The Gap, Australia

#4596 Dec 2, 2012
I want to play the teacher
Will you be my compliant pupil?
Unable to give a sermon of a preacher
There is a lesson plan I need to fulfill

I won't refrain from being your guide
Can you answer my body's needs
Allow the lessons learned to take me
for a ride
Get extra credit for the most daring

Straddle me upon my desk full of clutter
With this lesson, neatness doesn't
Keep practicing until I shudder
My cum flowing out in a great amount

The Gap, Australia

#4597 Dec 2, 2012
The table was glass, and curved
to fit the angle of our bodies.

Yours over mine.

Twisting between the smooth coolness
beneath me and the warm roughness of your chest
above me, I am folded into the perfected pose of your latest fantasy:

Arms constrained, legs splayed and angled
for maximum penetration....(with minimal aggression – your choice of pedestal is far
too fragile).

You tie my hair in silver.

Cover my eyes in rose
(silk -- for sensualization, of course).

You declare me: flawless.

And suspend yourself just above me.

Your eyes devour me.

In time to my breathing.

Your initial stroke is sudden..... Shattering.

I am dangling...... Blind in and to the total submergence of you. Of me.

And this hallowed sounding of skin and mind and night.

The Gap, Australia

#4598 Dec 2, 2012
We do not like each other
We cannot hold a conversation
aside from polite formalities
I love when he's in my ear
talkin dirty to me
I can't stand to be in his same space
I can't bare the orgasmic shock-waves
when I sit on his face
He strategically
places me
on top of his dick
and explores with his hands
every inch
of my thick
I glide across his hips
and kiss the tip
with wet pussy lips
He flips me over
and takes control
my walls
and flex
and grab hold
tongues swirling
toes curling
muscles clenched
sweat drenched
Now it's time for him to go
there is no room in my bed
for him to rest his sleeping head
Because we do not like each other
- we just love to fuck.

The Gap, Australia

#4599 Dec 2, 2012
creep ever so quietly
so I may not hear you
slither like a snake
into my den of delight
and warm yourself
slowly inside my comfort
ever so gently
so I barely awake
wishing to remain
in softness slumber
in between both worlds
of cozy cotton sheets
snuggled with my pillow
almost angelic in pose
with you pretending
to be a thief in the morn
coming to take
my first passions of the day
feeling your member
not even fully erect
slipping in and out
teasing me with a force
causing my eyes to open
as you quickly slide me
across to the edge of the bed
before I can even think
getting me spread and ready
for fast deep penetration
as my wetness overwhelms me
gasping for breath
as I cletch the bedding
pulling away
and you pull me closer
to pound me harder
making us explode
in one giant puddle
of daylight delirium

The Gap, Australia

#4600 Dec 2, 2012

Walking hand in hand in the park,
not quite light and yet not quite dark.
We talk and listen to the sounds
emanating from the forest, coming all around.
Suddenly we see a hidden spot in a grove,
and move there as if we were told.
holding each other close with our body heat
melting and pressing our souls, together we keep
as we kiss and hold ourselves ever so close,
basking in our glow, engulfing us both.

From nowhere it began,
the heavens bursting open in thunder and rain.
Caught in the downpour and soaked to the skin,
as the rain falls harder, together we cling.
Not knowing to run,
not knowing to hide,
we hug each other fiercely,
and hope we'll survive.

Laughing as we part from our embrace,
I watch the water stream down your face.
Kissing the drops as fast as they come,
I'm losing this game but it sure is fun.

Pulling back and looking at every wet inch of you,
I am stunned and intoxicated too.
For what I can plainly see
is something I dream about, is something I like to believe.

Your t-shirt wet and plastered like a second skin
revealing your body's glory and the delights within,
intoxicating me and irresistibly drawing me in,
Your t-shirt clings to your breasts like it wasn't even there,
and under your shirt you are bare,
your nipples consume my eyes and I stare,
for I want you in my mouth so I can taste,
the softness of your skin and my pulse begins to race,
my heart thumping at a quickening pace,
and I lick my lips and look into your face,
with my eyes begging for your grace,
to begin this sublime play and yearning.

