A Potpourri of Expressions in Word...

The Gap, Australia

#206 Nov 18, 2012
This time she is going wear the suit of fire;
This time he is going to build his barriers of iron
As she flees into the flee-bidden world of humanity,
He will look to the skies of immortality
For the answers laying in the crusted hands of the wise
Where she once found her only allies.
But with each passing minute, she found the dagger
plunged farther in; now everything will be repeated after
He signs away the deed to the muscle pounding
In the cavity, drowning in the ludicrousy of these surroundings.

Warnings were pointless in the fact that with each entreaty
Her mouth would blister with the denial given to being greedy
To the forms of karma, after all, she wondered, Why should I be
the only one to pay such steep prices? Leaving it to chance, she walked
With the trails of ice crackling behind her as she swapped
Compassion for the indifference with him standing under
The streetlamp that flooded the lies in his eyes, the color
bleeding away with the grey that once bore the resemblance
of something left to shudder in the inescapable suffocating cover.

Free from the hand that held his leash, he stalked
The streets with thundering beats with the intentions of blocked
arteries left unprepared in this storming nights with the trust
left to soil itself in the arms of the misleading lust.

Because this is all love is, the dire need to feel the bullet
embed itself into the stomach with nothing but lead to fill
with emotions dripping from the quill as she attempts to immortalize
what so many find to be verbalized through the asinine progressions
of these fairytale romances where it ends with a kiss
With nothing but bliss to fill the empty mind where creativity should be.

The Gap, Australia

#207 Nov 18, 2012
You love those green eyes,

the crooked way he smiles,

this guy is almost perfect.

You say

“With my help he will be perfect.”


will not soil his new shoes

with a tramp through mud

to gather wildflowers

the way love used to

before you made love perfect.

The Gap, Australia

#208 Nov 18, 2012
slip out
of your

to greet
the rising

let open
eyes, gaze

upon the
beyond their

The Gap, Australia

#209 Nov 18, 2012
Sometimes I still turn in my head
the things you once believed
the God who kept us both in line
- omniscient periphery

Omnipresent - everywhere
especially the Dark
but there are empty spaces
and there are wanting hearts

Sometimes almost remembered
sometimes I near forget
things once held for certain
- escaping innocence

The Gap, Australia

#210 Nov 18, 2012
Words, were an escape
The pen was my blade
and I bled away the pain
as I poured my feelings
into words and phrases.

Not always so pleasant to read
yet they always gave me relief
every scribble on the sheet
strengthened my belief

And though sometimes
they’d leave my side
they’d always come running back to me
but this time it feels different
for my palms have been open
for far too long
hoping to receive

But just like the rest
they have abandoned me
with a glistening blade on my right
I wonder if that’s my next escape
or am I no longer supposed to be?

The Gap, Australia

#211 Nov 18, 2012
they glow
but do not shine
luminous scarlet fields
vast suffering, indignant plethora
a molded vow unlike the swedish or moorish lakes
high-held muslim gardeners and their whipping tongues; fasting
belt looped bodies slung from grandiose grandfathered structures and
phallic abominations. living or breathing the conscience of jonah, who was
the whale, above all bread and candles: chandeliers bobbing to and fro.
tangled weeds holding my hand as i walk calmly through uncharted
and unalienable consequences. slipping my tongue into your
rotten mouth and breathing your air (in and out with
the usual momentum of our love) until my head
and your head, light like a feather, a lead
ball flying 250 years ago toward a
young man with no kidneys.
i hope i scared you
a little when i
never came

The Gap, Australia

#212 Nov 18, 2012
There’s a pain in my heart,

a hurt with no name, an ache

with no face, a shadowy state

Nightmares, my fears, now are

my fate

Lost are my smiles, so far away,

- so unable,

to find them, unable to dare

Smiles are a hurt, a hurt with no name,

an ache in my heart, smiles that I cry

fill me with pain

The Gap, Australia

#213 Nov 18, 2012
That rhythm I hear

in the distant night

brings a sense of fear.

Calmness falls

as tension rises

confusion starts to near.

Sounds so familiar

Ive heard it before

This cant possibly end well.

Its the cadence of many broken hearts
Singing goodbye and farewell.

The Gap, Australia

#214 Nov 19, 2012
I try drifting into dreams
But rather I lay there staring
Sleep to me it seems
Lately a feat to daring
For when slumber does come
And my eyelids close tight
The only thing that greets me
Is the scariest part of the night

My person changes into another
My mind elsewhere be
My memories come and I remember
My fears all shown unto me

It's nights like this I do regret
Ever having lived
Remove I wish the things
I desperately want to forget

I take comfort though in knowing
Tomorrow a new dawn does come
And the chances to forget will be flowing
But in this life the remorse is never done.....


