The Gap, Australia

#4435 Nov 22, 2012

An acronym that is used on the word
above that is a part of Sapphic Love...

C is for your clit so fine
on which my lips just love to dine
and feel its hardness my mouth press
while with it you give full access
while I do flick tongue both back and forth
until you cu m for all your worth.

U is for your uterus
I touch with my fist with lust
when I am able to slide in
your love canal where wrist begins,
and circle round your well-formed hips
to plant a kiss with my two lips.

N is for your nipples hard
that get erect when they are sparred
or flicked and flattened with my tongue
to suck them in my mouth one by one
and circle round your areolas
with just the tips of my sweet lips.

N is for your nether lips
that I do love to touch and kiss
with my wet lips on either side
until I hear you moan and sigh
with your own passion for the tip
of my soft tongue on your sweet lips.

I is for your inner self
that can be touched with human stealth
as slowly do my hands caress
your face, your neck, your ears, your breasts
along your thighs where I do hunt
the "V" between your ars e and cun t.

L is for your liquid juice
that comes in many forms and use:
Your pu ssy cream so slick and bright
that really is my true delight,
your warm ejaculate that squirts,
and amber pi ss that warms the throat.

I is for your inside charms
that is your vagina hot and warm
that is so tempting to behold
because I know just where it goes,
past all the ridges on the top
and also to your sensitive G-Spot.

N is for your naked form
that drives me until I am warm
with my own pus sy juice for you
that I'd let go if you would, too,
so that we both would give and get
the pleasure of our love that's wet.

G is for your good taste all
that makes me drool and makes me crawl
over to you with loving thoughts
that I can give you good and hot
and have you sit upon my face
where I can lick from place to place.

U is for the use you make
of both your breasts make no mistake
and of your pus sy, yes, that, too,
whether with hair or shaved to view.
It all comes down to just the same.

A pu ssy's sweet by any name.

S is for your sensuousness
with which you truely have been blessed.
From head to toe you are so fine.
I'm glad that I can call you mine.
So I must say. And this is true.....

I love performing cunnilingus on you.

The Gap, Australia

#4436 Nov 22, 2012
Borrowed lovers, him to her, her to him;

Stealing time to make love on a whim,

To steal a kiss or to share an embrace,

Neither caring that each is a scapegrace

To their spouses, who don’t know of their trysts.

It’s only for the other each exists.

Desperately clinging to vows of love,

Promising divorce if push comes to shove;

Ardently committing their devotion,

Like loadstones whose paths cross, hearts are destine.

Borrowed time…they, in the capsule of space,

Give their love, something they cannot efface.

She trembles in her lover’s arms about

Her waist, his strength pulling—he is devout—

Her close; like his queen, he is worshipping

Her eyes, her lips; her breasts he is cupping

Wanting not just a part but all of her.

His hand travels to that patch of amber

Between her thighs, presses in, hears her sighs,

His mouth devours, his member gives rise.

Guiding his shaft in, he makes no pretense;

Rising on her toes as she loses sense

And sensibility, he is in thrall

To her cries, moans, his coc k unlike a pawl.

Every thrust of his c ock impales her.

He stops; his method he wants to alter.

Seeing the window seat, he spins her ‘round,

Bends her o’er the seat, takes her like a hound.

Grips her firm globes to thrust in her once more.

Taking her from behind—his sweet amour.

She whimpers when he breeches her entrance;

Loving, wanting him, he’s her existence.

Grasping the cushion as her head falls back

And her back arches, she feels his attack.

His name she whispers with each hard, fast thrust;

She wants him to take her, it’s not just lust.

Reaching between her legs, she fondles his

Gonads, massaging them with gentleness,

Smiling when she hears his approving grunts.

She moans when her G-spot his penis bunts.

Faster, he spins the axis of her world;

Rhythmically, she pushes; purled

Is the lovers’ harmonic symphony

And in panted breaths of passion’s greedy

Song, they cry out their release together.

She is no whore and he is no bounder.

Borrowed, they share a love that they cannot

Give to their legal partners, so they steal

Away in a cheap, borrowed, motel room;

Embrace, make love and vows, and then resume.

