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The Gap, Australia

#3635 Nov 22, 2012
I should’ve tried harder, I should’ve tried to make you a part of my world
I should’ve made it clear, I should’ve made you my girl
I should’ve of asked you to stay, I should’ve told you not to leave.
I should’ve acted better, I should’ve been the man you needed me to be.
I should’ve held you a little tighter, I should’ve kissed you a little more
I should’ve been there when you needed me, I should’ve never let your feet hit the floor
I should’ve said I love you, I should’ve told you the truth.
I should’ve listened when you spoke , I should’ve talked to you.
I should’ve looked you in the eyes, I should’ve kept you close.
I should’ve kept it real, I should’ve loved you the most

I could’ve of shown you the world, I could’ve made you smile.
I could’ve been your world, I could’ve had your child.
I could’ve spoiled you with you love, I could’ve held your hand.
I could’ve made you happy, I could’ve made things grand.
I could’ve of stood by your side, I could’ve had your back.
I could’ve encouraged you, I could’ve kept your mind intact.
I could’ve satisfied your needs, I could’ve supported your dreams.
I could’ve given you my all, I could’ve quieted your screams.
I could’ve been your future, I could’ve been your partner in life
I could’ve been your soul mate, I could’ve made you my wife.

We would’ve changed the world, we would’ve been forever.
We would’ve started a love, we would’ve always stayed together.
We would’ve had a family, we would’ve shared a past.
We would’ve been together, we would’ve made it last.
We would’ve loved each other, we would’ve worked as two
We would’ve been great lovers, we would’ve been best friends too.
We would’ve walked the earth together; we would’ve been husband and wife.
We would’ve been two lovers; we would’ve lived one life.
We should’ve, we could’ve, and we would’ve.
We should’ve, we could’ve, we would’ve.

“Eleanor, Where is your heart?!”

Level 6

Since: Nov 11

Location hidden

#3636 Nov 22, 2012
PILGRIM's PROGRESS by JOhn Bunyon (excerpt)
TALKATIVE: Nay, my part is not now to object, but to hear; let me, therefore, have your
second question.
FAITHFUL: It is this: Do you experience this first part of the description of it; and doth your
life and conversation testify the same? Or standeth your religion in word or tongue, and not in deed
and truth? Pray, if you incline to answer me in this, say no more than you know the God above will
say Amen to, and also nothing but what your conscience can justify you in; for not he that
commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth. Besides, to say I am thus and
thus, when my conversation, and all my neighbors, tell me I lie, is great wickedness.
Then Talkative at first began to blush; but, recovering himself, thus he replied: You come now
to experience, to conscience, and to God; and to appeal to him for justification of what is spoken.
This kind of discourse I did not expect; nor am I disposed to give an answer to such questions,
because I count not myself bound thereto, unless you take upon you to be a catechiser; and though
you should so do, yet I may refuse to make you my judge. But I pray, will you tell me why you ask
me such questions?
FAITHFUL: Because I saw you forward to talk, and because I knew not that you had aught
else but notion. Besides, to tell you all the truth, I have heard of you that you are a man whose
religion lies in talk, and that your conversation gives this your mouth-profession the lie. They say