The Gap, Australia

#215 Nov 20, 2012
Having picked the final datum
From the universe
And fixed it in its column,
Named the causes of infinity,
Performed the calculus
Of the imaginary i, it seems

The body aches
To come too,
To the light,
Transmit the grace of gravity,
Express in its own algebra
The symmetries of awe and fear,
The shudder up the spine,
The knowing passing like a cool wind
That leaves the nape hairs leaping.

The Gap, Australia

#216 Nov 20, 2012
Virgin snow forms a blanket of shimmery white.
Pine tree boughs are weighted down this night.
Not a creature stirred.
Not a sound heard.
A feeling as If I were standing within a snow globe.
A magical story to unfold.
Silvery snow falling upon my face,
Sticking to my eyelashes, creating white lace.
Crystal tear drops forming upon my cheeks,
Giving me a look of mystique.
Street lights disperses snowflakes in a whimsical dance.
Making my nighttime surroundings a fairytale-like sense.
As if a child has shaken the snow globe to see,
Falling snow crystals shimmering silvery white onto me.
Tiny miracles of light,
Fluttering, dancing earthward creating a magical sight.

The Gap, Australia

#217 Nov 20, 2012
In the morning breeze
I can hear you voice
softly calling my name
in the haze I can see
the contours of you face

In the meadow's stream
I hear you laughter and
the water in the well
is as clear as your tears
the day you said farewell

All in nature reminds me of you,
transient our love,
like the flowering almond tree;
beauty never lasts and it was yester-year.

The Gap, Australia

#218 Nov 21, 2012
I search her face
at a slow pace.
Her eyes linger,
a tracing finger,
as I react
to her innate facts.

Her hands rest
as the birds nest.
As her words flow,
a world does go.
Her face moves
in such complex hues.

Her face drops
when any clown clops
his hands on a table
to any boring fable.
Her frame dances
as a feather prances
in the silent sounds
of my eyes round.

If I touched her
her skin will stir
in one all-rippling
face go stippling.
Slow passions go
by her threshold low.

The Gap, Australia

#219 Nov 21, 2012
Sat ransom'd in quietness,
like a bright one leaning
from an opening in the sky;
a stargazer guided by
a seeking past seeming,-
or a slim light pacing at darkness'
door, to and fro, frail by flickering.
In her presence the space of a fertile mesh,
some goddess' essence or sense
once trailed by incandescence...

Storm lightning she rose, flesh
graven, filled with speech and clearing.

the lace at her wrist, possibly
at the window with the wind; or in a museum,
in a display, pieces of lace.
as though from a distance
something of the past
met the present with her sway.
and i remember her face
all gay, and wine in a dark red restaurant.
i remember how a voice soft
with her quietness carried
her mellow limpidness, rather old,
and her twin youth, subdued, and yet bold,
that i cannot stop remembering.
it is autumn here. the colours glow.
and i want to replace the fallen leaves
with a little love;
perhaps in a letter,
as though from a distance
she could see the uneven glow
of the colours, the throbbing autumn heart's
yellows, burgundies, lush,
the reds, golds, rich, scattered
all over the place,
versus, one night in spring,
the shell white lace she wore.

perhaps in a letter,
as though from a distance, in some spiral,
she could see the colours soar.

The Gap, Australia

#220 Nov 21, 2012
Tan, the feel of dry leaves under foot,
the taste of crisp chicken skin,
like the tan in the smell of leather
and the feel of sitting on a wooden stool.

Tan, sounds of a Spanish guitar,
the hand that plucks the strings
as sunbaked sand
blows over the arid desert.

The taste of tan in caramel pudding,
the laughter of an aging man,
his voice course and raspy
and stains on fingers that smell of nicotine.

The promise of an angry father,
his child hiding to protect his hide,
the old hound dog
baying when the racoon is treed.

An uninteresting color, tan
like lukewarm water,
unseasoned food,
a disinterested lover.

Tan, not dark brown chocolate,
nor flat white skim milk,
a swirl of color and temperature
a milkshake of subtle flavor.

The Gap, Australia

#221 Nov 21, 2012
I think of you,
my heart races.
Images flash though my mind,
fast forward
into a blur, mixing
and unrealized fantasy.

There is a promised meeting,
I hold my breath.
Dare I pinch myself
lest I awake
from what you set in motion –
this dream
in which I hold you.

I have survived disappointments,
heart and commitment broken,
have lived with insecurity.
So much like a fickle cat
you give
only on your uncertain terms,
but yet I wait.

The Gap, Australia

#222 Nov 22, 2012
Let us ignite the sun and strike darkness with its warmth,

Take that single, narrow path yet one that leads to purpose,

Together, two stars sailing in the dark, we offer what is suited.

Let us provoke the night for the greatest cause of all.

All that matters is that the sun return each day to see

The moon chase after and offer lust to smolder his heart.

