The Gap, Australia

#4580 Dec 2, 2012
Lost in your dark lusty eyes
our lips meet and our tongues entwine.

I want you....

Gently, you lay me on my back
and position yourself on top of me
pressing your lips to mine
I wrap my legs around you
a slight moan escapes my throat
gazing up into your eyes
I am falling deeper in love
your hands wander to my waist
running your fingers over my breasts.

I need you...

Piece by piece we shed our clothing
you begin kissing my ankles
moving up my calves to my thighs
your lips are amazing, tongue incredible
working my most sensitive area
you gently spread my lips with two fingers
and lick oh, so slowly at my hidden treasure.

I feel you...

Inserting your finger into me
sends waves of electric shocks
through the deepest parts of me
my soul is on fire, burning with desire
my body shakes, my juices release
my walls throb around your finger.

You are perfect....

my breathing becomes shallow
I begin to relax
you wipe the sweat from my forehead
place a gentle kiss on my cheek
and whisper how good I taste
I look into your eyes and smile.

I love you...

The Gap, Australia

#4581 Dec 2, 2012
I want to caress your soul?

Indulge your snatch...

I want to kiss your parched lips,,,

I need you to show me more then your snatch..

Would you lay with me in a bed of sperm?

Would you lick it, or swallow it for just the
sweet taste of it?

Would you tell me I m hot?

Would let my play with more then I can speak of?

Would lay with me on the bed, bend you over and
kiss your ass

with the thickness, my erotic cock standing up
on end?

Oh, could I push it in deeper, wider?

Could I go slower, faster inside you?

Could I lay you down in a bed of sperm?

Would you scream ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby all night long?

The Gap, Australia

#4582 Dec 2, 2012
Her body
Woven by Madames of Midnight
Come to take away your pain
Her mind
Lifted from a place of forgotten
Luring you
To take unto her, the conscious
being that is your sight
So yoou can't tell when she is
robbing you blind

The Perception of a Sucker:

She speaks the sweetest words
With bitter, yet delicious intentions
Sugarcoated lips securing rough
textures, touchable on a
hallucinagenic high

The Perception a The Sucker:

She speaks the sweetest words
With devious, yet delicious
Sugarcoated lips securely fasten
once dormant chest pressure
Pressure building from yesterday's
From yesterday's repetitive future

Her potential sits like an indian,
cradling her greed and disgust for
You can see she bore twins
But the father skipped town on a
3am train and now resides with worms

Her legs have been shaved to the
point of revealing muscle tissue
Dripping below her ankles to leave
a bare, red trail into tomorrow
A trail matching her lips


"You know where I'm going, but did
you see me coming?"

The Gap, Australia

#4583 Dec 2, 2012
Frankly I just love your body
I want to touch it
I want to taste it
Without you in my mouth I am hungry
I feed myself tib bits of other women
But I crave your buffet
The other women are figments of my imagination
Thus my stomach remains empty
I want to fill myself with you
To taste your heart once again
Where have you gone
Please come back
And come back with a passion and a fire
I will wrap my arms around you
Together we will fan the flames
Until then I shall peruse

The Gap, Australia

#4584 Dec 2, 2012
I crushed the stars in my hand
and laughed at the massacre of wishes
I wanted to be that HIGH
snorting stardust like cocaine
making a wish everytime I hit a line

they didnt come true
as the sky turned black I cried for you
nothing left but the moon
I would destroy that to
but I always loved the way
it reflected in your eyes
shining so bright
it made me blind

snorting another line
waiting for the night to die
it was always our time
now I`m spending it alone
wishing that somehow I could die with it
but as I said wishes are bullshit
and when the sun rises
I`ll still be sitting here

...wishing you were too.

The Gap, Australia

#4585 Dec 2, 2012
Orange-red sparked in her pitiful hazel eyes as though it were a panicked flare sent up in a maze of shattered dreams. Deep within lurked darkness, an anguish unknown to most. Subtle strength, fiery will, compelled her carry on. With a certain sharpness about her air, nothing she seemed to miss.

A silent word, a whispered wish, would call her soothing gaze. She spoke the truth and nothing more; all promises she kept, yet few she dared to make. No harm could come to those she loved, nor to the innocent. Warily, her eyes kept watch. The well-being of all others was put far before her own.

