Brisbane, Australia

#4490 Nov 26, 2012
My hands wrap around your MIC
As I prepare to sing my song to you

I love the feel of the MIC in my hand
My hands are too small to wrap around it
Almost Intimidating
But Iím Up for the Challenge

I lick my lips
Before Approaching the MIC
Donít want them to be DRY when I press them
Against It

I clear my throat in Preparation
I blow (lightly) across the tip of the MIC
To see if itís ready
Yeah Ö Itís Ready

My hands grip the MIC (tightly) as I stroke it
I want it to be ready for me
Ready for the Warmth of my Mouth

I start my song (slowly)
Cause I love the feeling of the MIC at the beginning

My mouth is wet Ö 4 the MIC

My head moves back and forth
Forwards and Backwards

While I sing my song
Singing to the MIC

I feel overpowered by the MIC
As it seems to grow larger
The more I sing the bigger it becomes

I sing louder, longer, and faster
Taking the MIC in deeply
Throating It
It Explodes
Filling My Mouth Ö My throat

With Static Electricity

Sweet, Sour, Liquid Static

Running Down My Hands Ö Dripping All Over


Brisbane, Australia

#4491 Nov 26, 2012
We Meet In Our Usual Place

Itís Been A Long time So It Feels Like Our First

I Canít Even Fake It

I Feel Like A Virgin Again

My Cherryís Yours Ö So Take It

Our Lips Meet Ö Our Hands Seek Ö

As Our Bodies Collide In A Dry Bump Ní Grind

DAMN! I Love The Softness Of Your Flesh

And The Smell Of Your Skin

Whatís That Scent?

Hmmm Ö Baby Oil

Well Baby Let Me Oil You

Because My Lubricant Is Ready


I No Longer Feel Like The Shy Virgin

I Am Now A Lady Of The Evening

But My Goodies I Give To You Freely

They Are Not For Sale

As I Take Hold Of Your Manliness With Confident Hands

A Strangeness Ö

It Feels Light As A Feather

Yet Itís Hard As A Rock

Such A Sexy Contradiction Ö Ainít It


Your Hands On My Hips

Pulling Me To You

Penetrating My Mind Ö Entering My Body

DAMN! That 1st Entrance
Painful Pleasure

Chills On My Flesh

I Canít Help Myself

I Give Your Thrusts Back To You

Iím A Grown Woman Now


Now We Are Bumping Ní Grinding

But The Collisions Are No Longer Dry

In So Deep

Iím Breathing For You

Your Hands Locked In My Hair

Pulling My Body Ö Arching My Back

Our Rhythm Is Fast Ö Our Bodies Are Wet

You Push Harder Ö I Grip Tighter

Until Suddenly Ö Explosion

Flashes Of Stars Ní Lights Ö

Body Trembling

What Just Happened

DAMN! What Is This Feeling ?


Brisbane, Australia

#4493 Nov 26, 2012
His Version......

ďDamn! I wonder what time sheís coming home. I thought she would make it home before I did, but I see that she still ainít here, yet.Ē He said aloud. He looked at his watch, checking to see what time it was. Itís almost midnight, where in the hell could she be at this hour? He leaned back into his recliner and closed his eyes, thinking over the events of the evening. As he settled into his chair, pain shot through the back of his body. He winced at his discomfort Ö moaning lightly over the pain from his recent injury. Lately, he and his girlfriend had not been connecting on a sexual level. There were things he wanted to try, but he wouldnít dare ask his girlfriend to do any of them. His girlfriend was too ladylike to ever be as freaky in the bedroom as he liked to be. He was too ashamed to even ask her to try anything outside of their regular missionary-style of lovemaking. So, he started to seek his pleasures, elsewhere.
Some bitch he had fucked earlier, at the local whore house, scratched the shit out of him while she was sucking his dick. How was he going to explain those scratches to his girlfriend?ďDamn,Ē he said,ďI fucked up!Ē


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

Since: Sep 12

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#4494 Nov 26, 2012
OMG - ADRIAN - Could you be more of a TEEEEAZA?

