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“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#3599 Nov 11, 2012
A good friend is hard to find,hard to loose and impossible to forget.Thanks for being my such wonderful Friend!!!!!

Level 6

Since: Jan 12

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#3600 Nov 11, 2012
I agree PH, <squirrel looking for a D> You deserve an A+ for that!

The Gap, Australia

#3601 Nov 11, 2012
Did you seriously believe that the osais was in a desert

it never could be for an oasis in every sand is just a mirage

When you have broken your hourglass and collected all the sand

and created your own desert in the corner of your existence

do not look for oases there are none and there are no migares either

and in your forlorn misunderstanding the passage of the sand

signifies no more than the remains of your time

spent in counting a few grains of sand

The camels come in rows to tread upon your prostration

the caravans of glory walk through the night of non-existence

your irrelevance is no more nor any less than your relevance

your penury is not in your empty pockets but in your erasure

you are no more that the third hump

of a dromedary in the Sahara where your parched throat

looks for sustenance in the mirages of oases

Do not then seek immortality for what is left to live for

a sort of summing up a decree in a court of the jester

a sort of a bereavement in the mortality of inevitability

you escape nothing by the continuation of your paranoia

in this fistful of sand

The Gap, Australia

#3602 Nov 11, 2012
Lucifer's right hand holds the chisel
By his left side hangs a brush
As the clock chimes twelve creation
Of his masterpiece has begun

All of the night is watching,
yet the angels' face away
Then time stops, just for a moment
I will make you something great

My canvas is my marble
A soul untarnished, bright and pure
I see no beauty......
There is no beauty in something
heaven-bound like you

"Please don't hurt me"
Don't you worry,
you will be my masterpiece
I will stand you in my kingdom,
you can do just what you please

... But first, I must create you

Oh, the face I shape is beauty
Lovely, the mouth, the nose, the hair
Painted green with spite and envy
Painted black with their despair
Lies reside beneath those eyelids
Crimson lips are stained with blood
Ears that seek out all infirmity
Creature of hate; the one I love

"But this is not what I want!
Set me free, set me free!
You are against what I have learned!

Leave me be! Leave me be!"

Be quiet, just you wait
Rest, my creation,
you're incomplete

Your heart is chained
Your soul enslaved
As is the blood,
run through your veins
You will comply
You will comply
"But I...."

Hush, my friend. Listen and wait.
You run, but can't run from me

I chiseled you from the perfection
I left those shackles on your mind

"I will comply"

Of course you will.
I hold the lines; your mind is mine

Your flesh is hate, your will is fear
Deception you will speak and hear
You will learn pain
You will teach pain
Just as I, Lucifer, taught you

And when you step into the world
You'll be the throne, the king of void
You will destroy.....

"I will destroy"

Perfect, child. Come here,
let's go. What shall I call you?

"I don't know"

Have you no intellect as well?
Reason has fled you, as has shame
Well follow me, just take my hand
I am the artist, I take the blame
From now on,

You shall be called..... "Man"

The Gap, Australia

#3603 Nov 11, 2012
In the silver clouded grey light
of almost dawn rise and
my walking look over briefly,
tired mind,

Two curve aligned
giant crows in big black coats
and blue operating table room ankles,
lucid sentinels by the
hospital emergency entrance,
silent smoking, unmoving…

a type of stillness awaiting you.

The Gap, Australia

#3604 Nov 12, 2012
Her blue eyes shine

Like the city of lights

She hasn’t a clue what one must do

To survive these squalid nights

Perhaps the bliss of ignorance

Forestalls the world’s grim wrath

But will it serve the wanderer

When she must choose a path?

The Gap, Australia

#3605 Nov 12, 2012
We sit side by side on the hard seats
Your arm is slung haphazardly over the back
Of the plastic
Your long slender fingers an inch away
From the hair on the back of my neck
My tongue sticks to the top of my mouth
I taste cigarettes
Dope, booze, cheap ‘bag’ wine
Your jeans are rolled at your ankles
Your sneakers have a hole on them
My eyes scan the hole
As your fingers dance on my hair line

Like a serpents tongue

My mind drifts to the night with dancing bodies
In spaces filled with smoke and sweat
In a darkened corner up against the wall
The sticky carpet under my boots
Instead of replying
To your question
I went down on my knees
And clamped your fist between my teeth

As the tunnel speeds flashing lights
Through the blackened window
I read the graffiti on the train walls that say:

{This was supposed to be the anger poem
If you’re new lover read
Some of the things you write to me
I am certain she would be hurt
Why do you think it is ok?
To keep writing them to me}

Your skin so close and yet so far away
Sitting there side by side
The question sighs
From the empty seat opposite.