Your nipples stand hard and erect, from the heat or the cold,
but it's not a question I'm asking, yet surely I do not know.
Not one to lose this moment in time
for to waste these pleasure is quite the crime
I lean forward and grasp your nipples in my teeth,
round and hard in my mouth and you moan and speak.
Rain running in rivers down your chest,
down my face and down the rest,
you grab my head and thrust your breasts toward me,
pushing my mouth on you, feeling all so hungry
and from your eyes above my head looking down you see
that I'm ravenous and needing you as I feed.

I grasp your back and pull you to my face
for I do not want to lose this treasure or this place,
because this moment in time fulfills in both of us a need,
giving freely without malice or greed,
and through the cloth with my teeth,
I tug on your nipples, trying to set them free.
But alas the shirt does not give way,
even though I lick and tug and gently play.

You bury your face in my hair,
moaning and feeling the wetness there.
Oh how you want more
standing in the wood without a care,
the blood in your ears a deafening roar.

Suddenly the rain stops and the sun does shine,
this passing storm visits but a short time.
And coming closer we hear the voices,
and we are left with some very hard choices.
You pull back and your nipples escape my mouth,
but still aching and thrusting about.
I quickly give you my shirt to cover your shirt,
so you may not be embarrassed or hurt.

The spell is broken,
in a small moment but a token,
of life that gives us life,
to play and explore whether wrong or right.
But are you frustrated too?
The look in your eyes in sad and blue.

But never fear my love,
for another moment will come to pass,
and this time I promise above,
the joy of the next time will eternally last.

The Gap, Australia

#4601 Dec 2, 2012

locked in a kiss.

open and wide.

straining to hear.

clinging very hard.

caressing this dance.

roaming and linger.

thrusting and pressed.

begging and fickle.

trembling and sweaty.

thrusting and dips.

invitingly wet inside.

wrapped tightly and begs.

stiff like a rock.

firm and brash.

straining and supple.

slick and wet.

hot and sweet.

burning like fire.

fingers wetly slide.

gasps and groans.

nipples wrapped in heat.

fingers are withdrawn.

seems like forever.

my cock glides.

hoarse and fast.

pushing and rushing.

escaping out unbound.

slapping so hotly.

ragged and unkept.

building and reeling.

Wet and hard,
joined together without regard.

Hips and ass,
racing towards each other fast.

Bodies locked,
together and rocked.

Pleasure and peaks,
building and rushing to meet.

Orgasm cums, and pleasure,
exploding and sharing together.

Screams and bellows,
throaty and low.

Fingers and hands,
locked wherever and jammed.

warm and worthwhile.

gentle and slow.

The Gap, Australia

#4602 Dec 2, 2012
You know when it's too hot to sleep...?
And sweat covers you like an unwelcome second skin.
The water runs in rivulets down your body.
And you can't sleep,
...it's too hot...
You wish that the fingers
that absently trace themselves
through the pools of water,
were not your own.
The sheets and blankets cling to your skin,
and yet that's not the touch you crave.
The sweat runs down your face, only to fall on the bed below, alone in its journey.
And you wish for a cooling breeze,
not from the sky,
but from an absent lover's lips.
You desire relief from the heat.
But that doesn't come
and you cannot sleep.
So you get up and have a shower.
Standing in the spray and washing away
the little pools of sweat.
Yet the hands that touch you,
you wish were not your own.
The shower washes away the sweat
but it cannot wash away the heat.
You go back to bed,
unable to sleep,
because it's too hot.

...Do you ever wish...?