The Gap, Australia

#4437 Nov 22, 2012
Mia’s First Full-Body Tantra Massage

If I didn’t admit having a stranger, a man, rubbing his hands all over my nearly nude body for the first time really stirred the butterflies in my stomach to full-blown anticipation and anxiousness, you’d think I was an indiscriminate female.

When I heard his car door shut, I went to let him in. I slowly took in the more than six feet of male sexuality donned in a tee-shirt that barely fit over his broad chest, shorts so short and loose they could have been his swim wear, and lowered my gaze to take in those long, tan, muscular legs all the way to the sandals on his, yes…big…feet. When my eyes wandered up his athletic form, I had to look at his hands. Well, they were the parts of his human anatomy that would be rubbing me, kneading me, stroking me as they felt every inch of my skin, so I had to know what they looked like.

Big with long fingers that I just knew were mobile. I caught him smiling as he noticed me giving him the once-over.

“I hope everything meets with your approval,” he said, jokingly.

Good grief! He was way more than my expectation of the type of masseuse Randy would send to our hotel room to rub my skin under the pressure of those magnificent hands.

He had his table and some supplies in the hall and suggested I go in the bathroom and remove my clothing while he set up the table and got the towels and oil and everything prepared. Nervously, I nodded and practically skipped to the room so I could get nearly naked for some hunky stranger. I left my undies on; well? My imagination was working full-blown overtime as I glanced at my body in the large hotel mirror while I removed my clothes.

My body’s nothing to brag about and I definitely could use a few round trips around the gym’s track. I assumed various poses trying to determine how I might appear at my best for this man with the deepest blue eyes I’d ever seen. Odd that I remembered the color of those deep-set orbs only now, after he was already in the room.

I pulled a hotel-provided robe over my bra and panties and cinched the terry-cloth tie belt around my waist and opened the bathroom door. Ready or not, here I come.

I froze. It felt like my feet were suddenly super-glued to the floor. The curtains were drawn over the only hotel-room window shutting out all light and all of the electrical lights were off. The room was filled with the amber glow of something like around, it’s only a rough estimate understand, one hundred candles…all scented with the same patchouli muskiness. My tits instantly felt trapped and wanted release. The inner walls of my vagina became warm and moist. Even a trickle of anticipation juice drizzled a path down and escaped to prepare my pussy and to leave a wet spot in the crotch of my panties. I chuckled to myself thinking this, this, is why there are crotchless panties.

“Just remove your robe and lie here,” he said, one hand giving the narrow, toweled table a Vanna White move,“on your stomach, Mia.”

My vision was still locked on his hand that introduced me to the place he want me to lay prone and then I remembered how my ass looked in the mirror when I turned my back to it.“How did you know my name?”

Randy, my boyfriend, pulled up his right foot and placed in on his left leg and raised his arms and set them behind his head. It was a manly move; I realized the intent of such a pose for the first time. He was trying to take up more space so I’d notice him, so…what’s-his-name would be intimidated.

“Randy told me,” the masseuse said.“I’m Gill Marlin.”


The Gap, Australia

#4438 Nov 22, 2012
I practically choked holding back my laughter. Seriously? I mean, wasn’t that a fishy name?“Gill?” I said, and could feel the breadth of my grin becoming a full-fledged smile. Okay, I was nervous. I always get silly and even giddy when I’m about to do battle with my nervous system. I looked at Gill’s hands again. He was going to rub those oily big hands with those long, mobile fingers all over my back and arms and legs while I inwardly writhed and while Randy watched. Thank goodness for panties and the bra.

Climbing onto a massage table on your stomach is absolutely not sexy. My hands gripped the sides as I lowered my chest and then lifted my right leg to reach the high table top, spreading my legs until I could pull up its partner, which was experiencing sexual-anticipation fear and wouldn’t move. So, there I lay, prone on the warm towels, ass in the air and one leg on the table, the one rooted to the floor.

Gill magnanimously lifted it for me and placed it next to its partner in crime. I think I might have begun to sweat a little from embarrassment. Randy’s chuckle filled the air. Gill’s hand slid up my leg slowly with a slight pressure and stopped at the bottom of my ass.

“You have a nice ass, Mia,” he said, in a tone that hinted he’d used that line more than once.