The Gap, Australia

#3606 Nov 12, 2012
I am diversity,
I think on many levels at once.
I live on many levels.
I can relate on many levels.

I can see you.
I can see your rationalizations.
Trying to justify your beliefs about me.
I see you feeling that your assumptions are right.
I see you assume wrongly,
You don’t really know me.

I have learned many things from
observation and experience.
I know you.
You think you know me,
But I have known many like you before.
Always feeling correct in your assumptions.
You assume wrongly.

Take away your misguided assumptions.
Leave me alone and do not try,
To make me fit into your view of me.
You do not see me.
You see what I want you to see.

In the process, my dreams and aspirations are often mistaken for ambition,
Thought of as a desire for fame and fortune as a measure of my success in life.

Wrong thinking again,
My success comes from the doing,
Not the material things by which
society measures success.

That is not me,
But only what I let you see.
I am more complicated than you will ever know.

And yet I am really very simple,
I still naively expect the best from people.
Something I always try to give others,
Honesty, caring, mindful of feelings,
doing what I can.

If I make someone smile,
If I help someone understand something,
If I make a difference,
I am successful.

I want to inspire people to be themselves,
And find happiness not in wealth or power,
But the simple accomplishments we all have daily.
Helping make life better for all with wisdom,
Gleaned from observation and experience.

I live and think on many levels,
I am happy with who I am.
Understood or not.
It makes no difference
To me, you see.....

'Cause Ya just don’t,
Really know me.

The Gap, Australia

#3607 Nov 14, 2012
In Our Bodies Now

orange blossoms
over her childhood yard
a grasshopper’s long arc

grasshopper’s long arc
over her childhood yard
a shimmering

on the motel window
trickles of sweat

trickles of sweat
on the motel window
a sickly flicker

sickly flicker
the tv’s radiant breath
on her naked arm

on her naked arm
the tv’s radiant breath

her sunburst tattoo
rayed with wrinkles

rayed with wrinkles
her sunburst tattoo
still aglow

still aglow
the iris’s purple yearning
in our bodies now

in our bodies now
the iris’s purple yearning
the dead fire’s heat

Laura Beth

Since: Aug 09

Location hidden

#3608 Nov 14, 2012
Not that garbage ^^^^^^^^

The Gap, Australia

#3610 Nov 14, 2012

Every day you play with the light of the universe.
Subtle visitor, you arrive in the flower and the water.
You are more than this white head that I hold tightly
as a cluster of fruit, every day, between my hands.

You are like nobody since I love you.
Let me spread you out among yellow garlands.
Who writes your name in letters of smoke among the stars of the south?
Oh let me remember you as you were before you existed.

Suddenly the wind howls and bangs at my shut window.
The sky is a net crammed with shadowy fish.
Here all the winds let go sooner or later, all of them.
The rain takes off her clothes.

The birds go by, fleeing.
The wind. The wind.
I can contend only against the power of men.
The storm whirls dark leaves
and turns loose all the boats that were moored last night to the sky.

You are here. Oh, you do not run away.
You will answer me to the last cry.
Cling to me as though you were frightened.
Even so, at one time a strange shadow ran through your eyes.

Now, now too, little one, you bring me honeysuckle,
and even your breasts smell of it.
While the sad wind goes slaughtering butterflies
I love you, and my happiness bites the plum of your mouth.

How you must have suffered getting accustomed to me,
my savage, solitary soul, my name that sends them all running.
So many times we have seen the morning star burn, kissing our eyes,
and over our heads the gray light unwind in turning fans.

My words rained over you, stroking you.
A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
I go so far as to think that you own the universe.
I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
I want
to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

by Pablo Neruda

The Gap, Australia

#3611 Nov 16, 2012
the way your hand felt
sliding up my shirt
over my torso
the other one making its efforts
to unbutton my jeans
you were trembling
it must have been scary
to be so new at this
knowing how many times
I have been here
your innocence was alluring
I wanted it
and you gave it to me
so happily and willingly
you'll always be
a hopeless romantic
for a lady who
can write.

