The Gap, Australia

#4981 Dec 13, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
Three simple rules..If you do not go after what you want you'll never have it..If you dont ask the answer will always be no..If you dont step forward you will always be in the same place!!!!
I agree, so whats your answer ?

The Gap, Australia

#4983 Dec 14, 2012
Poetry to further your blessed sameness.

Poetry in an hour of giddy apprehention.

Poetry just and obvious.

Poetry fervent in everybody's hands.

Poetry to confiscate what little light is left.

Poetry beaten with an unknown object.

Poetry, poetry, poetry so massively gone upon itself.

Poetry from consultations and robberies.

Poetry notified by its broken legs throbbing.

These and a thousand nights of poetry flatter the trees.

These and all your curses pulped for peaceful purposes.

Poetry then no more of it...Then more.

Poetry leaking from official bodies.

Poetry from behind our mirrors. The wall. The wall of poetry.

Poetry painted up for grabs and settling down

Poetry toward early morning abductions. taken and.

Poetry without a power cord.

Poetry without a fist, a gun, a summons.

Poetry stooping in a long line.

Follow me poetry. Home.

Poetry. Then. Home. Poetry.

The Gap, Australia

#4984 Dec 14, 2012
Already you know more about me
Than I do of you.

What is it like to hold a soul
Between your finger and your thumb?

The perfect power of it

Putting a life away, then taking it
out at will, over and over,

A cycle repeated...

Me, I can only sense
A ripple in the air that might be you.

I wear you like an invisible cape of peacock feathers,

Shimmering eyes turned inwards;

A rustle and I turn, knife-glancing,
And sometimes there you almost are.

Do you smile when you dust me off?
Do I bore you?

What do you think of in those spaces,

Timeless,....when you forget me..
Just as I forget you?

Which I do...Sometimes.

You see it's complicated, this attrition,

This busy, busy moulding,
This absolute judgement.....

Even you, removed, are not impervious!

The Gap, Australia

#4985 Dec 14, 2012
Two glass eyes gape at delicacy,
fleeing like night thoughts
and light a memory.

We try to render the movement
the momentary flicker, blinked,
into a noun such as a sparrow.

One long glass trunk smells
faint aromas of dead stars,
the light that is their memoir.

We try to render the thick stew,
the pungent white melange,
into a recipe such as Sirius.

glows dull, infrared
a surface of sterile
baked ingeous rock
with motionless
poisonous dense black
thick air...

Oh, yes there's
no question:
The Planet of Love.

And the beauty in souls,

Released in the twilight
of a starlight cloud cluster,

Wander through the night
with a heart of gold,

Music to sweep a soul's nucleus,

Pleasures from brief shadows,

Hallowed in a sunken black hole
of a lost soul.

Flashes a message
in the firmament by night,

Reach beyond one's range.

Following in the path
of a falling star,

Wishing that I reach you.....

To measure the distance
of all that has fallen,

So deep in Heaven....

That silences
your love for me,

Swallowed by my pride,
I called out to the heavens

Pitched black as night,
chance to be by your side.

My life swirls like a top,
engulfed in the comos,

Taking the glances to the deeper depth
of a constant twirling path,

To the nucleus of my deep soul,....

Within glances to extremely bright cores
of galaxies....

That cross distant universes,
star struck by shamefacedness,

In a game well played.

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#4986 Dec 14, 2012
We need some pop corn up in this joint ....

Continue with your plagiarizing ......

The Gap, Australia

#4987 Dec 14, 2012
I took a book of poems, and handed her a key
It was written by another who never came to be
It glowed as burning coals on winter's frigid eve
Pouring from the pages for piercing eyes to see.

A penning to her soul, every word rang true
She read it like a testament, read it thru and thru
Suddenly things lay bare, a mirror with a view
faceless painted smiles, petals damp with dew.

Fragile yellowed pages, she greets the solitude
A book of embers burned, melancholy mood
Chapters without a key, doors to elude
A page forever sealed, a walk she won't include.