“Thanks.” My knuckles began to turn white as they continued gripping the table sides as tightly as they could…just in case my body decided to take flight and hover over the table and Gill and Randy.

But, my over-active imagination couldn’t be quelled. Nerves. It was another one of those quirky things I suffered through when I was nervous.

“Just try to relax,” Gill said, and the pressure of his hand sent a chill through me as it dipped between my legs and his thumb stroked a shallow path up the valley to my ass while his index finger teased its way into the valley of my pussy; I both regretted keeping my panties on and hated them for preventing those delightful digits of his from making contact with my skin. When my ass raised in response, his fingers stroked my pussy again.

Everything stopped…literally. I turned my head to see what he was doing.

“Randy, come here and remove Mia’s panties and place this towel over that fine ass of hers,” Gill ordered.“But, I must insist that you have no sexual contact with any part of her as you do that.”

My mouth filled with cotton-ball dryness; it was impossible to swallow or speak. I watched in the mirrors over the desk and table while Randy removed my purple bikini panties and Gill snatched them from him—and sniffed them. Ohhh, God! He knew the effect that would have on me and probably knew it would make Randy’s muscles tighten a little with either jealousy or anger.

But, Randy didn’t say anything, just covered my golden ass globes with a luxurious, white hand towel. Did I say “hand towel?” Finger-tip towel would be more accurate.

My lids fell, closing out any further vision. I didn’t want to see Gill’s face when he got a view of my curvy ass. Oh why, oh why couldn’t I have one of those model thin butts that looked sensual in or out of bikinis? I moaned under my breath.

Then, a sharp thrill cascaded down my spine knowing Gill could also see my pussy lips and from his chair, that Randy had the same view.

When I opened dared to lift my lids again, Gill was standing at my face, his hard, thick, cock pointing its eye at my mouth.“Oh. My. Freaking. God.” It was so long, all I could do was gape.“You’re huge!”


He could only have removed his clothes while Randy removed my panties, and I felt the sensual headiness of thinking my pussy caused that enormous erection grip my senses and sink its claws in—deep.

“Do you want to try and wrap those dainty fingers around my thick man rod?” he asked, and took a half-step away from me.


The Gap, Australia

#4439 Nov 22, 2012
My left hand, directed by a mind of its own, hesitated, then explored the distance between it and me. When I finally, with only a bit of confidence, wrapped my fingers and hand around it, they didn’t meet. There was a significant gap between the heel of my hand and my fingertips.“Oh, God! You feel hard as a rock with a hot, velvet covering and you’re so…”

“Thick? Yes, I know,” Gill interrupted with a smirk.

I wondered then if he was imagining how that long, thick pole was going to feel in my hot, slick pussy. I know I was.

Gill dipped his hand in an aluminum bowl and they came out dripping. He held them over my back and ass and the warm, scented oil rained down like a welcome touch. His hands massaged my shoulders and traveled to my neck and down to my shoulder blades.

“Do you want to put it in your mouth?” he asked.

I gave him a sideways glance. My mouth was still so dry I couldn’t speak, let alone take that monster into it. But, I offered a hesitant nod.

“Randy, tell Mia you want to watch her suck my cock while I knead her muscles to relax her.”

Was Randy falling for this? What the heck was going on here? I thought I was getting a massage and suddenly the tables were turning and I was going to give some stranger head while my boyfriend watched? While he ordered me to suck Gill off?

There was a familiar, high-pitched whine. What was it? So familiar I should know that sound, but I was suffering from a state of aroused shock to consider the sound further.

Randy issued the command,“Take him in your mouth, Mia.”

I couldn’t!

Could I?

“I’m not going to force myself in your mouth, sexy lady,” Gill said, as his slick hands slid under the towel that used to cover my ass and he squeezed each half of the globe as if they were oranges and he was expecting juice.“You’ll have to bring your mouth to my waiting cock.”

I could feel my brows arch as I angled my head to give Randy a look.

“Go on,” Randy said, his tone a little less commanding and a little more encouraging.“I want to watch you suck him, Baby.”

