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#4909 Dec 11, 2012
GQQd Morning Adrian

I wanted to apologize for all the excitement I helped to create in here the other day.

Have a Wonderful Day

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#4910 Dec 11, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
Why you sad? Its okay..We all get that way sometimes..yes it will pass..no not putting it out there but hey register and you might get to find out..Hows that for your answer.Im sure all the ladies would love that..Some people are private that way..Right back at Cha..:O)..
My sad feeling is for a lovely lady who lost her mother recently......I have so much empathy and commiseration for her and her families great loss, I know exactly how she is feeling.....please join with me to say a prayer for them both....

Vale Patricia

R.I.P. Amen.

Adrian. Knight.(DeVine.)

Brisbane, Australia

#4911 Dec 11, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
GQQd Morning Adrian
I wanted to apologize for all the excitement I helped to create in here the other day.
Have a Wonderful Day
Hi Trish....you need not apologize for anything......we all make mistakes......just ask me, I'm not fallible....

I'm off to bed....had a busy day....not so wonderful, but productive.....hope you too have a great day....

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Smirk .. ;-)

#4913 Dec 11, 2012

“Valentines Day ”

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#4914 Dec 11, 2012
Dear Lord,I come before you to ask for strength for our sister who is going thru a rough time right now in her life.You know Lord before we ask,we are to ask you anyways.lift her up and cradle her in your loving arms and let her know you are there.Lte her know She can turn it all over to you.Bless the family in this time of need.Give them all strength they need to get thru the days that Lie ahead.I ask this in your name Lord and we all say Amen.I want you to know (ILY).The Lord loves you too.

“Valentines Day ”

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#4915 Dec 11, 2012
<quoted text>
My sad feeling is for a lovely lady who lost her mother recently......I have so much empathy and commiseration for her and her families great loss, I know exactly how she is feeling.....please join with me to say a prayer for them both....
Vale Patricia
R.I.P. Amen.
Adrian. Knight.(DeVine.)
TY sorry about that I didnt know..I know too well how that is I also lost my mom even though it was in 2006 its still very fresh in my mind..The Lord took her to heaven and one day I know I shall join her and my Dad..yes lost my Dad in 1980.Its rough.God bless.

Brisbane, Australia

#4917 Dec 11, 2012
Sweet Maxine wrote:
I squat to pee...that's sexy.
I bet that's a releif...

Intelligence is enormously sexy.


“A chicken and an egg are lying in bed.

The chicken is smoking a cigarette with a satisfied smile on its
face and the egg is frowning and looking put out.

The egg mutters to no one in particular, "I guess we answered that

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#4918 Dec 11, 2012
* relief

oops typo!......

(NB:-i before e except after c......now I got it)

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#4919 Dec 11, 2012
When you run so fast to get somewhere,you miss the fun of getting there.Life is not a race,so take it slower.Hear the misic before the song is over!!!!

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#4920 Dec 11, 2012

Pleated Skirt
Pleated skirt
Flips and flirts
Luscious leaks
She bends her waist
To let him taste
He tends the whip
With a firm grip
‘Reveal your need’
He says, with greed
‘Yes’, she says
As she spreads
Herself so open
Free and hoping
For him to take
A lick of her lake
With hardness nearby
A chance to comply
Her will to him
To act on every whim
His power overtakes
As he slides out his snake
He grabs her hips
The skirt he flips
The flesh succumbs
Between his thumbs
A dip inside
Swallows up his hide
The skirt it swishes
With every move delicious
The mounds of round
Welcome his pound
The pent-up cream
Is building to an extreme
Needing to explode
He grabs a tighter hold
She squirms in delight
Sensing the coming plight
With a guttural groan
He grunts and moans
Lunging a final thrust,
A lustful combust
The skirt returns
Their bodies still burn.

Brisbane, Australia

#4921 Dec 11, 2012

Lubricated lips warm
Riding a raging storm
Your flesh erect
Partake pleasure select
His drop of dreamy dew
Our clothing torn off
And all askew
Falling into my dirty mind
Nirvana radiates
Down my spine
Stroking slow
Taking hold
Soft touch
Mouth enfold
Cushioned moist
Sweat lingers
And evaporates
Urgency building
Clutching tight
Sensing your climax
Is coming in sight
Closing my eyes
Hearing your sighs
Moaning growing
Gripping flowing
Give me your cream
Complete my dream

Swirl and Dare
Sweet and sticky
Melted dream

Chocolate dripping
Liquid cream

Between our tongues
Around our teeth

Forward lunge
A grab beneath

The lights go out

Brisbane, Australia

#4923 Dec 11, 2012
Inch by inch a line is formed,
in the sand where waves can't reach,
Oh sunlight whispers an urge to burn,
Memories please, not my innocent dreams.

Hands full of shells my skin is ripped,
I lay them in order at my feet,
Arranged by size, shape, color and grit,
Only one was perfect, the bridge between.

One on the left and two on the right,
both good and bad no bias needed,
a delicate balance describes a life,
where history exists not, unless repeated.

All held ideas both dark and light,
from inventions to songs and war,
my attempt to decipher and build on one side,
was met with reasons to build on the other.

Finding true wisdom is simply done,
symbiotic process neither side much swayed,
Uproarious laughter and sobs will come,
Erase the line, embrace the day.

Brisbane, Australia

#4924 Dec 11, 2012
Would you like to know,
why I hope to be your Knight?
With passion I shall bestow,
and pray this brings delight.

You certainly are a Queen,
giving true love to your clan.
Your energy is so keen,
not that of a strongman.

I was a wandering Gladiator,
when you came along.
You filled my heart with amour,
as I danced to your song.

Rather than combat for vitality,
I want to serve your heart and soul.
I plead for the opportunity,
to procure this knightly role.

