The Gap, Australia

#5304 Dec 31, 2012
Oceans of love crash into open floors
I deep sea dive to pluck out your pearl of disarray
scream for the banshees without bliss
and let's not weary into that wandering lust
where raunchy love notes are smeared with our kisses
your lipstick is the brand that I care to taste
while you ovulate and gestate my sweet fingering gestures
harpy little hippy harmonies from the bedroom

keep that pose as I immortalize your innocence, forever
just before I defile your very being
and you become the evil that drags my soul to hell
while I plunge inside of your juicy void of joy
look me in my eyes as I fuck you good and hard
your history and my seed will collide
and we will create a new breed of life for the world to fear

New mornings arise as you lay with my juices dripping from you
and we chant new tales of tantric melodies
you arch and I mount and we continue
I stay the pace because I am able
and you call me daddy for the long haul
each yes is repeated with my mighty "O"
and your eyes never leave mine

more prodigious estascy exploding inside of you
and you rub your belly as we lay in repose
kissing me gently, you ask,'can we try for triplets?'
the glare of your beauty, coupled with the God in your eyes
drops me deeper in love with you as we ~Try~
your magnetic flesh galloping amidst my sturdy pride
I buck and you hoist, we're the greatest team

eyes wide in the wake of yet another climax that spends us both
exhaust in haunting care that causes our limbs to shiver
the process of creating life is a struggle
yet we struggle together under the weight of oppression
and free terms of love that bids us to keep pushing forth
thus I push forth into you, all the more; you invite me even deeper

hours and hours persist, I huff and heave
images of your body still glisten inside of mine, weeks later
you walk into the room, fully naked and glistening
for round ... and you tell me that you've still more of my children
to plant inside of you
you are my garden
and I am your gardener

back to work

The Gap, Australia

#5305 Dec 31, 2012
From face value, our faces have never touched
our lips have never kissed
yet our voices make love constantly
her number has this ringtone, a now revealed secret
yet she's still thumbing through the classics
searching for a perfect one, for mine

Our conversations are similar to first time dates
void of uncomfortable presentation
as we lay all of the ugly and beautiful on the table
and this is how we 'share' things that no one
will never know about,'us'
sort of a stretch, but our friendship's like a love affair

Do I have the aptitude to take her there? I already have
quiet little flirtatious comments that we pass, back and forth
never falls upon deaf ears, we hear the signals
we read the signs and we love the messages that we receive
this isn't for young minded puppy love-infested fools
this is more for the mature, implored grown folks society

She's full grown and I love how grown and filled out that she is
and she is quite sassy to the tongue but that's her niche
that's simply saying that she's in need of a good tongue lashing
cell phone chats become foreplay in a respectful way
she likes to play the word game about topics that broaden horizons
while she swings to the sway of a lover's prompted harmony

Do I have the aptitude to meet and greet her in a festive frolic moment?
I think I will; when? that's not for the public to know
we're still in-like, ink-wise and that's all that's needed to be answered
meanwhile, her private smile glistens to the philosophy
that's exchanged about the true definitions of good and great sex
her intrigue was piqued, arched eye-brow, as she still preferred, her way

The Gap, Australia

#5306 Dec 31, 2012
nothing begets
a nude entrance
like the one that
you produce
subtle yet

with your rich and
round and tanned

giddy with

as we kiss and
tell the tale


a quaint-like
quiet evening

as I lock


put my hands



giddy with said gestures that proceed
to produce more prodigial affections
that we affectionately recall
the following morning

I could say that I long for you
that I love you
that I lust you
but instead
I decide to show you
all of the above

thus you beautifully
to each and every
depicted description

not meant
for written

but for
the mind
to indulge

thereafter, embrace

as we combine
the ultimate united climax


The Gap, Australia

#5307 Dec 31, 2012
A subtle notion that invokes pale comparison
during the wake of a late night love sway

open invites to a swinger's front door, you let me in
and then... the magic began

one kiss transformed itself into a tongue's lap dance
and our mouths danced for quite awhile

