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#1791 Jul 30, 2014
Good relationships doesn't need promises, terms and conditions. Its just needs a She who can trust and a He who can be loyal...

Petal Power

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#1792 Jul 30, 2014
Adrian DeVine wrote:
I'm not living
I'm only surviving
There's so much to do
And so little time
I'm always in a rush
Trying to keep up with life
Without a moment to rest
Without a moment to think
There's no joy in life
Being here makes no sense
Sometimes it comes to me
That I should put an end to it......
Yo Adrian!! You're BACK..Groovy!!



Or Are these POEMS.. Yours??
Adrian DeVine


#1794 Jul 30, 2014
Every night I sleep on alternate

sides of the bed, as if to duplicate
sleeping with you. If

Iím fast enough, Iím the warmth
of my own body beside me, reach

out and touch myself. Breach
the blue of my bones, breathe in my own ear.

You left me. Lying here,
I left you to be with me.

Someone asks if your body
was worth trading for mine.

My sin was always pride.
Did you want a man that sleeps

with himself to keep
the bed warm?

I need you like the earth
needed the flood after dearth....
Adrian DeVine


#1795 Jul 31, 2014
my head is filled with memories that are not my own

and colors that do not exist

i feel lost

and i miss certain things

that i know never occurred

i want so desperately

to relive - or live

these moments

that happened while

i was sleeping
Adrian DeVine


#1796 Jul 31, 2014
A demented whisper
Tugs upon your sleeve
To gaze into the unknown
To gaze into the awe

Unleashing your fear
Fire burning in your bones
You flex your mind
Like you would a muscle

In control of everything
Watching the world in front of you
You realize you were living a lie
You realize you were ignorant

But it all didn't matter
For you were in awe of the universe
Time ceased to matter
You've spent your life being it's slave

Armoured with the love
Of people infinite
You feel no worry
You've seen the light

You are the light
You are the energy
You are the beginning and the end
You are more than you thought you were

You are awake

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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#1797 Jul 31, 2014
I'm walking in your footsteps
you see I've lost my way
the path we walked together
is now the only one I take
you left me at the crossroads
when Heaven called you home
by retracing the path we traveled
makes me feel I'm not alone
each day is a lonely journey
since losing my best friend
and now our paths can never cross
but like a fool I still pretend...
Adrian DeVine


#1798 Aug 1, 2014

She wears it around her neck on a chain.

Safe in the only home it's known, smug between her breasts.

A key to her first diary, where she wrote about her hopes and her
dreams. About her love for the boy down the street and about how she
lost her virginity and cried for a week.

A key to her trousseau, holding warmth from the blankets and linens,
practicality from the dishware, love from the Shakespeare poems and
long awaited hope from the yellowing lace.

A key to her first home, with the white picket fence and the swing set in
the back. Where her children would grow up, where laughter would ring
and loneliness would echo in the halls

A key to her favorite jewelry box, with the diamond earrings and
macaroni necklace. The discarded ring that she had to ask for and that
never quite fit

He knows the key is there, he's seen it for three decades.

He knows the devastation that is in store if he uses it.

Its the key to open her heart.

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#1799 Aug 1, 2014
I'm missing Big dawg ~
Adrian DeVine


#1801 Aug 6, 2014
Carly baby,
a cloud of sadness follows me around
stillness in my room
no laughter only my tears
i wish you would come back

tell me it will all be alright
your green eyes that shine
your tears that are so real
please be true to me

how can i pick myself up off the ground
all the peices of my life have fallen apart
and now you are gone
with another girl

i can only imagine being with you again
a fond memory of us
my heart aches
my body longs for you

broken into nothing
how can i bring back my life
i have nothing left
will the light ever shine again

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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#1802 Aug 7, 2014
Life never seems to be the way we want it
but we live it in the best we can
there's no perfect life
but we can fill it with
perfect moments!!!!!
Adrian DeVine


#1803 Aug 8, 2014
Slipping past conscience actions.
diving into the idea that maybe things will go
≠ the way that I've hoped.

now all that is left to do is extract the expectations,
and I'm left stranded. my mind is smashing into the bottom
of a self created abyss that leads towards the truth that
to exist is to perceive. I watch my choices extend themselves
into my future, into how I see myself.

no reflection showing worth.

through adaptation I made comfort
in the dark.
the clouds came in, and decided to stay;
lingering in the sky, just barely out of reach.
they are so low, and I'm solo.