This creature, chained but breaking free, this beauty unrestrained, endless care emitted. Gently spoken words of comfort she bestowed on those who asked. With fortitude unyielding, with hope unfailing, with longings dim and bright, she crossed the broken glass. She would silently plead, murmur a prayer.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil; for thou art with me.(Psalm 23:4)

Her thoughts were hidden, as was her pain, though all around her saw bright joy. Her liberty was feigned; cords tied down her soul. Alone she stood in a vicious world which constantly persists to adulterate the minds of the young, though she was headstrong and determined to struggle her way to the peak, to stand on the highest ground and proclaim the worldís folly.

Her hair was red as phoenix feathers, dazzling as summerís eve. Like the bird her hair resembled, from hopelessness she would rise, gathering again to unfold the wings she so often kept veiled.

She fought to be all she could; she strove to achieve the highest honours for but her own satisfaction. She had a yearning for success Ė not just her own, but that of those around her as well. The coolness of night awakened within her feelings of freedom and solitude, while the glaring sun caused her to feel exposed and trapped. Passion and dedication to her desires and aspirations guided her, carried her on. She had quite a capability to perceive the emotions of others, and was often able to console those in need.

When he came to wreak havoc for revenge, destroying anything and everything, he turned to aim at an acquaintance of hers.

Without second thought, acting on instinct, she swiftly moved to save the life of another innocent human.

The Gap, Australia

#4586 Dec 2, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
The way you make me feel is something I cant even explain!!!!
Hey Princess...

How can you tell him
he means everything to you
when you can't talk to him?

How can you look into his eyes,
when he smiles you turn away?

How can you say he doesn't care
when you dont know?

How can you find out if he cares
when you're scared of rejection?

How can you get him to care?
When you know he doesn't.


“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Don't Change For No One..

#4587 Dec 2, 2012
How do you talk to someone that doesnt talk to you?only in other tones.how do you look in someones eyes when you are on the net?How can you say he cares when he doesnt know hisself?How does he know she will even accept?Who even says Princess is even talking to that person..Been there done that..A friend loveth at all times!!!Lets say this her man cares..:O)

The Gap, Australia

#4588 Dec 2, 2012
Princess Hey wrote:
How do you talk to someone that doesnt talk to you?only in other tones.how do you look in someones eyes when you are on the net?How can you say he cares when he doesnt know hisself?How does he know she will even accept?Who even says Princess is even talking to that person..Been there done that..A friend loveth at all times!!!Lets say this her man cares..:O)
A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

Hey Princess, I'm puzzled......how do you answer a question, with a question ?

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

The Gap, Australia

#4589 Dec 2, 2012
If he doesn't love you
Hold your head up high
If he doesn't love you
Don't think of asking 'why?'
You're beautiful, you're magical
And he's forever cursed
Please don't cry, no, you won't die
Just listen to this verse

It's not your fault that he is blind
It's not your fault, he has no mind
It's not your fault he cannot see
Or know how happy he could be
If only he'd stop pecking apart
The wounds and scars left in your heart
Just to see if they would bleed
Just to feed his perverse greed

Don't let yourself take all the blame
Trust me, you should have no shame
It's all his fault, it's all his say
Don't ever let him point your way
He fell first and dragged you down
It was never the other way around
Don't you let his selfish pride
Ever make you see his side

Because if he loved you
He'd never make you cry
Because if he loved you
You'd still feel alive.

The Gap, Australia

#4590 Dec 2, 2012


Iím going deep

I want to explore the contour of your ocean floor

I want you to feel my manhood

slide deep inside your womanly waters

I want you to feel each backstroke

as I dive and soak

in your wetness

like the rivers of the Nile


Iím going in for a swim

and I intend to descend

tongue first to test your extreme depths

I'll hold my breath

and let my tongue deep dive and explore

corridors of your crevice

where no manís tongue has ever gone before

Tonight I'm going deep

Plunging deep inside of you

immersing my tongue in a circular motion


I'm a pearl diver

looking for your pearl tongue

submerging to the deepest regions of your ocean

Tonight I'm going deep

Using my tongue to dive deeper than your surface

while searching for your buried treasure

holding my breath

while licking the erogenous zones

that bring your body pleasure

I'll begin by lifting your brows

while getting you mentally aroused

whispering in your ear

to stimulate your cerebral hemisphere

then Iíll dive deep within your pink pool

with no fear of drowning

because I use Magnum XLs for my deep diving gear

So go ahead and remove your skirt

so I can deep dive undercover

tonight Iíll make you squirt

as my penis probes inner regions your former lovers failed to discover

Woman don't be nervous

I know those other lovers only penetrated your surface

but tonight I'm diving deeper than they ever went

I'm going to make love to you until I experience back spasms

I want your mind to explode in mental orgasms

I want you to feel every inch of my presence

I'm going deep to prove that no other man could ever penetrate this deep inside your feminine essence


Iím diving deep

inch by inch causing your walls to expand

Tonight Iíll dive so deep

that I'll make you scream Damn!


