Brisbane, Australia

#4866 Dec 10, 2012
Poetry points out the beauty
many tend to live too fast to detect
or maybe spread ideas within
so we may later bring it up to reflect.

Depths are deeper than normal
colors bolder than the naked eye.
Emotions readily open to see
tears freely flowing in its cry.

I see poetry in any common spot
waving blades of grass, the leaves.
Sparkling prisms of light bouncing
rain water, ice dripping from the eaves.

Poetry is in the encounters I have
whether with people or nature's spread.
In the aisle of a super market, the park
or just reflections held in my head.

I see poetry in the love for my wife
button popping praise for each child.
It is apparent in the neighborhood
with its all encompassing style.

Poetry leaps from the air
as well the sun, stars and the moon.
holiday gatherings and parties
or that new birth coming soon.

I see poetry in most all I see
in all the senses I freely use
and I never forget how a smile
can send running, the blues.

Never have to think about it
poetry stays within my touch
giving me thrills abundantly
cause I love to write so much.

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Since: Jan 12

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#4867 Dec 10, 2012
woo hoo do it to me again!
Hoosier Hillbilly

Richmond, IN

#4868 Dec 10, 2012
KNIGHT DEVINE I liked that one, I kinda feel the same way.

“Valentines Day ”

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#4869 Dec 10, 2012
I want to find someone who never gets tired of kissing me everday.Hugs me when Im jealous.
Understanding.Keeps silent when Im mad.Squeezes my hand when Im not in a good mood.Plans and Imagines the future with me in it and when I do find that someone I will never let go of him..:O)
Hoosier Hillbilly

Richmond, IN

#4870 Dec 10, 2012
@least your not asking for much.
Hoosier Hillbilly

Richmond, IN

#4871 Dec 10, 2012
PS: get a dog.

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#4872 Dec 10, 2012
Sounds cruel but ... it's true... puppies are adorable.


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#4873 Dec 10, 2012
B-O-R-I-N-G....GIVE ..ME...Good Ole' ROCK 'n' ROLL..any day!!"

“Valentines Day ”

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#4874 Dec 10, 2012
thats right HH not asking it from you isnt that nice...but that was just a poem not intentions to anybody...okay..Dont want a puppy been there done that not going there again..Its good..:O)

Brisbane, Australia

#4875 Dec 10, 2012
Her little face is like a walnut shell
With wrinkling lines; her soft, white hair adorns
Her withered brows in quaint, straight curls, like horns;
And all about her clings an old, sweet smell.
Prim is her gown and quakerlike her shawl.
Well might her bonnets have been born on her.
Can you conceive a Fairy Godmother
The subject of a strong religious call?
In snow or shine, from bed to bed she runs,
All twinkling smiles and texts and pious tales,
Her mittened hands, that ever give or pray,
Bearing a sheaf of tracts, a bag of buns:
A wee old maid that sweeps the Bridegroom's way,
Strong in a cheerful trust that never fails.

Brisbane, Australia

#4876 Dec 10, 2012
You say you donít know how to feel,
Or how to care,
But Iím here to tell you,
Even a pretty girl can feel.
Stop, listen, absorb, feel.
You have so much to offer and you hide it away,
But I have seen the door,
And I can hear the music behind it,
The sweetest sounds Iíve heard.

You donít like filters,
Well Iím telling you to get rid of yours.
Drop down the wall,
Let someone in,
Take a chance.

Your thoughts dart here,
Dart there,
But I am here to tell you,
I will slow down April.
Stop, listen, absorb, feel,
For just one minute,
And youíll find it is easier than you thought possible.

Share, experience, learn,
Life is all about learning through experiences,
How can you experience everything alone?
Who would you have to share memories,
Because happiness is only real when shared.

I like you,
And you like me,
And boy and girl like each other,
But where does it go?
What does it mean?
Who decides?
We do.
I like you and I am glad to know you,
Not just the typical yes I know who you are
and youíre very pretty
and I would like to kiss you now.
No, I am glad to know you, to know how you think, and why you think that.
You are special, and you know it,
It is not a bad thing to recognize that,
yes, You are a beautiful individual
and you have a lot to offer,
but until you let someone in fully,
no one will be able to appreciate
how truly special you really are.
So take a chance,
Be bold,
And remove the filter.
I have removed mine.
My door is open, and the music is cool
and inviting.
I want to stop, listen, absorb, feel,
share, experience, and learn.
With you, and from you.
And I will slow down baby,
If given the chance.

You have boys at your heels,
You manipulate them,
You have fun,
And youíre still alone.
You may like it,
But this is nothing sustainable.

It may be easy to be alone,
As you said,
When thereís constantly someone there
willing to coddle you
Itís not hard,
lacking caring, or feeling, or sharing.

I like this functional thing we have going,
You said that yourself.
Well itís only functional if you care,
feel, or share.
I know you, get to know me.
I want to feel exposed and naked
every time I talk to you.
When I look at you,
I want to pools our eyes,
to be the infinity mirrors of our souls.

So stop,
And let someone in,

Please let me in.

Brisbane, Australia

#4877 Dec 10, 2012
And then the rain came down,


broken down bodies
writhing in the hot dirt.

parcels of drunken flesh

into endless spasms

fingers push me

to dance in evergreen puddles

all my layers

set into flame,

with the tip of the tongue.

A bite of the teeth.

A push of my hardness.

with a frothing desire,
it slips...

into place.

