Brisbane, Australia

#4533 Nov 30, 2012
Indelicate is he who loathes
The aspect of his fleshy clothes,--
The flying fabric stitched on bone,
The vesture of the skeleton,
The garment neither fur nor hair,
The cloak of evil and despair,
The veil long violated by
Caresses of the hand and eye.
Yet such is my unseemliness:
I hate my epidermal dress,
The savage blood's obscenity,
The rags of my anatomy,
And willingly would I dispense
With false accouterments of sense,
To sleep immodestly, a most
Incarnadine and carnal ghost.

Brisbane, Australia

#4534 Nov 30, 2012
The reflection from your smile bursts past my eyes
and burns spots into my conscious.

The kindness of your words empty doubts planted
from years of self-lament.

The lovely spirit of your touch engulfs my senses
and leaves me restless.

Then I picked you a flower, and it withered in
your calloused hand.

You encourage progress, but through strict and
taut reprimand.

You're so close, I cannot breath.

Suffocated by your presence.

Thoughts that could not deceive.

Decaying along with my dependance.

Obviously shaking from lack of reality.

Unwillingly anticipating your unruly authority.

Exploded, but there's still some attachment.

Don't you think so?

Brisbane, Australia

#4535 Nov 30, 2012
Our embrace lasted too long.
We loved right down to the bone.

I hear the bones grind, I see
our two skeletons.

Now I am waiting
till you leave, till
the clatter of your shoes
is heard no more.

Now, silence.

Tonight I am going to sleep alone
on the bedclothes of purity.

is the first hygienic measure.

will enlarge the walls of the room,
I will open the window
and the large, frosty air will enter,
healthy as tragedy.

Human thoughts will enter
and human concerns,
misfortune of others,
saintliness of others.

They will converse softly and sternly.

Do not come anymore.

I am an animal very rarely.

Brisbane, Australia

#4536 Nov 30, 2012
My heart is entangled in your grace
in the subtlety of your words
spoken in smoke and saliva
It is your gentle nature
I simply dissolve into
and the intensity of your eyes
has me straining gravity here
A ribbon of shadow
mimics the beauty of your form
and all this light-play
leaves me feeling bewildered

As you speak of meeting later
Im capturing your scent
like a wolf in the night
anxious to hunt your body down

Brisbane, Australia

#4537 Nov 30, 2012
A Japanese Wood-Carving

High up above the open, welcoming door
It hangs, a piece of wood with colours dim.
Once, long ago, it was a waving tree
And knew the sun and shadow through the leaves
Of forest trees, in a thick eastern wood.
The winter snows had bent its branches down,
The spring had swelled its buds with coming flowers,
Summer had run like fire through its veins,
While autumn pelted it with chestnut burrs,
And strewed the leafy ground with acorn cups.
Dark midnight storms had roared and crashed among
Its branches, breaking here and there a limb;
But every now and then broad sunlit days
Lovingly lingered, caught among the leaves.
Yes, it had known all this, and yet to us
It does not speak of mossy forest ways,
Of whispering pine trees or the shimmering birch;
But of quick winds, and the salt, stinging sea!
An artist once, with patient, careful knife,
Had fashioned it like to the untamed sea.
Here waves uprear themselves, their tops blown back
By the gay, sunny wind, which whips the blue
And breaks it into gleams and sparks of light.
Among the flashing waves are two white birds
Which swoop, and soar, and scream for very joy
At the wild sport. Now diving quickly in,
Questing some glistening fish. Now flying up,
Their dripping feathers shining in the sun,
While the wet drops like little glints of light,
Fall pattering backward to the parent sea.
Gliding along the green and foam-flecked hollows,
Or skimming some white crest about to break,
The spirits of the sky deigning to stoop
And play with ocean in a summer mood.
Hanging above the high, wide open door,
It brings to us in quiet, firelit room,
The freedom of the earth's vast solitudes,
Where heaping, sunny waves tumble and roll,
And seabirds scream in wanton happiness.

Amy Lowell.

Brisbane, Australia

#4538 Nov 30, 2012
The Poet as Hero

You've heard me, scornful, harsh, and discontented,
Mocking and loathing War: you've asked me why
Of my old, silly sweetness I've repented--
My ecstasies changed to an ugly cry.

