a doubt
A siren perhaps, singing to tout
Chivalry, sensitivity, and romance
Qualities begging for enhancement
In men the world over
Therefore the key to this maiden of myth
Is to make sure that she is never bereft
Of the qualities she so richly deserves
Do this to ensure that her love will be preserved.

The Gap, Australia

#5369 Jan 3, 2013
A fu ck is a sexual act
That prohibits conversation,
Fair exchange of thoughts,
And meetings outside of the arrangement
As the prominent theory of blankets
Blanket the encrypted intention
That hide behind each unique thrust
It's reverence of cu mmin' again
That I trust in lust
As I lie to rely upon
The tender clitoris that rest
In the crevices
Of a goddess's lips
She breathes her musk into my dreams
For the steam of her thick maple juices
Saturate my thought with a wet and sticky sauce
That cost the ultimate price of giving pleasure
She's the endeavor in which lay between
The crossroads of wrong and right
I will deny that she could be much more
She's a great fu ck....and I guess
Just a drug to keep my masculinity high
But why is she making my bed
And always in my head ?

The Gap, Australia

#5370 Jan 3, 2013
Who knows
What the future holds?
Im searching
for something differant
than this jello mold
of an existance
I won't settle for anything less
than a life beyond my wildest dreams

so, meet me at rock bottom

maybe I should write a book
But my thoughts only come
in short bursts
Another side effect
of long term chemical abuse
The cough syrup left me
detached from reality
The inhalents left me
brain dead
The acid left me staring at the sky
wondering whats out there
The cocaine and amphetamines left me
permanently lethargic and schizophrenic
The downers and pain killers left me
permanently discontent
The booze left me with guilt
for things i can never undo
And the heroin left me
cold and empty

So much for sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

I'm just like Tolstoy
Preaching the sins of the flesh
while having orgies
at my house

Incapable of living up to my standards
I wallow in self hatred
Brought on by my need
For self gratification

Now, a beautiful girl
can make you smile
she can make you forget
all the shit inside your head
she can make you feel that
if you died this moment
it would be okay
she can do alot of things
but in the end
she can't save you from yourself
nothing can

words.....yeah, these words here !
what the fuck do they mean?
I have so much trapped inside me
clawing to get out
scratching at the inside of my soul
tearing apart my insides
ripping at my heart
pressure inside my head
I wish I could get it out
if only I could find the

they sit outside
smoking a joint
around a fire
in the snow

I sit inside
writing poetry
smoking another joint

I don't know if theres
any significance to this
I just had to
write it down

maybe you will
get the point
maybe you

feelings...fuck !

kills the purity
and the pain
and the joy
and the insecurity
and the fear

I used to have
drugs for that

can I ever escape
from myself?

probably not

suicide is not on the menu tonight

I lost the taste for that
a while ago....


choking on air
pointless conversation
stating the fucking obvious
why do so many people speak
with nothing to say
when so many people with
something to say
don't ?

the sad truth
of the impossible dream.......

The Gap, Australia

#5371 Jan 3, 2013
I fu ck her
Like a porn star
I hate
Porn stars
Does it make
Me a sexist pig
If I love her?

Sometimes I think
That makes it worse

My knuckles hurt
My legs bleeding
Self inflicted wounds
The only release
I am a product
Of my environment

This time
It was real
The note read
I'm sorry
She saved me
Am I thankful?

The fuck I am

Im not well
The mind
A beautiful
And destructive
The messenger
Of oblivion
A double edged
Im falling
Im not sure
I want
You to catch me.


The Gap, Australia

#5372 Jan 3, 2013
When all is said and done
one must ask himself
was the beauty
in the self destruction
or the redemption afterwards?

A little voice
in the back of my head
keeps telling me

White people can't make rice and beans
Grindcore never gets old
Theres no such thing as too much coffee
And B-Vitamins taste like heroin

That pretty much sums up my evening

It's the same Ol' Story

once again
I drank too much coffee
too late in the day
and im seeing
how much porn
one man can get through in a night

is that even a poem?
I don't know
I tend to just bleed words
so bare with me

on the ride home
I thought of perfect flowing words
about all the fucked up relationships
I've been in
and the days when I knew exactly
what was going to happen
and did it all

yeah I had a great poem there
but I forgot it all
so all you have is




The Gap, Australia

#5373 Jan 3, 2013
Trying to understand is not easy
Nor worth your time
Sometimes you have to let people be people
And you be you
In the chaos and confusion
There are no definites
Let go of the reigns
Life will be as it chooses

I used the same line
in two poems
how cliche
fuck you.....

