The Gap, Australia

#4742 Dec 8, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank You
I just barely finished reading through that whole mess and was once again surprised to find you here when I was finished. I admit I do struggle at times with my comprehension of compiled words. I've said before I really need to consentrate on what you write, so I do understand it. Some of the words you use are not in my dictionary and quite frankly I don't always like to have to use a dictionary.
I appreciate that you were not intending to bite me and that you did infact notice it was the word sneer vs smile that had me twisted a bit.
My apogies to you as well.
I got your back baby......thank you !

(now would be a good time to post your e-mail address in your profile Q & A .....just leave it ther for 5 minutes)

The Gap, Australia

#4743 Dec 8, 2012
For festive fornication give me wine,
apart from which all I require now
is holding both your melon breasts in mine,
and time, at least as much as you'll allow.

Strait is the gait for sinners but for lovers
it's wide, but if you want me to be frisky,
lie patiently for me between your covers
until I've fortified myself with whisky,
plus some Cialis to make sure I don’t
end up this evening with a beg-your-pardon,
in case precautions such as these ones won’t,
despite your wine and breasts, cause me to harden.

Lie patiently, I said, but tell the truth,
I want to hear the magic words, I love you,
Then pull on me as dentists do a tooth
to fill your cavity when I’m above you.

The Gap, Australia

#4744 Dec 8, 2012

Never found in good poems.
Can you believe it?
Are they vile?

Can I show a metre,
furnished so people might see
Fully engaging notations,
largely educating,
and oh now bestowed free?

Rumpus or fracas feel all too manifest.
But is bluster?
Rowdiness, rebel?-
or scramble, outbreak?

Darn! I neglected cluster!

I wonder bacchanal
and certainly upsetting,
but frankly ought I
- blurt meanings so -
abstracts fetched with equations spry?

Really selfish and nasty.
But also hellish and musty.

temporary loss of consciousness
french licence in economics
under a contract basis
error of measurement

wicked, villainous
debauching, swing
was sternly condemned
by the mosaic law
dissolute indulgence
in sensual pleasure
debauching, squandering, wasting
vice, adulterous


The Gap, Australia

#4745 Dec 8, 2012
Hug Life,
no weapons,
but I always
carry protection.
So many sluts out there,
so need to cover your erection.
Diseases, blocked by a trojan,
sneak into the unbreakable wall.
I am a black stallion,
ride me if you dare.
Full of flare,
life, passion,
I heard you were asking,
about me,
yes I am free for you.
Let us dine tonight,
talk about our baggage,
I can handle it.
Carry on,
grab the bong,
build are appetite,
I hope you don't do desert
on the first date.

Delicious if you make
me wait.
Magnificent, the chase,
but I do not run,
I take my time,
still searching for
the one,
Virtuous woman,
so hard to find.
Maybe my standards,
are too high in my mind.
Forget the past,
it is behind you-- doggy style.

Forget the future,
it is always changing,
so we go on with our bedding,
as long as our minds
are connecting.
When I get inside,
no one else will cross the gate,
plow the meadow.
You do not know,
how deep I go,
how deep I am,
I make love,
I make passion.
This is not just fornication.

The Gap, Australia

#4746 Dec 8, 2012
Your lips are not the bright red of apples;
they flush coral pink against your pale skin.
I want to tangle in your hair like smoke
that rises, and linger like pocket change
you jostle-jingle against your hip. You
just stand there backlit by the summer moon

bulging bronzely above. A gibbous moon
casting black shadows on bright red apples
you have arranged for a late-night feast. You
are unaware. How the scent of your skin
makes my mouth water! There's a subtle change;
stubble bristles on my jaw, dark as smoke.

You say you'll be back after a brief smoke,
the sliding door's glass glints under the moon,
and you step into the night sky. The change
proceeds. I am not hungry for apples;
but peel one with a knife, spiraling skin.
You slide in with the wind whistling. And you

have no clue how much I want to bite you,
claw you, throw you to the floor, sweat and smoke
scenting—tinting—the paleness of your skin.
I grin. My teeth gleam whitely in the moon-
light. I toss you one of the red apples.
You bite. Juice runs down your chin. And the change

takes hold. I lunge at you, howling. Can't change
my direction and don't want to. It's you
I hunger for. We knock over apples
as we fall to floor. Your hair is smoke
and clouds around your face. The summer moon
shines an argent beacon on your pale skin.

You claw back, red lines rise on my bronze skin,
clothing falls slow like leaves when autumn's change
transforms green to gold beneath harvest moon.
You are slick with sweat and desire. You
burn with such brightness I can see the smoke.
Your cheeks flush red as forgotten apples.

Forbidden apples don't tempt like your skin.
It's you who transform and bring on the change.
If I am a werewolf, you are the moon.

The Gap, Australia

#4747 Dec 8, 2012
The point of life is there is no real point of life. Nearly every possible answer to that question can be refuted with reasonable ease.

Many people say the point of life is happiness. But happiness is such a fleeting thing. Why live solely to be happy?