You are aware that once I sought the Grail,
Riding in armour bright, serene and strong;
And it was told that through my infant wail
There rose immortal semblances of song.

But now I've said good-bye to Galahad,
And am no more the knight of dreams and show:
For lust and senseless hatred make me glad,
And my killed friends are with me where I go.
Wound for red wound I burn to smite their wrongs;
And there is absolution in my song

Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)

Brisbane, Australia

#4539 Nov 30, 2012
There comes a point when all you wanna do is to surrender,
Surrender all that hurts, all that you can no longer bear.
There comes a point when you wanna give up,
Even when giving up for many means defeat, but no.

I wanna go back to that day when things are free,
Free that I could laugh at the top of my lungs.
I wanna go back to those days when all I wanna do is to pick flowers from my Mom's garden
Because those times made me feel that such place was paradise.

I wanna jump back to that very time when Mom tells me to sleep every afternoon,
but I was too stubborn that I just played around and ignored her words.
I wanna jump back to the time when Papa would let me go with him in his route,
and we'll play and haunt spiders all day long.

I wanna go back to those times when I'm still ignorant,
Ignorant that even small things could make me smile.
I wanna go back to those times when Papa would carry me from the sofa thinking I was fallen asleep,
but I was just pretending so he would carry me.

I wanna say now that if only I could go and turn back time,
I would definitely seize the moment,
Those moments when all that could hurt me is the wound from too much playing,
Not now that wounds come from my own decisions.


Brisbane, Australia

#4540 Nov 30, 2012
One must be brave to live through a day.
What remains is nothing but the pleasure of longing......very precious.

Longing purifies as does flying, strengthens as does an effort, it fashions the soul as work
fashions the belly.

It is like an athlete, like a runner
who will never stop running.

And this gives him endurance.

Longing is nourishing for the strong.
It is like a window on a high tower,
through which blows the wind of strength.

Longing,.....Virginity of happiness.

Brisbane, Australia

#4541 Nov 30, 2012
The purest sense of understanding that allows two hearts to move beyond the borders of the conscious, thinking mind.

Without the thoughts that twist the words, that distort perception; what is conveyed, is... is... unconditional acceptance and love. In this simple concept we find solace, we find connection, we reach the precipice of and stare in awe at the beauty of the humane soul. Everything seems perfect.

By this perfection, given face value, we draw the ever permanent distinction between what what is black and what is white; what is wrong and what is right; what is virtue and what is moral travesty. For inherent to humanity is the eagerness, bias and extremity with which we represent the good and evil of this world. For who would believe that the "caretaker", wrought of good intentions, could be soiled in his actions?

The caretaker that empathizes with the troubled or broken soul is a testament to the honesty of a human heart; but he who enables others with his empathy becomes not the caretaker, but the "jailer". Through his conviction to ALWAYS be there, to sooth the hurts, to understand the pains and to maintain control... by those actions, he belittles them. The relief of empathy is only temporary. Empathy does not enact change, it is mere salve and bandage, it quells the aches for but a moment. And when they return, in their woes, the service of the empathizer becomes requirement.

For though empathy may be needed, with the power to forge a bond of deep understanding, its indiscriminate use only stunts. Personal growth, it is found by many paths in this world. We must grow and mature; let others do the same. Life is a journey with many opportunities but also many hardships, we are defined by these. If we are stunted by the empathy of others, in their quest to protect us, we will never grow, never achieve that which is greater, and never leave our "prison".

Virtue or vice... once again in the hands of the beholder.

Empathy ?

“ Halloween Soon ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#4542 Nov 30, 2012
Sometimes in life you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it.Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia

#4543 Nov 30, 2012

Caramel sweet looking good in her pinstripe suit hair in a chignon looking dapper and alluring smile brilliant between perfect teeth scent of ancient queens eyes dark and seductive with a sense of longing and lonliness bearing the crest of all woman.

