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“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3677 Dec 2, 2012
yes you are hip and Kool Girl..Love rockin with ya..Im also glad we passed ways..thats okay Im kool with it..Just doing my thing and rockin' on..:O).Goodnight see ya tomorrow..

The Gap, Australia

#3678 Dec 2, 2012
The urge to run away, to surrender to the smothering existence dies
when you look at me from the depths of your eyes, pitiless but so healing
I stand alone, now even the sun is my enemy, and darkness overcomes
but in this blank night perfection is bound to be created, no light means no limit.

The soft whisper of the night nymphs sets the mood of creative destruction
everything sacred and deviant burned, melted, liquid visions and lucid dreams
everything loved and hated forgotten, the pages of repeated history erased
the white canvas bleeds, with chunk of my black heart I draw to it's comfort.

And a new world is born, not better, but carved from grace with my hands
where god and I unite, and together we dream of thrones unclaimed to be mine
so are we the creators of our destiny, or just unhinged and feeble minds
ignorant, locked inside this prison of lies, and shall we ever ascend.

Now descending legions come blinding from the skies,
but the skies are red from pain
and dancing minions made of devouring light under her command slumber to naught
because my kingdom is born every night,
and in dreams it seems I'm the king of fancy supreme
of fantasies undone that become alive,
with fear or respect, or just in pure amusement caught.

But how much longer we'll have to beg
for the mercy of the burning rays of sunshine
is there no a man of brave kin, who will slay the sun
and grant us the night and the dreaming sin.
Oh you who plays with verses, speak no words nor blessings or curses,
but stand proud and fight
and the time will come when our heads will bow before you,
the liberator and the slayer of the sun.

The Gap, Australia

#3679 Dec 3, 2012
tonight i took the stage,
and disappeared behind the glow of fame.
pretending to be someone else, someone better
and giving up the battle for i discovered the unimaginable.
feeling for the first time uneasy,
sad because i had lost my glory.

i did not need to take the stage,
i wanted to be home again.
but knowing the faces made me realize reality.
i was not where i wanted to be anymore.
an new era opened for the angels lost in the city
and i took a vow to never dance in their shadows again.

i needed to hear the voice of a savior to save my troubled heart
so i spoke into the dark and gave another chance to my nightmares.
he failed me, yet again, and my heart broke free from my chest.
i was fooled into a happiness bound in denial and false prayers
and loved to hate my savior, and hated to love him.

tonight i took the stage,
not once
but twice
and each time i looked into the darkness, i could see a passing ghost.
and each time i looked into the darkness, i could see those brown eyes.

tonight i took the stage,
and now this is me bowing out.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3680 Dec 3, 2012
Being with no one is better than being with the wrong ones.Sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#3681 Dec 5, 2012
Fissioned elements like broken families, or the new
world of return — we travel and travel back, circling

the idea of home, sparring with far-flung relatives,
a home scattered into fragments, a gerrymandered vase

and the frantic haste to section it back,
solidify again. Sorrow’s unlocked doors festooned

the streets with the clinically mad who, vacant of memory,
submerged into a new life of steaming grates

and, sleeping upon them, dreamt of a blanketless world.
The fire of my youth was a roar in winter deciphering

heat from wood and newspaper and a picture window
humming with snow, my family hidden upstairs.

As the ship approached the harbor they heard the horns
announcing refusal — how sound encloses silence like a shell —

then the lapping water and then the gulls who’d tracked them
for days, assured of destination, a place of refuse.

The rain-stained furniture out back of a warehouse
slowly composes itself with time until witnessed in a picture

taken on a honeymoon tour: the flash ignited the world
behind you both with shadows, and risen

from those shadows are hunched angels who cast
that darkness, bodies twisting as they rise up to leave.

The mother who cut her children from her will
answered calls from anyone.