Brisbane, Australia

#4495 Nov 26, 2012
(First part)

I arrive at his house around midnight. Itís dark Ö he must be asleep. His black Hummer is parked in his driveway, so I know heís there. Weíve been dating for about six months Ö no, we havenít had sex, yet. I donít do the sex thing in the conventional way. Iím not attracted to men who want me. My pussy doesnít get wet to a dick thatís hard for me. Of course, I didnít let him know about this. He thinks that the reason why he hasnít felt the inside of these moist, juicy lips is because Iím saving myself for the big commitment. Some men are so fucking stupid. They claim they want a freak in the bedroom. The reality is that they want to believe their woman is as pure as the driven snow, and no one has plowed her pussy but them. Even though, most men pride themselves on trying to take over Wilt Chamberlain's record for fucking the most women in one lifetime. Anyway, my plan has been successful, thus far. I let him believe that Iím his ďMs. Goody 2 ShoesĒ, but the reality is, I have something extra special planned, with him in mind. Well, thereís no use in prolonging the inevitable Ö I think itís time for me to get down to business. I get out of my car and head towards his house. Thereís no need in knocking or ringing the door bell, right? I donít want to disturb him or wake him if heís asleep. Besides, I know where he keeps the spare key Ö taped underneath the flower box.

After I make my entrance, I quietly take a quick look around the house. Itís smart to be aware of your surroundings, and I wanted to make sure that everything was cool. It was, so I proceed up the staircase. His bedroom is on the second floor, and I was hoping I would find him there. When I made it to his bedroom, the door was shut, tightly. I turned the doorknob, quietly, being sure not to alert him of my presence. The door opened, and I saw him there, in his bed, sleeping like a baby in the womb. I removed my coat Ö naked Ö wearing only what I had been born in. I let it drop to the floor, as I headed towards his bed. He was asleep on his back, the perfect position for what I had planned. I stood at the foot of the bed, pulling the sheets away, gently, so I could slide between them. I slid up towards him from the foot of the bed, like a snake sliding on its belly thru a garden. I stopped when I had reached my destination. He was naked, so his small, soft penis lay against his pelvis like a fat, brown slug. I positioned my body on top of his, so that when he woke up, he wouldnít be able to move Ö at least not his lower half. I was now face to face with his dick, so I immediately took him into my mouth, filling my jaws with his limpness. Of course he awakened, startled, some unknown person had his dick in their mouth Ö wouldnít you be startled?

ďOh, shit! What the fuck is going on? Who is this Ö what the fuck are you doing to me?Ē He yelled.ďBaby, itís me. Shhh Ö donít be afraid. I just wanted to surprise you. Donít be afraid.Ē Before he had a chance to respond, I took his dick back into my mouth, sucking him in deep with all the power of a vacuum. My first two fingers instinctively penetrated the entrance of his tight, little asshole, massaging his prostate, sending volts of uncontrolled ecstasy throughout his body. He came in my mouth, almost immediately. His dick didnít stand a chance against the sweet tricks of my tongue. I sucked him into a fast, climatic reaction, tasting the saltiness of his release as it hit the back of my throat. Since I was in a generous mood that night, I sucked his dick to hardness again, before milking the nut from it like a farmer milks a cow. I wiped the remnants of his cum from my lips, before lifting my head to speak to him.



“Just a lil' humor there.....”

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#4496 Nov 26, 2012
HIS VERSION wasn't there when I posted that.

Now some they do
And some they don't
And some you just can't tell.
And some they will
And some they won't
With some it's just as well.
Found in the lyrics of a rock song called
"Goodbye Strangers".

Brisbane, Australia

#4497 Nov 26, 2012
(Second Part)

ďDid you enjoy yourself, baby? Did I make you feel good?Ē I asked.
ďGood? Damn, baby. I feel more than good. Iíve never felt like this, before. Wow! Iím kind of shocked and surprised right now, too. I never expected this from you. I didnít know you got down like this, baby. Donít get me wrong, now. Iím pleasantly surprised but still surprised by all this, baby.Ē I laughed, lightly.ďBaby, Iím full of surprises, tonight. But, before I continue to surprise you, I want to know one thing.Ē

ďYeah? Whatís that, sweetness?Ē He asked.ďDo you love me, baby?Ē I asked him.
He chuckled, lightly, pausing for a moment as if he had to search his thoughts for the right answer. After a brief moment of silence, he answered me. In his most sincere voice, he replied to me in a tone that truly made me feel his love for me.
ďYes, I do. Baby, these past six months with you have been the best of my life. I can honestly say at this moment, I realize that what we have is Ö true love.Ē
I smiled to myself. I felt so warm and safe inside. I felt what he was feeling. That completeness of being with someone who you know you can give yourself to completely, and you know deep inside your heart they would never leave you or hurt you. Itís something you can never let go of Ö itís something you should always hold on to Ö true love.

