A Potpourri of Expressions in Word...
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#64 Oct 1, 2012
Your lips are soft, and oh so
Kissing you is a thing to
Your kiss is one in a
So tender,and sweet
After the first kiss, your likely to
I know one thing,that will stay the
I will never kiss without your
Cause I won't go on without your
And definitley not without, your tender
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#65 Oct 1, 2012
These thoughts do not leave my mind
a torment of some kind.
His love dwells within
a disease forsaking my otherskin.
This life I have made so lonley and unaware.
My lost soul love a couple of miles away.
The sun setting behind him his smile reaching within my soul, my tears falling within. Submerging my crys for no one to hear.
This love I cannot have.
Oh God hear my heart...
I cry unto thee....I love him so much and he does not know its me,
Its me he calls him in his dreams, Its me he taunts him in his thoughts. His soul knows who I am his mind just cannot comprehend.
I love you.. I love you... I shout in my head.
You see me and smile... a thought has crossed in your head.
Was she the one? You question...Did I make a mistake.....

YES, YES, My love I am your Soul Mate.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#66 Oct 2, 2012
a walk in the rain
all alone with your thoughts
in the forest
at the top off the hill

pine trees and birch
rhododedandedrons and ferns
bramble thistle and holly

to reminice of the times you have had
the good times the bad times
the happy times the sad

a walk in the rain
all alone with your thoughts
in the forest
at the top
of the hill
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#67 Oct 2, 2012
Paradoxical Nature
A swirling sphere, full of mystery,
a warp in space, leading to the unimaginable,
a plane of existence between heaven and hell,
an anomaly, simply unexplainable,
A twist in time, a second dimension,
a electrical storm, causing mayhem,
a thing of blinding beauty, yet all that
it brings to ones door is darkest death,
Paradoxical space that we reside in,
darkest mysteries, blackest secrets,
a shifting balance, a failing lance,
things reveled, and yet still covered,
The things on one balanced plane,
contradictory in nature, yet co-existing,
enigma, and error, or just the grand design,
absurdity it’s called, and yet still there,
Ringing with mysteries, is the world,
the galaxies, the farthest space, paradox,
each planets holds something new, foreign,
Alien, who knows, confounds the minds,
A riddle not yet answered, a puzzle incomplete,
a glitch in the programming, easy escapes,
abnormality, to us, or is it normal, not us,
paradox, it contradicts, who knows what exists.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#68 Oct 2, 2012
How to say goodbye
To someone you just met?
How to close your eyes
Knowing you'll regret?
How to say I'm sorry
When everything's been said
How to leave all worries
When you just saw new threat?

And I know it will be hard
But it's important to go on
Feel every ending as new start
And you'll feel like
Fell like you can take no more

How to love the dark side
When you just want some light?
How to walk the world wide
When evryone just lie?
How to tell apart
Life lived and full of death?
How to heal ones heart
That way too long has bled?

And I know it might be hard
To see the worth of going on
Feel every ending as new start
And every pain won't be
Won't be important anymore
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#69 Oct 2, 2012
In my room of all a gloom but the light of a screen
Struck sudden with a sensation for which I've never seen
Brought forth now, a lacuna of the mind daubs me in frost
From precipice to the great abyss, in seconds I am lost
I've never felt so minuscule for the petty problems I bare
For past this epoch of eternity, there'll be no mind to care
Is a mayfly the epitome of the macrocosm's warning?
Much another reason to smile every time we wake in the morning
On the seventh day, the rib and the fruit, say what you need to say
If you do, then I assure you, you have never felt this way
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#70 Oct 2, 2012
Hands of change
Slowly turning,
slowly fading
Until the end
And I don't want this
Sudden rage,
As I watch you disappear
Sudden hurt
Written on a face of fear
A body full of anxiety,
Sleep won't heal
Walking away,
The trace is sealed

Sudden despair
Distance between my mind
and your heart,
They never compare
And never have from the start
They say, "Go this way,
No, don't do that"
Can't keep track of time
But who does?
When there's nothing
to look forward to

I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
To fill the gap?
Fill it fast before I fall?
I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
I have nothing left to give,
But I could be
All that you really need