Tall sensual intelligent lover with her briefcase all business as I smile her way and she nods good morning hiding that smile I just made her day I relinquish a lily just to make her warm inside think of me during your power meeting drinks and dinner later lightly touch her cheekbone and a deep stare needing to know what makes a woman like you think about me all day what brings tears to your eyes so I'll never have the displeasure of doing so wrapping my vulnerability around you like a cloak keeping my whispers for your ears only giving you the secure feeling that I'll never want you to change or even feel bad about your skeletons because your past is not in our future as I walk along daydreaming of how your skin feels why you close your eyes as we kiss touching your fingertips and the way your lashes touch your face as you blush and show me your shy side the way you put your thigh between mine as we sit for lemonade

How you lean into me when we converse the cute way you lay your head on my shoulder and kiss my forehead when you feel affectionate stealing kisses while I sleep line the curve of your breasts with your fingers and watch me...the way you taste in the morning when I feel passionate before work and how you love me throughout the day without ever picking the phone you send your vibes through your soul to mine...

Goddamn you brown sugar, African-American woman, here on work transfer, and the way I feel when I melt into you.


Brisbane, Australia

#4544 Nov 30, 2012
Consentire che io esplorare la sua passione
Beautiful woman
gentle like a flower
your petals I touch
feeling the warmth between my fingers
that essence of you
drawing me under your spell
I want to conquer what you feel
take you
make you
break you
out of the shell of inhibition
Let my fingertips titilate your fantasy
Allow me to perpetuate the myth that women do it better
allow me to penetrate you with mental intercourse
watch my lips part as I orally take you where you have never been
my eyes undressing that soul of yours
watching you hide your wanton desires to be my muse
painting your intellectual body on my canvas
abstract colors that make you explode
with life
reaching that peak of yearning for my tender voice
soothing you with poetic caresses
yessssss you want it
and I am willing to give it
moans you utter
say it
relay it
speak on it
tweak to it
unique spit
verbalize it
arch your back when I scratch the spine of your keen sense of
making you want to appear naked before me
stripped of all natural identity
wanting me to experience your new fullness
and tasting of your cerebral nectar
and I am hungry
feed me

Brisbane, Australia

#4545 Nov 30, 2012

Ummm damn.....
I am sitting here thinking
from the anticipation
of your grind
its on my mind and
might I just ask for a
slight lick of my lower lip
your tongue nice and thick
that cute little dip
the trick
the thing you do to make me tick

may I just daydream
the fantasy of laying down
my flower to you
to bud and blossom
open my thighs to seduce you
with my sweet honey
petal for you to suckle on
my sexual bee

soft supple mounds
my breasts heaving
to the thought of your touch
nipples taut
I want it so much

take me in that way
you know
make me tremble with delight
nibble on my belly button
reach that spot
I am hot
I want your fingertips
body on mine
doing that grind
damn you are nasty
I like it
you are so fine
those eyes burning a hole
in my sexual being
you like making me trip
over my desire
but I am twisted
ass in the air
waiting for your arrival
final destination
with you behind me
going mmmmm
sighing deeply
making me moan just for you
in sextacy

“ Halloween Soon ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#4546 Nov 30, 2012
In your absence my heart grows stronger. In your presence I fall in love again!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia

#4547 Nov 30, 2012
Here I am inside of my thoughts of you
Pounding rhythms in my sextet
Warm hearted processes of my fantasies of




Together beautifully marked and bound together like a lullaby slumber movements of moments embraced as your percussion strokes my strings as my mouth moves to your base,

My conductor goading and guiding me teaching me bringing me to my knees as we submit to the art of thinking just being like sculptures on the grass beautifully laid open for viewing pleasures untold so masterfully hidden is the meaning drawing your own conclusions....

Tenderly wishing hoping damn you watch me as I have yet to skip a pace miss a beat in tune with your soul playfully gleefully abiding by the rules of engagement making no sudden moves only innuendoes and inside this closet space in the dark recesses of your passion cave......

I undress your soul and peel back the complexity like petals from a flower and expose your mind your dreams your fantasies your clandestine emotions to meet mine somewhere in between our kisses.