roasting my brain inside out
with self indulgent apathy
been listening to Foo Fighters all night
may help contribute to black emotions
sleep evades me
or rather I evade sleep
to find comfort
in a blanket of despair

I could write an emo poem
but thats really not me
I just wish alone
was how I liked to be

Just like a drug
Anything In excess
Will burn you

To say that this is to live
Would be a lie
To die without any scars
Without any stories
Would be a shame
I have scars
But they tell only feeble tales
Am I to go on this way?
pot smoking and copulating
To avoid the reality
Of this artificial life
I remember the smell of the wharehouse roofs
And the taste of that forbidden kiss
And the feel of those cold handcuffs
And the look in your eyes like cold fire
When we said this would never end
And it wont as long as my heart still beats
And my lungs still expand with air
This is our world to take back.....

Society still disgusts me
The rage still consumes me at times
But hate never changed anything
War only spawns war

Love is the goddamn answer !

The Gap, Australia

#5374 Jan 3, 2013
If im okay today
Maybe il be okay tomorow
But I wasnt okay yesterday
Im not okay today
And I wont be okay tomorow
And thats okay


Fuck You

I will not save you
You need to feel this pain
Pain is the catalyst
For change and life

Death is among us
Hidden under the blanket
Of Democracy and freedom
Soaking into every aspect of life
The food you eat
The clothes you wear
Soaked in blood and violence
The television you watch
Glorifying the acts
Of those that died
For your continuing oppression
The out come is
Cured by prozac
Made by the same corporations
That force into this lifestyle
We think we chose
The solution is

toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine
toxic waste death machine

Who the fuck was I
a year ago?
Who the fuck am I
Who the fuck will I
be tomorow?
What the fuck does
it matter?
Who the fuck are you
to judge me?

Does anyone else
stay up until
four in the morning
listneing to
bands no ones ever
heard of
trying to make sense
of the emotional
and intellectual
mess of their
own lonely

A little bit,

Aren't YOU ?

The Gap, Australia

#5377 Jan 3, 2013
How is it you can not understand the rhythm of my heart?
can you even hear it as it beats?
Perhaps it is not innocent enough
doomed to a hell of my own design.
I haven't the words they've all gone
wasted on my youth of many years ago
When my heart was young and vibrant
when it was young and innocent.
It has lost the luster of youth.
And so I am nothing, and no one.
A quiet voice in the wilderness
a heart that one day will no longer beat.
And if you ever do hear it may then be too late.
For the sound you hear will be nothing but a faded memory.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

You'll Know Your True Friends.

#5378 Jan 3, 2013
Dear Lord,every single evening as I'm lying here in bed ,this tiny little prayer keeps running thru my head.God bless all my friends,wherever they maybe keep them warm and safe from harm,for they're so close to me.And God there is one more thing,I wish that you could do,hope you dont mind me asking,please bless my computer too.Now i know that it's unusual to bless motherboard,but listen just a second while I explain it to you Lord.You see that little metal box holds more than odds and ends.Inside those small compartments,rest so many of my friends.I know so much about them,by the kindness that they give,and this little scrap of metal takes me in to where they live.By faith is how I know them,much the same as you,we show in what life brings us,and from that our friendships grew.Please take an extra minute,from your duties up above,to bless those in my address book,thats filled with so much love.Where ever else this prayer may reach,to each and every friend,bless each e-mail in box and each person who hits send.When you update your heavenly list on your own CDRom bless every one who says this prayer sent up to God.Com ..Amen!!!!......found this on FB.wanted to share .

The Gap, Australia

#5379 Jan 3, 2013
From the phoenix fire
My loves great passion
My one desire
To live a life from my destiny
And love the one that I aquire

From great flames of the phoenix
It's call draws near
To be alone
Is all I fear
And so to be reborn
Of life
To stand up to woe
My pity and strife

To live a life of luxury
Or to stay in a life of great debortuary
The phoenix can aquire the lust
The lust of flames
The heat the passion
To which I would want to be
To love the one that needs me

But if the one that I love is to be
A person of innocence
Then what must one do to make her see
The fire of the phoenix.

The Gap, Australia

#5380 Jan 3, 2013
Pounce of nipple
Catches me off guard

Flounce and ripple
Thro' the breasts

Landing hard,
I'm flung upon my back
To analyse the ceiling -
No appealing under stress

Now under dress -
Panties gone
And she upon
My countenance -
I rouse to bait
Her feminine way

Lead astray by
Aromatic warming
Of her womanhood,
I tune her body's
Thro' eloquence of tongue -

Her shrieking
Highly strung

We up the play

The Gap, Australia

#5381 Jan 3, 2013
Her pupil shone –
Black stole a peek

Her smile wore sleek
Beneath a knowingness
That I would seek
A slipping down of garments,
Jealous of their role
To hide the jewels that complement,
Completing all the touches.