Brisbane, Australia

#4880 Dec 10, 2012
The intimacy of you
delving deep
swinging high
jewelled doves
pushing my bones
to a shifting forest

heated feather touch kisses
smashing footsteps
my blood is cursed
dripping honey on your chest

I thought I heard a phoenix cry
in the twilight toes of night
you are divintity my love
and I are your broken eternity

the light grows cold
casting hellish shadows
on my blistered insides

how has this come to pass
your sharp neglect
but it brings a sorrowful blow
the wonders of you
this love so newborn
but ancient in its roots
a bowlful of heartache
only lucifer would serve

I lay in shrieking winds
red spirits whirling palms over me

time passing

days blowing

I pray for some merciful velvet
I am but a dowdy shroud

Brisbane, Australia

#4881 Dec 10, 2012
Lucid dream
from placid stream

waiting always
for you
to strike me

take down my number
and slide me into
a fretful atmosphere

my tongue
is plagued my sweet
with our silken history

drawn me down
and show me painful love
like it ought to be

go on take my honey bee

blue wake

I feel nothing

nothing feels me

grey slate keeps my body upright

this lost lover eluding me

swalled in white fucking dreams

Brisbane, Australia

#4882 Dec 10, 2012
Lady Derringer wrote:
<quoted text>Variety is the spice of life ...

ďVariety is the soul of pleasure.......For variety of mere nothings gives more pleasure than uniformity of somethingĒ

Brisbane, Australia

#4884 Dec 10, 2012
Lady Derringer wrote:
<quoted text>And then there is SOUL EATER:
NB:- The video you have requested has been rated ďTV-14Ē and may contain content intended for mature audiences.

Brisbane, Australia

#4885 Dec 10, 2012
Realms of saftey
in such coy beauty

your limbs still reach me
in this solid cage

you reek havoc on my heavy points
fading curtain of despair

we float
weightless but joyless

I am your moth
that always longed for change

hiked up skirt
on a window sill

always staying
enjoying your pure power

you fold me down
then draw me back

bodies smashing into shards
dust is made

fear is lost
as you are to me

Brisbane, Australia

#4886 Dec 10, 2012
Does moon weep gently upon blackened night,
and bloodless bones, forgotten?
Drift frozen,
with current and calloused hands,
on canvas incomplete

Howling beneath each brush stroke,
once ineffable,
symbiosis of flesh and paint,

To feel warmth,
crippled mind and skull uncracked,
in ebb of candle, lit

As pale dots toil fermented,
in codeine roseate

Brisbane, Australia

#4887 Dec 10, 2012

Draw me into you..... like a breath of fresh air
breathe in my female scent, taste me with your tongue
Get so deep inside of me, lick my warm wet walls
I long to quench your hunger

Savour my juices, like a full bodied red wine
Touch my pink rose bud, this is what makes my nectar flow
Lick my mini erection, its so hard now
You know you want to...

Inch your fingers into me, one by one
Stretch me to "your size"
Feel my wetness drip in your hand
Make me feel like I'm alive

Use your beautiful lips to wrap around my clit
Kissing, sucking, licking
Your eyes are closed, make love to me with your lips,
Place wet lingering hot kisses on my mound
Whilst pulling me close, your hands on my hips

Lay me down and look into my eyes
Do you see the want? The lust and the need?
Only truth within... No lies..

Kiss me, search out my tongue.
Kiss my eye lids, and back down to my mouth when your done..

Ever so slowly, enter me..
And then stop......let me savor the fullness
The feeling of completeness
Let me feel your weight, pressing down on me
Oh... God..... in heaven I'll be.......

Then move, slowly at first until our bodies find a rhythm,
the primal urge
The urge that is as old as time itself
The one that was invented by the gods

Slowly we build up speed and feel the urgency, the desire,
the passion over take us
But most of all - the want and the lust

I think to myself.... Please Fuck me harder - but I don't say it...

The time has come....
I can feel the slow throb start from so deep within my soul...

You must be so close... Your breathing is fast, your eyes are closed,
the sweat is trickling down your forehead..

I can't wait any longer...
My pussy convulses in a fit
Like wave after wave of uncontrollable electric pulses
Rushing to my clit

At the same time,
you thrust so deeply into me
and your cock erupts emptying fully your load of creamy seed.

We lie in each others arms and drift off the sleep
dreaming the same dream...

Of each other..

Brisbane, Australia

#4888 Dec 10, 2012

Psychedelic rainbow of colors bright
Continuum of blasts, vivid lights

Every pore sensitized, to the core
Every touch magnified, some more

Guttural moan stretches, never ending
From depths the psyche groans, gut wrenching

The breath inhale refuses to leave, exhale
The exhale breath rushes in to be inhale

The heart squeezes, aches for lost blood
That rushed to the penile, for pleasure, instead

Brain freezes, mind numbing pain
Starved scream of the bloods drain

Movement, still before the explosion
The spirit lingers for the implosion

Tears roll down, the sight a treasure
Shivering sobs, body crying in pleasure

On the moment in time
Two souls as one entwine

Tense bodies pause to wait
Synchronize to ejaculate

Wasted bodies, limp after exertion
Feelings pleasant, glows of satisfaction

The psyche free of passion, love encompassing
The spirit light, happiness bursting

Soul, mind and body, a moment, all in relation
To subsist, for no reason, with no reaction

This moment that stretches to eternity
This instant, I seek eternally

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