“ Woodstock Anyone?”

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#3400 Oct 8, 2012
Well now, that tells me that mine wasn't to explicit.
I wonder if it didn't fly because it was about an affair I had with an older man when I was a teen. I hope it wasn't because it was just that bad!
Let me work on something and come back. I enjoyed the prose.

“ Woodstock Anyone?”

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#3401 Oct 8, 2012
I really liked #3384, #3378, and #3398, Adrian.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3402 Oct 8, 2012
"Ladies don't sweat, they glow" ...says my girl friend's mother.

Glow my arse!

Women sweat wet and warm,

As the tongues of dogs,

Wildly slick beneath the breasts,

Beneath the arms, the body's water,

The body's salts, like an oily sea;

And, where the soft thighs part,

At the open mouth and the lips of sex,

Where the dusky flesh smothers

Raw as an oyster, slick as a throat,

And bright like pearl or shell in the dark,

The musty smell of rich effluvium..

Lingers like air,

Heavy with pollen, sweat, sweet c u m and heat.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3403 Oct 8, 2012
We poets in our youth begin in gladness;
but thereof comes in the end despondency and madness.

~ William Wordsworth.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3404 Oct 8, 2012
Seduce me with your words
Verbs draped across my chest
just suggest..
Murmer meanderings into my neck
Wreck mediocrity with a subtext
Hex spells upon me
Free spirit with prose
Expose tongue twisters to my toes
So I can feel your wet wordy lap
Tap ten digital rap
Sap soaked in your graffiti
Defeat me, shout out
Doubt me with your mouth...

Make me from your song
Long, longing belonging here
Near where I can hear
Sheer seduction as you satiate
just wait
Tense, thriller panting
Chanting rhythmic rhymes dancing
Entrancing passion advancing
Chancing whispers light breeze
Tease lips atop lips as they move
Smooth over each other
Smother the world outside
Slide into the library of us...
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3405 Oct 8, 2012
Warm breath breezes neck
Wet sweat drips trips
Erogenous switches
Trickles into creases
Weaving bridges over fleshy gaps
Glistening glimmering moist map
Ever changing with embracing
Tracing routes soothing
The burning, pulsing, aching
Sensation snaking downward
With erect gyration
Legs wrapped forced back
Arch clasped in large
Hand rough warm firm grasp
Pulls the space from between
Tongue quim deep probing
Unseen fire ignites fusewire
Rapid strokes deep drenched centre
Veins with pleasure pain coursing
Reaching extreme range
Cliteral quivering orgasmatic spasm
Every pore ever born
Stormed stirred to rhythmic
Core of passion pleading
Throbbing incantation
Calling seekers
Satisfaction dreaming
Seed slither between ass-cheek
Heart crescendos
White heat
Ease gently slow pumping
Collapse flat wrapped
Packed together pink soft empty
Breathing easing
Relieving tremors
Soften soften
Satin sheets embrace
Face to face lover's...
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3406 Oct 8, 2012
The terror of error
The error of terror
The terror of seeing
The error of being...

In my bag I'm carrying permitted feelings
The madness of the finished and unfinished
The fingernails of lovers and ex-lovers
The faces of the jealous
The skins of hate and passion
The shadows of the lovely
The arrogance of the ambitious
The lust of the forlorn
The humility of leaves
The blood of hypocrites
The last breath of the adulterer
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3407 Oct 8, 2012
Paradise unveiled
Mind overwhelmed

Fruit beckons
Serpent dances

Reality fades
Vanity rules

Axioms lost
We glide into
To be kicked out
Deceived, disowned.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3408 Oct 8, 2012
Hours and years
ticked by
I remain still
a mere nobody

Scorching torture
from within
Conscience turned
tyrant reigning

It is hard to bear
material poverty
Unbearable are the streams
of spiritual illiteracy.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3409 Oct 8, 2012
Tomorrow I will write
about the little lilies
Dancing rainbows
and flying butterflies

Tonight let me remain awake
Fabric of a dream is in the make

Early morning we will leave,
In the dewdrops we will dance
We will play with little lambs
Wet in the rain, heart in the air.

{maybe not....}
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3410 Oct 8, 2012
Imageries of a scary tomorrow
Like a mite, feeding on life's marrow

Oh fear ! Was thine ugly spirit afloat
In mine early moments like a blot

Or was it the vulgar hands of culture
That robbed me of my vitality and vigor.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3411 Oct 8, 2012
Our analytic mind sink like a solid through the viscous time into darkness, paving way for inaction and hedonism, unless painstaking effort keep it afloat.

It seems like the law of nature that striving and struggling has got no substitute as far as progress is concerned.

Nature ruthlessly ensures perdition to the dull and lazy.

Nevertheless battling the hurdles can be turned to a challenging and not mere frustrating experience, with sufficient vision and wisdom.

Akin to the being trapped between the devil and the sea, we too often get caught in the either extremes of vulgar laziness or unbearable strain.