you are a spot among Christians, and that religion fareth the worse for your ungodly conversation;
that some have already stumbled at your wicked ways, and that more are in danger of being destroyed
thereby: your religion, and an ale-house, and covetousness, and uncleanness, and swearing, and
lying, and vain company-keeping, etc., will stand together. The proverb is true of you which is said
of a harlot, to wit,“That she is a shame to all women:” so are you a shame to all professors.
TALKATIVE: Since you are so ready to take up reports, and to judge so rashly as you do, I
cannot but conclude you are some peevish or melancholy man, not fit to be discoursed with; and
so adieu.
Then up came Christian, and said to his brother, I told you how it would happen; your words
and his lusts could not agree. He had rather leave your company than reform his life. But he is
gone, as I said: let him go; the loss is no man’s but his own. He has saved us the trouble of going
from him; for he continuing (as I suppose he will do) as he is, would have been but a blot in our
company: besides, the apostle says,“From such withdraw thyself.”
FAITHFUL: But I am glad we had this little discourse with him; it may happen that he will
think of it again: however, I have dealt plainly with him, and so am clear of his blood if he perisheth.
CHRISTIAN: You did well to talk so plainly to him as you did. There is but little of this faithful
dealing with men now-a-days, and that makes religion to stink so in the nostrils of many as it doth;
for they are these talkative fools, whose religion is only in word, and who are debauched and vain
in their conversation, that (being so much admitted into the fellowship of the godly) do puzzle the
world, blemish Christianity, and grieve the sincere. I wish that all men would deal with such as
you have done; then should they either be made more conformable to religion, or the company of
saints would be too hot for them. Then did Faithful say,
“How Talkative at first lifts up his plumes!
How bravely doth he speak! How he presumes
To drive down all before him! But so soon
As Faithful talks of heart-work, like the moon
That’s past the full, into the wane he goes;
And so will all but he that heart-work know.”
Thus they went on, talking of what they had seen by the way, and so made that way easy, which
would otherwise no doubt have been tedious to them, for now they went through a wilderness.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Thanks everyone 4/2/17

#3637 Nov 22, 2012
When you truly care for someone,you dont look for faults,you dont look for answers,you dont look for mistakes.Instead you fight the mistakes,you accept the faults and you over look excuses!!!!!

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#3638 Nov 23, 2012
one guy i come here to read.....

but surprisingly , quite a few women who are friends......

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Thanks everyone 4/2/17

#3639 Nov 23, 2012
No Matter how badly people treat you ,never drop down to their level,just know you're better and walk away!!!!

The Gap, Australia

#3640 Nov 23, 2012
Her white shoes make her dance,
twirling in the space that is hers.
Arms to the sky,
flowing like reeds to the wind.
The sweat on her brow
were diamonds in the spotlight.

Her eyes make me want,
seducing me,
driving me to the beat,
roped in by her twists and spins.
The pearly white of her dress
gently hugging her shapely form,
turning her angel's robes
to languishing hopes.
Her fingers pulling at my shirt,
entrapping me so fully into her dance.
her lips brushing against my neck,
stealing my breath.

Her white shoes make her want,
stepping to the music,
willing the heart to match
the rhythm of the beat.
Her body twists as though possessed,
desire deep in her eyes.
She bites her lip,
entrancing me,
capturing me.

Her fingers make her wild,
tracing the length of my neck,
pulling me closer.
We move, we twirl, and spin,
follow each other, time lost,
music burred in a splash of notes.
Our lips a hairs breadth apart,
our bodies clashing till
our hearts are nearly one.

Her white shoes make me dance,
tearing down my walls,
breaking into my soul.
Leaving me to her whim,
my heart so fully hers,
there on the dance floor.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Thanks everyone 4/2/17

#3641 Nov 24, 2012
Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by one heart!!!

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Thanks everyone 4/2/17

#3643 Nov 25, 2012
I might not be the most important person in your life ,I just hope that when you see my name then you smile and say thats my friend!!!!:O)

The Gap, Australia

#3644 Nov 25, 2012
My forbidden book has words and images
A forbidden poetry that speaks to the soul
A forbidden angel who haunts my dreams
A renegade sensibility lost in the desert
of a no man's land
I want to make an impact on my world
Let the powers that be know who I am
A force to be reckoned with
A cascading fountain of life and art
I can see the burning feelings in your face
Existing beyond the lens
Interpreted through the word
At play with light and shadow
Tied up with what we say to each other
I see something inside of you
I listen to what you express to me
Make love to the avant garde
Feel the tension of my conviction
The beauty remains hidden behind the mask
Show me which feelings betray our humanity
My angel transcends time and space
She inspires words and captures the light
She is poetry in motion
I can feel the rhythms
of her young life
Make sense of her graceful gaze
She brings me to the end of my journey
Takes me by the hand and leads me
to a new dawn