Iíll explore inner caverns

causing your backbone tingle

I'll dive all the way down

I promise not to drown

I'm an experienced deep diving Mandingo

I'll have you telling your friends

Iím a deep diving aquamarine

because when I descend

deep within

I intend to go so deep that I leave my imprints on your spleen

But woman I want you to realize

I'm interested in diving deeper than your surface level

I know the sexual overtones of this poem

are making you feel cynical

But Iím diving deep

because I also want to take you to the highest intellectual, spiritual and sexual pinnacle

See I'm not shallow

and I know those other men in your past were shallow swimmers

who weren't mature

and too inexperienced to explore your inner core

but I'm the man who's willing to go deep

until I touch the bottom of your ocean floor


lay next to me

I'm not satisfied with satisfying you sexually

or feeling the tsunami of your love overflow in ecstasy

I want to dive deep inside your mind to satisfy you intellectually

Let me show you the depth and profundity of my love!

During this deep diving expedition

Iím on a mission to prove my affection

I want you to see that I have something bigger to offer than a well endowed erection

I want to dive deep inside your mind

my tongue will provide the lubrication

After play is the time for intimate communication

verbal penetration and

mental stimulation

And once I've made you experience a mental ejaculation

I'll stroke your hair while you sleep

my after play will make you say

that poet goes deep!

The Gap, Australia

#4591 Dec 2, 2012
You said.....
"My pus sy is tired of being wet.
Iím not talking the physical state,
people, believe me.
No, Iím talking about the slang word: wet.
How come men get all the cool words
for sexual arousal like:
Hard and Erect
and Rariní to ĎSplode.
And all we woman get is
something which happens
to dogs and umbrellas.

And oh, what is this magical substance
causing us to get wet is called?
Oh thatís right, itís called our
How original. We are made wet
by our wetness.

When I first started working as a porn writer,
I thought I would encounter different
and far sexier terms for women use
than wet, but no! Everythingís wet!
And the synonyms I found for wetness
were even worse, if you can imagine,
than wetness. I am talking about
pus sy juice, pus sy sauce,
vaginal drippings,
and I kid you not,
feminine mucus.

But then I realized,
itís not pornís fault.
Because porn is like an 8-year-old boy,
and youíll have to follow me on this one,
it just calls things what itís heard
other people call them.
And thatís when I knew
it was up to me, up to me
to change the world,
or at least how the world refers
to things that come out of my pus sy.

So I have done it here, people!
I have created a new female empowerment word
for ďfeminine wetness.Ē
And Iím doing my part.
Iím putting it in every porn story I write,
in every forum I monitor and
in every chatroom Iím forced to go into,
But it is not enough.

I need this to be a grassroots effort!
So, the next time you are making love to your lady,
or if you are a lady being made love to,
I need you to start using my new female empowerment word
for feminine wetness.
And that word isÖ

Thatís right.

Itís a noun:
Lick my sass.
Itís a verb:
Iím getting all sassed up.
And itís an adjective:
Is it me, or does empowering yourself
through vocabulary get you all sassy?
Itís short! Itís sweet!

It sounds great when grunted!
Itís empowering for women to use,
and easy to remember for guys,
because, come on guys,
itís only two letters!
And also it rhymes with ass.

And I know that some people
think itís silly to name something
as frivolous as sass,
but I donít think women
are claiming their sexualities enough.

Men could fill up thesauruses
with nicknames for their balls,
but we, women, donít even have
decent slang for our clits,
perhaps the most powerful organ
in the entire universe!

But if we are going to start anywhere,
letís start where all good things start:
with a lot of sass.
Are you with me here, People?
Are you ready to bring
this sassifric revolution
to its feet?

Because I want every girl to be
Proud of her pus sy.
And every man
know the name of what
heís licking.

Every person
remember our motto:
If you want to make love
with pride and class,
remember itís not wet anymore,
itís sass!"