Randy did take that half-step forward so I didn’t have to stretch too far. I gazed up and met those Caribbean blues watching me. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the edge of his erection. I sucked it and flexed my tongue working up some saliva and I turned my open lips to that huge erection and slid them over its fireman’s helmet. My lips stretched as I tried to go lower while my tongue licked away the pre-cum. I’d lost all sensibility the moment Gill stepped into the hotel room and I knew if this went further, this Goliath of a penis would take away my wits.

My hand descended and wrapped around the base of his shaft as I tried to take more of him into my small, wet, salivating mouth. I wanted to turn on my side so I could extend my other hand and finger his colossal balls as well. This mammoth shaft just wasn’t going to fit. So, I began sucking the part of him that did harder and faster, my hand sliding up and down that portion of his thickness that was without benefit of my warm, wet mouth.

“Ohhh, Mia, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned and his fingertips dug into my ass cheeks.“But, I want all the way in.”

When his oily hands left my ass and grabbed the back of my head, I knew what was coming. Randy held my head so he could control its movement.

Gill held my head to prevent it from moving, but also to control me. He thrust deep, until I felt him at the back of my throat and gagged. I gagged again.

“Relax, sexy,” his voice soothed as he pushed deeper.“Just lower your tongue. That’s a girl. Now, a little more.”

I gagged again, but followed his instructions.....


The Gap, Australia

#4440 Nov 22, 2012
He pushed deeper and then his hands moved to my body and pulled me to the top of the table until my head hung off. My eyes wide watched him; he walked around the table, his cock still buried deep in my throat. When he stood at the head of the table, me on my back and my head dangling toward the carpeted floor of the hotel room, I could smell the musk of his balls. It overwhelmed my desire, a desire for this that was purely by choice now.

“Relax just a little more, sexy. There. That’s a good girl. Now, I’m going to stuff more in and it’s going to go down your throat. Are you ready?”

I didn’t have time to think of an answer before I felt my throat engorged and stretching trying to accommodate his behemoth length and he thrust his hips and thighs forward.

“Are you getting a close-up of this, Randy?” Gill asked.

The high-pitched whine. Randy’s movie camera. I remembered then I saw it only in my peripheral vision as I entered the candle-lit room. Randy was filming this?

“You know, this could go viral,” Gill continued,“if you decide to post it.”

Gill thrust more down my throat and if I hadn’t instantly remembered I could breathe through my nose, he and Randy would have some heavy-duty explaining to the police on how a naked woman on a massage table died from an inhumanly over-sized cock snaked its way to her stomach and they’re only concern was whether they got a close up. Film at eight, I thought and choked a little since a cock prevented any air escaping through my mouth as I tried to laugh.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. deMille also flashed through my mind and Gill’s next words truly surprised me.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” he exclaimed proudly.“You’ve got the whole thing.”

I closed my eyes and inwardly gloated. I did it! I took that entire monster length and width and I didn’t expire. So, why was Gill acting all proud and like he was all that when I was the one doing the work and was being filmed?

Gill’s hands left my head and I immediately felt the familiar weight of them on each breast as he lifted and molded and kneaded them and tweaked and pulled my nipples. Instinctively, my hips rose expectantly. But it was my mouth that felt the pressure of a thrust. And another. And another.

My lids flashed open as the sudden loss of his long cock awakened my senses. I coughed as the head escaped the clinching of my teeth. I wondered, did Randy remember to bring his wide-angle lens so he could capture the entire length of Gill’s cock as it departed my dark, heated, wet cave? Then, I wondered if other women had strange thoughts bouncing around their heads about their boyfriends watching total strangers fucking their girlfriends’ mouths.

Gill’s body leaned over mine and his mouth replaced his hands and his words vibrated against my nipples.“You’re the best cock sucker I’ve ever had, Mia.”

My brain did cartwheels and I imagined my fist thrusting into the air above me congratulating myself on out doing every other female this masseuse ever mouth fucked.

His hard length pressed against my face as he began nibbling his way lower on my body, following a path those wicked hands set.

I heard some movement and lifted my head just in time to see Randy, past the cock and over the naked ass of Gill, move the camera and tripod to the foot of the table.

