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#4940 Dec 12, 2012
When you feel alone.just look at the spaces between your fingers,and remember that into those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#4941 Dec 12, 2012
Beware the impersonators......who have NO LIFE of THEIR OWN

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#4942 Dec 12, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
When you feel alone.just look at the spaces between your fingers,and remember that into those spaces you can see my fingers locked with yours forever!!!!
Okay PH... that was a over corny!

The Gap, Australia

#4943 Dec 12, 2012
Random is a holy word to me,
it is a corner stone to mythology.

It explains so much,
and asks for so little in return.

Sometimes I loose faith in such comforting illusions....nothing seems random anymore.

The chittering sound of a mouse running in the ceiling....English expression homework forgotten on an art table,
Half finished work abandoned....a shoelace,
A page torn from a magazine,
Of innocent beauty carefully contrived.

There are always connections,
submerged beneath the mundanities,
Invisible in the daily ebb and flow
of internet chit chat,
photocopied asignments, and porn photos.

All the facts and ideas,
skills and concepts that we cover
with glue and glitter,
do little to expose connections.

That takes silence, pain and joy....

Repeated with the rhythmic certainty
of a metronome...or clock.

The Gap, Australia

#4944 Dec 12, 2012
After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.

And you learn that love dosen't mean learning and company doesn't mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises.

Then you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes ahead, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child.

You learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans, and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.

After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

And you learn that you really can endure;

You really are strong, you really do have a worth.

And you learn, and you learn

With every goodbye........you learn.

The Gap, Australia

#4945 Dec 12, 2012
The presence of you, keeps me up in the night,
I dont know what to do, when you're out of my sight.

My life is a bore, I long for your touch,
I can tell you for sure, I want you so much.

Love me like you've never loved before.

Come with me, it's easy to see,
That we both need that thing, like a bird with one wing.

We could fly, and time would pass by,
As we reach for the shore, I will want you much more.

Love me like you've never loved before.

Skin on skin, the fire within,
Your body is mine, your look is DeVine.

The night is still young, with your name on my tongue,
Though nothing me harms, I will die in your arms.

Fuck me like you've never loved before

The Gap, Australia

#4946 Dec 12, 2012
Lost in a labyrinth of mirrors
the lives I choose not to live
teas me with their gold-red glitter
and against their glazed silence
the cries of long-faded passion echo
suffering and joy indistinguishable.

where is the thread to guide me ?

I have been seeking that tantric alchemy
that transforms the bitter almond tang
of old love's pain into rich bright mead
now the drink simmers before me
its scent brims with sweet intoxication
saying wisdom has tempered the poison.

does temptation cloud my seeing ?

In the crucible metal shivers and curdles
before melting in consummation
to be shaped by the whim of the vessel
into which it once chose to throw itself
the first hot breath of that forging
traces my skin with sexual intent.

Should I give myself to the fire ?

The Gap, Australia

#4947 Dec 12, 2012
In my dreams I heard the silent incantation

Tumbling through the velvet night

Woke to find eight inches of magic

Wrapping my hard-bitten street

Like a belated birthday present

The gleam of spermatoza filled latex

Transmuted into the glitter of snow

Wool-snuggled, I go searching for a lonely faun

To invite back home for coffee and crumpet.

The Gap, Australia

#4948 Dec 12, 2012
No songs are sung of the pain
Of something going nearly right.

Of the unrestfulness of trying
to puzzle out, is it right enough ?

Of the sad dragging of knowing
that is nearly less than we need.

The silence of two hands not meeting
The wrenching misery of silver.

And sometimes I'd rather have nothing
than that cold consolation of nearly

That leaves me lonesome in that small
and bitter space - between there....

and nearly there.

The Gap, Australia

#4949 Dec 12, 2012
Turquoise swishes across saffron
a sussurating oscillation
as we dig for starfish
crisp cotton melts and clings
to my zaftig ebullience
bladderwrack crackles underfoot
senses seasoned with salt and desire.

Under the moonless sky the ocean
is starred with amethyst lumminescence
meteors zoom past, illuminating
an ethereal path we could take
your fingers embrace mine with a tingle
like the sensuous fire of chillis
my body remembers resilience.

Strapped in my metal harness,
I reach slowly up the climax
Upon the metal rails that climb up to the heavens
Excitement building up my chest.
My best friends beside me,
We vowed to brave this monster.
My head fills with the loud clack-clackity-clack,
As we reach higher and higher
Into the depths of the sky
Until-the dramatic pause-
We see the view of the park below.
So beautiful! So high!
And then, an enormous pull!
We whirl, we swirl down, down, down,
Up, up, up!
Swooping torwards the sky only to
Plummet down to the ground at the very last minute
Only to fly up again!
My heart drums full bass against my chest,
Screams of victory and triumph
Choking into the blasts of air
That skims past my body.
Beside me, my friends feel the same sensation...
Any time now, it will soon be over,
But for now, we're flying on the wings of ecstasy.


