A Potpourri of Expressions in Word...

The Gap, Australia

#266 Dec 2, 2012
Ah, but to have your touch
upon my skin,
flames my passions,
from deep within.

The fire doth begin to glow,
the water underneath,
begins to flow.
my passion rises,
the need begins to show,
and where you lay,
I will go.

But to kiss,
upon your silvery lips,
my tongues traces,
your finger tips,
and races,
to your face,
but to linger
in a sweet embrace.

And as we join,
the bodies entwined,
our desires to roam,
we begin to dine.

As we move,
you and I,
the pleasure bare,
we shudder cry.

Can I feel,
more than now?
Can you feel,
within somehow?

Push and yearn,
against me,
and burn.
Feel my heat,
and drink your need,
for only you and I,
can love,
and cry
in this race
in our sky.

Give your will to me,
close your eyes
and see
that only I can thrust your need
deep within
I plant a seed.
Warm and sweet,
you feel the heat.
Of this I give,
for together,
we may live,
and at the end
when we both lay spent,
hold my eyes
and cry,
for today,
we cannot die.....

The Gap, Australia

#267 Dec 2, 2012
Just imagine it's sticky sweet
it's melting velvet
trickling down your throat
don't try to wrap yourself around it
just let go and let it flow
nursed on molten falls
pooling at your core
pulsing, throbbing, opening
you wide for even more

It might feel a bit unnatural
your head might start to spin
and you'll feel the urge
to catch your breath
but don't you stop
are you listening?
feel it rolling through you
let yourself become a river
wind your way around
each breath you want to take
oh just surrender

will you die a little
die just a little
on your way to heaven above
would you give your life
would you give your last breath
would you die a little for love

let the fear dance through your body
let your doubts rock through your bones
let what's taking place inside you
run its course until its gone
there'll be nothing for a moment
just the uplift as it rises
spilling down like melting velvet
filling you inside

will you die a little
die just a little
on your way to heaven above
would you give your life
would you give your last breath
would you die a little for love

The Gap, Australia

#268 Dec 3, 2012
In the lust of my thoughts
lies more than one lover
As they all are with me tonight
hidden under cover
And each brings a
special talent all of her own
To make this Knight of darkness
enjoy his throne
So as I lay here dreaming
with visions in my mind
I have a bone to play with
But, I can never thrust and grind
It never says no cheats
lies or thinks of another
As I can imagine what
I like all under cover

Savage of body
Desires rage
Life dreams
Tumble in
Fiery storms

Taste of salt
Lain on skin
Glistens from
Torrent play
Devour in all

Infuse of sustenance
By lips consumed
Of passionís words
Flames unended burn

Lay with me!

The Gap, Australia

#269 Dec 4, 2012
She wanted the truth
But herís or mine
Which truth did she seek
Which one to find
The truth sheíd been taught
The truth of her youth
That was the dilemma
Who owns the truth
She wanted the truth
So I probed a little more
To get to the bottom
To get to the core
Did she want honesty
Or the truth or both
Why did she want it
For salvation or growth
What would she do with it
Free her mind
What would she do
If the truth she did find
Turns out in the end
In her acts of defiance
What she really wanted
Wasnít the truth but compliance
Her truth was trumps
Mine was dismissed
So to the search
Goodbye was kissed

The Gap, Australia

#270 Dec 4, 2012
Give me respite from the ocean of tears
Cascading town my face; as a fierce river of wine
Flee from my fears for they are abandoned to none
Give unto me a safe journey to find my reasoning and purpose
A portal not unlike a savage beast seeking to devour my pate
A time of undisciplined critical thinking
A history riddled with reams of expository indifference
Turn to this place and take flight, without wings
Enter my spirit and tell me, I demand!
How is it that I lie here a baastard without a home?
What divinity would allow such injustice?
To torture a pure heart is blasphemy and should be scorn
Answering only in a short calm whisperÖ

Öfor you I wish to extend a gentle touch, a touch with no end

The Gap, Australia

#271 Dec 5, 2012

the exposed roots of

an uprooted tree

a crown of thorns

a boat empty and dilapidated

a torso hungry for

a centurionís spear

roof tiles- stones- branches

limbs stretched in suffering

and left under the sun

daliís earthware

in an olive grove

The Gap, Australia

#272 Dec 5, 2012
dance of the veils

picasso painted her with


accenting the muscles


her skin shaded in green

eyes closed & naval pointing

lips pressed

together as


bodies embracing





The Gap, Australia

#273 Dec 5, 2012
I put forth, in this document,
only two demands
which are almost ultimatums.

