A Potpourri of Expressions in Word...

The Gap, Australia

#226 Nov 23, 2012
Had my keys in my hand when
she slapped them away and pounced me
with the door wide open,
flung silky emerald lace into the hall,
broken cigarettes and pockets full of presidents
spilling on the floor.

A red rosewind blew me on my back
and burned black and blue holes
in my neck;
before my clutching fingers
could cast but a slippery grip
she was on top of me,
kissing and biting and licking and
devouring any virgin remnants
with her soul fangs,
and I eagerly grasped her silver chain
and pulled the belly dance inside me,
crushing tiny droplets of rainbow
beading up farther down our legs
and soaking into the expanding swamp
on the chair cushion
till we could hold it in no longer
and our pollens blended into a
cherry cola daiquiri splash......

I still had the taste on my tongue
when I hit the road.

The Gap, Australia

#227 Nov 23, 2012
Glass theater of beauty

A limited showing

Verbatim display

of perfection

she’ll never see

in perfect view yet…...

just out of her focus.

The Gap, Australia

#228 Nov 25, 2012
In a foreign land
A young woman on her own
Silently dancing through the night
Her red hair is prized
As well as her statuesque beauty
And her pretty face
She speaks to no one
Dancing for money
Gyrating her body to the sound
Contemplating her future
Designing a way out
The past a vagabond dream
Slowly slipping away
Memory is dimmed
Hidden in the shadows
A distant reality
Existence is a cage with no way out
Death is no final exit
Life is within the parameters
The determination on her face
Her smoldering eyes
Is it love or hate?
I think both
Hatred for the limitations of the world
Love bleeding out of her soul
As red as her heart
As fiery as her hair
As radiant as her art
As penetrating as her stare

The Gap, Australia

#229 Nov 25, 2012
You and I are covered with the black shroud of nihilism
Tortured by the walls of our minds
Driving each other into a deep dark abyss
Covered by gray ashen clouds of fragile dust
Crippled in a cavity of calamity
Hold my hand in the darkness
Comfort me in this hellish pit
You hold the key to my soul
Shelter me from savage oblivion
Nurture me in the void
Descent into madness
The light has been extinguished
We hold on to each other
In the cold dark cellar of our minds
Grasping at each other for solace
Oh wet cavern of pleasure!
My judgment swayed by passion
As we move through fantasy
Losing touch with reality
Falling into the infinite abyss with you
It is too dark to see the demon in your eyes
Longing for the rites of Spring
Are you forever mine?
Do not forsake me
In this labyrinth of hopelessness
Hold me close to your heart
Guard my soul with your gaze
Look deeply into my eyes
With total devotion
And unconditional love

The Gap, Australia

#230 Nov 25, 2012
Dust infected memories
But there was a time
In the summer heat
When your tongue filled my mouth

Shape intersected vanities
A million heartbeats
Synthesized into one
By the smoothness of your caress

I did not believe in angels
Until I flew on your wings
And the rancid city did not matter
It was only concrete beneath my boots

I smashed those days of innocence
Destroyed a dozen dreams
As youth ripened into life
Trying not to believe the lies

The softness of paradise
Under her careful gaze
Remnants of a lost addiction
Beginning to take hold

Ignore judgment
Throw it all to the wind
As the moment cascades around us
With eternal finality

The Gap, Australia

#231 Nov 25, 2012
I was selfish
And probably still am
The sun rose with your smile
Turning the dreams of the night
Into reality
I would not give up a minute
Of that reality for anything
Feelings that strong do not die
They are dealt with forever
I stand naked at the precipice
Letting the truth judge me
My life is circling behind me
Making me face my choices
Fate and destiny closing in quickly
Showing me my path
Sucking me in
I know my place
I accept what has been placed
On my shoulders
The city pulsates with life
Dragging me into the streets
The brooding blood of my corpse
Made into sport
The blood of the poet is splattered
Against the darkened buildings
Only to be wiped clean the next morning
As if nothing has happened

The Gap, Australia

#232 Nov 25, 2012
Two bit cabarets
Not a question of shame
A passage of years
Lapsing into antiquity

Your eyes stare through me
Piercing my spirit
Sudden realization
Jolt of recognition

