The Gap, Australia

#5003 Dec 15, 2012
A rainbow of harmonies, filled with ecstasy...

Poetry without words or rhymes, pulsating southes the soul.

Voices as sweet as a ripe plum in spring...the rhythm rocks to the beat that never stops...

Sings through your mind like a gentle breeze, wipes away your thoughts..caresses your ear..

Flings emotion like paint on to a wall..

Lost in the blare of the bass...drowns out the noise...flying high, feeling good..

Grabs hold of you, trickles over the core of our senses...Hips moving...

Echoes through the caverns of our mind, a message of the heart transmitted to the soul..

A world you make and control in your mind..

Jam-packing the room with sound, as raw as the hamburger-steak in your fridge..

Elevating and transporting us along...awakens you to the real world, makes your chestexplode with passion...lets your emotions write the lines..

Throws you down, so loud you almost can't bear it...steadies the beat of the heart...

Personality expressed through song, crazed beats echo into the night...

An escape to a different world, fucks you hard, draws you into yourself..

Ecstatic moments of timeless feeling, takes you hostage and doesn't let you go..

A violent force, flows like falling rain, each chord helps to feed the fire...

We let the music make us high...speakers throbbing

A slap in the face...traveling along the headphones....to the heart of me!

The Gap, Australia

#5005 Dec 15, 2012
PESCreation wrote:
<quoted text>
LB - that's the best idea you've come up with ...
Hello Adrian
You just let me know ... when.
Hi Trish

Okay....Now is a good time,

just say when.
OK ?

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#5008 Dec 15, 2012
Hey Adrian Assdrainingfrommen,

Where are my plagerized poems? Where are my non existant emails to you with dates?


Hey , have you been luring innocent women and asking them a TON of questions to blackmail them lately ? Like .... What's your full name ? Where do you work ? Where does your husband work ? What's his name ? Send me naked photos ... Here's all my ( fake nakeed photos)... Yeah it's really me even though my body type changes along with my hair color , height, and penis size .... But really it's me... A 24 yr old. College student ...( ummmmm old man pretending to be young)... Oh but that's my name really . Yep ... Adrian Knight from Brisbane . Sorry you can't find me on school records or the web . I'm a secret agent for a random site I can't disclose .

Rotflmao !

The Gap, Australia

#5011 Dec 15, 2012

Pieces of a past
That are crumbling fragments
Desperately trying to find
The common theme

I have to let go
Of every illusion
That is holding me back
From expressing truth

To have the courage
To stand naked
Is beautiful
My truth personified

Abolish the clutter in my mind
Make sense of the strange memories
Find peace among the dusty shards
Of shattered glass made of dreams

There was a time for exploration
A time for liberation
That led to unrest
To a thousand more honest questions posed

The ultimate journey
Is not to be taken lightly
Compassion is not only for the weak
Insanity is not only for the strong.
Ha Ha Ha