The Gap, Australia

#3645 Nov 25, 2012
Waves and waves of pain
Smashing against the rocks
As the cold wind envelopes the day
Destiny has fallen from the sky
Leaving our hearts barren
The breeze sweeping through your hair
Drying your flowing tears
Longing for the light
It melted away with the sun
Bringing only darkness
Fragments of a dream
We struggle to remember
Of your body under the covers
Pressed against mine
Devoid of the external world
The heat of our embrace
Driving us inward
Into a new reality
Your beautiful eyes see through me
Leaving the world behind
Your stellar life
Forever in my presence
Giving our hearts love
Alchemy of emotion
Raising us from the depths
Of the physical world
Forgetting the war
Between hopelessness
And fate

The Gap, Australia

#3646 Nov 25, 2012
Rosa Darling wrote:
Adrian DeVine is, was, always will..
be...an especially obnoxious little Twit !
Hey Rosa, STiX and STOnES may break my BOnES
BUT..WHIpS and CHaINS excite me!!!
So.. THrOW me DoWN and TiE me up
CuM on and SHoW ME DaT YoU LiKE ME!

I'm 6'1" tall in my sox.........so where do you come on with the "little" thing, Rosa Darling ?

The Gap, Australia

#3647 Nov 28, 2012
In the hour of death, after this life’s whim,
When the heart beats low, and the eyes grow dim,
And pain has exhausted every limb—
The lover of the Lord shall trust in Him.

When the will has forgotten the lifelong aim,
And the mind can only disgrace its fame,
And a man is uncertain of his own name—
The power of the Lord shall fill this frame.

When the last sigh is heaved, and the last tear shed,
And the coffin is waiting beside the bed,
And the widow and child forsake the dead—
The angel of the Lord shall lift this head.

For even the purest delight may pall,
And power must fail, and the pride must fall,
And the love of the dearest friends grow small—
But the glory of the Lord is all in all.

The Gap, Australia

#3648 Nov 28, 2012
You fall
In licking flames
Of withdrawn absolution
Every stone of your foundation
Crumbling, black and broken
Into the oblivion of desperation

You fall
Into the ruins
Of your own creation
As the hand of your absent god
Sweeps clear the ground beneath you

You fall
A desperate gesture
Hope a distant memory
Burnt and fading at the edges
It crumbles under your shaking hands

You fall
This is not change
This is not epiphany or retribution
There is no stopping or fixing this
You’re too far gone.....

The Gap, Australia

#3649 Nov 28, 2012
It's human to deny

We lie
To ourselves
To our hearts
And to each other

You begged
To be my exception
The one
Who didn't follow the pattern
Of lies and betrayal
The one
Whose head wasn't riddled
With the snakes
Of a truth untold
And eye contact would be lost,
As I fumbled around
The whiteness of my words.


Do you understand that word?

I have never had it
It is what I am not.

Your eyes are dry
Tears burnt away
And you don't cry
Over new ways
In which I break your heart.

You are not the exception.....

For I am the rule.


The Gap, Australia

#3650 Nov 28, 2012
You can only have....

one breath
one soul
one way to go
one dance
one song
one chance
one touch
one feel
one blanket warmed by God's sin
one kiss
one deep look into eye magic
one right answer
one solution
one problem
one hello
one epiphany
one glance
one moment
one call
one month
one may wonder why

there is but.....

one bowl to pour
one heart to receive
one cloud to hang over
one orgasmic burst
one cup of hot tea
one halls
one suck
one tongue tappin on
one spot
one clutch
one grab...
one piece of exctasy
one reverberation
one solitude
one reflection
one laugh
one tear fallin
one diary read
one secret confessed
one longing
one ride
one bitten lip
one sigh
one shriek into the coffee night
one miles
one monk
one bjork
one first
one last
one sun
one river
one bed
one nimble of satin
one nightmare
one GOD
one place
one intoxication
one regret
one second lost to what might have been
one time
one hour
one second
one minute
one millennia
one light
one snowflake lost
one dream
one dream
one dream

you can only have......