I didn't mind, because I've been dying to kiss you for the longest time
my lips cradling the chocolate of yours

prompting your secondary chocolate lips to pucker
themselves into position for my lips to kiss them

a gracious pause in the moment prompted me to ask:
should I recall the events of our late night love making tryst

bathed in our beautiful bodies conjoined for the time being
a bouncing rhythm that strummed along our every moan

the proximity of our passion, pile-driven about mature needs
no need for puppy love, you and I are full grown sex hounds

your bark is equal to my bite, so let's exchange both, back and forth
let's leave those auto-tune love songs outside and toast to Marvin

over Chardonnay or Vodka or Cabernet Sauvignon, whichever tickles your labia
the best... I can assist later on throughout your umpteenth climax

you look at me and say that I'm a catch, claiming that other women
would ravish me because of my flesh's tone while you devour me
reminding me that this can't be love, yet we are of like minds
'Hush,' you tell me, don't make love to me, and don't fuck me

give me another kind of sex that you've never given another woman
this will be our own sex, each and every time our bodies collide

In said instance, I become a virgin once more, lost in your wiles
begging you to teach me the art of anatomical ecstasy, once more

Another promise broken... I told myself, I'd let you go
yet I find myself peering out of your Brooklyn window... once more

more scents of biscuits and coffee while the morning sun arises
both of our naked bodies entangled in demure fashion

I know your real name yet I never say it... we're strangers for the moment
you say to me, before we began and as we kissed each other good morning

a morning so good we didn't disclose the pain that we hid
trickled in panting depiction carried through octaves of orgasmic sighs

in the guise of the masks that we would wear through our bliss
we said it would better this way... one step further

away from the truth that we continue to deny
it's better this way, we both say

we both achieve bliss throughout the mural of madness
the sweat from your face drowns my thirst

I drink your tears and we cum once again
let this be how we continue to love each other


The Gap, Australia

#5308 Dec 31, 2012
I wrote another letter in the guise of a secret
kept it closed in my back pocket
and walked home for the sake of distance
drunk on Evan Williams Honey Reserve
the outline of her full curves
still fresh in my fantasy
I shed a tear out of resentment
cell phone in my palm
fighting the urge to dial her number
and tell her that I'm still in love
with the idea of being in love with her
but I continue to fight myself
all the more... how embarrassing
drunk.... alone.... lost on a dark road.
faint light of my cell phone
to keep me company, while I question
myself on the possibilities of, "if"
and would I be a better suitor
than her last candidates
I drop my head of my intoxicated exhaust
walk home, hoping that I remember
how to get there
from this far of a distance
there's a distant road that separates us
and even though
I'm supposed to move on and let her do the same
my mumbling nonsense is translated
into her name: Candice

Sweet as Candy, yet bitter to the touch
she's my perfect girl
as far as I'm concerned
too many drinks for me to stay inside of the rhythm of this storyline
so I veer off into another stumbled plot:
plead with me this desperate poem
that I pass on through the mailbox of confidence
no longer shame in my swag-less tact
thus I reach out once more to touch your hair
yet I stop and stare and ask myself
why wasn't I born in another time frame
to where our houses were across from each other
and we were childhood grasshoppers
leading up to the grown roots that we would grow into
but that's more sad shit that I can't stomach

The Gap, Australia

#5309 Dec 31, 2012
The one in the white... reminded me, of her
that preferred slow sex with the lights on
sometimes the rougher stuff would occur
when the coke and rum participated
in the beginning, she depicted me as the type
that preferred the slim model types
but I laughed that off immediately, and assured
that I loved full figured curves
the kind that I can deep-sea dive/slide inside
she smirked at my honesty
as I said, honestly, I know the red bone
is your girlfriend and I'd really like to watch
so just watch the glasses get filled up
once more with the liquor of your choice
while I lick the excess lime juice from your neckline
oh my, am I too forward due to my buzz
or is the buzz from your silver bullet
that has you purring on this dance floor

need I say more... let's say, no more
while we're tweaked to the peak where sneaky leaks
are drenching the fingers of hers and mine
while you grind to the sublime hind of both our sights
that's right, you're what the dreams of my dark side
has been looking for... let's just hold each other up
amidst the dirty vows and priest lisps
that listens from behind the murky wall
as we fall within the sheets of your girlfriend's shrieks