Are you ready, Randy?” Gill asked.“Now I’m going to see how sweet of a pussy your girlfriend has. I’m going to lick that juicy valley with my wide tongue from clit to ass hole. I’m going to blow on her clit and then take it between my lips and pull and then suck it for a bit and then I think I’ll tug it a little with my teeth.”

My lungs locked. I heard every word and I couldn’t wait. My legs bent, feet flat on the table, and I arched my back, presenting my pussy as temptation for him to begin.

What I heard was both of them chuckling.


The Gap, Australia

#4441 Nov 22, 2012
Easy, sexy,” Gill soothed in a guttural whisper.“I promise not to neglect at single thing.”

Randy remained quiet but I heard him move something heavy. His chair? Naturally. He probably wanted a ring-side seat as this stranger gave me cunnilingual stimulation and maybe even some sexual satisfaction.

Well, if they were going to enjoy this, so was I. They thought all it took was some guy thrusting his cock in various openings to get a video to go viral. Well, wait until they got the unexpected. I had a surprise for Gill. And for Randy, too.

This quickly turned into more than a massage and it didn’t take a worldly woman to figure out these two had cooked this up as a way for Randy to finally get his wish. Yes, some other guy was going to fuck me while he watched and caught it all on camera.

“Randy, take your clothes off,” I moaned.“I want you to hold my feet with one hand and stroke your cock with the other while you watch Gill and I sixty-nine.”

Both men stopped. You could hear the high-pitched whining of the camera and the tiny cracklings from the candles. That sparked an idea.

“Wait. On second thought,” I corrected myself,“get one of the candles and drip it over my breasts and Gill’s ass while you stroke yourself and watch.”

“Wait,” Gill protested.“I don’t know about that.”

“It’ll be fine,” Randy said.“It doesn’t burn.”

Gill, having paused long enough to give Randy’s promise some thought, crawled upon the table, his knees at my head, his long, stiff pole dragging across the cushioned table top next to my cheek. I could hear Randy’s clothes being tossed across the room as he removed each piece. I took Gill’s long erection in my hands, opened my mouth, and exhaled just before I took him again.

When his tongue stroked the length of my pussy again, I decided I was going to totally enjoy this and let my instincts take control. My back arched. My hips bucked. My knees closed like a vise on either side of his head. And I let him take me to my first climax, knowing what would happen if he continued.

I couldn’t see Randy masturbating, but I heard the rhythmic click, click, click of him beating his meat while he was watching me come to a gargled-screaming climax. Gill was without a doubt the best man to ever perform cunnilingus. His wet, broad tongue licked my belly and then the inside of my super-sensitive thighs as I writhed under him. His saliva trailed over my bush matting it with lustful spittle.

“I like that you keep your pussy trimmed,” Gill whispered into the soaked hairs.“You’re a luck many, Randy. You’re girlfriend not only keeps herself ready for you, but she’s so damn sweet.”

When his cool breath created a contradiction of sensitivity to the warmth of his tongue on my teased and swollen clit, I lost all sensibility and moaned loudly.

I was so aroused by how his tongue totally controlled my emotions, I never realized Randy was still dropping wax on us until I heard Gill’s voice.

“That’s enough, man!”

“Huh?” I moaned.

“Not you, sexy. Randy here’s about to come and he’s letting the wax get just a little too close to my boys.”

Gill’s head returned to stimulate my clitoris and I could feel it deep inside…warm, wet, like I had to urinate and I knew. I let it happen.

“What the fu…!”

I squirted. In his mouth, on his face as he lifted it in surprise, on my thighs. I was soaking everything and I didn’t care. It was a fantastic release and I groaned so loudly, Randy covered my mouth with his hand so I could scream into it.

I did.

“Wow, Baby! I’ve never seen you do that before.” Randy’s voice was filled with amazement.

“You mean, I’m the first to get this response from your girlfriend, Randy? Man, this is totally going viral!”

I bucked a silent but visual petition for Gill to give me more of the same. I thought I might never get enough of this or of his ability to make me come so hard in my life.

“How’d you get her to do that, Gill?”

“Come down here and I’ll show you.”


The Gap, Australia

#4442 Nov 22, 2012
Gill began his oral stimulation techniques for Randy’s edification and I writhed and bucked and felt the honey from Venus building, and arched my back, and screamed my release. And, soaked Gill’s mouth and face again.