Easing past a wilted page, with keys to the mind
A once mellowed trust left tangelled far behind
Metaphorical happenings, innocence lost and blind
The book of poetry penetrated, syllables intertwine.

The Gap, Australia

#4988 Dec 14, 2012
You may not want to but all will be fine,
Tonight I take you, tonight you're mine.
I'm going to de-flower you, make your cherry pop,
'Cause you're on the bottom, and I'm on the top.

There's no escaping, the hour is late,
It's going to happen, so accept your fate
I'll start off gentle, I'll start off slow,
It's your first time and we've a long way to go.

You love my fingers, you love my tongue,
So, why not my penis? It will be fun!
One finger, two finger, three finger, co ck!
You'll feel my manhood, hard as a rock.

I use plenty of lube, to ease the way,
I could do you rough, but that's not the way
Slippery head pushes in, breaking new ground,
I hear you moan softly, a heavenly sound.

There might some pain, it will be tight,
But just relax baby, it'll be alright.
I push some more, God I'm loving this night,
This is hard for you and you put up a fight.

But the worst is over, and I'm in to the hilt,
I feel your body relax, your resistance wilt.
I hold you tight, I hold you strong,
I'm deep inside you, where I want to belong.

I kiss you tenderly, all your pain is gone.
I feel you moving, I'm turning you on.
I heed your cue and pull slowly back,
Your pus sy clenches for another attack.

You cry out in delight as I push back home,
You writhe like a whore, impaled on my bone.
I increase the tempo, gently at first,
I've waited a long time to quench my thirst.

I build up a rhythm, steady and sure,
You clench and squirm and beg for more.
You squeeze my co ck in your silken trap,
I crank up the pace and my balls start to slap.

I start to grunt and you start to scream,
I'm fuc king you hard, I'm fucking you mean.
I'll fu ck you rough, I'll show you my class,
I'll caress your nipples, spank your sexy ass.

You've crossed the threshold, there's no return,
But plenty of tricks you'll willingly learn.
You push back hard, begging for more,
I go insane, flat to the floor.

I feel it cu ming, from deep in my balls,
We're rockin 'n' rollin, bed hitting the walls.
The neighbours must hear us, but I pay them no heed,
This is my time, I fulfil my need.

An explosion of light, ecstasy and sound,
I swear the whole bed, has moved off the ground.
I feel you cu mming, you shudder and freeze,
I give one final thrust and go weak in the knees.

I cum like a thunderbolt, frantic and wild,
I hear you whimpering like a grateful child.
I'm cum ming in gallons, as I empty my need,
I coat your pink insides with all of my seed.

A lingering buzz, then I make my retreat,
Cum dribbles from your ass and onto the sheet.
I am captivated by the view, a sight most gripping,
Distended and gaping, pink pussy dripping.

Exhausted and broken, but without regret,
Your body lies crumpled, shining with sweat.
Initiation completed, a dignified grace,
Overwhelming emotion, hands covering face.

You doze like a baby, in orgasmic bliss,
I roll over and seal our bond with a kiss.
For now you are mine, of this, be sure,
I have marked your insides, forever more.

Although we had climax, this is far from the end,
You are mine forever, so don't you forget it,

my beautiful friend......


The Gap, Australia

#4989 Dec 14, 2012
Emotions bubble, boil over,
Spilling words that go unheard-
Fragments flutter down,
Adding on to the litter
from yesterday's agenda
And we move on in silence,
Sidestepping the debris-
Leaving behind in our wake,
All this unfinished business....