I'm a lost poet within the cause of your climax, for now
you're my dark side doll with an escort's smile
professional confessions pour from your moans
I fall in love so easily... that's a poet's curse
you shed a tear while I recited my lothario's creed
while in between your knees and your girl kept
fighting me for the following orgasm... to come
but oh well, hell hath no fury as the jealousy of another
and your woman and I were at war for your
womanhood... while she slept, we crept for a moonlit
glance... the chance that kept this secret love affair
was quite sad, but neccessary
the cranberry in your perfume scent, told me that
I might find you in a different light

the liquor, your weed; her cocaine and the rush of it all
sends into a blur that we don't recall completely
but I completely remember your name
and the way your face kept that tarnished grin
as you invited me in and begged me not to pull out
not a doubt could be cast in the heat of the last gasp
that beautiful breath that grabbed around my throat
as we kissed for one more time
the wonderful rhyme of a romantic quip
dripped from the lips of your womanly wit
an enigma that tripped me up on my way out the door
need I say more... your stocking left on the floor
filled with your scent as I set out on a new journey
to find another you
that you claimed to be
the other you

The Gap, Australia

#5310 Dec 31, 2012
She told me I've been away for far too long
no apology would suffice
save for my lips upon hers, for the rest of the night
she'd then rest her head in my lap
and torture me this way
oh God, sheer torture doth her mouth provide

I would become hers, once more, for sake of truth
no more lies once clothes are shed
sweet passion to pierce mutually
we would scream in unison as we'd begin
turtle tongue play to a quick bliss

It's been too long, she quipped
you need to be re-taught
open your mouth, baby and let me feed you
I could do nothing except comply
her ocean drenched my throat throughout

she would scream more and I'd drown in gulping choke
her hands gripped me tight, sliding me back
inside the place to where I died before
reborn within fiery explosion, once more, for her sake
she enjoyed the aftershocks

she didn't want to hear apologies
nor excuses; she just wanted me to keep going
as long as it takes, she said
as long as it takes, Devine baby: Keep Going!
hard to soft and thrust to grind, I complied

this became a dance of effort, inside of desire by chance
I laid waste to my own doubt
she didn't want a Mandingo to climb her roots
she wanted Me to dig beneath her soil
and planted a more beautiful seed

I heard her loud and clear
I kept going

The Gap, Australia

#5311 Dec 31, 2012
I kept this memo on the dresser
this photo as a reminder
she was the peace of my signed woe
a woman of merit yet cherished bliss
I would bottle subtle memories
filled with love that oozed of our
sincere and fierce love-making
the look in her eyes as we'd entwine
face to face, limb to limb; me inside
of her, spoke radiant words of pleasure
and promise; she told me that she
trusted me throughout each humming
moan; our love song bled into an open
London window, where morning cigarettes
are shared, biscuits for breakfast,
vanilla coffee with soy milk; she would tell me
that she had to leave, but she wanted me
to stay, at her place... for as long as I wanted
coated over her shoulders, her hair wild in
tamed fashion for the world to accept
she'd kiss my forehead and the lips
as she'd hover over me, in domineering
submission; this is how she would control
my desires, for her
there's orange juice and beer in the fridge
she'd say, just as she opens the door
twists her upper body to give me the peace sign
blow another kiss and head out into the world
returning hours later, after the sun would set
and I'd remain the loyal affair, in her bed
arms behind my head, staring up at a blank ceiling
reflecting my state of purpose in her afterlife

The Gap, Australia

#5312 Dec 31, 2012
When the world stops and God decides to damn us all
I'll still harbor a piece of heaven, just for you
a toast of bread and wine as I recline
yet you won't be there to join me
this isn't a diss, but a kiss from afar, wherever you are
you told me, once upon a time, in a line
that combined tragedy with irony
that your stars aren't aligned with mine
yet the currents in our oceans keep colliding
from different longitudes
you retain the distant attitude
and I continue to be foolish poet, for you
you laugh and scoff, teasing me for a sensitive heart
am I on an Emo tip or simply a genuine gesture
if you decide to answer that question
I'll cut you off and answer for myself
I'm trying to display a romance that has died
in an age of recession, stupid thugs, and false poetry
I know you will understand when I say that I will love you in the dark
even though the sun shines from a sunset's point of view
I confess that these words are for you while I lie
and disguise my insight in the guise, suggesting that I'm lusting
for you
let's keep that additional factor between us
while the secret of a promise is more sacred
than the scrutiny that we insist
I sway my eyes to the silhouette of your nudity
cautiously contending to your womanly debris