one life
one love
one one
one me
one you


The Gap, Australia

#3651 Nov 28, 2012
You said you "would never hurt me", the words echoing in my mind as the pain reverberates throughout my chest

A promise is hard to keep I guess, so play all those sad songs I keep hearing in my head

My disconsolation now joined with the rest, it's no consolation that I gave it my best

Deception is in the air, disrespect abundantly clear

Inhaling toxic lies told by the one you held so dear

So fragrantly treacherous and cunning

You could only hope it was a dream

Though whispers reveal the truths previously unseen

Confrontation quickly follows leading then to denial

Pride eventually swallowed as confessions ensue

Conveniently apologetic words from your mouth then spew

Why is it you're sorry once you've already been caught?

That's like test driving a car once it's already been bought

How repentant can a person genuinely be?

When since it's solely because the truths exposed

That you're even hearing the words “I’m sorry”

They say time heals everything, who knows if that’s true

If it is then great, but then how long do I have to wait?

Will my heart heal as quickly as the time it took to break?

Or will I wallow in self pity with this persistent stomachache

What if it takes as much time as the memories we've made

Memories that I unwillingly replay, wishing them to stop for my dues have been paid

Has time betrayed us somehow? For it is something we can never get back

What if time could be rewound, would we choose to keep our memories intact?

Isn't it funny how memories are the things that hurt us most?

Like a shot to the heart, or a stab in the back

Yet can also provide solace when hard times befall us

Remember the day when everything was ok?

Questions are still left unanswered, feelings left suppressed

Only time will tell if the decisions made, were for the worst or for the best


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#3652 Nov 28, 2012
WOW! Adrian..LIGHTEN UP..DUDE! Have a 7-UP spitzer and run and play...if your TrueLove...hasn't caught the Last Train to Clarksville...THEN, YOU still have a chance to make it up to her...LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, why rattle their chains and WAKE THEM UP...let them snooze...Time for you, to just enjoy what is presented in front of you...THE BEST IS YET TO COME...Peace and Happiness, Mr. Adrian DeVine...

The Gap, Australia

#3653 Nov 28, 2012
Colorado Chick wrote:
WOW! Adrian..LIGHTEN UP..DUDE! Have a 7-UP spitzer and run and play...if your TrueLove...hasn't caught the Last Train to Clarksville...THEN, YOU still have a chance to make it up to her...LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, why rattle their chains and WAKE THEM UP...let them snooze...Time for you, to just enjoy what is presented in front of you...THE BEST IS YET TO COME...Peace and Happiness, Mr. Adrian DeVine...
CC Rider !

You said goodbye a little while back.....what happened, you miss me ?

Glad You're Back >>> HUGS <<<

Looking backwards over my life,

the most casual choices have major effects.

They cast the longest shadows.

Major choices are minor.

The most casual choices have major effects

and cause me to wonder.

Major choices are minor,

there are no regrets there.

…and cause me to wonder…

they cast the longest shadows.

There are no regrets there?

Looking backward over my life.

The Gap, Australia

#3654 Nov 28, 2012
If the poet stops writing,
who will tell the woes
of the inner struggle?

Whilst most live in pursuit
of the tangible, the explicable
Accepting an illusion as reality,
The poet exists in a realm
few dare to enter
And fewer still, honor sacred
and integral to existence.

We dare to bare
our scarred souls to the world,
We wrestle with the demons
we create as a species
In our oftentimes
narcissistic trek through evolution,

We are that vital link
Bridging the gap
Between the here and now
and our timeless origins

We are the poets,
Our eyes
Witness the silent journey
Of Spirit

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Thanks everyone 4/2/17

#3655 Nov 28, 2012
If another woman steals your man,theres no better revenge then letting her keep him.Real men cant be stolen!!!

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