Happiness is only an emotion. And what makes one happy constantly changes as well. Happiness is only a human concept. Take other animals for example. Why do they live? It is highly doubtful that they are motivated by happiness.

Others say that the point of life is life itself. But there is hardly any point to living in itself. We grow up, reproduce and live out our lives. Our children grow up, reproduce and live out their lives.

The cycle continues pretty much interminably. What exactly is the point of this endless cycle? Do we need to proliferate ourselves over the four corners of the Earth?

Probably not. Many would speculate that the world could do better without us.

The list continues. Let's take a look at why animals live. It seems reasonably apparent that they are motivated by instinct to survive. It is programmed into them. Is it not possible that the same "programming" still runs strong in humans?

Perhaps. It seems that there is, in fact, no point of life. However, I think I'll keep living because I see no point in ending my life as well. Perhaps that's why we live.

There's no point in not living. Ah, the wondrous joy of the paradox!

The Gap, Australia

#4748 Dec 8, 2012
Polyamoury is an incredibly difficult thing to pull off. It's also extremely rewarding when you do.

Consider: One must cope with all the normal tensions that a relationship puts upon two people, as well as all the tensions that the outside world (or living within it) puts upon a relationship. Then consider those tensions multiplied by the number of partners that one has.

Further, consider the additional tensions caused by the relationship between one's various partners, and the demands for time that each partner makes of one. Consider the time that it takes to truly get to know each partner. Already, it begins to look a bit more difficult than a monogamous relationship.

Finally, consider the inevitable jealousy and resentment that arise in a multiple-partner relationship. No matter that they are dealt with over time; until they are completely dealt with, they add stress to the overall relationship.

Scared yet? Well, it isn't all bad.

Temper those stresses with the joy and fulfillment of finding someone to love, multiplied by the number of partners that one has. Then add in the relationships that (hopefully) develop between one's various partners.

Finally, add the wonder and joy of living one's chosen lifestyle as I have. With luck, when you solve this equation, the value will come out highly positive.

It's hard work. Some of the hardest you'll ever do. But in the end, if you can make it work, it's wonderful.

The Gap, Australia

#4749 Dec 8, 2012

I lay spooned into you on your bed. Your left arm across my belly while your right cradles the phone to your ear as you listen to your man. I am comfortable and warm, enjoying your closeness, and the feel of your desire.

I make a joke about how you are careful to not touch my breasts and you tell him you're awkward with girls. He responds and I feel your hand move to cup my breast. My heart beats faster and my breaths quicken. You are holding me, and he... somehow he is a part of it. He tells you more and I feel your hand squeeze and move. A little moan escapes me.

You know what you have done. You know what you have started. You tell him how you're turning me on, how you're going to let him go now so that you can finish what you've started.

This is polyamory to me. It is sharing me, and sharing you. It is being loved and loving and not limiting the size or shape of that love. It isn't about sex. It isn't about having someone to fuck. it is polyamory, amore, love. We may grow to four, or maybe to more, and some will wish they had what we have while others fear or decry it.

We may find ourselves in pairs, We may find ourselves in triads. We may find ourselves in combinations we never expected with men and women. We may not all be in love with each other, but as long as we love each other and share openly of our hearts and each other we will have something beautiful.

Love shared, really, really, shared, multiplies and does not divide. when one partner spends time with another you are happy, because they love each other and they make each other happy and we all like to see the ones we love be happy.

The Gap, Australia

#4750 Dec 8, 2012

Noir comme le diable,
Black as the devil,

chaud comme l'enfer,
hot as hell,

pur comme un ange,
pure as an angel,

doux comme l'amour."
sweet as love.

The Gap, Australia

#4751 Dec 8, 2012
Thick paper, creamy and smooth like old china.
Soft shadows, graphite shapes and curves already dress the surface.

The brush sweeps in simple forms, rough hewn black bass notes.
The rhythm and balance of space holds its truth in anticipation,
waiting for the story to wrap its personality to the page.

A simple sequence of panels emerges:

A dark landscape, the patient crosshatching of lawn
weaves through the foreground. The sky is softer, cloudy
perhaps a storm, but with sunlight escaping to catch
the edges of the afternoon.

A figure silhouetted, walks between the gum trees and
their calligraphic shadows. A house waits ahead.

Two stories, bay windows, the house hangs like a puppet
from its chimneys. Old fruit trees, quince, apple, loquat
wallpaper over the faded paint with their shadows.
From here the edge of the lawn is closer.

Walking across the grass, the ground slopes away.
A cliff rips the edge of the garden, ragged stone
falling to the ocean below. These waves are not tame.

The rocks are under siege.

Facing the house, the door is slightly ajar.
Pushing open the door, stirring the still air.
The shadowy hallway holds four doors and a curved staircase.....

A pinboard flutters with eclectic messages.

Feet on the carpet, old roses still weave their pattern
in the corners. The path to the stairs is worn smooth.

Fingers find the banister, waking the dust and
showing the warm timber beneath.
The stairs creak, but feel solid.....