Hands of fate
Control my own voice,
It doesn't matter
what they say
I watch you fall,
but you don't get up
No, not this time
When you look in my eyes,
What do you see?
Love, hurt, tears?
Pouring out uncontrollably
But only if I let you
Some things aren't meant to be

I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
To fill the gap?
Fill it fast before I fall?
I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
I have nothing left to give,
But I could be
All that you really need

Hands of mine
They're cold as ice
Left to rot,
Ashamed to be touched
Dry and lifeless
Rough, just like rocks
Heavy with burden,
Guilt and mistrust
But we can fix it

I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
To fill the gap?
Fill it fast before I fall?
I know I'm nothing,
But could you love me
like it's something?
I have nothing left to give,
But I could be
All that you really need
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#71 Oct 2, 2012
She is the bloom of southern trees,
A flower in fair maiden's hair.
Pure, white, and delicate one sees
Her in that season of the year
Nestling among the dark green leaves.

Her petals smooth, and soft as silk
Caressing the morning dew drops.
As fresh and white as whitest milk.
Her blooms are few, but loved a lot.
Once plucked, she soon begins to wilt.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#72 Oct 2, 2012
don't you know how to reject the silence
if pain , I will regnognize urselfs blue
the cause to this blown story
chalice of mind brings hope
devastation hours linger on
in a smooth willow creak

there something behind the clouds
as angry wispers whanted the pale sun
like evoked trubute bring a loving sorrowness

quiete like motion , the lift up
murderous intoxecation
swirls like an engine scene broken

potions of rivers drowning
the air in the midts of somewhere


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#73 Oct 2, 2012
Adrian DUDE...Ya know I looooove your poetry to the max..BUT..is it YOUR own..or are YOU PLAGIARIZING..AGAIN?? SOMEBODY'S GOTTA CALL YA ON IT..it appears THAT the TROLLS ARE SLEEPING..on duty once more...WAKE UP!
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#74 Oct 2, 2012
Colorado Chick wrote:
Adrian DUDE...Ya know I looooove your poetry to the max..BUT..is it YOUR own..or are YOU PLAGIARIZING..AGAIN?? SOMEBODY'S GOTTA CALL YA ON IT..it appears THAT the TROLLS ARE SLEEPING..on duty once more...WAKE UP!
CC, WTF are you talking about ?

Posting poetry....posting words, posting articles, cut and paste........EVERYONE here does it...Let me assure you that I am not the only so called "guilty party",,,,,,but,


I've explained on more than one occasion....and I'm not about to go back and open up old wounds....

I see many other things, on these threads "plagiarised" (your words, NOT mine) and I never make an issue of what I see or read....why should I......whoever wants to ....I don't see that it's any of my concern, or any of my buisness.....if I disagree, I don't continue reading it.

I might remind you of the old saying,(although not directed directly to you, or about you)......

“People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones”

Could be the person(s) who had me banned might take a page out of their own book, their hypocrisy and their oleaginousness, directed personally at me, has been, for everyone here to see, an attempt and a false state of promoting or administering virtues, and their false moral and religious beliefs, principles, etc., that they in turn do not actually believe in, and are also guilty of violating the first ammendment.

Kind regards,
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#75 Oct 2, 2012
Skate to the left, skate to the right,
two lovers break this formable ice
competition, repetition win today,
alone all decked out, all dressed up.

Sharpened skills are sharpened nerves,
dance too judge, the two skaters on ice.

Paint another picture, another life won,
dance to skate the ice so thick, so thin,
tremble together in our figure eights.

Who, but lovers ever dance thin ice,
go to the limit, go to the left,
go to the right..........

Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#76 Oct 2, 2012
to touch it is lightning,
a kiss is thunder,
to hold it is a wonder,
deep pain is inevitable.

paradise is a standard,
no love can endure,
so they say anyways,
but we know better.
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#77 Oct 3, 2012
Every word I’ve ever written
I constructed from a thought
And transferred onto paper
With the very pen I’ve got

That maybe black or blue
Depending on the ink
When I begin recording
Onto paper what I think

The written word in letters
I compose and put to pen
As something more distinctive
Like a poem now and then

Explaining what I’m thinking
And to also help describe
The method of my writing
In the scribbling way I scribe
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#78 Oct 4, 2012
believed I
could write poems
express heart-wrenching
nerve-raw soul emotion
banter candor canter rant.
Realized metaphor exists as
irony twists cacophony slants
inner pure rhymes, assonance simile

alliteration, consonance, texture
expenditure of time, thought, anguish
free verse, prose, sonnet, quatern, ku
forms shapes dirty pretty wit
with mindful clarity
genuine heart-felt
convey depth, soul
uncut bold

between robust
pale delicate frail..
Wealth cannot seduce, coax
her worth incomparable.
Folks seldom comprehend her soul
valance: gossamer winged radiance
Nourished while nourishing each stem of life

On paper-thin scrolls she molds pristine waves
Scrawling scripts of hieroglyphic praise
Sunning herself with friends’ nurture;
Confident stature built on faith.
Avoids self-indulgences
stress induced commotions
Untamed emotions
Discipline's top
gun, Mock two
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#79 Oct 4, 2012
I am the epitaph sung in hushed tones
the omen spoke
in quiet corners around supper time

I demand everything
but require nothing
but your all.

listen to the fall of
sycamore leaves outside your window
come to me with open arms

I am the one you long for
on cold nights
when you cry alone

I am the "self"
you always adored but
were afraid to touch

Feel my emotion
creeping deep beneath
the tides...

Of your letting go...
touch the echos
of our wake on the morrow
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#80 Oct 4, 2012
when her toe hit the wood
the nail split in half
­ in the center
cracked just right
so when she applied pressure
on her leg to be straight
up and down stretchy muscle
the split
and while falling she pumped
air through her fists, open and closing
­ maybe for the tan bar which
­ she could command in practice
which she demanded now
yet the stage was only the light and
­ pieces of wood
­ and nail
u­pon landing the crowd gasped
­ in entertainment
­ at how graceful feathers
­ flew from her mouth
­ black and flawless
­ like the lace of her costume
­ envisioning a swan
­ a crow
­ it didn't matter at all
both could fly
but they had wings
and she had faults, deep deep tremors
opened wide on the great black valley
coughing up feathers
when she wanted tears
and the crowd just stared
some smiling some surprised
all without blinking
when the legs decided to extend some support
the mistake took root and gave her a rush of
which allowed her to fly
behind the curtains
­ like the crow
­ like the swan
after the silence
of awed mouths
gus­hes of applause
­ for the splintered tiny dancer
who tried to show the world she
­ had something to say
but instead only managed to
sprinkle the audience with
­ a few feathers.

They all gave it
rave reviews
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#81 Oct 4, 2012
It’s not that I meant for it to happen.
Yet even as my broken mind is forming these thoughts it feels like the biggest lie
I’ve ever told.

I meant it.
Every cut deliberate.
Every action serving its purpose.
I look down at the mess I have created, the mess that I am.

My body crumples and the action does not feel like my own.
Truth lies in the blood on my hands.
­ Red.
Red streaking the map of my skin, the colors drip and blur.
­ Australia's Southern Cross
takes shape on the tile by my knee. And I concentrate on it.
I see the secrets of the universe written in streams.
­ Red streams.
­ Red, like love.

Do I know love? I ask.
I never will.

But it’s alright because I have seen every constellation on the
­ bathroom floor.

A night sky of red and white and it is more Beautiful
than anything I have ever seen. I am falling into the sky and
I am not myself. Not somebody else.

Just the
blood falling,
slipping silently
down the drain.

A dog barks somewhere outside and I feel every wave of noise.
I am inside, wrapped in a cocoon of sound waves.
I am noise.
I am everything
and nothing
and I am free.
Eyes click open. One, two. See Blood.
­ Holes.
Holes in my wrists. Holes in everything I have ever known. Holes in reality.
Every pump of my heart pumps my
­ spirit into freedom.
Away from the cage of my body.

­ Blink, eyes.
­ Pump, heart.
­ Blood.
Pump, free.