The Gap, Australia

#5313 Dec 31, 2012
Intricate words, placed intimately
upon loose leaf words left from lips
that kisses quiet mouths in silence
I left college for her master's degree
the doctorate in her desires, dripped
then splashed, then drowned my
face for the sake of face value

why argue with literal meaning
she meant to sit on my face
and give me mouth-to-mouth
while I yearned to insert erect curved verbs
deep inside her uterus' purred learning curve
could I pass her head game
and would she succumb to my strumming
pearl's chorus
echoing her need to for a well-endowed penis
that bottoms her out
her spread legs amidst my third leg
she's bottomed out
and I'm the king of her climax
that seems to concave alongside her inner caves
riveting in a shivering bliss
dismissing nonetheless
she exhales...
...and rests...

I smirk as she jerks in her sleep

The Gap, Australia

#5314 Dec 31, 2012
I crash landed in your erotic wet-dream
sent a kiss from my pleading lips
prayed to God that it reached your soul
while I stand in a sea of insanity
playing the painter to your sexy poses
mixing the colors and stroking the brushes
while you continue to stand still amidst time
a simple satin sheet against your naked skin
as I'd lick my chops and sharpen my canvas
for the climax of your colorful beauty
complimenting my masterpiece as the greatest portrait... Ever

I could paint your essence forever, while I paint your back
with my perfect mixture... can you feel the warmth of it?
let me compose each character in your sequenced detail
I love to accentuate your beauty all the more
thus to explore the inner and outer contours of your womanly core
keep that pose, hike your hips a little higher for me, darling
oh just like that, baby, I love your curved Venus
it pleads me to pluck each manipulated moan with my fingertips
please my love, may I lick those mahogany lips into submission
kiss those fleeting fears as I admire your symmetry
I know that you're built to my precise fetish
while I prompt to tell me to taste you deeply
taste you like no other man has ever tasted you
bury my face inside of your vaginal canal of vesper-ed vintage
your taste is like wine, I cherish every swig
let me taste your heaven

lay down on your back, don't deny the look in your eyes
as I push my longing love inside of you
consummating the look on the face
as you accept the gift that I yearn to give you
deep and efficiently, inside of you
grasp me good while I drive my delight home
bottoming out burdens and burying bliss beneath bliss
listening to your moans, you will love this feeling of fulFILLment
as I fill you from the inside... OUT
let's make love and put the concept of love
to sheer shame
make love with me, my beautiful muse
I swear,.........

you won't regret any inch of it

The Gap, Australia

#5315 Dec 31, 2012
Drinks abound, all the way around
listen doll, I'm ten toes down
off that good drink for the moment
while you hint
that the pint in your private part
could gush at any moment

I love the jungle in your curves
the angle of your handiwork
while I spew to your climatic cue
O.M.F 'n'.G.
that middle finger that you pose with
in the picture
is the same middle finger
that you plunged in your honey pot
prompting me to watch you fuck yourself
into a coma
yelping for me to help you to finish

drinks on me
drinks for you
while you pour more drinks
on me
during drunken sex
underneath the farce of friendship
are you sure you're not
an alcoholic?
I think that your pussy is...

oh well, let's pelvis pump for the hell of it
slapping flesh amidst the mesh
that makes a mess for the mess of it
cognac confessions keeps me guessing
close mouths open legs for the deep fed

backside spread all the way to the boardwalk
loose boots place wide for the booty wobble
shake fest
quake best, in your rabbit shivers
kill joy for blue pill burdens
that chills out, champagne in the back of the bedroom
headboards fucked up
in the swing of the orgy
or does she simply likes the chase
throats endangered, clean molestation
fucked across the face


The Gap, Australia

#5316 Dec 31, 2012
Laid up in a laid out laden plot
for eyes to watch me as I climb out
wish me well or wish me not
but this ink is fading fast
so read quick and
keep it to yourself
ask yourself what that meant
and I might tell you the truth
but then again, I just might... not
it all depends
on my pen's plight for the moment
as the moment makes love to
the climax that saturates stick willow
sleepy eyed soliloquy
lend me your storied scars
I have the perfect wounds to heal them both
so bleed
and bleed some more

...please bleed more than me.......