The Gap, Australia

#3682 Dec 5, 2012
There was no polite way to do it
as I snuck into that dressing room
away from camera flash and prying eyes
sucking in my breath to try you on
and my whole willing figure poured in
followed by morally lazy wisps of hair

No, it had to be done
as I succumbed to your amorphous slip
covering my tacky skin
a tenacious fit swaddled
and wrinkled as if just from the warehouse
where you had been waiting
crumpled, knowing
along with the larger part of my idling life force

And it was because of what we had in common
you and I
that the ideal I had previously seen as right
degenerated into illusion

An old biographical photograph
of a gaunt woman lying unconscious
without her vase of iris
her parched roses pressed into a book
and stored in a glassed alcove

Reflecting rays of light poking through
illuminating the tautness of her muscles
the effortful curvature of her smile.

The Gap, Australia

#3683 Dec 5, 2012
I reflect
as a moonlit lake
deep and eternal
whose face
dark and opaque
reflects those poor souls
who wander too close
and lose themselves -
drowned -
in its ancient eye
whose abundant
life kills.

Yet as a desert
I exist
maintaining lake's form
so dry yet so
and all as One.

Am I as alien to you
as you are to me?

Do you distance
yourself from this
illusionary reality
- this -
which the Greeks
evaded through art?

Dionysus, Apollo,
what would you say
to that lake,
that desert,
that distance?

But is it this distance
which catalyses the
of that shroud
which blinds perception?

Dionysiac, Apolline,
Drought, Drowned.

Opposers as allies,
distance as treaties,
and now......

all seems as

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3684 Dec 5, 2012
One day you will see that it has all come together.What you have been fighting against has finally been defeated.You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will say to yourself it didnt stand a chance

The Gap, Australia

#3685 Dec 5, 2012
We are the unconquered,
The battered and the proud.
We sing a song of triumph
As our voices ring out loud.
We are the forsaken,
The lost forgotten few
Left to wither by the wayside,
Who now come marching through.

Our smiles blaze like the banners
That we hold up to the sky;
They left us there to crumble
But still we would not die.
They shot their slings and arrows
And we took the quivers all
But kept moving dumbly onward
And never did we fall.

We won our independence
In a battle hard and long
From the day we first discovered
It would kill us to belong.
As we raise the flag of victory
Minds and eyes turn misty gray
Remembering the blood we shed
In waiting for this day.

The Gap, Australia

#3686 Dec 6, 2012
The river bears its young dead ambivalently

And turns them up in spring, bloated gray

From long dead sleep in the black muck at

The river bottom. Gasses raise the bodies

Like Lazarus and the men with the slim poles

Fish the corpses from waters that have long

Forgotten what it’s like to be both blue and clean.

I knew her, she who once climbed upon

A clock tower on the Quad and enthralled us all

With her rant, while the shaken professors

Cancelled all our finals and some of us actually came

Alive that day, blessed with this fortuitous

Second chance, and we were born again as

Students who had only been mad revelers before

Her face lying sun-up resembles that of a puffer fish,

Not as serene or admittedly as pained as it was

In life. Her amber eyes no longer shine with that

Peculiar fire that made men lust for her quite openly

In their dorms and made some women wonder

Why God had decided they had to love men instead

She is gone and that light gone with her. It is a shame.

You can walk out on the parapets of the bridge, etched

In granite long weathered into nothingness and no one can

See you stashed among the gargoyles while you stare down

At the roiling waters, perhaps seeing the last of winter’s floes

Drifting by before you decide it is time, and you can fly

When in fact a direct drop is preferred; no more meandering

In the mud of misery, yet lying there entombed, until the spring.

For the living left to pick up the pieces there are only questions and despair

And for some the soul-wrenching that would dry out any sponge,

But there’s the rub: Often, the dead leave scars upon the living

That the living do not deserve, and those who choose to die themselves

Rather than letting God or fate decide the way burn surviving flesh

More savagely than most. Some dare call this courage, but staring

At the wasted beauty pulled up from the river, I'’m inclined to disagree.

