The Gap, Australia

#5031 Dec 17, 2012
No was a small word
an insignificant word
It listened to the
large words;
Yes and We and

It studied the
crumbs of their
that they dropped
from the table
It was not a
stupid word.

One day it
crept into the
climed onto the
grabbed a knife
and ate it.

(Words can eat things)

It was still a
small world,
but no longer an
insignificant word -
- that never again-

And it returned
to the room,
sat under
the table

The Gap, Australia

#5032 Dec 17, 2012
This is the key in your hand, this is the side wing door,to the entrance, the broad staircase that rolls out its plush carpet leading you upward to the stately floors.

Not a single rail is crooked, darkness creeps out of the panelling and in the chilly veins of marble, blood wearily curdles.

The slight cracks date back to the times the chandeliers swayed dangerously, shaking empty above the tablecloths and parquet when the alarm went and the last crystal shattered.....

Come, close the door behind you, beware of intruders an autumn leaves, sniff the stale, nearly bygone scent of silk and serge, of that perfume....

That so often spoiled everything, of pigskin or cheap cardboard suitcases and listen how erstwhile melting snow is dripping once more from a collar of sable.

And how in the sparsley lit landings, suspicion in hair-curlers and such damp bath-robe unpowdered hot flashes, rumours....

And guarded or unguarded innuendo were able to thrive....outside the paws of the woundwort assault.
The foliage, loggias and balconies, strangling the years until they choke.

it was here, wasn't it ?

The Gap, Australia

#5033 Dec 17, 2012
I was not born yesterday

There are many daggers

beneath this spine of mine

easy to feel ....hard to state

experiance does not wear you

You wear it

keeping an eye on the past

focasing on the future

These eyes of mine see

daggers and love

encased in me

choosing to see no barriers

in frount of me

daggers fail , love of self prevails

short emotional memory helps

loosing so much

one looks forward too

consistant behavior

that is worty and true

my life a pond of dirt and breath

breathing is what I prefer

over death

The Gap, Australia

#5034 Dec 17, 2012
At sorrow lies the first crossroad,
with a road to song
and a road to bewilderment;

At berwilderment the second crossroad;
with a road to pleasure
and a road to nothingness;

At nothingness the third crossroad;
with a road to death
and a road to insight;

At insight the fourth crossroad;
with a road to madness
and a road to silence.


The Gap, Australia

#5035 Dec 17, 2012
Finding it's way out

Being strong for so long

A frount to deal with all the confrounting blows

Time after time, least expected

In need of self protection

Indifference ...to minor and major to cope

When dwelling in darkness, the heart is broke

Not something to share, distance a necessity

Still it finds it way out....somehow

waiting for a safe place and time to land


To be or not to be....

Used to choosing the best place for me

Life has choosen the worst place to be

No controlling the uncontrollable

Death death and more death

Somehow my heart , mind , body , knew

Be moderate your getting ready to loose your shit

Be moderate

Screaming be moderate

Always trying from young to be moderate

the devil is in disguise

not chosen , just lifes events that screw me

Being moderate for me is a fact

extremea all around , can't dwell in that

Drama a fact, so is suppression

The Gap, Australia

#5036 Dec 17, 2012
....not metaphysical death but death of the flesh: wounds festering, the body rigid.

That is death of the flesh, and we partake in it.

What is imagination ?
But your lost child born to give birth to you ?

Ashes on my head.
You are the wound...You be the medicine.

Dire one. Desired one.
Savior, sentencer...

Bell at the gate,
Spiderweb iron bridge,
Cloak, video, aroma rue,
What is your elected silence,
Where was your seed.


The Gap, Australia

#5037 Dec 17, 2012
Once in a dream I drew the geography of your nakedness, my lips saturated with the fragrance of almond and lemon.

I drew the estuaries and riverbeds in firm and robust red, slowly tracing your thighs with a paintbrush, dipped in longitudes of sighs and latitudes of desires.

The wild irrdescent green of oceanic eyes penetrated deeply into me like finely pressed fire of pure crystalline wine.

The flight of my hands crossing your soft untarnished equator.

In my feverish intoxication, I tasted the ghostly, undulating waves of your hair, my fingers, tangled and lost in the dark forest of your night.

Your body yeilded light, honey, and infinity as I melted into the origins of your time, before ice, creation, and gods of tribes and cities.

The nubile architecture of your hips held memories and secrets of silence, silence as shapeless and true as the limitless enegy of zero.

And as your gasp and ache shatter my dream, I now find only the charred remains of my map, a utopia in ruins, curled in the smoke of a visible apocalypse,

And underneath, your singed eyelashes, and skeletal, leprous hand, which I tightly grasp like the last note of an unfinished lachrymosa.

I see the sterile expanse of a firebombed desert in your eyes, almost blind, bleeding like the stains of colorless groan on a torturer's table.

I caress your face, once beautific, and undistinguishable from sky, now deforested with rage and sacrilege of cancers unbound by the tropics.