I wait...come

Brisbane, Australia

#4548 Nov 30, 2012

Taking a moment to breathe
The way you kiss me
the way you lean my neck to the side and nibble down my throat
my nipples rise and fall to your tempo
seducing me lovely
the caress of your fingertips tracing my spine
the way you lock your thighs with mine
loving how you trace my lower lip
with your tongue....
our breasts touch
I arch my back when you grab me
around my waist and pull me close
our eyes search one another for surrender
your hands cup my ass
you bend your face
and lean into my chest and inhale me
my fingers run through your hair
in earnest moan
I tremble when you bite my shoulderblade
I feel your nipples against my back
as you cup my breasts
and your pelvis hard against my ass
you brush my bellybutton with your ring finger
playfully rake my hair above my pussy
tracing the v between my hips
teasing my calves
you kiss the space above my ass
your nails align my back
you pull my hair as we tongue kiss
I feel your wetness
and your hardness on my body
at the same time
fingering my clit
between your thumb and forefinger
a light gentle lick of my earlobe
my honey drips
you tease my openness
while you longingly kiss my mouth
sucking my lips
I can't breathe
I want to cum

Brisbane, Australia

#4549 Nov 30, 2012
Special late night cooing whispering with eyes and smiles hidden
beneath laughter and seductive words told only with the body
langauage as you reach across to touch me and feel my skin soft to
you touching me inside making mentally fixated on you to fill my soul
with your every need ask and receive dream and I will fulfill the
fantasy that you create wondering if I will abide by the rules...never.

Monumental visions of explosive kisses and caress we
share amongst the midnight hour modestly naked while we dance through
one another's mind seconds before we assume the position of allowing
and succumbing to oral release...

our lips meet......electric.

Brisbane, Australia

#4550 Nov 30, 2012
Last night I said f uck you and this morning I say go to hell sparked
my rage inside where this evil dwells keeping me locked in a cell
angered by the screams as I yell in the midnight hour the story to
tell how I destroy the vacant ramblings of a horrid infidel masked as
a princess in disguise jumping through hoops for an unknown
attraction derelict infraction of a suspended soul held by strings of
that puppeteer and no independent notions of its own coupled by lust
to gain trust and end up being used and a notch on the wall a mere
line scratched through in the black book of idiots soon to be named
c unt of the year just worn out emotionally calling itself a queen
abused by a king and moist eyes covered with shades of shame and
doubt and laughter ringing throughout at the concoction of propaganda
and falsehood understood and shown in broad daylight while the bones
from the closet of despair raise up and choke the life from the mere
indiscretion of the perpetrator and perpetuate the myth that still
the sun rises when the lights go out and turns in the moon on the
other side of Earth's coin and the mirror shatters when you look upon
your truth and realize how beauty turns ugly when you are no longer a
copper penny but..........a faded green stone.

Brisbane, Australia

#4551 Nov 30, 2012
Not suicidal and homicidal factual vibrations suffering seizures and
pounding headaches through heartbreaks and childhood mistakes,

But, personality earthquakes seeking infernos as a friend trying hard to
relate to human understanding only fire knows my rage and my need for
love and affection seen through burned eyes victimless and silent as
I try to speak with actions and loudly proclaim that I am hurting and,

I am desperate for interaction however meek but I stand still
admiring my work and building up my fan base no longer needing your
approval you recognize me for what I am not who I am and I fall
through the cracks of the blind system that turned me into the orange
and red demon that I am,

It's the seductive and cunning with the heat
and filling my own little world
with nurturing smoke for its all I ever
know and feel,

I embrace the fire and hold it close, never alone to
face life once more because I feel the need to let go of all that
haunts me, with a match.

Brisbane, Australia

#4552 Nov 30, 2012
So what can you offer me
Your arms? Your love? A gift
Token of your caring
Your world
Words of comfort
Prayer and faith
Hope of a better tomorrow
Can you offer me sight
As I am blind right now
Seeing nothing but negativity
Around me
My being helplessly being shuffled
In and out of the revolving door
Nauseous from the roller-coaster ride
Emotionally crippled
In my own world of darkness
And that place you said I dwelled
Locked and closed
And moved away
Did you rescue me
Tormented by the truth
Shielded by the lie
I masquerade as comfortable with the way it is
I only fold like a chair and blow away like smoke
I lay here
And trapped in despair
Pieces of me scattered like shards f glass
Exploded by the bomb
That rocked my nation
And brought me to my knees
Do I need to reinvest my belief in you
Or do I need to drown slowly
And choke on the loss
Breathe once more

I rather wither
Rather than live one more moment
In the abyss of pain
Cry me an ocean
At the bottom
Is the answer
There in a seashell
My soul rests

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