So carefully you played the game
Leaving nothing to chance
Cards held close to the vest
Until the final hand

One cycle ends, another begins
Taking it all to another level
Learning to let go of the past
Just like you told me

Your strength is captivating
Beauty relentless
Mind brilliant
Heart unfathomable

Ready for anything
What we show each other
What we share
When hands are joined

The Gap, Australia

#233 Nov 25, 2012
Pieces of a past
That are crumbling fragments
Desperately trying to find
The common theme

I have to let go
Of every illusion
That is holding me back
From expressing truth

To have the courage
To stand naked
Is beautiful
Love personified

Abolish the clutter in my mind
Make sense of the strange memories
Find peace among the dusty shards
Of shattered glass made of dreams

There was a time for exploration
A time for liberation
That led to unrest
To a thousand more questions posed

The ultimate journey
Is not to be taken lightly
Compassion is not for the weak
Insanity is not for the strong

The Gap, Australia

#234 Nov 28, 2012
Sweet Serenades of My Mind

At the end of the day,
I'm lying in bed,
thinking of everything that happened.

What was the first word that I spoke today?

That's how much of a blur it is.
Days tend to feel like they have to sprint
to the finish line.
And we have to board on that train
before it's too late.

But when you want to stare at the scenery,
The train feels like it goes ten times faster...
When is it that you will be able to breathe
And not feel the weight of the world on your chest?
It's not the world that expects too much, or not enough from yourself...

It's you.

You're the creator.

They're the influences.

We never knew.

That's alright..... There is still time.
There is always time.
That is why we sleep.
We sleep so we can make time.

Now I'm lying in bed,
staring into the darkness
of where the ceiling is.

Perhaps my eyes are closed
and I don't even know it.
Either way, my mind has taken over,
and dreams occur.

Reality escapes for the time being.

That's when things make sense.

When the sweet serenades of the mind
are awakened
and reality falls behind.

Adrian DeVine

The Gap, Australia

#235 Nov 28, 2012
How many paltry foolish painted things,

That now in coaches trouble every street,

Shall be forgotten, whom no poet sings,

Ere they be well wrapped in their winding-sheet!

Where I to thee eternity shall give,

When nothing else remaineth of these days,

And queens hereafter shall be glad to live

Upon the alms of thy superfluous praise.

Virgins and matrons, reading these my rhymes,

Shall be so much delighted with thy story

That they shall grieve they lived not in these

To have seen thee, their sex's only glory:

So shalt thou fly above the vulgar throng,

Still to survive in my immortal song.

The Gap, Australia

#236 Nov 28, 2012
So many stones have been thrown at me,
That I'm not frightened of them anymore,
And the pit has become a solid tower,
Tall among tall towers.
I thank the builders,
May care and sadness pass them by.
From here I'll see the sunrise earlier,
Here the sun's last ray rejoices.
And into the windows of my room
The northern breezes often fly.
And from my hand a dove eats grains of wheat...
As for my unfinished page,
The Muse's tawny hand, divinely calm
And delicate, will finish it.

The Gap, Australia

#237 Nov 28, 2012
I'm an undiscovered poet,
No one seems to care to know it,
I wrote 16,000 and more to come,
They are my feelings and mind talk on paper.
People see them as nothing but paper,
But the wise, smart, and beautiful enter them
As another world made by pen from hand.

A new discovery is me,
yet so undiscovered, see,
come, come,
cross the deep, dark ocean,
swim my sweet sea,
fly my fine few skies,
get swooped up soon and soothed in my world,
be taken by my air,

In my world you are a piece of clean paper,
You can be anything you want to be,
Float finely like a feather,
Stay free in any kind of weather,
But still people are afraid to see through concrete,
Afraid and forbidden to see,
So still undiscovered is me.

The Gap, Australia

#238 Nov 28, 2012
In love they wore themselves in a green embrace.
A silken rain fell through the spring upon them.
In the park she fed the swans and he
whittled nervously with his strange hands......

And white was mixed with all their colours
as if they drew it from the flowering trees.