ďYou donít know how it makes me feel to hear those words, baby. I now know my work here is done, and you will be mine, forever.Ē I forgot to mention that I had worn my hair styled extra special for him. It had been pulled all up together in a bun and held in place by a set of specially designed hair clips. These elegant clips are made from pure silver; they are diamond embossed from top to bottom, with razor-sharp tips. I only wear them on special occasions, and itís usually whenever I have found Ö true love. True love Ö is special, and itís so hard to find. After being beaten, cheated on and damn near killed in past relationships, I vowed to myself that whenever I found Ö true love Ö I would always hold on to it. I would never let it go. I had these beautiful clips made especially for such an occasion Ö they have been significant in helping me hold on to Ö true love.


Brisbane, Australia

#4498 Nov 26, 2012
(Third & Last Part)

I sat up on my knees in the bed next to my lover. I pulled the clips from my hair Ö allowing my long brown locks to drop down to my shoulders. I looked lovingly at my man, staring into his eyes as I spoke to him.

ďWe have found something so special. We have to hold on to it, we have to hold on to this night. Iím going to make sure that we preserve this night and this moment. Iím going to make sure that we preserve our Ö true love.

At that moment, I took the very sharp hair clips which I had enclosed within my palms and slid them quickly across his dick Ö cutting his member off in one quick swoop. Blood shot up from his region like a fountain of water. He screamed out in pain and fear, as his eyes fixated on the puddle of blood that had replaced his penis.

ďShhh, baby, itís okay. Donít be afraid. Now we will be together, forever. I will carry you with me, forever. Baby, itís Ö true love.Ē I took the clips and plunged them into his chest, piercing his heart. I didnít want my baby to suffer. I stabbed him, so he would die, instantly. I got up from the bed and showered the blood and semen from my body. I masturbated in the shower; I was so turned on at the sight of his blood disappearing down the darkness of the drain.

After my shower, I collected the remains of his penis, kissing it before packing it into the plastic bag I had brought to transport it in. I hurried home from his place. I was excited to put this dick with the collection of dicks I kept at home in my basement. I had a small, deep freezer in the corner of my basement, where I kept my Ö true loves. See, this was not the first time that I had found Ö true love. In fact, I started looking for Ö true love Ö about three years ago. So far, this has been my seventh time, and Iím not finished yet. I know there is more Ö true love.

he-he-he-he-he-he-he Gruesome, huh ?


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

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#4500 Nov 26, 2012
I see I picked a He// of night to come in and say Hi to you.
OMG - You are one interesting dude.