Even as the freshly cut scar on your cheek burns my fingers in search of purpose and prophecy in this and other stigmata, that now borderline your body like the signatures of countless empires.

I desire you still!

Desire you than ever before, as I gently touch the varicose veins tattooed on your skin by machines and chemicals.

Listen to the broken rhythm of your breath needed with pockmarks of cement and nytroglycerine,and stare at your ashen, sallow face, blistered and emaciated under the rain of harsh acid.

As the gnarled trunks of your body shrivel and slip, I will pluck the trembling wings of asthmatic birds swirling in your eyes, inflame their syllables in the ashes of your milk and my blood, and write on your skin the hieroglyphics of planetary motion.

In daubs of quartz and leaves, petals and emeralds, waiting for revolution that will turn your gashes and shivers into a prayer.

Your bruised and your putrefying lips into aboriginal songs of resurrection, and both of our bodies into a seamless cartography of silence and terrestrial kisses.

The Gap, Australia

#5038 Dec 17, 2012
When they pass away, some poets,
want the light to die when they go,
For the world to end and though
they're furious about their own demise.

I stand by the river, you know,
and watch how light,
royally passes me by;
I don't wallow in it, just swallow
harrowed at this vacant view.....

I want to write !
I want to write stories of people,
I want to hear them singing melodies,
I want to catch the floating strains from their throats,
I want to frame their dreams into words,
I want to catch their sunshine laughter in a bowl,
and fling a nations hands,
To a dark sky, and fill it full of stars,
Then crush and mix such lights till they become,
A mirrored pool of brilliance in the dawn.


The Gap, Australia

#5039 Dec 17, 2012
You decieved me and now I have to pay the price,
In the beginning you acted so very cool and nice,

You seduced me in my youth and took advantage of me,
I gave you my whole trust and you stripped me of my dignity,
You took control of me and back then I couldn't see.

You led me to believe I needed you in my life,
I had no idea what you could do or cause so much strife.

You wanted my caress, you wanted me to embrace you,
But now I know you are toxic to me in everything you do.

And you are deceptive in everyway,
and now the regret I have to live each day.

You abused me, and you I had to leave,
Because when I was with you I could not breathe.

And now that I got rid of you, you still have that hold on me,
But I am stronger now, and wont be made a fool of you see.

And I will no longer support you, for the horrid things you do.

I know you have found another, one that you make promises to...like a jilted lover,

And that you seek to control him, just as you have done to me.....way back then.

The Gap, Australia

#5040 Dec 17, 2012
Lips so soft rubbing and sucking

Tongue so wet sliding and licking

Teeth so hard biting and chewing

Saliva so cold at first and then warming

Neck so fine sleekily suckable

Breasts so pert soft and inviting

Nipples so sensitive alive with feeling

Belly so smooth a pillow of pleasure

Arse so juicy voluptuously vernal

Pussy so succulent warm and delicious

Legs so sexy wrapping and squeezing

Feet so tickly petite and nimble.

Through clockwork rotating crystal

on her lithe loins,

the sun flung rainbows

danced delight.

Now lucidly surface

From deep dreams envelop.

Sensing presence through my neuromatrix.

Snuggling in my nose nuzzles your warm neck.

Breathing deeply sweet scented hot sweat.

Tingle and swelling expansive beyond self

Tender caressing voluptuous curvy.

I dreamt I knew love.

My eyes open.

Orgasms on a monday morning.

Under a goose down duvet.

Rolling on our super king sized bed.

Happy daze.

Ode to;

Sydney City

My elysium on earth.

The Gap, Australia

#5041 Dec 17, 2012
Seven months journeying

Thirty days fasting

Conjoined in our kissing

Sensational rivers running

Still pleasures exploding

Sacral kundalini smiling

Silver lunar flashing

Fourth dimension energising

After seven months journey,

destination arrival.

Thirty days straight

fasting from splurting.

Conjoined by the tongue

we are kissing so deeply.

Sensational rivers

we run through each other

electrical pleasures

explosive in stillness.

kundalini’s smile

mercurial from sacrum.

Silver, lunar

cool even though flashing.

Fourth dimensional

energies pleasure.

Building love

Producing love

Infusing love

Entwining love

Tearing love

Being love

Opening our hearts

Beyond love.

This is the way.

A new way
to build love
into our lives

completely relaxed
we produce love
with shining eyes

energy spirals
infused love
transforming us physically

Goddess and God
entwined love
becoming mystery

two equals one
tear of love
bathed in light

nothing matters
we are love
open hearts sight

beyond words
beyond love
beyond feeling

time stops
fractal love
This is the meaning.

The Gap, Australia

#5042 Dec 17, 2012
after super-moons cool
full heart thinking
we walk together

before vernal-equinoctes warmth
empty mind feeling
I stand alone

now dawns balance
orbiting spirit love
all is fused

Floating through dark streets
golden consciousness aglow.

Words and steps entrain
fucking hapiness.