The Gap, Australia

#3687 Dec 7, 2012
I dreamed inside the framework of a quiet echo
As my fingers touched the quill of your soul
I hid behind the clouds so no one would know
Of my lonely walks within no man's glow

You gently untied me from pastels of blue
From an embryonic womb of darkness
You gave me to sup of morning's first dew
Soothing lost edges as no other could do

You took the nightscape from inside my head
Your sun-thoughts cloaked my apathy
In layers of strawberry, silks and red
You spun every dream from smiles of thread

I climbed upon the plinth as you held my hand
You bade me follow across flawless fields
The windows of time became beads of sand
As we walked away from the dust of man

The Gap, Australia

#3688 Dec 7, 2012
If tears were a stairway and memories a lane
We'd walk a golden carpet to a world without pain
If heartaches were roses and sadness swept to sea
Life would be a resting place of palatial serenity

If tears were hung as icicles on winter's tree of fir
Or flowing into vials of frankincense and myrrh
Grant God the lonely blue, and throw away the key
A valued world to offer what a lovely place to be

If tears could paint rainbows across a sky of grey
Or lift a broken spirit from the bluest empty day
If innocence could be kept and never cast aside
We'd see a deeper felicity where no one ever cried

If tears were as the wind blowing away the snares
Whispering amid the leaves "I'll carry all the cares"
No anchors would we need for Jesus has the hand
That wipes away the tears and erases pain of man

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3689 Dec 7, 2012
Sometimes the strongest women are the ones who love beyond all faults,cry behind closed doors and fights battles that nobody knows about!!!

The Gap, Australia

#3690 Dec 7, 2012
Girl, you slid shadow-like into my life,

hypnotizing me with golden eyes

and glistening blue-patterned skin

that moves gently like leaves

adrift on a forest floor,

words melting into rich loam

that scents me with its damp new growth.

Your tongue feasts on my breath

while you slither along the floorboards

of my soul, getting caught

on still-rough edges that tear

at your brilliant layers,

exposing you for what you really are.

When you turn to say it’s just illusions

in the twilight’s romantic glow,

your forked tongue caresses both my palms

and I watch you struggle to keep

your fangs from doing me harm.

I press your poisoned teeth against my throat

and milk you dry.

When morning’s glow wakes us

from tremulous sleep,

I offer you a bone, comforting you

as my precious new poison spurts,

scalding the back of your own throat,

watching as your scales melt and fade

in the heat of my duplicity.


The Gap, Australia

#3691 Dec 8, 2012
A gift so small
Soft and warm
You hold it with pride
and love it like it was the only gift
you had ever received.

As the years pass by
your treatment becomes rough
Dragged through your mess and your chaos
the gift hardens,
Cracks and chips appear
as you throw this gift on the floor.
Smashing it to pieces.

Finally you give up,
The gift becomes obsolete,
left in the darkness of your world,
You carry on with your chaos,
never looking at the gift,
Never remembering the love
you once held for the pathetic broken mess
in the cupboard.

Changes come and go,
and your life requires you
to clear out the clutter,
You come across your once cherished gift,
Memories flood back of the wonder
and happiness you felt upon receiving it.

You find some cheap glue and try to fix this,
carefully you place the pieces back together, taking your time to make it look new.
But this gift knows
It still shows the pain
and mistreatment it suffered
at your careless hands.

Does repairing this make you feel better?
Does this help you to forget the pain you caused?
This gift will seem like it's fixed,
like it never was broken,
if you are careful enough.

But if you truly care,
and you look close enough,
you will see that the cracks
can never truly be healed.

That the facts will always be there,
if only small, some pieces
will forever be missing,........

Some things can never be fixed.

The Gap, Australia

#3692 Dec 8, 2012
An evolutionary

sensation evoked a

desire, a fire.

Irresistible instinct,

ingrained in inner acid.

Seemingly senseless,

like Okazaki fragments, yet

deeper investigation

unearths intrinsic need.

My complimentary pair,

you transcribe my inner self

and construct a lovers touch

from outside the membrane

of my heart,

so that mutation merely matters

as an afterthought.

A discovery,

define what makes

me click, tick.

Carefully coded

carbon-copy care.

