Dover, OH

#765 Dec 16, 2013
Princess Hey wrote:
It hurts really bad to have someone in your heart and you cant hold them in your arms!!!!
Switch the words someone with Twinkee and you'll get a Haystacks truism.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Happy Thanksgiving

#767 Dec 16, 2013
When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time is too long and no other love can break them apart....
Ami in Miami

Miami, FL

#769 Dec 18, 2013
A girl..

no matter how

many times

she denies it

she will



every detail,

every moment,

every piece of,

the memories..

you've left her.

No matter how much

she tries

to forget

It will always be there...

Petal Power

“It's a New Dawn”

Since: Feb 14

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#770 Jul 19, 2014
FREAKIN' Adrian Devine..CRAWL out from Under THAT Rock..TROLL!!

Yoooooour Presence is NEEDED at The Night Owl Saloon.. POET!!!!

Petal Power

“It's a New Dawn”

Since: Feb 14

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#771 Jul 20, 2014
Adrian..Woooo-Hoooo..We Need your Poetry Wit ..on the WEIRD Forum..for the NEWBIES!!
Adrian DeVine


#772 Jul 30, 2014

Cut me up and
drink up my thoughts
spear my chest
and watch my creativity
drip out
where my bones as
a prize
listen while they belt
wistful “what ifs”
just don’t comfort me
when I cry
let me be miserable
and alone
do not whisper lies
about how it “will
be alright” and let
dandelions grow in
those broken
cracks of mine ...


Adrian DeVine


#773 Jul 30, 2014
maybe we should
keep talking until our breaths
spread out like frozen petals into
the air
and stand completely still
as to not wake the distant

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

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Since: Mar 12

Happy Thanksgiving

#774 Jul 30, 2014
Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears...
Adrian DeVine


#775 Jul 30, 2014
You tease
When you're touching me
Your hands
Tracing circles on my skin
This is no innocent touch
You know what you're doing to me
You know that spot
That place that drives me insane
And when we stand
When we walk away
You try to pretend
That you didn't do a thing
But I can't have that Oh no
The door bangs shut
I lean in
I pull you in
I'm not gentle either
I GRAB you
I bite you
I smash my mouth to yours
And i cannot pull away
I can't let go
Of yoy
Of this
It's too sweet
This bliss
I know I'm fucked
Adrian DeVine


#776 Jul 30, 2014
I just want

To push you against a wall

And kiss your senses away

Take you to new heights

Of ecstasy, beyond cloud nine

Take your breath away

And keep you begging for more

Be the best person I can be

Show you I mean what I say

Piece your heart back together

And keep it that way

Slide a ring on your finger

And finally be able to call you mine

Carry you away into the sunset

And give you the fairytale ending you want and deserve

But beyond all this

I just want you


“It's a secret”

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Since: Sep 12

Or maybe I just forgot!!

#777 Jul 30, 2014
I gotta say...

you're a go get her...lol

been banned so many times..

need to look up Trish..

I'm sure she's your kind..

been banned a lot

can't go away..

still here too...

just like you..

have a good whatever

it's...M.E. again..


“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Happy Thanksgiving

#778 Jul 30, 2014
I might not be everything you ever wanted, but I'm always going to be more than you deserve!!!!
Adrian DeVine


#779 Jul 30, 2014
She lends me sensual records –
I know she's not leading me on.
I started the lending library,
books and poems, off and on.
I've loved her since
I saw the hints
of the planet I was living on,
her planet.

Sharing songs is intimate,
it's hearing singing in the shower.
It's a voice and face,
it's lips and poise – and power.
I hear her songs
and sing along.
I sing badly, but I bless the hour,
I bless her planet.

She's half reluctant,
I hope she's not being kind.
She knows I'm trouble,
trouble I can't leave behind.
I'm afraid
one fine day
she'll leave me behind,
this silent blue planet.
Adrian DeVine


#780 Jul 30, 2014
You in your new cranberry sweater, glasses askew
reading about James Bond, then Elgar.

Being nobody, at home with all the lamps on
and quite shapeless within beloved habits.

The unknown bird at dawn who laughs
an ascending scale of notes in our garden.