The Gap, Australia

#5382 Jan 3, 2013
Come to that field
The one where memories grow
Come to that field
The place you yearn to go

When all you've lost
Seems so far away
When you cannot bare it
And cannot live another day

Come to the field
And I'll be there for you
Come to that field
My memory will becon you

For this is the field
Where I spent childhood days
This is the field
Where I had my childhood ways

And tho I am gone long from this world
My memories always stay
And tho you feel lost and alone
I am never that far away

It was in this field
I shared my first kiss
Beneath a star filled sky
It was in this field
Where I felt true bliss

For this is a field where life stays strong
Where death is nothing
Life is a gift
You can do no wrong

Remember me when years go by
When these old trees wilt
When the wind is rough
And the sun has left the sky

For my memory is in every tree
In every creature , every flower
In the sun and the moon
Every bird and every bee

For this is the field
Where my life was cut short
This was the field
Where I had 'the talk'

Where I was told two months was all I had
To take advantage of every moment
And this is the field where I was born again
I learnt never to look back
To look at what I had and make amends

I am the great oak
That rustles in the breeze
But on me is a fungi
That will bring me to my knees

And like the fallen oak
I have vanished in the ground
My soul is still around here
But my body never to found

So when your lost and all alone
Come to my field
And stay a while

Come sit on my bench
Lay a rose
For this place will always be my home…

Level 6

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#5383 Jan 3, 2013
Princess Hay, thanks for sharing the prayer with us. God bless.

The Gap, Australia

#5384 Jan 3, 2013
it started out so innocent
just a little bit of fun
bedroom Olympics for
just me and my hon

she was dressed so sexy
in a see-through silken teddy
with her whip in hand
she asked me "are you ready"

she motioned with her finger
and she pointed at the bed
I propped up some pillows
to go beneath my head

she asked "are you comfy" and
"do you want to play"
she gently bound my wrists
to make sure I would stay

she took out a bandanna
and covered up my eyes
with a cat o' nine
she ran it down my thighs

then, binding up my ankles
there was no way I could move
then she started laughing
she was getting in the groove

tickling and licking
a playful little bite
knowing right away that
we would "go all night"

her fingers were enticing
everywhere they'd roam
she said "get ready baby,
I'm fixing to drive you home"

I heard a little "click"
with such familiar "hum"
with an evil chuckle, whispering
"look out, here I come"

not knowing what was happening
I didn't have a clue
but from past experiences
she knew just what to do

I'm not saying any more
"Its debauchery at its best"
you can use your imagination
to figure out the rest

The Gap, Australia

#5385 Jan 3, 2013
The night unveiled
The morning sun
There is nowhere
to hide
No lies are told

As the day breaks
the truth be told
Another sleepless night
Another dance
in the devil's arms

Wasted and wounded
In your arms
I heal
in your eyes
I feel

Time stops
as the hours go by

Then fades
Another sunday
wasted away

It should be
It should be
Yet it feels
so good

It feels
so right
What can I do?
You make screwing you
feel so damn good

The Gap, Australia

#5386 Jan 3, 2013
She's not out of charity yet
fetching hunks sharp up
in cracked mirrors
must learn ever the hard way
must line other men shrouds
looking coyly around
graduated to new
level of understanding
handshakes oblivion
where kiss on a brow
pardons givers and takers
each time lifted highball
gets them crocked,
smacks both wet lips
talking moonshine and roses
turns a cheek towards slap

The Gap, Australia

#5388 Jan 3, 2013
the seven angled fluid room of thought
expands to writhe upon the page

with livid river slant a frame of stone and
craft an anvil mantle shifted crane

upon an age of withered scale the
flinted names of things escapes

the night of blue and grey
beneath the oval moon

The Gap, Australia

#5389 Jan 3, 2013
A blind faith takes hold
as the hormonal and schizophrenic January
envelops the city with dense fog
that regularly steams my windows,

Hinting at the heat of creation
that stews of late
within these beach side walls,

Alternating with breezes
that blow wood slats from my gate,

So that with blustery trees
in the front yard
spilling leaves on my laptop,

I blissfully pound the literary keys…

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

You'll Know Your True Friends.

#5391 Jan 3, 2013
truth is if I could be with anyone,I would still choose you!!!!

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