My pleads still reach the ears of some
while many others watch me
trip myself up in the fabrics of time
only time will tell
what I could tell my late mother
without smothering my baby's breath
singing breathing poems
that beats out abusive breaths
I breathe, nonetheless
achieve what I digress
esteem what I embellish
aspire what could be acres of aspects
that accepts what I expect
I speak this way because of
how way my mind works
too fast for me to follow
too slow for me to surpass
so I
hover amidst my own thoughts
hoping to catch on

The Gap, Australia

#5317 Dec 31, 2012
Open toed oblivion
catering to chaos
while a kiss tells more
than any bedroom confession
taken from behind
soft wet sensations, placed
upon the lips of tedious
a lip service
I've kept hush about
round-about romance
enchanted by chance
closed by tattled tales
swinging her tail in my view
perfect seance
need I say the rest for
the rest of the play time
she likes to play
as do I... so we share
the playground

modeling in photography
I listen to her dirty talk
over the voice mail
while she's flying over here
on the red eye
two lives, two jobs, plus two
careers; a secret kid
that she had with an executive
living like a queen
with a madam's sole strut
a posture that's appealing
when she's feeling like
luring newer love into her
nest egg

I've played that pose
while I pose amidst her
pristine pillow princess lick
her deeper 'til she suffocates
our secrets are much cleaner
than covert clause
our passion is without pause
she sprawls just before
my withdrawal
naughtier finishes follow
suit, later on...

The Gap, Australia

#5318 Dec 31, 2012
Silent bedroom shuffling
fickle in the air of cooler breath
yesterday was a nightmare
yet this evening promises a much
better daydream
won't you humor me
please proceed:

fasten your high heels
apply that lipstick
text your friends that you're going out
while I wait for you, at home
does your convictions keep you
or do they drive your carnal secrets
will your eyes roam through
the club scene, searching for that new
animalistic thrill
or will you remember your alcohol limit
and catch a cab back, to me ?

prompted patience at three a.m.
a compromise is a compromise
so I shall play the compromised
promising comprehended understanding
towards your need to exceed in your excess
the pleasure of the flesh urges your hunger game
your teeth sinks into the thought of the thrill
my fallen tears evaporate

:: pause ::

The Gap, Australia

#5319 Dec 31, 2012
A pleasant lie told by way of
an intoxicating truth
bodily poems recited in symmetry
torrid passion torn apart by
carefully planted kisses
this dangerous love affair
bathed in bliss
blissfully bathing
the both of us
our private room near the end of the hall
we both have a key
under articulate aliases
no former lifestyles discussed
lure me with your call girl guise
and gyrate in a gesture of praise
love me for the night
forget about the morning
get to know me like a lover's touch
forgiving each other
if we don't remember
each other's names
let's just bask in the ecstasy
of this plentiful
blissful lie

The Gap, Australia

#5320 Dec 31, 2012
Luck would have it,
habits linger
in the midst of admission
that confesses
deep seated dark feelings
she would tell me how she felt
in a heartfelt afternoon,
where sex and liquor
would find us licked up and down
bodily juices exchanged
mind games spoken of tennis theory
(back and forth)
body glistening with fortunate love
gold rush in the form
of dollar stacks
hidden in shoeboxes
a swinger's sex life and clause
sign on the dotted line
swap if you may
a picture perfect personality
personified in hind's display
spread eagle after dark,
lit up with camera phones
both ways swung back and forth
in dual moan and groans
grown up grip and tease,
count the money
slower please
professional business needs
great sex meets for greed
yesterday's balance
equals this evening's
pending expense
love is not an expense....

