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Adrian DeVine

Brisbane, Australia

#5200 Aug 8, 2014
Nicole, I sipped upon your creative juices,
and drowned, another finger,
into that gory darkness
of thought;

these canopies breathe softly,
as I curl my fingers
and straighten my eyelids
to take another nap;

Yet that dying fetus haunts me-
itís misted face still echoes
as an unwanted ultrasound,
of bubbling cysts;

I tried murder,
yet the spirals scream:
in this pregnant mind-
and refuse;

So deal with me-
Youíre mine.

Youíre born
...and never alive;

“Don't Worry Be Happy”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

And Don't Forget To Smile:o)

#5201 Aug 9, 2014
I read over everything ..then decide what I want to answer to..so I come to topix to see if my dear friends are on to say hello and wish a great day to them..thats always good..everybody needs some good words on days they maybe feeling low or blue..(hugs)..:o)
Level 7

Since: Apr 08

Location hidden

#5202 Aug 10, 2014
Roses r red
Fighting is blue
I come for the laughs
And the bickering too
I like to make friends
Poke a bear here n there
The tortured poets
So quiet they blare
My favorite r newbies
Who claim to b green
Give em an hour
They r invested and mean
The fun ones who come
Keep givin it a try
Doc dirty!
Hes one great guy
Sammy my bud
And deb so real
Somehow they manage
To keep their appeal
My bff.
OK its true
He makes me week n the knee
Ola and dc brandii and hippi
Oh my!
Liam is a stand up guy
I kinda like.
Sally. Brown
She seems OK
andhas it down

“It's a secret”

Level 8

Since: Sep 12

Or maybe I just forgot!!

#5203 Aug 10, 2014
Oh Ms. Reebie...

I love your poem..
and so much.. you too.
you can count on it..
a msg from M.E. to you

you're the creme de la creme..on topix..
predudice??? well maaaayyyyybbbbeeee..:)
but still the same..I'll take the blame.
cause you'll always be my one and only

the goooooSe man..
Adrian DeVine

Brisbane, Australia

#5204 Aug 10, 2014

Its name has a warm ring
yet is the coldest place on earth,
so cold, moisture freezes inside the nose.

A mere sneeze can project a
spray of silvery crystals
scattering like stardust.

No tintinnabulation sweetens the ears.
Sound falls dead like a grounded lark.
Conversation has an icy chill.

Life here exists with no excuses.
Slippery slopes bear no blame for
never reaching your destination.

Brutally bound to
the flake white canvas,
existence is forceably cohesive.

And if you ever chance your arm to quit,
a valedictory shake of the hand
will leave you in the grip of winter.

Adrian DeVine

Brisbane, Australia

#5205 Aug 11, 2014
The moon glittered above me,
It was beautifully gleaming..
Peace comes from its rays.

A sigh escapes my lips,
Sending my mind aghast.
Inhuman speed came fast.

Moving in flashing steps,
I cover ground with grace.
Listening to the tree's.

They swung in the wind,
Petals of white circling in their branches.
Their voices were heard in my mind.

The Moon glowed overhead,
Guiding my eyes,
Down the hidden path tonight..

I leapt from the edge,
Sliding down this rocky ledge.
Onto the beach of white sand.

The reflection of my human,
Burned holes in my heart.
To see me disappear,
Behind the face of the moon.

This forgotten art,
Will always be remembered by thee.
When you return,
A Valkyrie......

Or any of Odin's handmaidens
Adrian DeVine

Brisbane, Australia

#5206 Aug 12, 2014

Inter canem et lupum,
Non est ei similis.
Lux mundi es imperium.
Carpe diem,
Aut vincere aut mori,
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.
Memento mori
Hoc est verum.
Es dies irae.
Aeternum vale,
Ad infintium.
Omnia mors aequat,
Lux mundi,
Nec possum tecum vivere nec sinete.
Serva me, servabo te.
Una voce,
Vade mecum.
Pulvis et umbra sumus.
Pavesco, pavesco,
Quod incepimus Conficimus.
Respice finem,
Aeternum vale.
Level 6

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#5210 Aug 18, 2014
Currently nobody tops my reading list.


Why did Topix remove my post?



Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#5211 Aug 18, 2014
TROLL TALK..Makes MY Day!!


Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#5218 Aug 19, 2014
ADRIAN..Quit HOGGING this Thread..!!

Yooooou Have NUMEROUS Threads of Your OWN to HOG!!!


Tunbridge Wells, UK

#5220 Aug 20, 2014
I like reading my posts,I say what I like and like what I say..


Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#5225 Aug 24, 2014
Hippie chick..WHERE THE FREAK are ya Chick???
Username 666

Sikeston, MO

#5227 Aug 25, 2014
Adrian DeVine wrote:
Carly, your vengeance of feeble consciousness
engulfed in the wild roar of mortalityís ocean
battling hopelessly with that madmenís zest
diseased with the poison of its own vitality
secretly conjuring fantasies for eternity
dripping down the spine of Illusion itself
drowning in pleasure and soaring in pain
nurtured by the stings of challenge
greatest when forgetful of itself
crippled by the burden of its weight Ė
the threshold of all realities
and because, you are weak and a coward,
having possessed doom in its very heart
abandoning the mellow horizon of non-existence
you, now have become, the captive of its deadly fear.
Adrian DeVine.
I sing you a tune with the name of my favorite gal (at the moment) mentioned in it.
I sing to a man and I'll not accidentally call him by another name.
I won't sing about the unfortunate moments.
I'll sing of all the high flying by the seat of your pants (ties)... precious moments.
May I (as yourself) always think fondly on them and those, we lived (survived)... it with.

I won't post a poem or words of another without taking all the measures to give them mention.
Welcome back ol' boi.}

Level 2

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#5231 Aug 26, 2014
The tamers of the shrews. ;)
Kriss Trolls

Dayton, OH

#5232 Aug 26, 2014
TROLL this Chris T wrote:
<quoted text>
Please note by submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and the comment you are posting is in compliance with such terms. Be polite. Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator.
'Sup, dude?
Username 666

Sikeston, MO

#5233 Aug 27, 2014
Adrian DeVine wrote:
<quoted text>
(How I dislike you!)
For what reason could you possibly have to dislike me?
It is because I help expose you for the deceitful being that you are?

Post 235

QUOTE who="Adrian deVine"

I'm leaving on a jet plane....wont be back again

HOW I FOOLED ALL OF YOU ........so easily

IT WAS ALL A CHARADE......yes, truly.....

Not one word was true..........now i've got the last laugh.....why you ask?

You'll find that any many, many more intriguing questions about ME, who is NOT me....in my BOOK...

Username 666

Sikeston, MO

#5234 Aug 27, 2014
BTW, how is that book (fiction) coming along ol' man?


Since: Feb 14

Location hidden

#5237 Aug 27, 2014
Yo TROLL..Devine.. STFU!!

Arlington, TX

#5239 Aug 27, 2014
Petal Power wrote:
Yo TROLL..Devine.. STFU!!
Yo Troll PP STFU!!
Strangers in the night

Sikeston, MO

#5240 Aug 27, 2014
Petal Power wrote:
Yo TROLL..Devine.. STFU!!
Denver, Aurora, Boulder and colder, as winter prepares to settle in.
Colorado, is that necessary? When one feeds another they claim
to be a troll, you too resemble the reflection in a mirror you choose
to ignore. Oxymorons, contradictions and no consistency ... must
you fly so high you only see the sky and miss the ants busy down
below. You don't often reply to responses offered you. I can't help
wonder, why - why not? I won't tell you to stfu, you needn't burden your-
self to tell me or others to do so. I wish to go on some more, knowing
full well you will not come back and take notice. Surprise me CChick
and be kind to the poet once again as you are known for all this time.

They asked your gender, you refused to tell them filling the blank
with a maybe. They looked and could not tell, is that a man or a
lady? Words ... can you feel them or do your words shadow
over all the senses that once was a soft place to reside and rest?
They wondered if you were bi and they hadn't really considered,...

Please don't presume you know my name. You can not assume, it isn't
as easy as all that. There is 'one' to show more recently (new?) and they
are using the name YOU/ad, are calling out. I am not that one. I do not
know your name, nor do I care. You do know my name (tho how would you
recall/too many to mention). You did not care to know me. Slice and
dice ... hold those fruits and vegetables proper, no flesh from bone tonight.
Just so you know poet, you didn't hurt me. You pissed me off is what you did,
though I don't believe you have a clue what you do .. something is amiss with you.

I like that you said our poems need not rhyme. This isn't a poem ... just random
words of thoughts I have when I see one of your chosen names out here. One
for which you will choose for yourself, those you will follow and try to use and the
names you post in your poems. Those aren't (always) the names originally written ...
it's just part of your game and I'm not the only one that gets pissed off about
seeing them tho we do get over it/you. Stop guessing ... how could you begin to
really know? Some of us are genuine and just don't want to watch you rip at the
heart of another and kindly stop picking a name from your past to pounce on when
the desire to hurt another strikes for fancy or mood of the moment.

CC/PP, there is no hogging of threads and 'his' username is on this one ... I don't
recall seeing yours up there. Good afternoon.

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