Brisbane, Australia

#4470 Nov 23, 2012
when I c um
I smell
the color

feel the cold
violet fragrance
with your

Brisbane, Australia

#4471 Nov 23, 2012
I study the reflection of your body.
Covering mine, you're taught, tan,
sliding. In.
Inches consuming
my pallored assets.
We appear
a polared match.
Perfectly opposing:
my arch equaling your thrust;
your mouth defusing my scream.
We have become this dance
of silent fusion.
replacing each other's desire
with renewed fire.
That extinguishes
Except the responsibility
of seclusion.
And maybe
the random necessity for clothes.

Brisbane, Australia

#4472 Nov 23, 2012
I cannot breathe
when your lips touch
my neck. Constriction
is complete when your skin
slides over mine.

Contraction. Math loses all
meaning. One dividing. Two
joining. Infinity effecting
the (w)hole. This sum
requires more than two parts.
And I part for them all:

Your tongue initiates
the flow. Feeling its way
from breast to hip.
Over. Lower. Everything
gone in a gasp of

electric fingers. Follow.
Teasing. Taming. Torturing
desire. My mind screams
against the pillow. Where
you are

finally. Inside, you
own me. Filling. Controlling.
Compounding. The fraction
of taste and touch defies

gravity's logic. We are
locked in a vacuum
of lust. Tearing
each other's skin. To

this is where we begin.

Brisbane, Australia

#4473 Nov 23, 2012
Eat them
—soak your tongue purple
‘til you can spit lavender
seeds of budding
back into the earth.

Feel them, soft
silken petals—tickling
pollened nipples,
yellow belly, green-stemmed
thighs, reddened rose dripping
pollen to the roots.

Smell them—fragrant
flowers vanilla fresh
like overripe peaches, syrupy sweet
or caramelized candy—melting in the heat
of your mouth.

See them
—puckered pussy
willows, delicate daffodildos—
sweating petals, shedding leaves, coming clean
a sappy cream.

Brisbane, Australia

#4474 Nov 23, 2012
She scatters in like autumn,

crimson. Each step is a match

striking the shadows erubescent.

She conjures bolts of lightning

to rotate her stride, tames

scorpions to bear her on their backs.

I swear it takes a week—

the same length of time

God needed to conjugate

a verb from breath—for her

to wind from the door to the stool

where her legs shiver down,

two serpents, thick

with all the promises of apples.

Brisbane, Australia

#4475 Nov 23, 2012
You succumb to this lust
as you sink into the hidden
lava moving deep inside my c unt,
g-spot space between hunger
and purgatory, where pain is

You hold me with
albatross hands, your dirty
words confusing the slick war
between allies and lovers that
spins round and round with my
hips into the madness of certain

Take me to your priest,
shove me into your coc k of veined
steel, smile above me like a devil
mast, and hope this is just lust—
Pray I don’t take you into
the places between windows
and sunlight, where rain shines
like shards of glass and time sighs
suspended in love-fuc king.

Brisbane, Australia

#4476 Nov 23, 2012
After the fumbled buckles unknotted.
Wine to her lips running red
Drips like spilled paint on my stripped skin
In that room I couldn’t see
Cheesecloth haze and sepia air.
Nothing clear but the pulse in my veins and her eyes groping me
Like seeking hands in sentient snow
Her first fevered touch of sudden lightning on a stormless night
Charged, a gale of coarse hair
Heaving shock, freezing a kiss in the walls of my chest, pinned
As my arms above my head.
Anchored ropes singeing my wrists,
My ankles as I twisted to her hovering body
Close, not enough, too much, and I tuned her delight
Prone, in her rich hold

I twitched under rapid breath
Her smile swaggered and branded my flesh
Dawdling kisses bathed my hips
Dried spit like c um crusted on the hard curve of my bones.
Temptation and disavowal
Passion and indifference and gusts of explosive memory
A blizzard beating the bay window
White noise absorbing my purple loaded pleas
Then silence; our covenant observed
My tissues groaned, joints bridged across that fatal distance
Where rivers rushed and climbed the banks
Overflowing finally; rapture released, organs gaunt
Imploding, evident gasps
And drops of dew we shared; secrets
Beaten and exposed in the taut light .....

Brisbane, Australia

#4477 Nov 23, 2012
pink, white, red surrounding
dark, moist, inviting, confining
warm, wet, pulsating
soft, hard, sharp, vibrating
moving, bobbing, pitching and yawing

warm, soft, spongy yet unyielding
oozing, salty, basic
pinkish, purple, flesh toned
cylindrical, bulbous, blunt and knobby

sliding, poking, stiffening, growing?
wetter, tighter, squishy, scraping

vocal, strident, moaning, commanding!
urging, pleading, praising, demanding

sucking, pulling, dragging, squeezing
pushing, brutish, probing, throbbing

spitting, pumping, flowing, waves
swallowing, almost gagging, drinking
dribbling, dripping, softening, shrinking
tasting, spongy, sweet, salty, sticky


your turn

Brisbane, Australia

#4478 Nov 23, 2012
She has green eyes, with lashes
so long.

