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#667 Jan 30, 2013
Written by

I have walked through the tangled thorns of love

Grabbling at the entanglement

Hands bloody

Flesh torn

From my body

As I blindly reach for you

Bones broken from throwing myself against the wall of your heart

Clawing through your resistance


I shall not abdicate until you know love

Forget the pain of past lovers

Who posed as heart-struck maidens

Only later to learn they were strumpets


My love


Since: Dec 12

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#669 Jan 30, 2013
Thank you Sheffield:)

The Gap, Australia

#670 Jan 30, 2013
In this dream
the birds never stop flying
the trees have
so many different meanings
in time
they fall with memory traces
if they question
they don't tell
we watch
us time makers
us time counters
us human leaves

this candle burns
with memory
yesterday was a match
time has locked the door
your coming death
is god's little secret....

The Gap, Australia

#671 Jan 30, 2013
I had been painting the blue sky
a brighter blue.
I had been higher than I thought possible.
When I fell,
the sun wheeled spokes of light
about my head

I make no excuses for my fall -
anyone that aims at such heights
must take the necessary precautions.
He must take care
to lean his ladder against a fixed object,
preferably a star.

O love, knowing your constancy,
how did I fail
to lean it against your heart?

The Gap, Australia

#672 Jan 30, 2013
Doomsday aícallin
manídar aíblazin
I run
but thereís no where

matriarch has eyes
falling back
into cigarette-tranqíd-haze

and patriarch is stealing my tequila

who will carry the seed
who will hear the babe breath....

who will raise the young hearts
so steadfast to lead

with no captain aípresent,

whatís to come of love?

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

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Friends Are Great...

#673 Jan 30, 2013
I am no one other than myself...I change for no one ..I have been princess hey since I first started with topix and thats whom I will always be untill I permanently leave Topix for good..And as for the phoney take a good look in the mirror one could say the same about have a great big fantastic day..:O)

The Gap, Australia

#675 Jan 30, 2013
I canít be responsible if itís a disease, I mean a sicknessóa real sickness. I sleep and sometimes I do shit, like, itís real. I mean, when I was little Iíd wake up in other parts of the house. My mom knew all this. I didnít go to therapy cuz, whatíre they gonna do? And yeah I told that bitch, I mean her, Iíd get help and we could go to therapy together or whatever but I read about it and they canít do shit for this. Iím just flawed, I guess. It isnít intentional, I donít wake up and think,ďIím gonna maul this chick,Ē I just stay asleep and do whatever. Theyíre asleep, too, and half the time they donít even mind, so I donít really know what this bitchís problem is. I mean, itís simple, Iím asleep when I do it. I swear I have no control. I didnít know it was violent. I mean, I talked her out of that. I mean, we talked about it. I mean, I convinced her it was an accident. I said I didnít mean to. Said I wouldnít do it again. I said Iíd go to therapy and sheóhow can she just change her mind like that? I mean, that night she fucking said she would be okay and now itís all backwards. Thatís not fair. I didnít mean to fuck her up in the head or anything. I mean, I donít think what I did could really cause ďPost Traumatic StressĒ but anyways, Iíve got a disorder, too. Why isnít anyone concerned about me? I didnít mean to do it, I didnít mean to screw her up worse or anything, nothing long term, I mean, for life or something. I was just, you know, asleep. I didnít know I tore her underwearóI mean, pinned her down? I didnít know she was shouting, I didnít hear anything. I couldnít, I was sleeping. Didnít know I held her wrists, I didnít know any of it. Iím a good person. Iím just, you know, a dude, and it happens in my sleep, I mean, I didnít intend toóyou canít call it that, you just canít call it that if I didnít mean to do it. I just did it and so since itís a sickness, you gotta believe me, thereís a name for it for realóI looked it up on Google the day after. I mean, so I would know what to tell the doctors. I mean, tell her. I mean, tell everyone, but I never went to the doctors cuz, ya know, thereís nothing they can do, so what am I supposed to do? Live alone? Never sleep with another girl? Thatís not fair. I mean, this is real, this fucks me up. I got a real condition and whatever I do has to be excused. I mean, it would hold up in court, right? If I got a doctor to say I do this in my sleepóthat makes it okay. I didnít mean it andófuckóI told you, I mean I told her it wasnít intentional, shouldnít that count for something? I mean, I know she has therapy and panic attacks and whatever, but Iím not some Grade-A felon here. I just said I should be locked up because I was trying to get her to forgive me. Besides, she shouldnít remember that part, it was like two fucking years ago and then she cold-shouldered me for so longóI mean, she wonít even look at me. Hasnít spoken to me at all. This is fucking ridiculous. I figured the whole thing would just blow over.
Why canít she just fucking get over it?

The Gap, Australia

#676 Jan 30, 2013
Fascism leaves on little cat feet.
An older woman,
her hair prematurely gray,
sits at her laptop.

Why is a law in claw?
The Ghost gives the hand signal
to let the flying saucers land.

Why is yes in eyes?
A detective takes her laser cannon
off the back of a prehistoric crocodile.

