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Brisbane, Australia

#3813 Jan 6, 2013
O moon! O court of heaven, O shiny pearl!
deeper-fragrant blue reflection
gentle, whimsical, in delight.
I tell you I must genuflect
and beg your heart
burst to bloom and kiss the day,
silver-stained in-translucence,
in protection's festive whisperings
from above -
you're here to watch us,
kindest, dear one.

Shape of marble
craving dreams in wonderment
praying with song along bastion walls
children wait by angel's feet,
Christmas in their heart
eyes dazzling from light-of-bright
the world in romance
beholding thoughst
into blueness of elusiveness
for blueness is not transparent,
extremely rare; pure, most exquisite -
for it is in you I write this prose.

Morning gallant,
a horseman rides with fervor
bringing fire to her blood
in the manner of an opalescent glow,
without it angels could not belong
more than any myth or legend
a chapter with citadel of gild and gold
fond of prayer to wrap in sleep
ceremonial; perhaps sincerity deep -
deep when morning walks our way.
O ivory moon you hear and listen
and pay us homage
graced and blessed.

O fellow poet,
you, a patron here on earth;
hear us sing to you ecstatic
to oblige in precious tones and heal those transposed
for words would hold a heart with words,
in grace from God -
I, too, share with you.

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3814 Jan 6, 2013
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,thou shalt be saved.
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness,and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
For the scripture saith,who-soever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Its not hard just open your mouth and talk..
Walking in it whats rough..God never said it would be easy but he did say he would be with us even untill the end. Amen...

Brisbane, Australia

#3816 Jan 6, 2013

Cream the sugar, smooth butter and brown
Cinnemon's scent, its earthy color,
Blends with dark coffee and honey
A whole cup, sticky and sweet,
Melting in the warmth.
Intoxicating rum, dark also, changes
Flour, two kinds, stirred gently into
The warm mixture.
Baking soda, Baking Powder
Make it rise in the oven.
Still warm, and cooling,
I ache for a taste.....


Brisbane, Australia

#3817 Jan 6, 2013
You come in so many colors,
sissal, braid, and twine.
So many lengths and finishes,
you make me feel fine.
Sometimes you rip my skin,
or tear out some of my hair.
Sometimes you make me bleed,
or just leave a soreness there.
You caress my skin like no other,
you hold me tight and firm.
I may pretend to protest,
but I'll never truly squirm.
Lock me down within your lengths
refuse me even just an inch.
If I get bratty or annoying,
tighten yet another cinch.
I'd like to pile you upon my body,
covering every square.
I'd feel so much less lonely,
feeling you tightening there.
Wrap me within your strength,
keep me buried within your coils.
I'll happily swim through your fibers,
and twist myself through your spoils.
Hang me, rend me, stretch my limb,
I wave my flag, you'll always win.
Anchor me upon my bed so I don't float away,
let me return to you each passing day.
I'll connect to your cord if you keep it strong,
within your ropy arms, I finally belong.....


Brisbane, Australia

#3818 Jan 6, 2013
Always magnificent you are.
Shining more than the sun, you are.
The vessels of life's nectar
sagging and suckled sweetly
help me appreciate
your maternal instinct and
how beautiful you truly are.
The penetration of your light
into the darkest void
imparts the seeds of life
to all creation, myself included.
Halos surround your fiery
(or, is it) onyx hair.
As I behold it, I can't help but cry.
Your eyes are four jewels
gold and silver, sapphire and emerald.
Man and Woman all in one,
Showing me your utmost passion.
I am unworthy of your love.
But still you give it all freely.
I accept it reluctantly but in thanks.
God of Earth and Sky,
I am but nothing but a servant
so humbled by the pleasure you give me.
Why would you put one such as me,
at the center of your Universe?

Level 2

Since: Oct 12

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#3820 Jan 11, 2013
<quoted text>
Is it ?....I really have no idea....just liked it, glad you did too....thank you.
Whoever has no house now will never have one.
Whoever is alone will stay alone
Will sit, read, write long letters through the evening
And wander on the boulevards, up and down...
- from Autumn Day, Rainer Maria Rilke.
I Come To Topix Especially To Read Posts By many people. Used to like the diversity of poetry you shared from around the world. When you use it to be cruel for no reason, all admiration fades. So much potential, so little utilization. damn


Level 8

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#3821 Jan 11, 2013
SimplyLoveYou wrote:
<quoted text>I Come To Topix Especially To Read Posts By many people. Used to like the diversity of poetry you shared from around the world. When you use it to be cruel for no reason, all admiration fades. So much potential, so little utilization. damn
The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

~Omar Khayyam 'Rubyiat'

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3822 Jan 11, 2013
well Im sorry for what I said to AD..I never intended for him to leave OB for good.I was staying off his thread which was Sex and Poetry ..He chose to leave..sorry AD..I would have never said anything to you untill you said what you did to me..Okay I have said I was sorry right here for all to see..Have a great evening.