Opening a card of bluebells and wood sorrel
to find a letter written in neat fountain pen script.

A conversation lasting six and a half hours,
completing it without being put off or told off.

The vacancy for a part-time shepherd –
wondering how it would blend with poetry.

A slow breakfast at the foot of a castle while ruins
tell their stories and cows promenade the cliff.

A stroll along the pier in my pale blue duffel coat,
greeted only by the seal who wants to flirt.

Smoke spiralling from chimneys, the long breath
of a house, or its thoughts purified by fire.

Listening to Ave Maria, imagining Schubert asleep
in his glasses in case a new song woke him by surprise.


#781 Aug 2, 2014
Forgotten love encircles me
Grasping the breath within.
Fallen tears drift into a pool of darkness,
Whereby, emptiness likens its depth.

I put forth my hand to seek sanctuary,
Where only blackened loneliness lies.
My eyes shutter,
My heart ceases,
As I drown in the lake of lost.
Adrian DeVine


#782 Aug 6, 2014
the ink is blotted on the page
the sides are crumpled up with rage
this devastating residue
is all because of me and you

i'm fixed into a grinding state
of perfect words that come too late
and hunger turned to guilt and shame
and causing feelings with no name

the mystery left to solve is mine
and the writing only fades with time
so shake your head and give a sigh
but save your anger for goodbye

since you left my skin is bare
and clean and soft and without hair
existence isn't dirty now
like it was before your bow

you'll find me where my heart is at
beside the oriental mat
rocking back and forth some say
as if i'm fighting time's decay

it remains, as always, in your hands
time is slipping like the sands
come back to time and space and love
you'll find that life is like a glove.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Happy Thanksgiving

#783 Aug 7, 2014
Maybe its not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something Better....
Adrian DeVine


#784 Aug 8, 2014
You know your online romance is over when...

Your attempts at humor no longer get a LMAO, ROFL, FFCL, FAH.

Not even a lame LOL. In her perception you've downgraded from a wit to a half-wit.

Her exclamation points diminish as does her patience with you!!!

She inexplicably switches from Arial, font size 10, black, to Calligraphy Script, font size 12, deep purple and ends her sentences with a flower icon instead of a period.

On the upside, her grammar and spelling errors even looks dumber in calligraphy.

She sends you all sorts of 'I'm busy' signals. If you press her for details, she says she's 'too busy to explain now'. This may be a bit implausible as she is unemployed and probably unemployable.

Whereas before you had intimate one on one chat, you're now part of the 6 peoples she's chatting with simultaneously while doing her laundry.

She didn't get enough ‘Likes’ on Facebook about you guys hooking up and updated her relationship status.

She starts thinking in 'practical terms' like seeing the 3000 miles between you as somewhat 'a bitch of a commute'.

She's so provincial she won't even date anyone who has to cross a bridge or a tunnel.

Face it, long distant relationships are for your parents, not your lovers.

She introduces the dreaded 'F' word'-- Friend!

Finally, you know your online relationship is over when......

She ignore your last 3 emails, each sent in a tone of mounting desperation, you get the irrevocable,'Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently'.

Come on buddy - don't even think about resending it!

Exactly what part of the word, permanently didn't you quite understand?

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Level 9

Since: Mar 12

Happy Thanksgiving

#786 Aug 8, 2014
Love is when you shed a tear and still want him.
Its when he ignores you and you still love him.
Its when he loves another girl but you still smile
and say I'm happy for you, when all you really do is cry...
Adrian DeVine


#787 Aug 8, 2014
What if your last love was exactly that, the last one?

Would you be more forgiving?

Would you "let more things go" in favor of not being alone?

After all, if they were your last and you knew there wouldn't be another,
might you not be more inclined to keep them around?

I think about that sometimes.

I knew goodbye wasn't what they wanted to hear.

I knew they wanted to work it out.

But I know, for me, there was just no way.

Don't get me wrong, it was once great. It was once the best.

For a while we both tried to fool ourselves that it would last forever.

Turns out we were both wrong.

But as sad that feels, it was the right thing to do.

And if they were the last, then as much as it sucks being so premature,
it could have been much worse.

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