Brisbane, Australia

#4501 Nov 26, 2012

I saw Him when I had first arrived at the club. Almost instantly, I noticed Him standing at the bar sipping his beer. It took a few minutes before He noticed me, but I didnít hesitate to let Him know that I had Him on my radar, when our eyes locked. Yes, He noticed me noticing Him. For about five quick minutes, we spoke with our eyes, and the conversation was basically that I wanted Him and He wanted me. I was about to approach Him, when some female came up behind Him and wrapped her arms around His waist. He flashed a quick "I'm sorry baby" look back at me, as his girlfriend, or whoever she was, took a seat next to Him. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away. After all, it was His lost, not mine. I found a table in a near-by corner, where I entertained myself with Patron shots and mirror dancing for most of the night. During one of my breaks, a waitress brought me a drink saying it was from a gentleman at the bar. She motioned toward the bar, I turned and found Him staring in my direction. He was standing behind His girlfriend, so He was able to signal to me without being noticed. It pissed me off that He would try to play me with this female. I'm obody's 2nd fucking choice, Boo. So, I told the waitress to take the drink back to the guy because I didnít want it. But, I also told her to quietly give something to Him from me. I found a napkin and scribbled quickly across it with my lipstick. I folded it in half and gave it to the waitress, and she took the note to Him. She slyly handed Him the note and walked away. I watched Him as He read my words on the napkin without being seen by His significant other. After He finished reading, He quickly looked over to me, His expression was one of surprise and embarrassment, simultaneously. I gave Him a slick ass smile and raised my glass to Him. See, the words I had scribbled on that napkin said, "I don't want your drink, I want you to eat my pussy." I was sure as shit that I had paid His ass back for trying to be a playa. So, I was satisfied. I continued on with my night of Patron shots and dancing. Little did I know, I would be the one played. Not even an hour had gone by after the napkin episode, when He had approached me while I was sitting at my table. He didn't say a word, He just took the balled-up napkin with my words scribbled on it and dropped it on the table in front of me. He smiled slyly at me, as He dropped to His knees and quickly slid underneath my table. Before I realized what was happening, He had my legs spread apart and my lacy, red thong pulled over to the side. I remember feeling my clit being taken hostage by His mouth. He devoured my pussy, pulling me towards Him until his face was buried between my moist juicy lips. His fingers replaced His tongue, as He moved them back and forth inside of me, going deeper and deeper into my wetness. My hips gyrated to meet His movements. The music of the club drowned the sounds of my moans and groans. The room was spinning. Hell, my head was spinning, as He sucked a sensual eruption into my aching walls. And when I erupted, it was an explosion that left His face shining with my juices. I remember opening my eyes and looking right into the face of His girlfriend. She was standing across the room at the bar and just happened to look in my direction. She had a clueless look on her face, and I couldn't help but to smile knowing my cream was all over her man's face. He slid from under the table and grabbed a napkin to clean himself. Still, He didn't say a word. He simply smiled and walked away. As for me, after I was able to stabilize my legs enough to walk, I cleaned myself up in the ladies room and had a few more drinks before I left the club. I didn't see Him anymore that night, or any other night, but I have thoughts about Him on many occasions. Especially, when I'm in bed playing with my toys.
I learned a valuable lesson that night, be careful what you ask for when you're drunk off Patron shots, you just might get it!

Brisbane, Australia

#4502 Nov 26, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
I see I picked a He// of night to come in and say Hi to you.
OMG - You are one interesting dude.
Muchos gratis to you too Trish...

Interesting dude, huh ?

Baby, I'm a natural born world-shaker (lol)


Brisbane, Australia

#4503 Nov 27, 2012
PESCreate wrote:
HIS VERSION wasn't there when I posted that.
Now some they do
And some they don't
And some you just can't tell.
And some they will
And some they won't
With some it's just as well.
Found in the lyrics of a rock song called
"Goodbye Strangers".
"I like the girls that do,
I like the girls that don't,
I hate the girl who says she will
And then she says she won't.

But the girl I like the best of all,
I think you'll say I'm right,
Is the girl who says she never will,
But she looks as though she might...!"


“Just a lil' humor there.....”

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#4504 Nov 27, 2012
Knight DeVine wrote:
<quoted text>
"I like the girls that do,
I like the girls that don't,
I hate the girl who says she will
And then she says she won't.
But the girl I like the best of all,
I think you'll say I'm right,
Is the girl who says she never will,
But she looks as though she might...!"
I liked that.

><(((((,"> ryhmmes with Trish.


World Shaker

“Valentines Day ”

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Since: Mar 12

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#4505 Nov 27, 2012
If kisses were raindrops,I'd send you showers.If hugs were seconds,I'd send you hours.If smiles were water,I'd send you the sea.If love was a person,I'd send you (ME)!!!!!!

Brisbane, Australia

#4506 Nov 28, 2012
I speak in praise of the clitoris, and as a male, I decline to be clandestine about this.

The reason I so admire the clitoris is that it's the female's key
to being multiply orgasmic, and frankly, I'm in awe of this.

You see, the male organ can't compare
because, of course, it has a dual purpose.
It wasn't put there just for bliss,
which is the only purpose of the clitoris.