The Gap, Australia

#4603 Dec 2, 2012
Cool cotton sheets
Twisted in knots
Sleepless nights
Thinking of you

Wake up hollow
Needing so much more
Not knowing the words
To convince you

I need you, Babe
Need your kiss on my neck
Need your breath on my skin
Need you buried within

Wanna wake up with you
Kiss your shoulder
Trace the lines of sunlight reflected there
Wanna snuggle close—kiss your mouth

Would it be so bad?
Is it so very hard?
A simple thing, really
Just touch me and it’s yours

I need you, Babe
Need your kiss on my neck
Need your breath on my skin
Need you buried within…

The Gap, Australia

#4604 Dec 2, 2012
Would I want to die

Neither would I,
for to die,
is but a shallow lie

Would I die touching another?
Briefly and cleanly
Yes...I would.

But to go,
in another's arms,
feeling their love,
and their charms,
and above,
all that matters,
than all below,
to taste and live,
to feel and show,
and to give,
unto them,
to consume them,
and all they give,
is the only way to die,
and the only way to live.

Screwing is too comm0n.

Screwing is too common,
yes I agree,
but screwing isn't happening,
as I hope you can see,

But can you feel
...the rapture...?

The Gap, Australia

#4605 Dec 2, 2012
She said...
"I hate dating
it's boring
and a waste of time

dinner at the second best restaurant in town
because you don't want to seem too pretentious....

you in that shirt because some other woman
once told you it brings out the color of your eyes,

me in a cloak of subdued feminine wiles
carefully tailored to accentuate my bright smile and sunny demeanor

I compose my face so that is says "interesting"
while my mind yawns with the tediousness of it all
and I think....

why don't we just cut to the chase
and fuck
because we both know
the end result of that
has to be interesting enough
to put up with more of this.

The Gap, Australia

#4606 Dec 2, 2012
Sunset the erotic foreplay
of the darkness and the light
brilliant shades of fiery passion
dance before my jealous eyes

Night enters day and she surrenders
to the only love who's strong enough to lay her down
for her strength you'd never know she needs him
but passion is a perfect contradiction

Cool my fever, make me smaller
all my life i've burned so bright
like the sun I long for cover
overpower me tonight

As night enters day and she surrenders...

The Gap, Australia

#4607 Dec 3, 2012
I breathe you in
you kiss my lips
I pull your zipper
you grab my hips

I squirm with delight
I feel you bulge
I take it in my mouth
OH!! how I indulge

you spread my legs
and start to lick
covering me
with kisses and flicks

I want you in me
the time has come
envelope me now
our passions won

our breath gets deeper
our bodies unwind
we get closer
our hearts entwine

pushing harder
faster more
our naked bodies
on the floor

with every touch
you blow my mind
sending shivers
up my spine

we're nearly there,
and about to break
breathing in one
last breath we take

coming stronger
faster now
our bodies pulsing,
quivering, I moan!!

we're separate
but not

every night our
fucks are bliss
and it all started
with a kiss


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

Since: Sep 12

OR NOT .... <[;-)

#4608 Dec 3, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
OMG - ADRIAN - Could you be more of a TEEEEAZA?
Hello Adrian

Have a wonderful day.

The Gap, Australia

#4609 Dec 3, 2012
I cannot speak,
I cannot listen to this silence anymore
Resting profoundly in me
Playing chords that seem distant
Yet my heart whimpers,
As the sky sings and whispers

My name is equal to God’s,
In all its emptiness,
In its disparities of all that is left and lost

Dead at its arrival, hope clings,
Having a meaning that never resonates far enough
Farther than the breeze, made of nothing,
Made so tender when its touches my tears
Reflecting light of a moon at dawn,
And the stars that burn forever,
Gazing at me, wondering how I live
So...not human

I cannot speak,
I cannot listen to this silence anymore
Resting profoundly in me
Playing chords that seem distant
Yet my heart whimpers
As the sky sings and whispers
As the sky sings and whispers...