The problem turns to that of management then, self knowledge always is the key for self management.

Surprisingly we would realize at a moment that the greatest of our enemies were within, roaming freely in our own fort, disguised as well wishers.

The sharpness of our wit and analysis, the accumulated experiences of the past......every weapon in our armory will have to be taken out if we have to stay in the battlefield.

“ Woodstock Anyone?”

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Since: Oct 12

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#3412 Oct 8, 2012
I am sweet spooned into bitter
I am compassion flung at cruel
I am the one they all turn to
for enlightened gentle fuel

How appalled they would be
at the filth in my mind
That my dreams throw me down
and pull my hair from behind
That just a look will undress me
just a kiss will be a lay
Yes, my love falls on it softly
but my safe word is gray

“ Woodstock Anyone?”

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Since: Oct 12

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#3413 Oct 8, 2012
Finally! They accepted my poem. I figured this one out [ speaking of the one above ].
I had to remove the word 'wh ore'
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3414 Oct 8, 2012
When the shell of a pain crackles
By the assault of patience
A breeze chills the naked soul
And heart beats in the womb of creativity

The silent moments that ensues
The warmth of bliss that accompanies
Condense to droplets of reliable pleasures
On which humanity survived ....and on it evolves

Wound and set in search for order
We discovered art and science
In a peck of a stone heavenly wisdom
And in wild flowers fragrance of paradise

In the gnarled hairs of nature
And the knotty depths of mind
We traveled in darkness
Unchained inhibitions and unlocked troves

Salute to the savants of yesteryears
Crawling through the rocky terrains
They dug deep and sipped the marrow of life.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3415 Oct 8, 2012
I lived....tossed up and down .....
By the waves from the depth of my mind
Sometimes silent.....but mostly violent.....

I am fed up......of this slavery from within
In the net woven by my ancestors....
Swung by the wind of the times.

The inner yearning to script my destiny
Is pushing me ahead incessantly
Along the journey I am discovering happiness
Strangely simple......contrary to my phantasies.

Simplicity shuts the door to hell
And disillusioning makes life a pilgrimage
The door to paradise slowly opens
When moments enchants, nothing matters much.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3416 Oct 8, 2012
The finite chasing the infinite - that is the human story

Haunted by the urge for coherence, completion and perfection.

In the beginning there exists expectations
Occasionally what follows is a nothingness
And associated anticipations and illusions.

Learning to accept nothingness as a part of reality
Is like severing a rusty old bond of trust and relation

Or leaving the ancestral home for stranger terrains
A despair, an angst, a silence and a void accompanies.

Probabilities are nothing but possibilities
Seldom appeals to the palates obsessed with clarity
When certainty is dancing nude, why phantasy !

Poets are dreamers...

Rarely feels at home with what is
Do they posses insights which betrays the naked eyes

Who knows.........

Better who cares........

“ Woodstock Anyone?”

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Since: Oct 12

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#3417 Oct 8, 2012
Keeping up with you is difficult, Adrian. I go back to read some of your previous work and suddenly you have more. Your writing is so intense and deep I want to graze on the twists and turns of the phrases slowly. Like sipping strong wine. Luscious.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3418 Oct 8, 2012
To you I wouldst lift mine veil...
and await you within
my refugium tent of silk,
with but little resistance,
with but much trust
though hesitate betrays
a shyness of own will....
which in your presence
would be gusted away
like wind on dust......

My orchid dews
with musky cream
for thoughts of you
and distant dreams...

Its center swells
with heat engorged,
its need unquelled
awaiting more...

Petaled lips, those
lingually teased -
passionate moans
in ecstasy seized.

You tell me that you envy the satin sheets and tissues that catch what should be yours, and wish that pearly issue could anoint and cause you sighs...

Long awake at night, you imagine the liquid heat, that fires your deepest inner goddness' seat..once again you feel that longing to be made my woman, and ache for that sacred moment...and my pearly tissue issue, that makes you sigh and moan...
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#3419 Oct 8, 2012
You feed me plump oysters, one by one
and invite me to lap at their
heady, vulvian likeness
- kiss their juices from my chin...

Then later, you serve me figs
teased open with my tongue,
as you let me scoop and suckle
at velvet secrets within..

Later, a bit of Belgien chocolate
first warmed upon your tongue
shared with mine and melted more
hints at pleasures to cum...

Ah, but the coupe de finesse
you offer me last, your own...
a honeyed dessert, warm and sweet
that needs but the final kiss..

- the cream,
whipped by ecstasy mine...

Oh, if it be of fig, your dress under it I would coyly peek..

And of the delights I there would seek. would be your jewels, no less!

You have a secret treasure box to hide your jewels within..

There a fit deVine so fine, with dark rose velvet lined...

You tell me, my love, that I will find no locks.

There the scent reminds of heaven,
Musky, dark, and sweetly welling...

It is much like I,......

From soft to hard and swelling!

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