Males must just resign themselves to their dangling ganglia, the dick,
which is so easy to malign compared to the delicate paradigm of the clit and its remarkable economy of design.

Now I realize that females may be suspicious
of my focus on their clitoris but actually,
I think itís ingenious.

My discovery of it was serendipitous
and propitious.

Really, Iím envious of the clitoris
because it's indefatigable and delectable,
(I think it likes a nibble),
and anyway, thereís not much point in trying to distinguish between cunnilingus and the clitoris.

So there's my poem to the little clit with admiration and respect......

I speak in praise of the clitoris.

Truly. The clit is a gift for all of us.

Brisbane, Australia

#4507 Nov 28, 2012
I ainít got no intimate,
ainít got no stiletto heels
Ainít got no Lsd, ainít got no smack
Ainít got no partners, ainít got no drill
Ainít got no slapstick, ainít got no hankyópanky
Ainít got no Lsd, no slot to mount

Ainít got no castrato,
ainít got no crumpet
Ainít got no conjoined twins,
ainít got no nuns or eunuchs
Ainít got no whipcord, ainít got no adoration
Ainít got no erection, ainít got no stimulant
Ainít got no gigolo

Ainít got no oscillation, no shags
No uniform, no parts
No smack, no drill
No partners, no peccadillo
Ainít got no stimulant

Ainít got no whipcord,
no propagators
No titbits, no intimate
I jabbered, I ainít got no uniform,
no hankyópanky
No peccadillo, ainít copulated
till one is blue in the face
to have a funny feeling
And I ainít got no gigolo

Oh, but what have I copulated,
oh, what have I copulated
Let me tell what I copulated
and nobodyís going to enlarge telescopic

I got my prick on my face
My extraósensory perceptions, my knobs
My vagina, peckers and my ar sehole
I got my stuckóout tongue

I got my tentacle, my proboscis
My bosom, my boobies
My thingummies, my cockles
of the heart and my posterior
I got my cunnilingus

I got my thingummies, my talons
My ball and socket joints, my forelegs
My hooves, my pincers and my snorker
Got my crest

I got spunk, Iíve inseminated cheerleaders
Iíve got bottomgremlins and hacksawhoodoo
And Mephistophelian juggernauts too like you

I got my prick, my pistil
My ESP, my knobs
My vaginas, my peckers and my ars ehole
I got my stuck-out tongue

I got my tentacle, my proboscis
My bosom and my boobies
My bosom, my bosom and my posterior
I inseminated my sexual sorbet

I got my thingummies, my talons
My ball and socket joints, my forelegs
My hooves, my pincers and my snorker
Got my crest

I got my spunk,
I got my slipperiness,
my bosom.....an
I got spunk.

Brisbane, Australia

#4508 Nov 28, 2012
Write me Erotic
Converse with in my notebook
Write me in verses
Use lust a word to trace my lips,
kisses in forms of sonnets,
Touch my hair in feather inked pens,
pencil my buttocks with curvy nouns
Endearments in & out like syllables,
while spelling out sensual adjectives
poetically seduce me,
calling out my name
as you rhyme again in and out out and in
thrust deeply within me your hard penetrating
Wrap your hand in mines as you
once more trace your tongue down my notepad
become master cunnilingus within pages of my dairy.
Converse with in my notebook
as we fill up my pages.
Please Please Please
Write me in verses
Write me Erotic
Write me harder& harder
Faster Please
Write good long as you Write me
Sweet Poets!
Always Me DeVINE

Brisbane, Australia

#4509 Nov 28, 2012
For me, the naked and the nude.....

(By lexicographers construed
As synonyms that should express
The same deficiency of dress
Or shelter)

Stand as wide apart
As love from lies, or truth from art.

Lovers without reproach will gaze
On bodies naked and ablaze;
The Hippocratic eye will see
In nakedness, anatomy;

And naked shines the Goddess when
She mounts her lion among men.

The nude are bold, the nude are sly
To hold each treasonable eye.

While draping by a showman's trick
Their dishabille in rhetoric,
They grin a mock-religious grin
Of scorn at those of naked skin.