At night his two finger whistle brought her down
the waterfall stairs to his shy smile
which like an eddy, turned her round and round
lazily and slowly so her will
was nowhere—as in dreams things are and aren't.

Walking along avenues in the dark
street lamps sang like sopranos in their heads
with a voilence they never understood
and all their movements when they were together
had no conclusion.

Only leaning into the question had they motion;
after they parted were savage and swift as gulls.
asking and asking the hostile emptiness
they were as sharp as partly sculptured stone
and all who watched, forgetting, were amazed
to see them form and fade before their eyes.


The Gap, Australia

#239 Nov 28, 2012
How do people know
when to smile at the snow
What do people think
while their drowning in the drink
Why do people lie
as they look up towards the sky
When do people act
as they know no other fact
Where do people laugh
to forget about their past
Who do people see
as they look above the sea

The Gap, Australia

#240 Nov 28, 2012
Out of the corner of my eye,
I saw your feet peeking out from
Underneath the bed,
Dancing through the halls of heaven.

Out of the stained window pane,
Your grey eyes
Smiled themselves into my kitchen,
Occupying space on a vacant counter.

I know you are following me.
I spy your fingers crusading up the
Steps to my porch, each morning after
It rains.

I know your shadow watches me as
I walk up and down the same
Ghost-filled streets,
And wait for you to dissolve.

The Gap, Australia

#241 Nov 28, 2012
So many tears I've cried,
So many times she's lied.
The truth, no longer exists.
Years of devotion,I had no notion.
What was sealed
By the touch of her kiss.

She's been coming home later and later,
The pain inside of me grows greater.
Where did we go wrong,
I've had to have known this all along.
Love kept me dreaming
While she was out skeeming
I waited with this love at hand,
She rarely talked to me
When she did, I didn't undersatand.
Those words weren't coming from MY woman.

I feel lost in a world I used to thrive in,
Embarrased by the feelings I used to have pride in.
I traveling the roads so sure footed and free,
Now the same roads seem to be smothering me.

The Gap, Australia

#242 Nov 28, 2012
The sparkle of the clear water glistens

Capturing the beauty only nature holds

The liquid contains stories though few seldom

Pollution permeates throughout this shimmering gold

The dewdrops fall from the leaves into the abyss

Tainted themselves from the trash left amiss

Treasure this provision for it will soon be gone

Man is to selfish to right what we have wronged


Level 8

Since: Mar 11

Rockin' USA ;)

#243 Nov 28, 2012
OMG! Knight DeVine...You are on a ROLL..loving your sharing of your poetry..AS ALWAYS..sooooo, Adrian...HOW HAVE YA BEEN??

The Gap, Australia

#244 Nov 28, 2012
sunning on a cloudy day
enchanted by cottony plight
gray and white
sky blue
as my mind

brilliant teasing
in and out
dizzily rolling clouds
faces appear within the mist
to demise
among the crowd

sweat-beads track down
tickling my nose
like comical tears

numb from the neck up
the shadows of days slipped by
imprint a message on my soul
Don’t Loose Control

“nevermore” the raven said
starving soldiers eat their dead
give me love is written
between the lines
of frozen fingers
and jellied spines

beams of light
rip thru a darkening sky
a ladder reaching
where angels hide
but the rungs are broken

the sun has fallen
now night wears on
rain smacks the concrete
a soothing song

peering thru the window
of my wooden womb
I see colors dripping
from the wings of butterflies

The Gap, Australia

#245 Nov 28, 2012
You are struggling
You can not hold on.
There is nothing else to grasp.
You suffer.
You develop anguish.
Each, time consuming, hectic,
filled with with so much havoc.
You ponder, but you can not concentrate.
You search yourself,
But you are too busy straying
From the jubilant and everlasting pathway.
You comply to every faultless demand.
Your mind is crowded
With unmerciful twists and turns.
You seek for the beautiful light
That gradually aviates upon your success.
And when you finally reach the peak,
You stumble and plummet down a dark, narrow well.
You are positioned on your side with wounds
surrounding greedily from every limb.
You lay there quietly thinking this is the end.
And when you finally feel like a failure,
Burdening a sunken heart,
A radiant beam has casted upon your face.....

You are lifted.

You are light.

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