The Gap, Australia

#4950 Dec 12, 2012
I scavenge the depleted memories
of antiquated courtyards
chasing their tatterdemalion slink
through chrome and marble jetsam
across their forgotten brillance

My fingers trace words civil and obscene
and with the tenuous thrum
of broken-stringed tablature
the lost resurfaces
and is jettisoned again.

Tatterdemalion slink across chrome alleys.
Villas deplete memories of sacred tablature.
Antiquated courtyards host tribal artifacts,
which nobody recognizes nowadays, remain untouched.

Yet civil guards scream obscenities
Lost meditation resurfaces.
I brilliant though forgettable words,
tenuously scavenge jettison.

Now so full of useless treasures
and messages from the past.)

The ghosts of garlands
hang lightly on my heart
their orangeflower scent
a sweet and bitter echo
of a love that faded
in a precocious frost.

My flowers know that there are
times when the mind is blinded
by tears from which no flowers grow,
when all streets are cornerless,
nowhere to walk but away.

And yet they also know that
there is always an afterwards
always a new tomorrow to
walk towards.....alone.

And the ghost fragrance
of their crushed white petals
reminds me constantly
to seek once more
my flowering season.

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#4951 Dec 12, 2012
Beware the impersonators......who have NO LIFE of THEIR OWN
Tallahassee, FL
Blacklick, OH
I am the true DeVine...
My ISP is registered Brisbane Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Create your Topix Profile leave mine ALONE
Honestly now, <squirrel pats couch, glasses and pad>DeVine, why do you tortue that poor PH? Can you see your drving her past insanity? <adjusts glasses like Velma>Do you feel at all,any compassion? Look at her. She beginning to look deranged. Help the girl out.

The Gap, Australia

#4952 Dec 12, 2012
Something in the reaching out of arms,
Or the hands' trajectory to a mutual safe landing

Something in the lean of bodies
Squeezing to nothing the space between them

Something of the youngness of you and the meness of me
Linked by the brief bridge of song

I close my eyes
and dance in the stillness of our embrace

the dance ends......

The Gap, Australia

#4953 Dec 12, 2012

...Someone (?) trolls the Realm looking for posts
that do not align with their political, religious, or moral values.

When they find a paticular post usually (by me) that they do not agree with, they post surreptitiously, and by clandestine and stealth, messages in those posts, to incite people to bring attention to some of my posts to get it locked or deleted.

This ruse and phenomenon is widespread not only here but on other threads and forums, and motives can vary...BUT WHAT THEY ACCOMPLISH IS TO STIFLE FREEDOM OF SPEACH AND OPEN AND HONEST DISCUSSIONS ON TOPICS THEY FEEL COULD BE A THREAT.

If you (yes... YOU KNOW WHO I AM REFERING TO...Don't You ?? Wowser !)

...are not comfortable with what is here, and you don't like to read it..the material, I am posting, kindly do us all a favour....And Stay Away !!

Adrian...(DeVine)...THE ORIGINAL ONE and ONLY

The Gap, Australia

#4954 Dec 12, 2012
She walks toward the light
searching for warmth to comfort her
Her naked soul.

The layers are gone now
forgotten for the moment.

Her raw soul searching for comfort.

The light beckons her forward
She stands there, attempting to
cover her nakedness.

"Why do you hide ?"
"I'm ashamed."

The tears come down of their own accord.

"I need You."

She's lying naked
exposed and defenseless
to the knives and the swords
that are words.

Only a thin blanket
of self worth,
to cover her cold and open

Cuts and scrapes
from near fatal misses,
scar her body with insecurities.

Tears of pain
run down her bare skin stinging
as they salt her wounds.

Pulling at her blanket
She tries to hide from yet
another attack.

But this time the knife of guilt
is thrust deep into her
kind and compassionate heart,
hurting, maiming, killing.

Now she lies covered,
beneath the heavy earth
safely protected by death,
From all these fucking
back-stabbing bastards.......

The Gap, Australia

#4955 Dec 12, 2012
She once told them.....

"I'm always thinking of him, my mind wanders to a lascivious state while my body becomes somewhat stimulated in a way that is down right x-rated.

I long to feel his firm yet, soft hands ravish and tease my body beyond return.

I yearn to feel this young man, DeVine's hard and swollen instrument play a melody inside my vaginal walls.

The elongated. industrious, and vigorous strokes against the delicate pink folds of flesh, overpowers any innocent emotions that I may have as he occupies all of me...Totally.