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

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#3612 Nov 17, 2012
Always Have A Dream

Forget About The Days
When ItS Been Cloudy, But Do noT
Forget Your Hours In The Sun.

Forget About The Times
You haVe Been Defeated, But Do noT
Forget The Victories You haVe Won.

Forget About The Mistakes That
You Can not Change Now, But Do noT
Forget The Lessons

Forget About The Misfortunes
You haVe Encountered, But Do noT
Forget The Times Your Luck Has

Forget About The Days
When You haVe Been Lonely, But Do noT
Forget The Friendly Smiles You haVe

Forget About The Plans That
Did noT Seem To Work Out Right, But Do noT
Forget To Always Have A Dream...!!!

sent by a friend......

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

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#3613 Nov 17, 2012
My Dependence

A Poem

I like to be dependent, and so for ever
with warmth and care of my mother
my father , to love, kiss and embrace
wear life happily in all their grace.

I like to be dependent, and so for ever
on my kith and kin, for they all shower
harsh and warm advices, complaints
full wondering ,true and info giants.

I like to be dependent, and so for ever
for my friends, chat and want me near
with domestic,family and romantic tips
colleagues as well , guide me work at risks.

I like to be dependent, and so for ever
for my neighbours too, envy at times
when at my rise of fortune like to hear
my daily steps , easy and odd things too.

also sent by the same friend....... how wonderful he is.....

The Gap, Australia

#3614 Nov 17, 2012
The early November rain has a smell
that lingers among grass and earth

and the diffusing gray of the city sky
makes the car lights more luminous

this might be a fantasy but it is rather the other side of the poem

on the other side of the poem
I see a form in the shadows:
legs, a breast, an obscured face

and some who no longer walk Earth

on the other side of the poem
I am writing the poem
in their immense silence

of grief without reference

each dawn on the other side of the poem
comets streak the sky

permission is asked to enter the abstractions
infecting speech

when we cannot find the counters
to clarify the emotion that engulfs us

I am often speaking of this
with someone in my head
who is never absent

on the other side of the poem........

Now the stunning sun shines
on the other side of the poem

objects of an age: a condom, a joint, a microchip

ten or a hundred or a thousand years ago
it was said saints walked among the people

on the other side of the poem
is the blank world past which there is nothing

and the other world
of endless possibility

which are the same worlds
in so far as memory and
imagination converge in the actual

though sometimes
I forget who walks the rooms

if I am the son or the father
with a woman or with Mother

while the mausoleums of the clouds
disperse and gather
while the vaults of the oceans
are rebuilt and leveled

the thunder of the armies and of the engines
that Alexander brought to Phoenicia to raze Tyre

we are born to the Earth
and made its rulers

until each is the alien
stranded without choice on the Earth

in whose gravity
the mourner kneels

on the other side of the poem.....

The Gap, Australia

#3616 Nov 18, 2012
In the light of the morning dawn,
the sunlight flickering on our lawn,
I roll over to see
her gazing at me.
On her face, a smile drawn.

I reach to graze her tender skin
And peer deep into her eyes…

In spite of the lingering pain
from all of last night’s strain,
she pierces me
with honest glee.
The details – too profane.

I reach to graze her smile chagrin
And burrow deep into her thighs…

What is next, My Love?
More heat to never speak of?
I grab the rope;
She squeals with hope.
The promises now given a shove.

I reach to graze her mortal sin
And stare deep into her lies…

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#3617 Nov 18, 2012
One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love,love someone else!!!!!

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

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#3620 Nov 19, 2012
AdrianDeVine wrote:
<quoted text>
Wonderful at plagiarizing! It must have been from DeVine!
Poem written by Rabindranath Tagore
um actually no...... Adrian didn't send me this........

and as i have said..... HE SENT ME IT...... HE DIDN'T WRITE IT......

Level 8

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#3621 Nov 19, 2012
AdrianDeVine wrote:
<quoted text>
Copied/pasted from this site:
thank you..... i'm sure he did..... but the meaning is still there..... he's a friend .... and he likes to send me stuff... which i think is cool.....

have a nice day.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#3622 Nov 19, 2012
I have a heart and that is true,but now it has gone from me to you,so care for it just like I do becasue I have no heart and you now have two.!!!

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