Petal pink lips separating to give
birth to words that will spin around
and around in your brain, keeping your
attention faithfully.

Skin pale, and so soft to the touch.

Humble heart, looking into mirrors and
seeing only her self-inflicted scars, but
not the ones caused by others.

Hold no grudges and hold warmth inside
her mind for all, even those who have wronged
her so bad.

Those green eyes will always sparkle for
you, no matter who you are.

Friendly, kind, and sing-song voice just
eager to speak with you, her mind caught on
you like you're a hook and she a fish to

Green eyed wonder, yet I still have to refer
to myself as she.

Brisbane, Australia

#4479 Nov 23, 2012
He sat alone each night,

watching the sun set.

The conflagrant giant shone through his parchment bones,

alighting the crisp edges of his pallid face.

Warmth passed over him, unfelt.

Her smile, lighthouse beacon amidst the rocky shore,

illuminated his crinkled mind,

yet grew dimmer by the day, fading.

Memories cannot last forever;

paper will only retain unkempt ink for so long.

Lines drawn across his chiffon cheeks;

besmirched, smudging as he wept.

Rustling in the cruel winds,

he fluttered, blotted resolve weakening,

as his diaphonous skin wavered.

A boy without a mother

is like a book written in pencil, erased.

The once beautiful illustrations,

marvellous words, and wondrous tales,

rubbed out, to little more than traces of grey smudges.

With every day that passed, his feeble form thinned,

the bitter tides clinging to the blank pages,

tearing them out, one by one.

Until there was nothing left but an empty cover,

and pages blowing away in the wind.


Brisbane, Australia

#4480 Nov 23, 2012
A siren’s call

Luring me

to destruction with

the promise of seduction

She barely plays fair

The sound her love makes

fervent frequencies

weaken me easily

Singing only to my instincts

transcending a hardened heart

a passionate performance

played in the key of me

From movement to movement

her movements moved me

both body and soul locked

in impossible harmonies

Lengthy notes lined

with velvet vibrato

resonate deeply

as she steals me completely.

Brisbane, Australia

#4481 Nov 23, 2012
tie me to your bedposts baby
whip me with your hair

poke me stroke me
even choke me
bite me everywhere

slip n slide inside me babe
and burn me with your fire

drip hot wax around my heart
lick my hard desire

drag your claws
ön down my spine
now smack me nice n hard

wear me like a second skin
blow bubbles in my blood

nip and grind help me find
the places where I scream

eat me beat me
now complete me...

whip me,
an' I'll cream

Brisbane, Australia

#4482 Nov 25, 2012
Heaven between her legs
On my Harley motorbike
She enforces the karma
Of the afterlife
This lady has style
She will redeem you with her smile

With a toss of her hair
She captures my gaze
No need for words
I understand her ways
So in tune with the truth
She will always find the proof

Her leather boots have stiletto heels
That have punctured their way into my heart
The rings that she wears
Are symbols that she plays a part
She controls our destiny
A new marauder for you and me

I see her on the horizon
She is coming for you
To help you through the night
A witness to everything that you do
There is nothing that she does not know
Look inside, are you friend or foe

Brisbane, Australia

#4483 Nov 25, 2012
Mother of Jesus
I am so fuc king high right now
That I hope no one notices
Let me tell you about a girl I know
We fuc ked in the summer heat
Our bodies sticky with sweat
I was fixated on the wound on her hand
And the moles on her back
The sunburn that grazed her skin
As we fornicated against each other
I buried my face in her pus sy hair
Taking in all of her scent
Sex poem
Ready for you
Welcome to the human race
Not always so pretty
The look on your face
As you ride your orgasm
Your body is a paradise of curves
A soft and gentle cat
Ready to bite and scratch
Stand in your stiletto heals
Presenting your ass to me
A vision in white
Yes you are the ocean mother
Holding on to my balls
With your soft hands
As I cu m
Kissing your smile