Amen !

The Gap, Australia

#4593 Dec 2, 2012
coasting along
gently like the ebb and flow
of tidal waves

washing upon the sandy shore
that is your cappuccino colored skin
I wanna leave my footprints on you

a sensuous remainder
of time we enjoyed

carefully caressing
your sand castle like breasts

delightfully indulging
in the decadence
that is you my lady

playfully splashing
in your


floating along
the rippling effect
creating waves
of immense passion
this world hasn't seen
in ages

navigating your treasure map
digging out where X marks the spot
excavating your riches
like crude oil

only this "Texas tea"
is the wonders
of you and me

If only if
you'll have me

glistened upon
crashing waves
the moister seeps
passion's play

in vital grips
at the shores
of fantasies
tender lips

the captain
his pleasure ship
dwelling deep
with navigational lifts

while ecstasy
takes sweetened sips
of the
that so
generously drips

a treasure told
more valuable
than gold
if you only
let it
touch your soul

are you willing
to take the fate
if this angel
to show
you the way
beyond the shore's
of her
heavenly gates
to a place
that dreams
are made

fated today
I will make my way
navigating across your
magnificent sea
sweet ecstasy

parting waves like Moses
and entrenching myself
setting precedence

that my adventurous soul
my passionate heart
beat synonymously
as one being

a being permeating
nothing but
the purest of pure
affection & admiration
for you

casting my sail
on lustful winds
being dragged
the inner coves of heaven

lead me there my angel
so I can reclaim my treasure

could never compare
to this treasure
you hold there

upon the seas

you / I


righteous wealth
on plead

listens to it's
heavenly melodies

as waters crest

upon a soaked angels breast

wrapped within
her loving wings

two lovers
set sail
as they

notes of love's


The Gap, Australia

#4594 Dec 2, 2012
Lock me up
Throw away the key
A few moments of surrender
My body belongs solely to thee

Banishing ourselves from society
You grasp my naked flesh among
hungry reigns
Knowing a gentle hand need not apply
For, I am numb to a man's feasting

Passionate kisses not on the agenda
Masculine fingers roughly knead my
Then your mouth comes crashing down
Sucking and tugging at the hardened

Your mouth continues its assault
Hand travels to fulfill another pleasure
Groan of satisfaction escapes your lips
When discover my hot, liquid treasure

Your blood pressure is at a rise
Feel your body ready to explode
Tearing apart my waiting thighs
In one swift thrust, you enter and

There is no time for slow recovery
With repetition, I profess the thrill
Professional obligation completed, I
For, I have other yearnings to fulfill

The Gap, Australia

#4595 Dec 2, 2012

One night I tasted passion
His rough hands explored my
untouched flesh
My breasts tingled and numbed among
his expertise
Then he tangled his fingers among my
feminine curls
A soft moan escaped my lips, as heat
erupted inside me
One finger slipped inside, and he
encountered a dewy wetness
"Ah, you are so ready for me", he
If he only knew just how long I have
Slowly, his large manhood entered me
I cried out loud, but not in pain
"At last, I am free", I declared
My womanhood has finally been
catered to
No longer am I a virgin trapped in

The Gap, Australia

#4596 Dec 2, 2012
I want to play the teacher
Will you be my compliant pupil?
Unable to give a sermon of a preacher
There is a lesson plan I need to fulfill

I won't refrain from being your guide
Can you answer my body's needs
Allow the lessons learned to take me
for a ride
Get extra credit for the most daring

Straddle me upon my desk full of clutter
With this lesson, neatness doesn't
Keep practicing until I shudder
My cum flowing out in a great amount

The Gap, Australia

#4597 Dec 2, 2012
The table was glass, and curved
to fit the angle of our bodies.

Yours over mine.

Twisting between the smooth coolness
beneath me and the warm roughness of your chest
above me, I am folded into the perfected pose of your latest fantasy:

Arms constrained, legs splayed and angled
for maximum penetration....(with minimal aggression Ė your choice of pedestal is far
too fragile).

You tie my hair in silver.

Cover my eyes in rose
(silk -- for sensualization, of course).

You declare me: flawless.

And suspend yourself just above me.

Your eyes devour me.

In time to my breathing.

Your initial stroke is sudden..... Shattering.

I am dangling...... Blind in and to the total submergence of you. Of me.

And this hallowed sounding of skin and mind and night.