United States

#5012 Dec 16, 2012
<quoted text>
http://www.topix.com/forum/news/weird/TRJMGU8... #
When they look into your evil eyes, a coming catastrophe of earth and undiluted sighs,don't you feel that your eyes sometimes see so much light wounding
And slipping its hands right there, were thought turns into a firmament,of incendiary impulses in electric fusion...Atomic embrace of kiss and intense trembling, too unstable for our age of machine Cathedrals, Crackling, splitting, and spitting into each others mouth so slowley, a single an infinite pause of relentless creation.
Our entwined bodies so perversely embryonic, like a softly bristling olive branch smeared in a drunk goddess' prayer bleed from her lips.
Each unholy drop of viscous ferment sizzeling into ashes of our perpetual unbecoming, even as we lick each other's secret nucleus with hellish enegy and momentously mesmerized lilt of our obscenely squeezed thighs, breasts, and asses.
This agony of release your tongue draws from me as if my body were an incantation of mystery, undying phoenixes, and the second, third and endless cummings...suffusing your mouth and tracing the geological layers of our sweltering bodies in translucent motion, elemental quivers in the soil of your seismic heart and mine, how we endlessly cris-cross and addictively erase the erotically well-defined borders of this nakedly dangerous terrain again and again with our hands and our lips, on all fours, panting and perspiring profusely...blind geographers lost in the labyrinth of nuclear fire without exit.
Just call Me Betb
Mar 28, 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch ...
Because of You
You were my pain
You were my fear
You were my laughter in the pain
you were the drama I will never ever forget
you were so beautiful in your chaos
I miss that ,to the depth of my soul
You knew how to give
You knew how to laugh
But you never knew How to love yourself
You knew how much I loved you, But not really
You prtended to be together when
You never were, you hide behind your laughs
which, I so needed and adored
My far away lover I miss you so very much
Why did you have to go away.....come back ?
I am left without your smile, your laughter your jokes you played on everyone.
I am not laughing now
Until I recall how YOU and your life essence
I miss you baby..... Beth
To My HOT MAN Adrian Devine
Now who's telling the TRUTH......Everyone here is awake up to you and your sarcasm and your raging jealousy, after being spurned by me after you were exposed as a Pathological and Psychopathic liar..........
Pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying are three of several terms applied by psychiatrists to the behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.
How many times does one have to tell her to go away before she finally goes away? She has severe abandonment issues.

The Gap, Australia

#5015 Dec 16, 2012
Jennings, LA
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|Report Abuse |Judge it!|Apr 2, 2012

Just call Me Beth wrote:

Devine, you are in my heart,
forever and ever..
I say i love you ,
it doesnt feel the same ,
new person same words ,
it’ll never mean shit.
i know…
I say im sorry ,
apologize over and over
your the only person i ever fell for.
Maybe i'll accept the fact
you hate me
but never will i ever forget
the pain i caused ..
i didnt cheat,
i know how it feels,
being betrayed
it hurts so much worse..
Accept me , im sorry.
I love you
i know…
i hurt you
Forgive me .
Because without you..
there’s nothing left of me.

...what a plagarist...bet your titties aren't real either...

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#5017 Dec 16, 2012
Wow ! What a weirdo . Anyone can type in words and "pretend" someone wrote that garbage . Seriously , this is a person that's very messed up .

Let's just say if this was true (so not) that would be his style to use women and shows he does try to use black mailing. Ladies , if you want to stay safe give no information about your self , employer , family , husband . He has a track record of harrassing any or all the above .

Please report this incendiary stuff .

“Smokin' Hot'n'Feelin' Groovy”

Level 9

Since: Apr 12

Here, There, and Everywhere,..

#5018 Dec 16, 2012
Words and Motions...

The Gap, Australia

#5019 Dec 16, 2012
Laura Beth wrote:
Wow ! What a weirdo . Anyone can type in words and "pretend" someone wrote that garbage . Seriously , this is a person that's very messed up .
Let's just say if this was true (so not) that would be his style to use women and shows he does try to use black mailing. Ladies , if you want to stay safe give no information about your self , employer , family , husband . He has a track record of harrassing any or all the above .
Please report this incendiary stuff .
Do you mean by definition, that degree of evidence which convinces the mind of any truth or fact, and produces belief;

Does your alleged "Proof" now become a test by facts or by arguments that induce, or tend to induce, certainty of the judgement; conclusive evidence; demonstration ?

Well do they ?

I think that they do.

The Gap, Australia

#5020 Dec 16, 2012
Laura Beth wrote:
Wow ! What a weirdo . Anyone can type in words and "pretend" someone wrote that garbage . Seriously , this is a person that's very messed up .
Let's just say if this was true (so not) that would be his style to use women and shows he does try to use black mailing. Ladies , if you want to stay safe give no information about your self , employer , family , husband . He has a track record of harrassing any or all the above .
Please report this incendiary stuff .
As good is to evil, death is to life
While during the life cycle, you are just a pawn,
for a biger purpose
Yet, during the end of your days you start to take a step down
Down the road of endless dreams, your mind wanders
Soon your life will end, and you will have no control over this
Stepping out of the shadows taking you
You are not living, you shall not be missed.....
As you have allready been forgotten.
All of your possesions, your memories,
and your life have been displaced.
In this world they have no knowledge
of what lurks within the shadows
Once you have been assimilated, there is no turning back
Your mind is at a complete loss, nothing left to do but follow
And as you follow, there is no greater purpose.
Just lurking within the shadows, preying on the unsuspecting
Though there is no real acknowledgement of your doings
Someone will find out, soon enough.
And the feild will be destroyed
No purpose for being, no reason to be existent.