Upstairs there are also four doors,
two each side of the hallway.

This door is open, a wash of sunlight
laps through the door.
The room is long and wide. Perhaps a ballroom?

The bay window faces the ocean.
Walking through the emptiness
imagining this space in busier times.

Stepping towards the sunlight
Watching the dust and light moving at the window.
The floor moves.....

Softens, distorts and is elastic.
Falling through blackness.

Fresh dark wet ink.

The Gap, Australia

#4752 Dec 8, 2012
Lying on my bed naked as the sky.
Pillows like billows of clouds
crisscross across.
Covering, revealing and covering again
as they move around me.

Your hands caress like the spring breeze
sneaking in through the window.
The wind fades away; though your fingers don't.
The way they move, perhaps it'll rain.

The Gap, Australia

#4753 Dec 8, 2012
You're the only one that she lets in
close enough to stain her skin.
But even you can go no deeper
although her shield is paper thin.

Through her guard you glimpse her heart
and how she holds it far apart
from the world outside and all its dangers;
Whole and pure and left unmarked.

I watch as your ink bleeds through
underneath her skin.
And although she doesn't know it she
has slowly let you in.


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Greensburg, IN

#4754 Dec 8, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
juggheaD asked the question so many of us wonder as well. You've got a bad rap and reputation around here and I may not be the only one that misunderstands your intent. Take care.
As for the icons - I wasn't set out to be mean to you and I hope you appreciate and believe that.
Hey legs I appreciate your honesty.
I'm not much care about any rep on virtual world, I don't take sides or any plot you have in here, I'm a free man comes and goes any time I want but when my insting say go for it, I go for it.

So it's your icons LOL!! like Mr Tallyho said so childish but none taking, that's ok if you want to mean to me as long that's the true you, let it all out. ;)

Being honest is not a crime, to be honest:

1. yes, your bud post do look like spam, hurts the eyes he should cut it each paragraph to make it look more neat.

2. appreciate someone works it's a must!!!!! No EXCUSES!!

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#4755 Dec 8, 2012
Knight DeVine liked you Polyamoury bit and what an explanation, to the point and correct.

The Gap, Australia

#4756 Dec 8, 2012
You'll always be one step behind me and I'll always know you're there,
You'll find me on the pavement, face down when you're not there.

You'll light up the darkest times with one miasmic smile,
You'll subsume me with the poison from your electromagnetic vile.

For all your faults and sinful ways, I'm drawn like moth to flame,
With your stab, your pinch, you caress every inch;
I am driven by this engrossing game.

Reason escapes me and all judgment is clouded, transfixed by this noxious passion,
An affair with the sun as she surrenders to night, as they writhe in tempestuous fashion.

And with one gasping breath, the climatic decent now etched in the oblique of my mind,
Adrenial moans and Pineal tones, spiral spectrums to render you blind.

In reverie I sit now, glowing brighter and fixed; a mirage of blush and sweat,
Barricading my thoughts, a thousand or more, of impudence and lack of regret.

Dilated this iris, forcing itself to be asphodel, a burst of façadious bloom,
I twisted the knife, heard a smashing of white, iridescent as all walls of this peregrine room.

It's drawn to a close, leaving all to suppose, as we bask in it's sublime phantasm,
From the foreplay of Uadjet, to the thrustings of Zeus, satistfied by it's ceaseless orgasm.

The Gap, Australia

#4757 Dec 8, 2012
Liberty now

A lady stripped bare

Greeting newcomers

In her cucumber hue

With a torch of false fire

Meant to inspire

Them to dream

But it seems

Dreams are not

What they used to be...

The Gap, Australia

#4758 Dec 8, 2012
Quiet stillness
one would think
it would bring peace
only brings questions
and what if's
my soul is barren
filled with hollow
laughter and melted
cynical thought
departed long ago
its aura evaporated
and its long hands
tethered no more
to my psyche
But this is different
matter to matter
we rehearse images
scenes that could have been,
i.e.,should have been.
are we just fooling ourselves
or is time our taskmaster
bestowing us with unlimited space
and nothing to fill it
the cruel joke with no
punch line and no point
cannot be retold
within social galas
to regale the torture
and thus
put it in its place
instead its heaviness
lingers and psthisis
intrudes and decimates
an already conquered soul
but this is different.....


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#4759 Dec 8, 2012
ok legs, here it goes:

I once said that you easily jump to a conclusion.
<interesting, is this for real?> that's merely a question.
is not an accusation.

your eyes only sees an optical illusion.
again <interesting, is this for real?> that's only a question
if you sees different, maybe it's just your dellusions.


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#4760 Dec 8, 2012
Come on legs, don't disappoint me,
You open the wraps, let's just finish this,
Tell me what's up?

I'm a christian, Ain't mad at ya,
I don't make distract just gettin back at ya, ;)

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#4761 Dec 8, 2012
Knight DeVine, what a thought.
Even though I've mentioned your name but amazing poets are here. JuggheaD.

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