The Gap, Australia

#4598 Dec 2, 2012
We do not like each other
We cannot hold a conversation
aside from polite formalities
I love when he's in my ear
talkin dirty to me
I can't stand to be in his same space
I can't bare the orgasmic shock-waves
when I sit on his face
He strategically
places me
on top of his dick
and explores with his hands
every inch
of my thick
I glide across his hips
and kiss the tip
with wet pussy lips
He flips me over
and takes control
my walls
and flex
and grab hold
tongues swirling
toes curling
muscles clenched
sweat drenched
Now it's time for him to go
there is no room in my bed
for him to rest his sleeping head
Because we do not like each other
- we just love to fuck.

The Gap, Australia

#4599 Dec 2, 2012
creep ever so quietly
so I may not hear you
slither like a snake
into my den of delight
and warm yourself
slowly inside my comfort
ever so gently
so I barely awake
wishing to remain
in softness slumber
in between both worlds
of cozy cotton sheets
snuggled with my pillow
almost angelic in pose
with you pretending
to be a thief in the morn
coming to take
my first passions of the day
feeling your member
not even fully erect
slipping in and out
teasing me with a force
causing my eyes to open
as you quickly slide me
across to the edge of the bed
before I can even think
getting me spread and ready
for fast deep penetration
as my wetness overwhelms me
gasping for breath
as I cletch the bedding
pulling away
and you pull me closer
to pound me harder
making us explode
in one giant puddle
of daylight delirium

The Gap, Australia

#4600 Dec 2, 2012

Walking hand in hand in the park,
not quite light and yet not quite dark.
We talk and listen to the sounds
emanating from the forest, coming all around.
Suddenly we see a hidden spot in a grove,
and move there as if we were told.
holding each other close with our body heat
melting and pressing our souls, together we keep
as we kiss and hold ourselves ever so close,
basking in our glow, engulfing us both.

From nowhere it began,
the heavens bursting open in thunder and rain.
Caught in the downpour and soaked to the skin,
as the rain falls harder, together we cling.
Not knowing to run,
not knowing to hide,
we hug each other fiercely,
and hope we'll survive.

Laughing as we part from our embrace,
I watch the water stream down your face.
Kissing the drops as fast as they come,
I'm losing this game but it sure is fun.

Pulling back and looking at every wet inch of you,
I am stunned and intoxicated too.
For what I can plainly see
is something I dream about, is something I like to believe.

Your t-shirt wet and plastered like a second skin
revealing your body's glory and the delights within,
intoxicating me and irresistibly drawing me in,
Your t-shirt clings to your breasts like it wasn't even there,
and under your shirt you are bare,
your nipples consume my eyes and I stare,
for I want you in my mouth so I can taste,
the softness of your skin and my pulse begins to race,
my heart thumping at a quickening pace,
and I lick my lips and look into your face,
with my eyes begging for your grace,
to begin this sublime play and yearning.

Your nipples stand hard and erect, from the heat or the cold,
but it's not a question I'm asking, yet surely I do not know.
Not one to lose this moment in time
for to waste these pleasure is quite the crime
I lean forward and grasp your nipples in my teeth,
round and hard in my mouth and you moan and speak.
Rain running in rivers down your chest,
down my face and down the rest,
you grab my head and thrust your breasts toward me,
pushing my mouth on you, feeling all so hungry
and from your eyes above my head looking down you see
that I'm ravenous and needing you as I feed.

I grasp your back and pull you to my face
for I do not want to lose this treasure or this place,
because this moment in time fulfills in both of us a need,
giving freely without malice or greed,
and through the cloth with my teeth,
I tug on your nipples, trying to set them free.
But alas the shirt does not give way,
even though I lick and tug and gently play.

You bury your face in my hair,
moaning and feeling the wetness there.
Oh how you want more
standing in the wood without a care,
the blood in your ears a deafening roar.

Suddenly the rain stops and the sun does shine,
this passing storm visits but a short time.
And coming closer we hear the voices,
and we are left with some very hard choices.
You pull back and your nipples escape my mouth,
but still aching and thrusting about.
I quickly give you my shirt to cover your shirt,
so you may not be embarrassed or hurt.

The spell is broken,
in a small moment but a token,
of life that gives us life,
to play and explore whether wrong or right.
But are you frustrated too?
The look in your eyes in sad and blue.

But never fear my love,
for another moment will come to pass,
and this time I promise above,
the joy of the next time will eternally last.

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