Slowly, your mind is going to be taken over by fear
And with this fear they will come!
Feeding of the fear that harnesses
the insecurities within your soul
While they slowly fade back into the shadows,
all will be lost
In an endless cycle this happens.
There is no stopping it, no acceptance,
Drones everywhere, marching around,
in the abysmal of lost souls
Within time you will be found, and forgotten
Do not doubt this, as it has happened time and time again
There is no future, only wandering mindlessly within this realm
Step inside of your mind,
and slowly find yourself lost with fear
You have no control of your, mind, body, or soul
It will be lost within a short period
Because within this world, of tyranny and way
There is nothing but fear, jealousy and hatred
You are no more, nothing in this time
Maybe, someday, if you do escape,
you will become something
Until then, prepare to be assimilated.

Read this well ..."Call me Beth"..,


You are a very sick and evil person!!

Adrian DeVine.


The Gap, Australia

#5021 Dec 16, 2012


...and feelings of sensuality stir up.
Might as well never been looked at before
as female, as a girl, as a woman.
My awakening is primordial.
I am the first enchanted, ready to give, to flow, to surrender to a stem, tender, juicy, thick, that'll open bloom in you into a seed bearing flower.

I am fourteen, and you are the boy on the next block, whose name I never knew or maybe the years have erased it from your memory.

I am seventeen and you are the one who serenaded me under the weeping willow, on the meadow at the edge of the stream.

I am nineteen, married and you're the husband I always wanted.

I am a young mother, I watch the world burst with life in my baby's eyes.

I am twenty-nine and alone, as I look for you in all the men that I meet.

I am here now to tell you, look, just look at me.
It is all I need to feel a sensual female, girl, woman, primordial, enchanted.

To remember how I felt at fourteen, seventeen, nineteen twenty-nine.
Ready to taste, a stem, tender, juicy, thick, as if for the first time, that will open, bloom in me into a seed bearing flower.

The Gap, Australia

#5022 Dec 16, 2012

To be kept locked,
Under a thousand keys
Electrical wire
Chain link fences.
Some things are meant to be kept
Vague, subtle,
Hidden under piles of mysteries.
Some things are meant to be cherished
By me alone;
Never mind the guilt,
The shame.
You are the first person
Who dared to cross the emotional valley
And found the key
That opened up
My most private possession...

My heart.

The Gap, Australia

#5023 Dec 16, 2012
skin on skin
rippling, rolling
hungry hands holding
perfume and candle flaming
licking loving lips lingering,
clutching nails on soft backs scratching
Music of thick breathing, voices unison moaning
Sweetness sticky sucking surrendering in satisfaction. Sweat beading, opening parting, body
arching, aching, juices rushing.
Climbing crescendo, creating clinging convulsing
Joining tightening, releasing wetness flooding
Panting, purring, pumping, perfecting performance. Touching tongues tickling time.
Smiling sighing satisfaction
Completed coitus coupled
Breathing soft
the taste
Of you


The Gap, Australia

#5024 Dec 16, 2012
Make love to me nice and slow

Make me pour out to you all my heart and soul

Make love to me, make it sensually last

We got all night, so don't go too fast

Make love to me, stroke my body with your fingers

Go up and down

We don't need music

Our moaning will be the sound

Make love to me

Make my body tremble from head to toe

Tomorrow my family and friends will see me glow

Make love to me, make me feel that burning fire

And you shall become my eternal one desire

Make love to me, without making me feel

insecure and used

With you I don't want to feel emotionally confused

Make love to me, and after we're done

Lay down close to me, hold me tight

It's okay you can spend the night.