I don't.
I don't need.
I don't need this.
I don't need this anymore.

so I'll make up reasons to leave.
push myself further and further away from what others define as love.
whereas my dictionary is full of lies,
and the truth is,
I don't really mind.

I twisted and turned;
running as fast as my bones would allow.
I'm a little exhausted--
but I'm too tangled to care.

and all this time
I thought
except me.

accept me.
Adrian DeVine


#1804 Aug 8, 2014
Have you ever had a dream, that when you woke up you were full of emotions. Where you woke up and it made you feel that it was real? Where even though you know it didn't really happen it still makes your emotions go wild?

Well that does not happen to me.

Now could you imagine being a small boat in the middle of the ocean, so alone with nothing or no one around you? You and the ocean, everything else just emptiness? You could scream but no one would hear.

Or do you remember when you were a child at the beach, you used to pick up a shell, put it against your ear and listen to the waves? When you knew that there wasn't actually anything inside, it was just an empty shell.

I have a body but inside I am empty, no emotions..... I am not happy nor sad, I am nothing.

My heart beats, my veins pulse, my organs work but it is not me. I do not know who I am, lost in a world where no one understands and there's no one to talk to. My brain is that small boat in the ocean and my body is the shell.

I try to feel something but there is nothing there to feel.

All these thoughts in my head but no emotions to match. I feel like a robot. I have a body, an outside, and all of these thoughts programmed into my head, like this body has been designed for me but someone has forgotten to put emotions where they are meant to be.

If I did speak out loud what would they think or say? Would any even hear me or listen?

Well unfortunately for me I couldn't care less, I do not care what they think about me. In fact I don't care about anything, nothing at all. I am not arrogant nor ignorant, I try to care but things do not phase me.

I try to be there for people but I can not feel their pain. I know there are serious problems in the world, terrible things happpen. I do not try to deny them nor ignore them, but when I hear and see things I do not react,

I do not feel, I do not speak for when I do my lips move but I can't hear what I am saying.

I am lost. I am in a jungle, pushing through the tall trees. I keep searching but there is no way out, running for days but I am getting no where, still in the same place I started to begin with.

Should I stop searching? Will I ever be found?

My body is numb but so is my pain. What I used to feel is not to blame, passion, hurt, pleasure and love I've lost.

Now I realise that was me. I do not know who I've become. The tears I have are silent you see, they are inside of me, the tears won't come out of my eyes.

My mind is an anchor but my thoughts are a kite, I want to be free, is it better to die?

Some one please tell me am I even alive?

“I looked, and behold,”

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#1805 Aug 8, 2014

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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#1806 Aug 8, 2014
Dont hold on because you think there will be no one else.0
There will always be someone else.
You've got to believe you are worth more
than repestedly hurt by someone who
doesnt really care and believe that
someone will see what you are really worth
and treat you the way you should be treated.
Adrian DeVine


#1808 Aug 10, 2014
You rewrite me.

I learn the hieroglyph for longing,
the derivative of sigh.

Ours is a softly spoken love

and I'm a breathless scribe.

“It's a secret”

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Or maybe I just forgot!!

#1809 Aug 10, 2014
Adrian DeVine wrote:
You rewrite me.
I learn the hieroglyph for longing,
the derivative of sigh.
Ours is a softly spoken love
and I'm a breathless scribe.
No really!!!

you talk way too much...

Try get a grip dude!!

still trolling for love, I see

and the wildest can't find none locally...

This is just another msg...from M.E..

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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#1810 Aug 10, 2014
You know how to tell when someone is miserable with their own life?
When they look for ways to destroy someone elses!!!

“It's a secret”

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Or maybe I just forgot!!

#1811 Aug 10, 2014
You know how to tell a hypocrite...

when they lie to protect their own self image..

it's that simple..


“It's a secret”

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Since: Sep 12

Or maybe I just forgot!!

#1813 Aug 10, 2014
Word by Word wrote:
We ought to see far enough into a hypocrite to see even his sincerity.
Thomas Fuller
and we should try to think for ourselves...

sorry..couldn't contain...

truth is truth...and NOTHING will take it's place..


“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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#1814 Aug 10, 2014
Before you speak, ask yourself this.
.Is it true? Is it kind? Is it Necessary?
Our words have the power to hurt others.
However they also have the power to heal..
Choose wisely...

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