The naked, therefore, who compete
Against the nude may know defeat;

Yet when they both together tread
The briary pastures of the dead,
By Gorgons with long whips pursued,
How naked go the sometime nude!

Brisbane, Australia

#4510 Nov 28, 2012
I begin my journey
at the point where you walked into my life
my fingers glide faintly across
your ebony stalks of softness
small pecks are given
on your ankles- slowly
up to ur thighs- slowly
I play god and cause
a gentle breeze to blow from my
mouth to ur supple and tender skin
I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are on a white sandy beach-

The sun is rising through ur from your toes to your head
as the sea beats against
your stilled body.
your are covered with the warm
waters of the ocean
you are weightless now
drifting in the outer space
that my tongue now provides
you can feel your self
rising from the earth
now open ur eyes ever sooooooo slightly
and allow my pinked moist conveyor
of pleasure to to brush against the inner linings of your passion
If you listen closely
you can hear the sound of my heart racing
I feel the small shivers
in your hips
I want the taste of your pasisontized nectar to
last forever
I can feel the heat from you surge
between my fingertips
I manipulate the pearl
from side to side
in rhythms that emanates
from the pits of pleasure
I whisper deep inside your ears
'Rememember this feeling'
Oh, I love to make you feel like this
I can feel you
push my head closer and closer toward you
but chill
i'll be down here for awhile
sipping on your syrup that seeped from
my ecstasy
until your inside tremor
I give you one thousand kisses
softly placed on your stomach
as they get lower
and lower
and lower
and lower

My tongue finally embraces your under lips gently
firmly I make it press against your love bubble
I can feel you move cautious
as my tongue encircles your bud of sexual bliss
I can move it real fast
or I can move it real slow
I decide to take your whisper
and move it slow..... move it slow
I move it sooooo slow inside of you

Don't fight this pleasures
uncurl them toes
my ears cascaded my
your sighs of contorted sinuous refinement:
'OhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' and 'Oewwwwwwwwwwww'
give your self to me
embrace me
enjoy this.
nobody can make u feel like I am goin to
stop pressing my head into
the echoes of ur heart beat dances bye
as I hum a lullaby
for while within you
I want to make you feel
like you have never before
I want you to feel like this
I want you too know my version of pleasure
like I know it
small passing tremor walk
throughout your back
and take rest at your downtown station
I feel ur expectations rise
heated coo my name
you feel like a fevered child
who has played in the fresh snow too long
steamy your juices began to flow within you
and seep unto my lips I knew of your sweetness
but never like this
I never knew anyone could be so tasty
I hope you can take more..... because
we have only just begun to do this my way
I think your leg is having a nervous breakdown!
it's coming the charge begins to build within you
like a gigantic volcano
on sum deserted island.

You take like freshly made chocolate
small spheres of delight violently increase in your moisten petals of
were the last words
I heard
before you
and had sensations
flow through out your body
like a mighty African River.
Your hushed Voice tells me
all I need to know

I give u a small kiss on the cheek
and say thank you
no I am not going to touch you
just sit back and relax
and enjoy the power of my blessing......

Brisbane, Australia

#4511 Nov 28, 2012
Sun kissed organism
golden spirit portal
Whispering softly in passion.....

Lost In Eye sweets
femininity cooled,
the sunshine principles...

You are Scarlet strength
mental candy, well schooled in
The arts of the No NO
to be lavished like
long ago women of the

You are
soft breaths,
candlelight dimmed
under supple diva singings,
the heart beat of Anticipation,
an imagined lovah,
midnight Psalms
into infinity,

You are radiant, still like nights
lost in dissatisfying love pushes
a deft dictation from an Angel's mouth
smooth hands lapsed into tired muscles,
tears, lie trembles
HEART pain....

You are magic, alchemy
mixed like macadamian nuts
too often heard with A Mute's
too often loved by selfish hearts
too complexed,
too simple,
to be admired in
intimate imaginings

You are
the wonders of this world
motioned poetry,
Magnificience magnified
like Rings on planets
like whispering winds
hands trapped in FetishÖ.

You are
mysteriously beautiful
like the secrets of forbiden love,
the hugs of grandmoms,
sweet potato pie sunken
on hungry tongues,
Libation Mistress,

You are
You are
You are

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