While I talk to him and vicariously listen to the seductive, sexy tone of his voice, my body is immediatly immobilized.

Oooh, the way this man, DeVine speaks to my body is so damn overwhelming and how my body reacts to even the mere thought of him is even more tantalizing..

...as we converse, my mind wanders off to a very salacious and lustful state.

But to the sound of this man's tonation is like he is speaking directly to my clit, instructing it to do whatever he wants it to do, as if it were a puppet and he were my puppet master.

I obediently and submissively obey.

Then I think of his intoxicating fragrance that I can't get out of my mind, leaving me not to be able to let go of this irreligious state that I am in.

I lie beside him, close to him, holding his firm body tight, running my lips across his mouth.

They open, sheer delight.

My nipples stiffen at his kiss, and my moans turn into erotic sighs...

...a breath of pleasure, trembling...
as he gently parts my thighs.

His face I see from memory, as he tilt back his head...

Feeling the fountain start to flow, he eases me back on to the bed..

Riding the tide of passion my lips explore the flame, as squirming with desire..

DeVine gently calls my name..

Touching my body, arousing me so, I'm riding the passion, how high can I go ?

I see the hunger arise in his eyes, and it urges me on, faster and faster, higher and harder.

His arching back, his fingertips, his perfume scented, sweet cum mixed with sweat.

His beautiful taut body pressed against mine, all open now...and wet, so very wet.

DeVine, desire reaches onward toward our final thrust,

Pleasure is part of the secret, that I never thought I could find."

The Gap, Australia

#4956 Dec 12, 2012
The lust for bust and succulent meat
Beyond the bonds of procreation
We yearn to earn our sexual treats
And engage in pagan recreation.

To drain the vein in hungry thighs
And leave the seed inside
We deploy the joys that scrotum begs
In the pry of pliable legs.

Whether he or her with pubic fur
Or shorn to youthful clean
With copulate competence they aggressively surge
To spread the limbs of voracious nymphs
And stab the beast between.

With stealth and wealth we immerse ourselves
To the winning and pinning of partners
We wed and bed leaving no line unsaid
In the fight to delight even farther.

And so it goes with cum it flows
In pleasurable and immeasurable dimentions
Men push for woman's tush,
Girl's ploy for boy's toy......

Despite their politest intentions.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Friends Are Great...

#4957 Dec 12, 2012
Distance means so little when someone means so much!

The Gap, Australia

#4958 Dec 13, 2012
Silver moons.....
Mirrors a flatwear spoon for gravity
Handful of gold luster to the heart.

Form occurs facilely to rich flavor. Time's silvered hair photographed coins and empty pockets of stain.

Behold the willow's corrosion brightness to the heart crying leafless browns.

Pertaining to gold icons of rose floors, amber light of stars.

Pigment glass. Mind's of sanity. Informal dress code of decay.

Offensive verbal wing's of silence.

Sands for the enchanted paint. Ointment for the breathing skin.

Copper mirrors, reflections haunting, the stains remain.

Amber cinnamon figures taunting the snuff-coloured dead. Sepia clouds burnt sanity's mintage eye.

Stable needles through salt's seed.

Coral tears of pain. Cursed blush of fear.

Grass consuming tanned sin. Sienna dust-covered leaves.

The river along the shadowed valley glazed the moonlight.

Beauty, a paragon devil embalming fluid for the graves and the crystals shared, silver stars breathing the night's tomorrow.

The Gap, Australia

#4959 Dec 13, 2012
The perfect poem is not about standard lines,
rhymes or figures of speach such as a hyperbole or a smile.

The perfect poem is a stimulus forcing senses to comprehend the profoundest of meaning.

Like a Calypso sprawled on a bed with the smell of sex heavy in the air, the perfect poem beckons men into her abyss of bliss.

The perfect poem blessed with the soul of the great Aboriginal Warriors, with each angle, turn and throw conquers the minds of all tribes.

The perfect poem is rebellious by nature, a non-conformist, freeing itself of all prisons of structure and adverse control mechanisms.

The perfect poem is disrespectful of authority and chains of command and the divide of humans... no more patricians and plebeians.

The perfect poem is volatile, a weapon of mass destruction against corruption, disparity, alienation and racial acrimony.

Serving as a discriminatory agent the perfect poem acts against all oppressors, including the great one-eyed leaders of this world.

Yes, the perfect poem is reborn...it is the audacity of hope, the once alien dream of Martin Luther King Jr. realized in all free men, everywhere

The perfect dream is the voice of the deranged, the homeless, the helpless, and the "Others" of this stygian world.

The perfect poem is now a journey to reality, a subway connection to truth, justice, and the unrealized dreams of democracy.

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