She and the prehistoric crocodile
have formed a telepathic bond.

Why is the past in pastiche?
Pruella the Christ
puts on her black leather domino mask.

I fucking know you by heart.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Friends Are Great...

#677 Jan 30, 2013

hey sweety you know who you are this ones for you..

The Gap, Australia

#678 Jan 30, 2013

It is in the things
whispered against
napes of necks
under a twelve-step
backsliding moon
the thing bloomed
beautiful over the
lie and the shy lips
of one saying I am
unnamed without you.


The Gap, Australia

#679 Jan 30, 2013
You are
offering a flower
From a withered vein
of the root
Instead of
a leaf.


I wonder
How much dreaming
This century
Is giving me
out of
the dust.

The Gap, Australia

#680 Jan 31, 2013
How many have kissed upon your neck?
Made their way down your back
Teeth - scraping
The evidence of your conquests
Has lost its touch
How many--
Have entered you
Moved past all the barricades
To feel your center

Can you still feel them?
Like ghosts lingering
Upon your naked form
I ponder--

They don't know
How lucky they are
To have gotten so far

The Gap, Australia

#681 Jan 31, 2013
I donít check the time
space continuum when we make love.

Iím more interested in the intersection of
your breasts and my lips at the outer
edge of the universe. Weíve yet to discover
all the nebula there.

What do I know about quantum mechanics?
Unseen interactions fascinate researchers.

I see life at trial and error. You are my creation
metaphor. Who needs the God particle
when I can pray to you?

Iím not sure if the caboose on the other
track is your body moving
or my body at rest.

Youíve taken my soul at the speed
of light. My spirit weighs more than the earth itself.
Will I come back younger than
your oldest thought after my journey?

canít answer the questions I whisper to you while you
remain detached and asleep.

I am your chaos theory
fighting gravity.

The Gap, Australia

#682 Feb 1, 2013
Some say
it doesn't matter what you write
as long as it makes some sort
of sense.

You must treat each word
as if it were a lover's touch;
grasping at an insight

The world will be kind
to your efforts.

The poet in you
speaks softly;
tending the garden
by lamp-light.

The moon is a sliver-full

....Say what you want...:

I'm in love.

The Gap, Australia

#683 Feb 1, 2013
We are beautiful together;
As beautiful as sunlight
Falling upon a rose.

They spied us from a distance,
Calling softly,
Calling, with bird-like whistles,
In the brightness of the day
It only accentuated our unabashed pose.

Oh, how the Australian Summertime
Brings out the best of us.

The Gap, Australia

#684 Feb 3, 2013
I thirst your soul
It holds all that you are
All I wish to know
You have captured
My heart in such a way
That I will never be the same
I thirst for your love
Are you willing to commit
To tell me your truths
Leave the lies
Tucked in a suitcase
I want to know everything about you
I thirst to hold you
And love you strong
To tell you all of my fears
To cry my tears
My love has never been stronger
Say you want me too

Since: Dec 12

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#685 Feb 6, 2013
Though it is not my desire

Time will run its course and I must leave you

Such is life

Death does not discriminate

It takes us all

Returns one to the earth as compost

I do not fear the journey

For I know it is coming

My only fear is leaving you behind

In a world of chaos

Where no one can agree








A world of violence and destruction

Hungry children

Laid bare before their mothers bleeding hearts

Fathers with guns upon their shoulders

Hate and vengeance in their eyes

Children running through the street singing songs of abomination

Taught to them by their grandfathers

Though it is not my desire

Time will run its course and I must leave you

Such is life

Death does not discriminate

It takes us all

Returns one to the earth as compost

I do not fear the journey

For I know it is coming

My only fear is leaving you behind

When it becomes to much my sons and daughters

Return to the garden

Remember the lessons of your mother





In which the flowers grow

Since: Dec 12

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#686 Feb 6, 2013
*written by CYP

The Gap, Australia

#687 Feb 6, 2013
Dying to speak, but Iím not allowed
Not that theyíd listenĖ they donít know how

I have been silenced, my voice of no use
My voice has been suppressed by this nameless abuse

Secrets and lies build up in my chest
My body absorbs them, never confessed

I wonder and hope that there might be a day
When someone will see me, hear something I say

But most of me knows thatís some childish dream
Iím resigned to put up with the internal screams

For I have to be normal, I have to be good
I have to be quiet and do what I should

Because Iím the glue that holds us as one
I am the guy that gets everything done

So Iíll keep the secrets, Pandoraís Box closed
Iíll make sure that nothing and no oneís exposed

But waitĖ watch as his scarred body grows
Careful, heís letting some hidden things show

Triumphant, he feels that heís finally spoken
Though for this divulgence, his nemesis has broken

Today it still takes all I have to say ďNoĒ
To set my own limits, let that drama go

But itís getting easier year after year
Iím working hard to conquer my fears

And find other ways for my voice to be heard
No more must I lay, just mouthing the words

The Gap, Australia

#688 Feb 6, 2013
Check_ Your_ Pulse wrote:
*written by CYP
aka Grace ?

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