“Mia, that is the sweetest tasting and sexiest gift anyone has ever given me,” Gail whispered.“I’ll always remember this time with you, sweetheart. Now, I’m going to fuck your brains out.”
He moved off the bed and Randy went to do something with his camera. Gill started to climb over me when I said to wait, that I had a better idea.

“Let’s go to the bed and I’ll impale myself on you and give you a ride; okay?”

He helped me up and off the table and we went to the bed. He lay down on his back and I crawled over him, straddling him…my wet pus sy grinding against his abdomen. My swollen, heavy breasts dragged over his hairy chest. The head of his c ock poked at my anus as I ground my clit into him and rocked back and forth.

Gill reached up and took my heavy breasts in his hands, held them as if his hands were scales and he was weighing each one.

“You’ve got fucking great tits, Mia. I’d love to fu ck your mouth with my coc k between your tits sometime.”

I smiled and leaned forward. Not to press my boobies into his flexing hands but to position my pussy for its impalement. By this time, my brain was spinning like a roulette wheel and I could only half measure his words and I definitely was beyond thinking anything being funny. I pushed back, feeling the large head squeeze into my tiny opening. I mewled as I slid my sheath over that incredible sword and impaled myself. The suction of the act caused a popping sound.

Before I was totally gone, I swayed, and rocked, and rolled, and swished my pus sy in circles, and glided up and down the length of him until I could feel my climax coming.

“Gill…nooowww!!!” I cried out as his co ck managed to press my g-spot and thrust against my A-spot, giving me the most unbelievable vaginal orgasm in the history of orgasms.

His grip on my hips firmed and he lifted me and then pulled me down as he thrust his hips up and speared me over and over.
My world went black. Losing all senses, I fell off the cliff he’d raised me to. The stars began their novaes.

“I’m only about half-way in, Mia, sweets. Do you want the rest of it?”

Was he kidding? I couldn’t possibly take any more of him.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

With a grunt, he pushed up, lifting me off the mattress and he plowed deeper into me. I felt it behind my navel, growing, extending until I swear it felt like he was tapping on my heart…or, was that the wicked tattoo of his banging into me and his thighs slapping my ass cheeks that made it seem that way?

“More! More!” I heard a voice screaming. Then, realized it was mine. I was wild and hot and sweaty and moaning and screaming for more like some sex-starved, neglected wife or wanton virgin.

We rode the tide together and when I felt his thumb rubbing my clit furiously, I screamed and released every emotion pent up over the years and squirted like a fire hose.

“Randy!!” I screamed frantically.“Come and fuc k me in the a ss while Gill and I f uck each other’s brains out.”
I didn’t have to see the camera to know he’d been filming all of this. I also didn’t need to see his face to be aware of his astonishment.

“What?” he asked.

“Please, hun. Please, f uck my a ss while Gill’s long coc k fuc ks my pus sy.”

The bed dipped beneath Gill and me as Randy came at me from behind. I knew fuc king me from the rear was his favorite position.

I just hoped he’d like fucking me in the rear, too.

Randy wasn’t any too small in the erection department himself. He may not be as gigantic as Gill, but what guy was? For that matter, what stallion hung the way Gill did?


The Gap, Australia

#4444 Nov 22, 2012
Lost in your dark lusty eyes
our lips meet and our tongues entwine.

I want you....

Gently, you lay me on my back
and position yourself on top of me
pressing your lips to mine
I wrap my legs around you
a slight moan escapes my throat
gazing up into your eyes
I am falling deeper in love
your hands wander to my waist
running your fingers over my breasts.

I need you...

Piece by piece we shed our clothing
you begin kissing my ankles
moving up my calves to my thighs
your lips are amazing, tongue incredible
working my most sensitive area
you gently spread my lips with two fingers
and lick oh, so slowly at my hidden treasure.

I feel you...

Inserting your finger into me
sends waves of electric shocks
through the deepest parts of me
my soul is on fire, burning with desire
my body shakes, my juices release
my walls throb around your finger.