The Gap, Australia

#5025 Dec 16, 2012
It was your mind....

From the beginning
That beginning of the dim lights, the smokey atmosphere in the Blue Grotto,
where the last lines of many of my poems
were still smoldering about.

When you told me:
You had never heard a better written short story.
We looked deep into each others eyes.
And your words were first to penetrate me.
Find shelter inside my body,
travel the course of my nerves, my spine.

It was your body......

When you called I was ready
And when we met, where else? In another cafe
I enjoyed getting to know you.
Looking at your blouse, your skirt,
your pony-tail......The pony-tail made me think
of a horse, and the thought made me think
of riding you.....galloping through fields.

And when your voice brought me back to the moment ...I noticed your hands.
Your hands made me think of fragrant herbs, perfuming, massaging my skin, soothing my nerves.

It was your spirit.......

Showing in your eyes.
Your eyes made me think of waterpools
The water embracing me. lapping every bit of me,
Head to toe......

I loved you then, Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Gap, Australia

#5026 Dec 16, 2012
Brailed passions

transliterate by your touch

soft caresses glide upon moistened skin

silky smooth......

Scented candles flicker,

Illuminating silhouettes of curves

as dark romance of shadows

dance in allegiance of our love

I feel your hot breath

kissing nape,

sending pulsating quivers

riveting shots of ecstasy

Senses heightened,

pleasures unfurl


untamed lust.

The Gap, Australia

#5027 Dec 16, 2012
You know me
I am the unfish
but a point

through which
you pass
on your way
somewhere else

a pulse impelling
the liberation

that comes
through unity
beating in fours
forty tongues

to speak with
one mind
forty heartbeats

marching to
the same

The Gap, Australia

#5028 Dec 16, 2012
A rose I shall pick, a white rose of love;

A red rose for passion, for I chose the white rose for love;

You chose the red rose for passion;

A flower never lasts when it is picked,

The petals are falling, to the path we walk,

How we reached it and couldn't turn back the hands of time;

How we walked the road, petals fell one by one;

We could only see the splendor of touching our rose,

With petals falling gently to the path of time,

We walked the path always turning back to see the petals,

For the rose we picked was dying;

Never can we mend the rose we picked;

Or see the petals together again;

For the petals are our lost emotions,

So we turned to the rose, reaching for the last petal;

For a last chance to mend the rose as it was dying,

We swept our tears away, walking a path to a new one;

Leaving the petals behind, knowing it was the end;

For the flower garden are our friends, which we tend well,

For the rose is the one we loved, and tenderly chose;

For the beauty it poised, and the colour it displayed,

In fullness and in love,

Never an emotion should fall without beauty,

For never should you pick a flower, for a flower will, wilt, with time;

For its beauty will fall, desire will never last.

For the love and beauty should only depart,

When the flower dies;

With only memories of what it gave.......

The Gap, Australia

#5029 Dec 17, 2012
Your vowels die passing me,
so close that I could have been the one.

Endless the static cargo of stars,
that spluttering in the night shackles us...

But you that I could have been, but was not yet,
you shuffle stubbornly
you sift to bestowed profusion.

Each leaf that falls, falls alone,
I counter
your face grinds to a halt.

I want the I that is I to stay,
but where does it begin, this being - I.

At the place where the I is like you,
or there where the I is other than you.

My tongue goes deaf,
your eyes coo from the sockets
of the lost ones.

Just a breathlick of light,
pomegranate pip light...
between where I-am is and not-you is.

I decay - grit in the throat,
your vowels die passing so close,
That my eyelid welds itself to your love

The Gap, Australia

#5030 Dec 17, 2012
My words of love grow more tedious,
than the sound of lilac
My language frayed.

Dazzled and softened
I feel myself
through your stubborn struggle.

You still hold me close like no-one else
You still choose my side like no-one else
against your breast I lie and I confess.

You hunt my every gesture
You catch up with me everywhere
You pull me down between bush and grass
On the footpath you turn me around.

So that I must look you in the eye
You kick me in the testicles
You shake me by the skin of my neck
You hold me, prick in hand,
On the straight and narrow.

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