The words that you speak,
are true bliss to my ears.
You make my knees weak,
when to my eyes
your exquisiteness appears.

Your mind is so profound,
to search it, is a quest.
Your wisdom is renowned,
and my love for you professed.

I want to be of service,
protecting you across the globe.
I shall strip to my bareness,
to wear your royal robe.

I will embark any trial,
needed to authenticate my love.
And build you any castle,
as you are my dove.

I hope that my swift sword,
can bring you to ease.
And the love I have poured,
has fulfilled your deep fantasies.

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#4925 Dec 12, 2012
Sweet Maxine wrote:
I squat to pee...that's sexy.
That' the natural way for a female. Yes it's very inviting. I can already see you peeing ........in my imaginations.

Brisbane, Australia

#4926 Dec 12, 2012
Breathing heavily she said to me.....

"Baby I’m waiting for you at the door,
The burning desire hard to ignore
Passion and lust is what you bring
But most of all that precious thing

I thought about it day and night
How you would spread my legs wide
Slide in easy, like knife through butter
Making me scream, making me stutter

As you arrive, I open the door
My body trembles even more
There is no doubt why you are here
You grab my hips and pull me near

Without a word you twist me around
Pulling my string towards the ground
I hear you taking off your pants
And take my hips into your hands

I feel your co ck searching for its prey
My legs spread wider as it makes its way
I surrender my body for you to enjoy
Please use me like your private toy

Without hesitation you thrust deep inside
I scream out loud, our bodies collide
Fuc k me like you’ve never done before
Pound my pu ssy until it’s sore

You grab my hair and pull hard on it
While thrusting your c ock into my slit
I scream out loud, I wanted this
For you to pound me to eternal bliss

My legs give way as I feel your teeth
Sink in my neck, causing more heat
Pressed against the wall I rub my clit
My orgasm close, I’m ready to submit

To waves of pleasure, oh here it goes
My body shocking from head till toes
I feel your cu mming deep inside
Fill up my pus sy before out it slides

As you let go, I collapse to the floor
Still catching my breath, you walk to the door
I lean back against the wall, see you walk away
I close my eyes, fuc k me like this every day."

Brisbane, Australia

#4927 Dec 12, 2012
I try to keep busy when you are far away
My thoughts are invaded with our adult play

You are entwined in my heart to beat as one
Longing for your return so we can have fun

When I hear your voice I just want to be naughty
But your busy schedule keeps hormones steady

Alone in beds separated by hundreds of miles
Sleep wouldn’t come faster when I sense your smile

Memories replay hot sessions I need right then
Immersed in thoughts while a tent slowly extends

Hand meets throbbing hardness oozing precum
Gentle strokes causes more wetness to seep down

This feels good but your lips and mouth is better
Gliding up and down softly like the smoothest feather

Your skill and work of art no one can measure
You my darling give me new passion and pleasure

Return swiftly my lover so our love juices can expel
Embrace in heat, your fragrance I long to smell

Let me look you over and lust on your beautiful face
Your nakedness my hungry eyes begin to trace

A few days seems like forever because you I crave
Every part of me waits to entice so you can misbehave

Brisbane, Australia

#4928 Dec 12, 2012
the night is dark,
the bed is warm but lonely.
my fingers
slide inside my panties
to softly stroke.

my thoughts are all of you...
that quirky, solemn mouth,
your words flowing over me
like warmth and laughter,
little touches
of time and tenderness.

what I want is to
feel YOUR fingers
serving my body
in the same way mine
slide up and down
to tease my wet slit...
whorls and ridges
rolling across me
to feel my moans
and my shallow breaths.

slide those fingers
inside me
and feel my body
spasm with joy.....

do it now.

my fingers move faster
and deeper.
my thumb works
swollen flesh
and I fall apart
with a shaking body
and clenching core
and your name on my mouth....


sated for the moment,
my fingers still
touching and filling,
I fall dreamlessly
and deeply
wanting you.....

Brisbane, Australia

#4929 Dec 12, 2012
We moved our fantasies to reality,

Fulfilled our wildest dreams.

Loved, laughed and loved again.

A time filled with joy and delight.

It was always just sex we said,

We lived a life less ordinary.

But too soon the phone call came,

You decided to once again

Become the man you were.

I said all the right things

But choked on the word goodbye.

The tears flowed silently down my cheeks.

Then I realised...

I was not sad because I was losing a lover.

I was sad because I was losing a friend.


Brisbane, Australia

#4930 Dec 12, 2012
(The real story behjind that nursery rhyme)

Jack and Jill each took a pill
To make their sex lives better.
Jack's pill was blue to help him screw
Which made Jill's pus sy wetter.

The little pink pill taken by Jill
Adjusted her bodily rhythm.
She'd spread her legs but save no eggs,
So she wouldn't have babies with him.

Jack told Jill to get off the pill
Because he wanted to sire.
But a bun in the oven would mess up lovin',
And put out Jill's sexual fire.

Jill had had enough; told Jack to back off.
Jill craved dirty sex and not motherhood.
So she offered instead to give Jack head
And suck off his c ock like no other could.

Jack wanted a son but also craved fun,
So he bargained and got Jill to agree
To let him enjoy her as a sex toy
And as hostess at an oral-sex orgy.

That’s how Jill at last got her fill
Of c um which she greedily swallowed.
She gave blow jobs to dozens of slobs
And a p ussy-fuck party soon followed.

Huump-me, dump-me
A flower on a wall.
Hump-me, dump-me
Any boy she would ball.

All the Kings whores
Both women and men
Humped and dumped her
Again and again.

“Valentines Day ”

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#4931 Dec 12, 2012
The best things in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws,mistakes and weaknesses but still thinks you are amazing!!!

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