Level 9

Since: Jul 11

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#3823 Jan 17, 2013
No one special but enjoy many here on topix.
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3824 Jan 17, 2013
honeymylove wrote:
No one special but enjoy many here on topix.
I have two special posters on Offbeat........one seems to have become lost from this web-site and the other I'm in love with....

So I crawled outside
I felt the sunshine on my face
It was blinding and warm
And I adjusted
Waiting until I could see

The birds I’d been listening to appeared
As did the water flowing
And all the sources of every seductive fragrance

And my timidity slipped away
It had to
I drank from the river to kill my thirst
And ate to loosen the knot in my belly
And still I was not satisfied

Then I saw the creature
The light went further away
Yet grew brighter, longer, and warmer
Indeed I began to sweat
And it would seem
The creature did too

It was different from me
It’s perspiration made it shimmer
With the waves of light
Came wafts of aroma I’ve never known

I trembled

I approached
Afraid and drawn
I wanted to walk away
I wanted to never have known
But I must know more
But I must no more

But I approached
And the creature acknowledged
As though it had not known all along
I was there

And the creature bared its teeth
Perhaps a smile

Iridescent eyes
Pulled me
Into the grass
My fingers swimming in the cool topsoil
I felt something
I was now further from my mind
Heeding instinct…soul
And the creature under me
Lifted its hips

I entered slowly
Colors changed around me
I rocked slowly into the hips
Cool breezes began to move across me
I heaved and the creature sighed
Shadows grew long
As the light and its heat wore down
And turned amber
There was rustling and crackling
And still I moved
Now in some state between the three corners
Of pain, oblivion, and bliss
I drove on
With deliberate vigor
And held the pressure at the end of each slow thrust
I was consumed

And I came
I came
I came like winter

A frost across the hills of flannel

The colors disappeared
With the light

I was tired and ready to digest myself
But I tried to stay outside the den
I tried

And she was a bonfire
Giving off antiheat

And I fell deep

Never quite making it
To the den

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3825 Jan 17, 2013
Everyone should have someone in their life that keeps them looking forward to another day.!!!
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3826 Jan 19, 2013
Who has never experienced a moment of doubt?
A moment of pain.
When people find out your hidden flaws,
You wish no one knew your name.
You stay away from, avoid certain places,
Shunning the people who know you well.
Your past cause you embarrassment, we've all done things we'd rather not tell
Anyone else about, because we are shamed.
Having a secret lover that you want no one to know about.
Not handling home life well, but pretending you're a boy scout.
Mistreating those closest to us, while pretending to be nice.
Giving lip service to living well, but thinking about ending your life.
We've all got secrets, things we don't tell.
We've lived with them for so long, in truth it's a living HELL.
But what can you do? Stop living? Give in?
No you keep on living and never give up.
Some days things look up.
Some days are gloomy. Hold on, try harder, and better days somewhere is looming.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know how to feel.
But, I'll keep on trying to survive.
For life, I have strong will.
Sometimes I am ashamed and I feel so alone.
Sometimes I find myself crying in a small room in my home.
But, I trudge on each day, trying to see something new.
Hold your head up.
Keep trying. It will be alright soon.
Who has never experienced a moment of doubt?
A moment of pain.
When people find out your hidden flaws,
But look closely and you might see within you are NO flaws at all.

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3827 Jan 19, 2013
One song can change a moment,one idea can change a world,one step can start a journey but a prayer can change even the impossible..
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3828 Jan 19, 2013
I want to show you something
That I know you'll never see.

I wish I could make it clear to you
All the things that I can't forget

(The best days of my life, you gave so much to me)

The orbit, the world, all there is;
It all revolves around you, it seems.

It's like you are the moons, and the sun,
and I'd frozen, and then burned.

As you are floating beyond the clouds
you no longer seem to see the sky

(Yes, that same sky we used to stare into until we fell asleep)

I know it can never be the way it once was;
where there had been love visible to the naked eye.

I know I will no longer hear the stream's flowing
even if I were ankle deep.

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3829 Jan 19, 2013
When nights are cold and stars are few,I close my eyes and think of you.A silent hope, a silent tear, a silent wish that you were here..:O(
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3830 Jan 19, 2013
I poured my heart into an empty glass
Couldn't look foward
Too busy drinking to loves long past
Broken shards of my heart
Cuts worse than a razors edge
Effects of wrong love
No more is my solemn pledge
Trust is for the unsuspecting
Blind to the consequences of giving all
So hard to gather yourself again
After that painful four letter fall
Every so often you see your reflection
God places your image in another
Faces them in your direction
But myself too ignorant to recognize my image in plain sight
Will forever be alone on this journey
I trusted my mind with what's left
since my soul couldnt see what was right
In front of my eyes
I let it go
Yet in still I try
Forever wondering...
Did I miss a chance
To connect my soul with its missing puzzle piece
Alone cursed to wander...freelance
Well let me finish my glass
Empty with sorrow
So I filled it with regret
Drunk on that four letter word
Thought I released the past...
Seems I haven't..just yet
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3831 Jan 21, 2013
There are no hidden diaries filled with distracting secrets.