Brisbane, Australia

#4484 Nov 25, 2012
Covering your tracks in the rain
No way to unburden your soul
After living such rancid dreams
Desire has quickened its pace
Searching the darkest abyss
For the remnants of Babylon
Diseased among the refugees
The smell of rotting flesh
Betraying the beauty of youth
An image from the past
Fuels the fires of passion
The rest is left dissolute
Mired in what we can feel
And if this is our last sunset
I do not want to die
Out in the street
Immersed in such tragedies of earth
Take me back to our special place
Nestled among the foothills
Where we made love
Watched by the fading rays of the sun
Red, gold and lavender
They cannot steal these dreams
That are hidden in my heart
Living in the shadow of memory
As we face the future
The horizon appears wide open
Our trajectories more certain
Aimed at the rising sun

Brisbane, Australia

#4485 Nov 25, 2012
The first time I fucked you
You were like an animal
A desert beast
I did everything I wanted to do
And you let me
I know we are animals
Love is in a cage
A memory of the past
But I never thought
That the act of you and I
Could be so tempestuous
That some would call it bestiality
Our union was not sanctioned by God
But only by our own primal influences
And if I am the Devil
You are the slithering snake
You don’t care if lust is love
Or if you look me in the eye
But our deaths will be all we know
When this game comes to an end
And I don’t care if there is a God
Or if your betrayal makes any sense
Because I would rather be dead
Than to live without you for another day
Let me die in your arms rather than suffer
Another day
Fuck it all to hell
Eat death
And fuck all of the wayward angels to hell

Brisbane, Australia

#4486 Nov 25, 2012
(Who's Protecting the Children)

The Catholic Parish Preist's hand
Was clasped tightly over her mouth
She could barely move from the force of his hold
Don’t scream, he commanded
Don’t make a goddamn sound
I’m going to let go of you
But don’t scream
Letting go, he attempted to touch her breasts and crotch
Once again, she let out a blood curdling scream
He put his hand tightly over her mouth
Silencing her
Alright, I won’t touch you
But don’t scream
Don’t make a fucking sound
Do you understand
She nodded as well as she could
Against the force of his hold
I’m going to let go of you
I will not touch you
As long as you don’t make a sound
Again she nodded in his grasp
He released his hold
She remained mute
All you have to do is watch, he said
He unbuckled his belt
Pulled down his pants
And pulled out his erect penis
He proceeded to masturbate himself
In front of her eyes
Until his messy climax....

This is the type of VERMIN
"Ordained in the "EYES OF GOD ???"

Brisbane, Australia

#4487 Nov 26, 2012

Our kisses are wild – Passionate....
Bodies pressed together
Generating heat
Hands exploring … groping …
slipping in and out of places –
Soaking Wet....
Impatient need
Waiting for your lips
To meet with my moist lips …
Legs spread apart in a CHEERLEADER’S V
But there are no cheers
This is no game
Just flesh on top of flesh
Skin pressing against skin
And WET PANTIES … partially off
Partially pulled to the side
Face down on stomach
Entrance is from behind
Grabbing sheets – Biting pillows
Shielding screams of Passion
Forceful thrusts … filling me up
Head pounding against the walls
Pain is deep and sweet
Positions change …
Now he … is looking up at me
I’m the private dancer
In control …
Sliding up and down the Dancer’s Pole …

Brisbane, Australia

#4488 Nov 26, 2012
How can a place be so warm and so wet
Simultaneously …....
As moist as the dew
On naked leaves
Warm with fever as the temperature rises
Body exposed
Lying in wait
For your entrance
Legs spread apart
Lips ready to receive you
Glistening …
The play we had … beforehand …
Your kisses on my …
My mouth on your …
Naked bodies … touching
Hands searching flesh
Produce Moist Lips
Are you ready to be inside
Engulfing you – Swallowing your inches
Let me stroke you with my warmth and make you feel my
The flow is Uncontrollable –
Naturally Designed....
Easing your entrance … Guiding you inside
Play inside of it
-The rain comes down Harder
-The ground gets Wetter
Lost inside the warmth …
Drowning inside the waters …
Tell me …
How does it feel inside …....


Brisbane, Australia

#4489 Nov 26, 2012

I’m naked …
Lying here waiting for you
Waiting for your entrance
Waiting for you to taste me
Legs spread apart
Lips already Moist
Anxious for your
Mouth to meet my lips
Waiting for you t taste me
Damn Baby!!!
Why take so long
This ache between my thighs is …
Pounding Dripping Wet
Waiting for you to taste me
Finally – The time is now
Mouth presses against lips
Fingertips part Flesh
Tongue slides Inside Taste Me
My hips move to your rhythm
Grinding and Bumping
Hands pull you closer
Wanting to feel it Deeper
Taste Me
Now I’m feeling it
Now I’m feeling you
You’ve found the Spot
Taste Me
Lightning bolts through my body
Earthquake trembling through my legs
Volcano erupts between my thighs
Yes, baby.....
Taste Me!!!

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