A touch of skin soft and slippery,
With the hint of hint of sweat.
We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets,
As the wind flowed from the window above us.
Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance,
To abandon all of our uncertainties.
You began your work on my lips,
Probing gently as if drawing sex,
From a deep well of longing and need.
Then heated tongues met in the midst,
Of hot and quickening breath.
And greedily we drank the wine of our lusts.
Then intoxicated with those spirits,
Our clothes found resting place on the floor.
Piece by piece,
Until there were no hiding places,
For the two glistening and wanting bodies.
Hunger revealed in this hot moment.
Then skin meshed with skin,
As the floor became the stage.
You moved atop of me easily,
And lowered yourself gently.
Kissing me as I was filled with you.
As a gasp broke the kiss,
Your hands stroked the stray strands,
Away from my forehead, then became entangled.
Our slow rhythm gave way,
To urgent and demanding thrusts of passion,
As I arched my body for your comfort,
And you threw me into ecstasy,
With the strength of your blows.
You left me screaming and soaked,
In oblivion again and again,
As you growled my name from the back of your throat,
And our bodies both demanded more,
Each giving to the other,
High on the fluids of foreign substance.
I grasped, then released you,
Grasped then released you,
In effort to relieve you of your control.
The taste of your skin between my lips,
Was like no other.
To hear your cry of mercy,
When my teeth met your warm skin,
Was more breathtaking than you knew.
Yet I still released the control to you.
As you wound your hands in my hair,
And pulled until the flesh on my neck was taut,
You moved with one final and breaking blow,
Forcing our way to the peaks of bliss,
Leaving our screams to echo on like battle cries.
I welcomed the weight of you to crush me,
As you collapsed on top of me,
Still hot and burning,
And I glowing like an ember,
Casting a welcome light,
Should you seek my gifts again....

The Gap, Australia

#4990 Dec 14, 2012
Laura Beth wrote:
We need some pop corn up in this joint ....
Continue with your plagiarizing ......
You just love it dontcha ?

why do you c um here Beth, get turned on do ya ?

Can't drag your sorry self away, huh ?


your plagiarizing has been very prolific on other web sites, so don't come here accusing me.



PS: Stop sending me e-mails I don't read them.......they go automatically to the trash bin.

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#4991 Dec 14, 2012
Lol .... In Adrian's dream world do I plagerize . Go get my plagerized poems . Btw I don't read your crap . I know your up to the same old same old luring in women to victimize . And dude , I dont email ya you freak if so prove it with dates . Your one sick puppy and I am here to protect women towards your abuse .

Now , continue your bogas plagerizing we have all seen you do for years luring in innocent victims .

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

TY Everyone For Helping Me

#4992 Dec 14, 2012
Sometimes the right person was there all along,but you never saw them because the wrong person was always in the way!!!!:O)..


#4993 Dec 15, 2012
I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this alone
For much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
I've been looking back to find
Where I went wrong

Too much love will kill you
If you can't make up your mind
Torn between the lover
And the love you leave behind
Your headed for disaster
Cos you never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time
I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
I used to bring you sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring you down
How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
Can't you see that it's impossible to choose
No there's no making sense of it
Every way I go I'm bound to lose

Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
Your the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time

Too much love will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you wont understand why
You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you
In the end...
In the end.

Freddie Mercury - Too Much Love Will Kill You

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

TY Everyone For Helping Me

#4994 Dec 15, 2012
When I am with you,I wish I could stop time so i could spend forever with you and never have to leave your company!!!!!!
gold girl

Park Forest, IL

#4995 Dec 15, 2012
oo that sweet

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

TY Everyone For Helping Me

#4996 Dec 15, 2012
Go for someone whos not only proud and glad to have you,but will also take every risk and effort just to be with you.!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#4997 Dec 15, 2012
To you I wouldst lift mine veil...
and await you within
my refugium tent of silk,
with but little resistance,
with but much trust
though hesitate betrays
a shyness of own will....
which in your presence
would be gusted away
like wind on dust......

My orchid dews
with musky cream
for thoughts of you
and distant dreams...

Its center swells
with heat engorged,
its need unquelled
awaiting more...

Petaled lips, those
lingually teased -
passionate moans
in ecstasy seized.

You tell me that you envy
the satin sheets and tissues
that catch what should be yours,
and wish that pearly issue
could anoint and cause you sighs...