Your eyes reveal recent tears of happiness

As we return from distant shores;

Your breath is all that give me life

In our cause and there is none in this world

Who can convince otherwise…

The mistake is owned by those who

Believe not in the affair of our hearts.

In the bosom of each of us a greater desire

Of concern to the two only who share

Hot breath upon the neck as following memory.

Love returns as the day returns after night…

With a warm embrace that returns

What was absent from inside me.

Into arms where each was missed while

The universe slipped from reason and

We basked in the light of what we shared.

Seductive eyes entice as kisses rouse desire

When you write your love on my lips.

Your tantalizing touch makes my heart

Begin running a marathon inside my chest.

An inferno created and consumed by you,

Like a moth, I’m drawn to your light to

Devour your very essence, and the

Warmth of your breath on my neck draws

Me to your passion just as the heavenly

Stars are set to become novae in our release of love.

The Gap, Australia

#223 Nov 22, 2012
What a beautiful feeling when love songs start to make sense,
And you feel like every word is just common sense
But then that heartache reveals your incompetence
And you realize that common sense aint been common since
If love don’t cost a thing then why does it always leave you broke
Standing in the courtroom arguing over who gets the most
Good times they turn into bad memories,
Staring at old photo’s and asking,“do you remember me”?
Please pardon all these skeleton’s in my closet,
Still love don’t cost thing, but she gonna need a deposit.
That’s why she posting pretty pictures all over her facebook
To replace the man who used to tell her just how pretty her face look.
My ex girl told me she loved me and made a bad decision
And everyday she thinks about the love that she know she missing.
And I used to hope that one day she would feel that pain,
Thinking that knowledge would help me to be whole again,
But honestly her honesty had the opposite effect,
Now I’m feeling bad about every word that I ever said.
I was just hurt baby girl you know I never I meant it,
I wrote a hate letter, but I never sent it.
So as you lay in your bed with your eyes open,
And your mind’s numb, and your hearts broken
And before it’s all over say everything that you mean,
Romance is wish, and forever’s a dream.

The Gap, Australia

#224 Nov 22, 2012
my mouth lingers bang smash
upon her neck, stopped breath.

this tormenting want I want
to dive into her body, to sink
in giving skin, to press against
shell, bone, taste traces of salt
and seaweed, tangled together...

we lie, chaste in bed, this fear
overwhelming desire, her eyes
turn dark with longing, fever
rises to her cheeks,

she receives me
apple red breathless saying
come, my pretty, take a bite.

The Gap, Australia

#225 Nov 23, 2012
She blew into the room like a destructive,
drunken leaf, confused which side of her head her face was on.....

Which way her knees bent
As if she’d only just been bipedal for the past ten seconds.....

The twenty years and 70 seconds prior, she’d been cartwheeling.

Black and raggy.......Dizzy.

A tornado that hit a Hot Topic in the Amazon somewhere
Smelling like orchids and black tobacco
Like rain and weed.

The wreckage found hospice on a couch across from me
Eggshell legs with dark outlines draped over an armrest.

Her skirt crumpled up too far past her knees.
Too far.

(But not far enough).

There was only enough black hoody to cover her scars
Gaping safety pin pricks,
injury patches, sloppy surgeries.

Crooked, rusty zipper teeth clinching
But failing to contain two soft, pale polar bear cubs warmly hibernating.

Breathing deeply.
A hot pile of eyelinered flesh and polyester.
The whole mess rested on an easel of elbows.

She’s free. But not in the emancipated sense.

“Do you smoke?” Her tongue was sent slithering
over lips like sandwich bags filled with blood.

“No.” I wanted to sweat, but the moisture was elsewhere.......Salivating.

She’s free in the sense that she’d cost me nothing.

“That’s too bad,” a gray mummy finger fell from her pocket.
She put it to her lips,“Because I like to share.”

Spark On......Pleasure zone ?

From under the couch, she found familiar grooves in the armrest
And idled like an ibex on a mountainside, purring.

Her dimples deepened as she inhaled
and she slowly blew a steamy trickle into the cat’s ear.

Her eyes went from vertical to orbital
then sloshed back in its head.

She purred like a bad cough
like sucking the last of something through a big straw and fell to her back...... To dream.

She let her head hinge backward and blew more
hot, mauve exhaust into the air.

I felt infected with vampiral tendencies
watching her marshmallow neck stretch tighter
watching the bear cubs breathe.

Her eyes were oceans of oil miles deep
where stars went to drown, sick of all that cold empty sky.

She can taste my solar pheromones
And she squeezes her thighs together.

I could’ve stayed in that room
in that memory-void haze vault
in the slow motion lust flood
with wet handfuls of electric skin
red palms, bruised lips.


But, I had things to do that night.

She fell asleep, unraveled, and evaporated.

On my way out, I felt a cat tail crunch beneath my shoe.

It didn’t jump, or scream, or hiss.

It just stopped purring.

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