I can feel my spirit slipping out.
I have to close my eyes. They can’t come with me.
­ No place for eyes where I am going.

Eyelids flutter, they pick out the smudge that was
­ South Pacific Ocean,
bled into an apple. Bleeding apple. I have tasted the forbidden fruit.
Now I have the knowledge, now I am free.
­ I wonder, aren’t all stories the same?
I have had what is forbidden and there is no return.

But it doesn’t matter; not really, because I can see the night sky and
every secret it’s ever held.
And I want to tell you.
I want to tell you the meaning
­ of life,
­ and of death,
­ and of freedom,

but my spirit is already too far from my mouth.
Pumped out onto the tile.
­ Free.

My eyes close and I am no longer there.

­ Free.

Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#82 Oct 4, 2012
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
[A fractured fairy story....)

No matter what life you lead
the virgin is a lovely number:
cheeks as fragile as cigarette paper,
arms and legs made of Limoges,
lips like Vin Du Rhone,
rolling her china-blue doll eyes
open and shut.
Open to say,
Good Day Mama,
and shut for the thrust
of the unicorn.
She is unsoiled.
She is as white as a bonefish..

Read on.......
Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#83 Oct 4, 2012
...Once there was a lovely virgin
called Snow White.
Say she was thirteen.
Her stepmother,
a beauty in her own right,
though eaten, of course, by age,
would hear of no beauty surpassing her own.
Beauty is a simple passion,
but, oh my friends, in the end
you will dance the fire dance in iron shoes.
The stepmother had a mirror to which she referred--
something like the weather forecast--
a mirror that proclaimed
the one beauty of the land.
She would ask,
Looking glass upon the wall,
who is fairest of us all?
And the mirror would reply,
You are the fairest of us all.
Pride pumped in her like poison.

Suddenly one day the mirror replied,
Queen, you are full fair,'tis true,
but Snow White is fairer than you.
Until that moment Snow White
had been no more important
than a dust mouse under the bed.
But now the queen saw brown spots on her hand
and four whiskers over her lip
so she condemned Snow White
to be hacked to death.
Bring me her heart, she said to the hunter,
and I will salt it and eat it.
The hunter, however, let his prisoner go
and brought a boar's heart back to the castle.
The queen chewed it up like a cube steak.
Now I am fairest, she said,
lapping her slim white fingers.

Snow White walked in the wildwood
for weeks and weeks.
At each turn there were twenty doorways
and at each stood a hungry wolf,
his tongue lolling out like a worm.
The birds called out lewdly,
talking like pink parrots,
and the snakes hung down in loops,
each a noose for her sweet white neck.
On the seventh week
she came to the seventh mountain
and there she found the dwarf house.
It was as droll as a honeymoon cottage
and completely equipped with
seven beds, seven chairs, seven forks
and seven chamber pots.
Snow White ate seven chicken livers
and lay down, at last, to sleep.

The dwarfs, those little hot dogs,
walked three times around Snow White,
the sleeping virgin. They were wise
and wattled like small czars.
Yes. It's a good omen,
they said, and will bring us luck.
They stood on tiptoes to watch
Snow White wake up. She told them
about the mirror and the killer-queen
and they asked her to stay and keep house.
Beware of your stepmother,
they said.
Soon she will know you are here.
While we are away in the mines
during the day, you must not
open the door.

Looking glass upon the wall ...
The mirror told
and so the queen dressed herself in rags
and went out like a peddler to trap Snow White.
She went across seven mountains.
She came to the dwarf house
and Snow White opened the door
and bought a bit of lacing.
The queen fastened it tightly
around her bodice,
as tight as an Ace bandage,
so tight that Snow White swooned.
She lay on the floor, a plucked daisy.
When the dwarfs came home they undid the lace
and she revived miraculously.
She was as full of life as soda pop.
Beware of your stepmother,
they said.
She will try once more.

Snow White, the dumb bunny,
opened the door
and she bit into a poison apple
and fell down for the final time.
When the dwarfs returned
they undid her bodice,
they looked for a comb,
but it did no good.
Though they washed her with wine
and rubbed her with butter
it was to no avail.
She lay as still as a gold piece.


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