Emotional erosion,

stolen base-pair

a single disruption,

nonsense, you call it, yet

deadly consequence.

Cancerous passion,

translate the prose of love,

the inner workings

of my heart.

Surreal sorrow sends

letters to their grave; forgiven,

the process repeats itself.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3693 Dec 8, 2012
It hurts when you have someone in your heart,but you cant have them in your arms!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#3695 Dec 8, 2012
T he questions of this day,
H earken to the unknown
E asily asked, yet ...

D are I answer?

E ver have I shied away,
P iously avoiding
T ruth.

H iding, from myself

S ome are born to bear burdens
O thers, are forced to
F ear ...
M atters of the mind

Y et ever do we ...
S eek,
O nly to find no answers,
U nder the bridges of our minds

L ife’s dealt its blows
W inning with my grief
I ncomparable though, to the pain of ...
L ove.

L ove.
B arely a word, yet ...
E ver does it echo the
R eality of a true heart

E ver gripped by my mind,
A ccosted by demons, yet ...
L ove, beckoned.
I rresistibly.

S tepping tentatively,
E ver the cynic
D aring the whirlwind,
O f her intensity

N ever, in nine
L ifetimes, could I have known, a
Y earning, so powerfully compelling,
W ithout even a touch.

H ow can this be?
E ven as I ask, I ...
N otice,
I don’t even care

A s was fated though,
M y heart was captured,
F ires were cooled,
I ce was broken.

N ow I have no fear.

A s always,
L ove does not kill demons,
L ove only soothes them
Y es, they are calm,
W ell, calmer.
I fear though,
T hey will never be silenced.

H is heart is strong though,
M ine as well.

Y et apart, I am only a part.

S oon however,
T ogether,
A lways,
R ealizing ... wholeness, the true depths of my soul.

“Want A Friend, Be One”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Remember me with a smile :o)

#3696 Dec 8, 2012
Just so you know,there's a space that only you can fill..Just so you know I loved you then I guess I always will!!!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#3697 Dec 9, 2012
Night has fallen, although
Midnight hours are never strange, and
When rain or snow,
Sometimes is
Heavily falling, though these sounds
I cannot hear.
It was just another night,
Another day, or
Another minute
Just as yesterday has
Slipped through the crack
Beneath my bedroom door,
Locked, dead bolted and keyed,
I cannot remember if I kept that key, or if the
Rain or snow has come between the world outside and me?
A song was once written just for me
I could hear the first few words but
Its melody was arrested when somebody in my mind suddenly
Wants me to die as
That song becomes so strangely frightening?
Bells are ringing,
Some shadowy being is standing by my bedside, and
Time has slipped away from me once more through that
Crack beneath my bedroom door.
I just heard the first few words to my favorite song,
Voices tell me I am none but beautiful while that
Rain keeps tap-dancing upon my windowsill.
A shadowy and threatening figure
is still lurking above my bed.
That voice inside my mind wants me to die and another is
Telling me I am none but beautiful,
A few more words from my favorite song have just been sung.
I believe I that people are out there wishing me ill-fate, that
Roses grow in the wintertime and
I am swimming in a whirlpool of confusion
Of what is real and what is not?
A few more words from my favorite song, and
Bells keep chiming and
I just heard another voice calling my name-
In all fairness, I must confess that
Even though somebody in my mind would like for me to die, and only I can hear those
Ringing bells and songs sung to me,
That melody has been arrested
Only because I realize now that it is a dance
Choreographed for me alone and
Even if it is a tragic musical
I am in a safer place than outside my door
There is a world out there and
It can rain and it can snow and
Cars can splash through water as they drive by my window and
Every day I spend out there
Is more of a nightmare than
The saddest tune my thoughts can play,
Voices that wish for me to die,
Demonic dances or dark figures
lurking above my bed
Will never harm me as much as
What goes on outside my window every day, or as
Going to work or living a life in a very ordinary way, and besides-
I just heard that voice inside my head
Telling me once more that
I am none but beautiful…

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