Only beautiful objects that clatter to the floor on touch — accusatory.

It was the chocolate muffin that reminded me of the day’s particular despair. It’s dark brown heaviness clenched, stayed.

Un-lodge. Dislocate.

Each day is pried loose like a bit of shine gummed up against stone.

Each night chiseled jangled nerves like the last tooth inside the hollow of a mouth’s cave.

There’s a moment of give; of unexpected ease.

Read into it what you will. The unpacking of each day........

And it’s re-packaging at the end.

“Good Morning ”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12


#3832 Jan 21, 2013
You may not be her first,her last,or her only.She loved before she may love again.But if she loves you now, what else matters? Shes not perfect you arent either and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes,hold on to her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day ,but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break and thats her heart. So dont hurt her. Dont change her. dont analyze her and dont expect more than she can give.Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there..

this was written by Bob Marley an very nice indeed..
Homunculus Nebula

Brisbane, Australia

#3833 Jan 21, 2013
Hurt heart thumps through stark torrent’s spew, pain's veins pump vain despair,
why wishing-well what world would do when one’s no longer there ?
Why worry who will bed or woo, misled wed base affair,
each age sends stage page scene anew, pent rage vents spleen, sad snare.

Once wraith what faith may comfort, who contentment finds ? Aware
are all their nightmare fall supplies no paradise, skies fair.
Dank dark doom leaves grieve hung with dew, shaved, stumpy trees stripped bare,
gibbering ghosts, grey-greenish hue shade shiver in sharp air.

Life’s dream team options, once bright blue, tarnish too soon, to wear
down most, ghost host, who must crust rust, while few pad out lust’s lair
beyond the seemy rhyming schemes of blushing Baudelaire -
whored guilty conscience safely stored, bribes poured for greased palm tare.

Burnt bridge of sighs quite cuts in two split city's spirit spare,
and therefore, by extension, too, links life to - God knows where.
Wan lie acquaintanceships one knew, affection two should share,
while once exciting avenue of life seems impasse where
old vaunted haunts time's rimed review now daunts. For void prepare.

Is life just bitter pill, missed cue, in chaos swilled to bear
hate's weight, tears, fears untimely due where conscience cries beware !
Is life strife rife where favoured few waste privileges rare,
compared to who pimp scrimp limp through misfortunes most unfair ?

Is life rewarding revenue splurge surge merge urge shows heir,
or drudge through sludge where cudgel slew Earth goddess Gaïa's .
Is life return bienvenue or one way ticket scare
descending into maggot stew, hell burned urn's ashen layer ?

Is life some sort of déjà vu, self-referencing stare
through mirror that, whate'er ensue, backs to black disrepair?
Is life sharp knife, fine furs, long queue, stores' gaudy glitter glare -
or superficial residue, fast sacrificed false flair ?

Is life’s brief leaf, grief sheaf shoal reefed, half-hearted whole, farce flare,
or black hole disbelief, soul thief, ploughed under everywhere ?
fixed rictus grin whose rigour grim begins tale’s tail-end tear,
sin’s karmic spin where lose not win cues feud forebear forswear ?

Is life pride ride soon set aside, tried sentenced, treatment square
too rarely met, signed with forget-me, knot loose noose to bear until at last will's pain is cast to wind of change none share,
which willy-nilly blows away race, trace face-value's layer.

Is Life a story book that takes wake's glory down ? Truth blare

becomes when ignorance, dumb drum, would triumph everywhere.

Death steals love's breath as Time's wheels churn, night's nothingness prepare,

stars silence scream, beg, borrow theme for no tomorrow fair

as dusk drains life's dawn husk light wains, the darkness within no clair

de lune or moonlight tune croon swoons, see cemetry pied à terre.

None raindrops know 'neath purple sky, fame pops, life stops right there.

Beware where ego's overblown for bonus billionaire
whose bogus option package acts as sham incentive, where crass top brass brash lop-sided cash expend on solitaire to grace cute hand who wedding band pretends was never there.

Beware star system beaut’s short skirts, beau’s silk shirts, suits mohair,
soon boom turns bust must break both bank and back of proletaire
when pensions' dust proves worthless, earth polluted by oil flare:
as oil slick spreads some feather beds that nest eggs gilt prepare.

Once whole, now sole, soul sees right through coal hole's lacklustre air
where honest labour’s revenue few faithfully declare
as greed grinds need to feed seed funds, tax shelter debonnaire,
scheme pyramid, insider bid, mid hid guilt’s laissez-faire.

Forlorn men boxed, with scarce a clue, worn faces, torn white hair,
from uniformity of view hurt turns, spurned everywhere.
Nor karma new, nor whisper, prayer, imaginary dare,
splash, lonely bubbles - struggles through.

.......... Will anybody care ?


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#3834 Jan 21, 2013
Princess Hey has my vote today!!

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