Long awake at night,
you imagine the liquid heat,
that fires your deepest inner goddness' seat..
once again you feel that longing
to be made my woman,
and ache for that sacred moment...
and my pearly tissue issue,
that makes you sigh and moan...

The Gap, Australia

#4998 Dec 15, 2012
You feed me mussles, one by one
and invite me to lap at their
heady, vulvian likeness
- kiss their juices from my chin...

Then later, you serve me figs
teased open with my tongue,
as you let me scoop and suckle
at velvet secrets within..

Later, a bit of Belgien chocolate
first warmed upon your tongue
shared with mine and melted more
hints at pleasures to cum...

Ah, but the coupe de finesse
you offer me last, your own...
a honeyed dessert, warm and sweet
that needs but the final kiss..

- the cream,
whipped by ecstasy mine...

Oh, if it be of fig,
your dress under it I would coyly peek..
And of the delights I there would seek.
would be your jewels, no less!

You have a secret treasure box
to hide your jewels within..
There a fit deVine so fine,
with dark rose velvet lined...

You tell me, my love,
that I will find no locks.
there the scent reminds of heaven,
Musky, dark, and sweetly welling...
It is much like I,
from soft to hard and swelling!

Ah, but you have seen my gift, but
None so sweet of yours, yet have I.



The Gap, Australia

#4999 Dec 15, 2012
How I long to bathe in the essence of you..

How I yearn to feel your weight upon my body,

Crushed under the wetness, so deliciously surrendered..

The gates of your secret garden, no longer closed, forlorn..

Open only for me, and the holder of the key..

As I enter gently, I hear your pleas, as your legs embrace my hips...

Erect and throbbing I fill you with all of me..

Let me hold you in my arms, as we soar ever higher to realms of ecstasy unknown..

Beyond the connubial bliss of earthly desires fired, still, I want to fill you with all of me.

How I long to bathe in your sacred essence and surrender my soul,

Only you, have given me the key to realms of ecstasy unknown...

I so desire you to entwine your legs around me,

Just as our souls entwine, and spiral like thousands of twinkling diamond stars..

How I ache to feel me deep inside of you, one with my heart,

Our bodies finally merged as are our souls, and intoxicate on the blend..Of our essences creating a unique perfume...Heady, musky and sweet..

Oh, to feel you on me, impaled immobile - to feel the grind and force of loving thrusts...

Each urgency climbing higher..to visualize it, is almost ecstasy itself..the moment of ultimate trust between such souls as you and I.

How I long for that sacred moment when with throbbing pulses ours,..You hold your breath as you savour my gift of my purest of me, my essence.

The ultimate blissful pleasure!..I would be held captive with your most intimate muscles, until every pearl of me was yours.. greedly treasured, precious jewel.

I would then kiss away your tears of joy, as my own wash my eyes with the same happiness....of being one with you.

The Gap, Australia

#5000 Dec 15, 2012
I am not my sister!

I cannot be my brother!

I am definitely not yours!

therefore I am born of....

water, fish gills and plankton

I am narcissistic

egoistic...slightly masochistic

an erring sadistic streak

I am vain


with illusions of grandeur

(the kind that accompany those moments of nervous hypermania.)

Invunerable, I am, but not to death, or beauty, or passion, or whateverthefuck.

I can read and write, and do read and write, but only for myself...

I am private and very honest, but only when masquerading as someone else

I am an idealist, in love with a realist, in love with a.....

I mean I am a serious kind of guy in love with a comedian...

Everything Is Association.

The Gap, Australia

#5001 Dec 15, 2012
My phallic intuition is perverted..
to a ruthless precision.

The heat is fermenting the sugar in my blood-wine
tightening my erect vessels with alcoholic indecency..

I lie here naked, hard, and pink head throbbing

Plucking grasses impulsively

Subconscious of the harrowing bees

That matters not...

Dasies, ducks, and promised fucks...half submerged damsels,

In chaste lakes,

Come, undress, spread all over...

I am tired of sleeping with vanity..

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