Why do people like anal sex>????

rebecca in conyers

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If you live near her.

#134 Dec 9, 2010
HB Local wrote:
<quoted text>
Takes their nose off ashtray breath husbands, now who would do that??
Here ya go!
I believe it has an opening in the back too! Patch kit included.

HB Local

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#135 Dec 9, 2010
Beckie Godwin wrote:
<quoted text>*bex waves like an idiot*
Here ya go!


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#137 Dec 9, 2010
You bet your ass I do!

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#138 Dec 9, 2010
I love being done with a strap-on

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#141 Dec 9, 2010
The aroma?
PixieVampyressUn plugged

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#142 Dec 9, 2010
victoria1 wrote:
You bet your ass I do!
<covers my arse, backs away from Vic> ROFL


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#144 Jan 20, 2011
...Three kids, three fathers is what she posted!

...I can see why chose and likes it.


Beckie Godwin

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Anyone scared yet?

#145 Jan 20, 2011
HB Local wrote:
...Three kids, three fathers is what she posted!
...I can see why chose and likes it.
Wrong again!
Sober up before you read.

<figures you would be here trolling for boys>
HB Local

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#146 Jan 20, 2011
...hahaha, you couldn't resist running to own it!

ok, go back to TV or dessert...

hahahahahahahahahahaha....badd a-bing!

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#147 Jan 21, 2011
OH SNAP wrote:
because when corn gets on ur wiener its gives you bling bling.lol
AND it gives HER something to nosh on afterwards!!!!

I always think of HER.

Bradford, VT

#149 Jan 10, 2012
hi everyone im here to say a little something about your sexual preferences. I know everyone has them right u know different strokes for different folks? well its dirty and morally wrong and I wanted to come on here to see how many people think sodomy is ok and im shocked and appalled. life isnt all about getting the next thrill or feeling good nor is sex. sex is about love and creating life and people and the pornography industry have perverted it and made it something disgusting. if nature intended us to have anal sex babies would be gestated in the stomach and crapped out instead of in the uterus and vagina. anal sex defies nature and defying nature is slowly destroying humanity. just look at how messed up the world already is and you want to sodomize each other because it feels good? just because something feels good does not make it ok. some people think it feels good to rape children and murder people. so many bad things have become widely accepted that people will tell me im evil and self righteouss for not wanted people to "express their inner fantasies" well let me tell you something about human nature if we were all allowed to express our inner thoughts or fantasies there would be way more pedophilia drug addiction murder and robbery. the world is headed on that path and it all starts with things as "harmless" as sodomy. dont let someone take your dignity away.if you dont care about dignity or morality how about logic? dont practice anal sex its filthy no matter how much you clean it out. just like a litter box no matter how much you scrub it and change it it will always be a litter box where cats crap. its the same concept with your butt. its an exit not an entrance. im not religious or of any political party by the way. Im only sixteen and I dont follow the group mentality. I just respect nature and examine the facts.

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#150 Mar 5, 2012

is a good source of info on having anal sex if you are interested in giving it a try
Crazy Jay

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#151 Mar 5, 2012
What's the subjects? Male or Female?


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#152 Mar 5, 2012
It's NOT that Chick like aanal sex...it's because their male partners have FREAKIN' control over them..any man that desires anal sex is a FREAKIN' pervert in my book. The damage stressed upon a woman's anal area can and will be severly damaged and cause undue discomfort, Which may result into having surgery or complications in the future.. Yo DUDES, if ya desire a "tight" screw..try a vaccum cleaner hose..it'll suck ya dry..
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#153 Mar 5, 2012
Just because someone can, doesn't mean they should. Your anus was created for a purpose and having sex in that manner is risky in my opinion, and .... well, just gross. I suppose some have been doing it that way since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Caligula and some of his empire engaged in unusual sex practices. Well, at least in those days it was considered to be unusual - and probably disgusting to most. I've never had the urge or desire to have sex in any other orifice except for the one that was intended.

Herndon, VA

#154 Mar 9, 2012
For me it's a sort of surrender,allowing your partner "everything"! I enjoy it once you get past the pain. Nothing like having a black guy over you grinding into you.

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#155 Mar 9, 2012
"Exit only"

Beautiful Black Molly

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...... then my reputation

#156 Mar 9, 2012
Ask Geno, he takes one for the team all the time.
Probably the size of a cavern by now.

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#157 Mar 9, 2012
Wrong Forum but agree "Exit Only"

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#158 Mar 9, 2012
I always say this,If a man wants to go in the back door he's gay!

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