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

Since: Sep 12

OR NOT .... <[;-)

#4610 Dec 3, 2012

Have we earned it?
Do we deserve it?
Do we respect it?
Do we abuse it?
Do we want it?
I speak and I don't always wait
to be spoken to.
I speak and so do my facial
I speak and I don't always use
the proper tone.
I speak and I have a tone of
voice that speaks louder
than I intend at times.
I speak loud -- I want to be
heard and I work with children
and the elderly.
I speak, but I do not like to
have to repeat myself.
I speak and I will repeat myself,
If you didn't hear me,
If you didn't understand me
I speak and I will repeat myself.
Thanks for letting me speak,
occasionally too.

The Gap, Australia

#4611 Dec 3, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Adrian
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =RXk8BTyiEXYXX
Have a wonderful day.
Hello trish, I have HAD a nice day.....where your day is just begining, mine is ending (well sort of......less than three hours to midnight)....Hope your day will be as productive as mine has been.

So nice to see you posting some verse here....I'll be on the lookout for more in the coming weeks....thanks

BTW.....what is the significance of the spiders & snakes song ?


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

Since: Sep 12

OR NOT .... <[;-)

#4612 Dec 3, 2012
Knight DeVine wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello trish, I have HAD a nice day.....where your day is just begining, mine is ending (well sort of......less than three hours to midnight)....Hope your day will be as productive as mine has been.
So nice to see you posting some verse here....I'll be on the lookout for more in the coming weeks....thanks
BTW.....what is the significance of the spiders & snakes song ?
No significance to the song, I just like it and wanted to share it with you. Did you like it? I have another one for you.

Adrian, You probably are well aware I've had some interesting challenges since arriving at Offbeat in July. I had never come online in such a way before outside of Emails. I really moved too quickly to even see what was happening. I was clicking on all sorts of topics and didn't realize was a frenetic pace I was traveling. Others noticed and that was part of the reason they took a quick disliking to me.

I've learned a great deal since then and I do believe I've finally gotten the hang of it. My biggest mistakes was sticking up for others that others disliked. You being one of them made for some interesting times. I was so disgusted at those coming in here an harassing you the way they did when all they had to do was ignore you and your thread.
Now I understand how it is to have a disliking for someone and when you see their name out there ... it kind of does something weird to some of us. You have had some interesting names and it took me a while to catch on that you were the same fellow.

You facinate me, I love Poetry and sex and making love and being in love. I've known very little of it though in my life time. I can't write poetry and quite frankly my writing isn't as good as I may believe either. But I do love words and I love those that know how to use them.
I have been coming in here and cutting some of this stuff out of here. I'm going to have to ask the other AdrianDevine to show me how to find out who wrote them because a good number of folks truly are upset about stealing others poetry. I've read your reasons and defense to the matter, but I do not wish to post anything without know. See, not everyone comes here to offbeat.

So, I've been getting acquainted with another fine man from your area. I hear you are experiencing some very warm weather right now. Oh, how I would just love to visit the area one day. Guess, I could google it (I'm not very familiar with doing that either) and learn more about it.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say. You probably have no idea how long I've wanted just to talk to you. Not use poetry to try to speak for me. You are very outspoken and most all of your stuff that you post thrills me to no end. I took that piece up there (She). She was one badazzz Biotch who had men take advantage of her and she is me too.

Have a wonderful sleep Adrian. Oh, and please know this -- there are many more things I want to say to you. Perhaps one day we will share mail. I learned how you are able to do that.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

<3 Half Way There <3

#4614 Dec 3, 2012
Life is not always perfect.We will not always get what we want,and though it hurts alot,what should've happened ,happened.Who should've left.
Left and whatever's thrown you off course will always bring you to where it is you need to be.!!!

dont have anyone I'm hurting over "AD" im just sharing my poems from my book I have had for a while..No guy in my life but TY for your concern..its okay Im a big girl..also karma is a bitch too..:O)..

Level 6

Since: Jan 12

Location hidden

#4615 Dec 4, 2012
<yawn> it's not even his own stuff! <rolls over>


Level 3

Since: Oct 12

Greensburg, IN

#4616 Dec 4, 2012
the squirrel is smart!

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