but let's pretend and spend

The Gap, Australia

#5321 Dec 31, 2012
Check_ Your_ Pulse wrote:
Standing here before you in all my nakedness my lover
Without shame or blush
I offer up my swollen breasts and the heat of my womanhood
Treat me not the missionary
Scoop me up in your arms and throw me to the bed
Give to me your animalistic energy and I will give you mine
May your teeth break my soft delicate skin while my nails mark your body
Bury your face in my Tulip
As I Moan in my raspy voice do not stop
Until I feel the throbbing
There between my legs
The waves coming over me
Until I have released my sweet passion
Straddle yourself over me my love
So that I may kiss you passionately and with wild abandonment
Run my hands across your chest and then your abdomen
Searching madly for your manhood
I find it
In your playful aggression
Throw me a top you
So I may see your face
Looking into your eyes as you penetrate my womanhood
Still wet and silken
Your fingers closed around my wrists
We begin our rhythmic dance
Giving rise to the urges of our primal needs
Dare I say scopare me now
As my lips explore yours
Biting softly then just a bit harder
Movements in unison
Breathe hot and wet
My womanhood screaming
For more
More I say
Screaming all the while scopare me now
I Say
Then I am utterly breathless
Your manhood throbbing
Your seed bursting forth
As I soak you in my sweet passion
Curious kitten, show me your paw print
beware because I'm not the milking type
I'm more the breathing breast man
that licks the remnants of the afterbirth
pregnant in your pause as we provoke passion
don't forget to tempt me with your wiles
while the fireplace in the living room
provides the perfect silhouette
of foreplay, while I fuck you like a porn star
from behind; melting amidst the outline
of your spine as we explode together
regroup and explode once again
swing that red light rendezvous
in my direction, until the morning light
finds us somewhere lost
wandering Swedish roads beyond the lust
beyond the aforementioned love
I love you but I won't tell you until after
I fuck you once more.......
you like it when I do this though
it leaves you dripped like a leaking faucet
gush that beautiful messy gush for me
let my fingers do the talking for my lips
when I'm too spent to shove my swollen promises
back inside of you for the umpteenth time
we don't keep track of time
it's arbitrary in the obituary of our little deaths
climax bleeds orgasms until they are dry
I'm but a vessel for your vaginal wash
so cleanse me well
and drench me in your womanly oceans
drown me in the next life
or perhaps,
tomorrow night ?

The Gap, Australia

#5322 Dec 31, 2012
Such things being said in slurping fashion
I idolized her purring clause
not to be mistaken for other needs provided
she confided in my confidence
while captivated throughout her canal of screams
utilized in fashion that laps about
cervical providence, latent in milked climax
her clenched fingers wrestling about the sofa
while her eyes rolled back, listening to the rhythm
of said forked tongue talent
telling her lies that
only her body translates as truth
it's flattering that I lay in waste
beneath her waist
each line that is spat in circular cadence
continues to coincide with climatic chorus
echoes of her ejaculate, running
drooling down my chin
as I gryate mouth, tongue, and chin
in accordance
she gyrates her hips in slow
motioned dutty wine
looking down, bit lip
glistening face of mine, while I listen
to her shivers in echoing moan
I am bound by her abiding tone
each piercing slurp penetrates
her labia of logic
she becomes my puppet
I project each promise
in the form of a kiss
a kiss that tells her she's the only one,

The Only One in this poem

The Gap, Australia

#5323 Dec 31, 2012
So, she spread in silent fashion
looking back with sarcasm
asking me if I can handle... her
my chuckles disarmed her arrogance
as I ran my hands across her flesh
blessing her every nerves with sensations
that she's yet to feel from another... man
women have touched her the way I'm touching her
but this feeling was so different
because she couldn't discern if I was androgynous
in my approach
I made love to her like a woman would
but as a man should, passionate yet tender
all the while with the thrust of a temptation
that penetrates her pain, provoking more pleasure
than her previous heartbreak
a heartache and climax away from the last hotel
she laid her head in
tears while penning her last love letter to her dark prince
whom slayed her emotions
I couldn't promise that I've save her
but I opted to oblige her with a moment of .bliss.
her eyes revealed that she yearned for love
just as my eyes did to her
but I hid that fact from her, in the cover of darkness
a splash of cornered light dazzled her frame
... I pause... as I ...gasp... and whisper her name

She groped me in the gallop of an orgasmic lullaby
more tears poured from her nether regions
my efforts drowned, yet I continued to plunge deeper
a treasure that could measure every pleasure in a sense
better never than forever that might weather said pretense
an assumption that kept us clinging to each other
as private pseudo lovers, beneath the covers
hotel guise. her potent thighs. strictly deceptive tithes.

I paid, gladly...

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