You are perfect....

my breathing becomes shallow
I begin to relax
you wipe the sweat from my forehead
place a gentle kiss on my cheek
and whisper how good I taste
I look into your eyes and smile.

I love you...

You are Devine.

The Gap, Australia

#4445 Nov 22, 2012
The summer heat
allows for dark nights
To be lit by glistening
silver silhouettes of lust.....

His sleeping body lays there
Shamelessly tempting her
to the brink of sexual insanity

Does she awaken the serpent?
Does she wait for his own yearning to arise?
Lust pink folds between
her thighs moisten beneath hot thoughts
Paused anticipation gathers

As she decides upon the latter
Morning intimacy it is

In the wee hours of dusk
Masculine tongue re-familiarizes
with feminine curves

Oral poetry beneath the duvet
A modern Doone, Whitman, Shakespeare, Frost
Writing quatrains, ballads,
French sonnets with his mouth...

Languages of love
Stars, stripes and swirls
Artistry narrated

Eager to please
Inaudible adoration encourages perfection
Lady fingers tug hair in violent pleasure
Passionate speech gets intercepted at the throat

As the brim is reached and overpowered,
He consumes all of his work
No drop goes untasted
Savoring the sweet and bitter
Between sips and gulps

The deep subconscious
replaces unbalanced breaths

His mission is accomplished:
Sleeping with her on his lips

The Gap, Australia

#4446 Nov 22, 2012
Every book has been combed.

Every amendment and doctrine flipped.

Searching for the intangible life-changing cure
for it all.

Through the loopholes and exceptions, I have

Until, alas, I spot it.

Dangling helplessly off the crooked lips of the
law, there it is:


Hanging limply onto the poisonous particles of
those promised to protect and serve.

Flailing about the jackets of those who make a
mockery of it

By playing “keep away” from others who lack proper

Trying to catch the attention of those who ignore
humanity and proudly flaunt corrupt practices.

But a blind eye is turned towards their blue-
collared foes,

Allowing them to suffer mercilessly while
authority figures laugh menacingly

Greedily using prison funds as their personal
piggy banks

Filling jails and coffins with the hopes and
futures of innocent minorities.

Justice cringes.

Battered, bruised and stuffed in the confines of
law makers’ pockets

Only released for aptly-suited arranged conjugal

Forced to produced fruits like a sex slave

And the list grows daily

Names to match docket numbers and death
certificates to appease their appetite for fear.

Miserable sociopathic anomies, they are

Oh, how great they must be

Going through life inflicting, but not
experiencing, pain

Pain is watching your son’s killer enjoy the
luxury of claiming self-defense after initiating

Pain is hearing your father receive a twenty-year
sentence based solely on the lies of a convicted

Pain is seeing your child reach for a wallet and get riddled by fifty police bullets.

Pain is knowing that police officers are getting
rewarded for justifying murder with an article of

Pain is fearing that your child may not come home
after walking down the street to the store for a

Pain is hearing your child’s last cry for help in
the background of a phone call after he has been
in a morgue for three days.

Pain is having to remind your child to look like a
prospect, not a suspect, because there is a bounty
on their head based on their skin color.

Pain is genocide sneakily being injected into our
veins as we glamorize exaggerated lifestyles.

Behind the swollen eyelids, above the bloodied jaw
and underneath the sliced skull, justice knows our

One day, we shall be reacquainted.

The Gap, Australia

#4447 Nov 22, 2012
My loving tongue --
paints love letters from the alphabet on your sacred mound of Venus
slides urgent vowels of pleasure between your slick slippery lips
speaks silently in simple kneeling reverent worship
urges your murmured moans and sweet liquid blessing
recites poems of ancient love and lust from Sappho and Ovid
tastes sweet musky dew of gently perfumed petals
spews fire and light and desire into your dark erotic soul
sips oozing warm nectar, rich like syrup, sweeter than honey
sucks and rolls tender flesh of silky soft juicy velvet
induces mews and whispers and moans and groans of bliss
dances slow and close and wet with your electric pearl of pleasure
ignites explosions of gasping spasming squealing agony
slurps and swallows squirting fountains of delicious woman juice
and worships your magnificent feminine flesh in blissful gratitude.