Iím sending it to you now
to presage the ultimatum
which will be along shortly,
if these two demands are not
met: I want bowls,
a spoon by each, set up
on long empty tables
in front of empty chairs,
chairs normally
occupied by war orphans,
empty because
there are no more war orphans!

I want, also, diminished:
multiple, in partic.,

Iím almost demanding
the number of lost limbs
not exceed more than one, singular,
a one-limb limit!

Thatís all
Iím penultimating,
now. I hope you will please
consider these.

(It would be a start!)
Or: Oh, then,........

then will come the ultimatum.

The Gap, Australia

#274 Dec 5, 2012
Waking full of longing
Is no less frightening in autumn's landscape
Than in the blue shadows of winter Ė

As you rouse in the drowsiest of breezes
And slip into your patchouli essentials
Melodies melting inside you
Your muse calling out to another's
As you disappear into a sunlit trail
Stuffing yourself with incendiary grapes Ė

You peek from within the foliage
Becoming slowly intoxicated
By the movement of the pen
And you are moon-frosted
Covered in dawnlit wine stains
Without all that mess of rumpled sheets Ė
The immaculate rhythmic evidence
A legible still life in full view
On every leafy page.

The Gap, Australia

#275 Dec 5, 2012
The void is that which stands
RIght in the middle of
"this" and "that".
The void is all inclusive,
having no opposite
There is nothing
Which it excludes or opposes.
it is a living void,
Because all forms come out of it
and whoever realized
THe void is filled
with life and power
and the love
of all things

The Gap, Australia

#276 Dec 5, 2012
the world turns
when it burns
no one yearns

but when our simple life is shaken
everyones atention is taken
and everyone loved is awaken

to a place most cared
and those who are not understould are just snared
and its these outcast thats words will be whered

for the time long
but it is the masses writings will be song
but todays song will be forgoten long

did you forget the worlds still beleeding
my words where seeding
and it's not that I that have needing

The Gap, Australia

#277 Dec 5, 2012
When the mystery of writing poetry
leaves me wanting words with meaning
more diverse, my many paths diverge
beyond the strange and shadowed world
of what it is to be a poet in a universe
comprised of bits and bytes of micro mist
strewn across my face lit in candlelight
so bright I may have seen the flaming tails
of comets spinning stanzas out of sight.

In great suspense of trust I felt the thrust
of fast exploring rocket ships in flight;
my fears beset and tossed at every launch
fireworks soar away to scorch the sky.
I watched them fall to earth inert and spent
as dust disbursed, flaming torches first
yet lasting only moments in the after light
of flames unburdened from your mind;
blessed to dream with others of my kind.

The Gap, Australia

#278 Dec 5, 2012
I have no word for I love you.

There is no one-word sentiment for me to push softly
into the crease of your elbow,
For you to find laid on your pillow late at night, or
For me to write on slips of paper and then burn.

I have lists of beautiful words, spelled luxuriously,
Taking up space, rambling across pages, describing things Iíd like to feel one day,
But these words fill my mouth uncomfortably,
And I spit them out because I cannot hide them under my tongue when I see you.

I want to fill your ears with the smallest of syllables,
little pinpricks of sound that mean so much, and cost so little.
That way, if you never heard them,
I could pretend it was because Iíd spoken too softly.

In French, you cannot express the feeling of finding a home,
Because a home is just a place of residence,
And I feel terrible for them, having to live day to day
Without a word to express the feeling I get when youíre so close to me,
And I realize weíve never actually touched.

I think I may have lost the ability
to string together words on a single chain,
and I tend to wear tangled necklaces of things Iíd never say out loud,
but here they are around my neck
and my mouth is too busy trying to breathe enough oxygen
to hold my head up to look at you.

I am dogged, I am tried, but mostly I am flushed hot and drowning,
With the exertion of keeping your name in my mouth,
on my tongue,
hiding behind my wisdom teeth.
Not sliding backward and gagging me with itís substance.