Stepping through the darkened streets
feels more like floating.
Street lights cast a golden glow.
Tiredness creates a new consciousness.

The connection I feel when we speak
sometimes more sexual than fucking.
Our words and steps are in flow.
This seems to be a definition of happiness.

We lay then,

Connected, alone.

Secrets, shared.

She approached us

where we lay.

Without thought,

we leapt.

With vim,

held tight to her

resplendent luxuriant fur.

Joy and Bliss


our naked form

transformed into light.

Infused energy

becomes a new dawn.

The Gap, Australia

#5043 Dec 17, 2012
With midnights stroke
The Beast approaches
where we lay.

Once connected,
but alone.
Wish now to share
Her tremulous secret.

Without thought,
we leapt.
With vim,
held tight.

To her
resplendent luxuriant fur.
Joy and Bliss

Infused energy
transformed into light
our naked form
to a new dawn.

light from darkness
flux from stillness

physically expressing
spiritual connection

inside space
beyond words

teetering at the brink
fear our spring board

we must somersault
into the unknown.

out of the darkness, light

out of the stillness, flux

a physical expression

of a spirit connection

finding a space inside

beyond words

at the edge of a ravine

we teeter on tip toe

hands clasped

deciding whether to fall

or fly

we become again

A vernal noon
flowers open.
Unspoken promises
hearts open.
Succulent secrets
star gate opens.
A heavenly gift
the moment opens

At the edge of creation’s
wonderful womb full
of magical vision
we dance.

Entwined, en-fused, melted, blended.
We become





The Gap, Australia

#5044 Dec 17, 2012
When we fit in to the bath

we fit in to one another.

There is something so close

being so naked, so gentle.

Your hand at my nape,

my hand at your toes.

Candlelight flickers and flatters.

Sweat trickles through hairline

and our words splash.

As old cells are cast off,

heat enters bones

and our talk becomes


Open waters

Open pores

Open minds

Open hearts.

When I bath alone I have to sing

to make myself soak longer.

With you I would stay in forever.

The Gap, Australia

#5045 Dec 17, 2012
Here is a symbol in which
Many high tragic thoughts
Watch their own eyes.

This gray rock, standing tall
On the headland, where the seawind
Lets no tree grow,

Earthquake-proved, and signatured
By ages of storms: on its peak
A falcon has perched.

I think, here is your emblem
To hang in the future sky;
Not the cross, not the hive,

But this; bright power, dark peace;
Fierce consciousness joined with final

Life with calm death; the falcon's
Realist eyes and act
Married to the massive

Mysticism of stone,
Which failure cannot cast down
Nor success make proud.

The Gap, Australia

#5046 Dec 17, 2012
Scraps of moon
bobbing discarded on broken water
but sky-moon
complete, transcending
all violation.....

Here she seems
to be talking to herself about
the shape of a life:
Only Once

All which, because it was
flame and song and granted us
joy, we thought we'd do, be, revisit,
turns out to have been what it was
that once, only;

Every invitation did not begin
a series, a build-up: the marvelous
did not happen in our lives, our stories
are not drab with its absence: but don't
expect to return for more.

Whatever more
there will be will be
unique as those were unique.

Try to acknowledge the next
song in its body-halo of flames as utterly
present, as now or never.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Valentines Day coming Soon

#5047 Dec 17, 2012
One small crack does not mean you are broken,it means that you were put to the test and you didnt fall apart!!!

The Gap, Australia

#5048 Dec 17, 2012
His wand of light awakens

as a star birthed in a new world

her sacred temple door opens

like a flower receiving

the springtime sun

My heart is struck like a bell

when I first see you

I am moved by your beauty

every time

My body flexes like a bow

My heart aims for you like an arrow

I release

My arrow disappears into the infinite

Misty, your example of courage

grace and friendship

will inspire me


Eyes of the huntress flash at me

Heart of the huntress sparkles light

Radiating glorious love into each other

Body of the huntress embraces me

Into ecstasy

We are free

to be ourselves.

Not hiding or shrinking,

being present in our sexual bodies.

We bring truth to each other

I am in awe, adoration and admiration

that there is such a woman

with the courage to dare to be alive

and who wants me to awaken with her.

I am dreaming of a stunning goddess

walking on rose petals to my bed.

I dream of joy so real and so great that

all we can do is cry

great tears of gratitude together.

Can I allow myself a dream this big?

Am I awakened?

I’ve hiked alone in rugged country

Climbed 1,000-foot cliffs

To feel clarity

Now, I am shiva breathing joy and fire

In the presence of the goddess

Level 6

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#5049 Dec 17, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
One small crack does not mean you are broken,it means that you were put to the test and you didnt fall apart!!!
You are very brainy.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Valentines Day coming Soon

#5050 Dec 17, 2012
What did I do,To deserve your stare,Deserve your heart,Deserve your soul,What did I do,To make you love me<The way you do,What did i do,To make you whisper the words every girl wants to hear, and though the answer isnt there,I see it in your eyes ,your kiss and you love..(native americian)

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