The Gap, Australia

#4448 Nov 22, 2012
She said:

I want you
deep inside me

but please
don’t take it
as literal
as it sounds

I need to feel you
in a place that
your long fat co ck––
on it’s best,
gold medal
triathlon winning

cannot reach.

I need
every part of you
to fuc k me wet
and long

and tenderly

I need your hands
your eyes
your voice
to open me

wide, like the prairie
outside the car window

The Gap, Australia

#4449 Nov 22, 2012
How is it that

your legs

hijack the entire


hold hostage

any coherent thought

in my mind

author the entire evening

plot-twists and all

reduce my attention span


…I’m sorry,

you were saying?

The Gap, Australia

#4450 Nov 22, 2012
Morning brings no

As your slender fingers
part the files of strangers
catalog the fruits of excess
in a dimly lit room
you remember how I parted you
just last night

Strangers enter your office
You smile, exchange pleasantries
all the while your thoughts never
from the way I entered you
just last night

Beneath your desk
your hand remembers

with your fingers against your clit
you trace a recently travelled road
one that I forged
with tongue
and breath
and words
of fire

The Gap, Australia

#4451 Nov 22, 2012
This wooer has no opportunity
to bathe with the contortionist
in a pond
under the full moon which is tonight

If he could, they would
bend and twist
glide soap to, then beyond
each others' curves

If she would, he would
let hands, legs,
arms and feet seduce
toes squeeze sponge
spurt, squirt drops

The Gap, Australia

#4452 Nov 22, 2012
white sheen translucent
coursing with blatant purple veins
and purple budding lips blossoming
ripe & full like violet flower
for me.

hands on soft, silken pillow hips
pale, frail, violent & true
rush of pulsing coc k
in that ripeness
of moist-dripping
purple-lipped violet flower
hands gripping, fingers clenching
pure pale-frail violent hips
rushing crashing against her shore
sure, back – boned – arching back up
– a hump – bulging out of
strewn saffron chiffon sheets
gentle & fluff; stuffed
animal laying near
fingers gripping clawing at
saffron chiffon – stuffed animal – sheets
like an animal clawing gripping
at ME
at MY skin
bared, denuded
pure & ready


throb throbbing
pulsating pulsing
thrust thrusting
deep & delving
pure wet moist radiance
gripping clawing sheets
clenching hips
coursing purple veins
grunt groan heave
triumphant violent.
triumphant mercy.
gasping ecstasy.
triumphant forever…

shock of radiance
window-sheath blinds
rapping against
cracked broken window pane
wind triumphant
blowing shocked breeze
triumphant mercy
clemency forgotten
CRUSHING her hips with my fingers
pale-frail hips
release of spirit essence
moist-wet purple-lipped violet flower
dripping with
together here
bedclothes aflutter
cresting rippled wrinkled waves

And breathe
& sweat & pour
Poor me & rest again…

… and begin again tomorrow

The Gap, Australia

#4453 Nov 22, 2012
Music pulses through the speakers,

fills the room with a techno beat.

Sticks, wooden spoons, pieces of pipe

beat out a staccato that will

leave bruises tomorrow morning.

The drummer dances to music

while she moves from ass to calves, from

feet to shoulders, from biceps to


The slap of wood and plastic

on skin keeps time with the primal


The drum smiles serenely

processing the pain, feeling the

beat, sometimes tapping a toe or

fidgeting a finger.

Mostly, he floats on an endorphin high.

The Gap, Australia

#4454 Nov 22, 2012
Hallway tangled
dragging walls
with us
to ceiling to floor
Rugless hardwood
skids, pulls the planks
of our fervor.
Your ankle taps
the radiator grate
rust bolted
on the highway wall
all the way up
for winter sake
for skin sake.
Your ankle taps
to a burn,
floor never gives
walls never give
to us
we give:
raw oval skinpoints,
bent bones,
blister above your heel.

The Gap, Australia

#4455 Nov 22, 2012
as I come upon your belly
you watch a long, white stream flow
your words,

"that was beautiful..."

and I flow again

I remember that moment every day
how pornstar movie tricks
become a tear on my face
your blue eyes incensed by lust
your kiss by love my heart my dream

my release becomes art upon you



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