The Gap, Australia

#279 Dec 5, 2012
They ask me what you are to me and I cannot say,
Because of all they will read in the air. And they
Ask me what I think but when I think of you
I go blank and sink into images tangible with feeling.

What you are to me is real, whole and not fragile,
Not made of glass nor yet sent to reach me out. And then
What you are becomes a pure being, a melting spirit of
Memory and music, perfection and star brightness in human form.

What you are is wish and answer, a hope that is alive and
Beautifully terrible, vivid cool fire with an angel's face.
What you are is a walking surprise of reaching smiles,
A collection of essence, a heart with the power to touch and to move.

And I would wish to be as bright, as true as I feel
You to be, as substantial as the hand that held mine.
And I would wish to be beside you as a living shadow,
Always and never there, and felt somehow forever.

The Gap, Australia

#280 Dec 5, 2012
For some it must be nature
But mine is content to receive and return
And to follow, if it can be led.
I felt that Person stirring among her petals,
And in a lightning strike I thought again of
Printing her out, for you.
But what can I show that some
Depth of your connected self has not seen?
Wouldn't it be just like you to know
Every piece of me by mind
Before heart, before touch?
I know somewhere that any so-called
Surprise would give both of us deja vu.
But when our hands together touching
Cupped the tiny candle flame
Something more was warm than my fingers,
Something felt deeper than just the heat
And I wasn't afraid of getting burned.
And I finally saw the ember, cinderless,
In the middle of the splinters
You held, glowing in the dark air
As you tried to keep it alive, and
I thought I might be able to keep it with you
But the answers disappear in your breath
And someone's lighting up my favorite stars.....

The Gap, Australia

#281 Dec 5, 2012
I grew up with it, but it's not
Wrong or rejectable for that.
Whoever had the shirt saying how little I hold
Cannot make me over into what I already am,
Still cannot set me against it.
They and I may stand forever
Regardless of how much I inch toward them,
Without a thought for the answers I always find,
The bridges I know I need to build.
I remember the way the words felt when I first
Gathered the courage to recite them,
The way my heart felt when I knew what they meant.
I tremble now too, with their weight.
And I tremble again as the music
Dangles my faith over a fire and a flood--
It is not a thing you can ignore.
With racing pulse I try the words on my lips,
The melody in my throat.
It feels good. It feels right.

The Gap, Australia

#282 Dec 5, 2012
It comes back to me sometimes,

The scent of basil, the taste of chai,

When I think of then and now.

You know the world is sure

Of who you are, but mute continents

Offer up no clues.

Collisions without earthquakes or pyrotechnics,

Quiet and unrecorded,

Barely noticed in the heady sensuous swirl.

The Gap, Australia

#283 Dec 6, 2012
ask the lonely

the frigid cold of a sit-at-home every night,
a phone with the ringer broken,
an out-of-service door bell,
a cracked, opaque window
allowing only darkness to seep through.

this is where the old folks live,
pimply geeks, fat girls, too.
you wonder what their world is like,
what happens on their usual day,
how to wince when someone smiles?

well, just ask the lonely.

The Gap, Australia

#284 Dec 6, 2012
After summer, all the wide land
is like an aging woman, her temper
uncertain and fitful, either smiling
appealingly and stretching out her
bony hand, apple polished and fingers
long and yellow, or angered without
apparent reason so that we stumble
over dead things in fields that are
blackened but not burnt and sparkle
so absurdly in the pale sunshine like
cheap jewelry on a tattered costume
in which the old woman is trying to
distract everybody while her ancient
partners in crime, squawking and
flapping their heavy wings, gobble up
the last remaining seeds and fly away."

The Gap, Australia

#285 Dec 6, 2012
Damn itís crazy what captures your attention
The voice smooth as silk harmonic
Strums my soul

Makes me smile ear to ear
Erases my fears of something new
Yes you are inspiring thoughts
Not of lust but of pure friendship

Something that has been missing
For quite some time
I do not feel sad when we disconnect
The line

It is so very nice to know
My intellect and your intellect
Select almost the same stimuli

I try not to be over bearing
I am however very elated
How you stated you fine
My voice as endearing
As I do yours

The voices of the night perhaps will
Meet who knows whatís in store
For now I can not ask for more
Than the pleasure of hearing your

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