Germans were ancient Dravidian and T...

Germans were ancient Dravidian and Tocharian people with R1a from India

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#1 Dec 17, 2012
The German were ancient Dravidian and Tocharian people with R1a from India
90% or more of european R1a-cluster are ancient Germans or R1a Tocharians
1]Kurgan theory, borderline fact_check_
2]Abundant samples of R1a in Kurgan region/Tarim Basim/Germany_check_
3]Abundant samples of ancient R1a in Kurgan region/Tarim Basim/Germany_check_
4]R1a connected with Indo-Aryan migrations_check_
he fact that the Tocharians were R-M17 and spoke a Centum language, that's not a contradiction, and it's also decisive evidence in support of the notion that the proto-Indo-Europeans were R-M17. R1a isn't Satem exclusive. But we don't need the Tocharians to conclude that (although, it surely does corroborate it); there are Germanic speakers who are R1a (and it's not Slavic R1a), and Centum was originally R-M17 too. It's just that Centum has spread amongst R1b folks to a larger degree because in western Europe, that's the dominant haplogroup. But it was spread to the R1b-blokes by R-M17 males, and Centum is actually the older of the two, as the K-sound (*ḱm̥tóm) is still preserved in some Centum languages such as Tocharian Kante/Känt and Greek Hekaton (or Ekato as the Greeks say nowadays). But many modern Centum languages have lost most of the original *ḱm̥tóm pronunciation just as much as the Satem languages have (in Germanic the K is gone, for example). Satemisation occurred in the PIE homeland after Tocharian separated, which is why Tocharian was still Centum.
Tocharian was Centum because it separated before R-M17 males went Satemisation. That Tocharian was Centum and not Satem, is exactly what's expected of such an early split from proto-Indo-European. Germans and Scandinavians speaking a Centum language is also in agreement with the Tocharians.
It's not Satem = R1a and Centum = R1b. It's R1a = Centum-Satem and R1b = Centum and some occasional Satem (like Armenians, and even they have R1a). But R1b has nothing to do with the proto-Indo-Europeans. R1b males were Indo-Europeanised by *ḱm̥tóm speaking R-M17 males.
I see. It's all becoming crystal clear. So R1a spoke both Satem and Centum in it's Kurgan/Urheimat. Tocharians spoke both Satem and Centum, at various times, but later on spoke only Centum based. While R1b who had nothing to do with proto-Indo-Europeans spoke only proto Afro-Asiatic languages and spread it into Africa, but not the Indo-Europnised areas where R1a was speaking Centum based language, then adopted and changed over to R1a based Centum languages, after being R1aped, which originated in the Kurgan Indo-European heimat, with the exception of the Basque's.
Would that be correct?
Man from Atlantis

Irmo, SC

#2 Dec 17, 2012
90% or more of european R1a-cluster are ancient Germans. Lots of ancient Gemans has most lived outside of modern germany country.

Today, more germanic genetic outside of germany as inside. All R1a was first farmers (cowboys) in europe.
4900 BC First Farmers build Stroked Pottery (StichbandKeramic) Culture & Roessner Culture in North Europa.

Between 4100 BC and 2700 BC all R1a collect themselves in german lowland as Funnelbeaker culture, later sprited out as Corded ware culture,
they spoken ur-german satem language, have german tribenames. All tribes of european R1a Genetic from Europe to Ural are Germans. Funnelbeaker, Urnfield and Linearband Culture are tested. These overlaps with german tribes and genetic test with german regional population.

We can identify germanic Tribes. The Tribe system is etablish with languages ca. 3500 BC.
The rest of 10% R1a were assimilated same time in other cultures (like Apulian, Thrakia and so).
Slavic clusters is a part of Slavic Empire with Lappi the Greatest as King. He ignore the results of science, he ignore all people what say him the truth.

He etablish a fix idea with great poland as nucleus of the world and kill the germanic roots. That is not neutral, that is not correct and it is not true.

Modern genetic of Germany has changed from R1a to R1b, and the language from Satem to Kentum. In ancient time, germanic was a Satem Language with R1a+I as dominant genetic. The IE language tree is not correct. We have minimum 2 roots, one is the R1a funnelbeaker culture other is R1b.

M458 is born 2750 BC in German lowland. No slavic urheimat, no IE Pauwau at pontus or so. Sorry for that.

What will you say if the Kurgan burials in Yamnaya show pockets of R-M420 (R1a) and R-SRY1532.2 (R1a1) and some minor R-M17 (R1a1a)? You know what that means, right? That means Yamnaya R1a is ancestral to Polish R1a

I think that's a very likely scenario, and that would explain perfectly why R-M17 is the dominant clade today rather than R-M420. I predict the Yamnaya Kurgans will show some R-M420.
Man from Atlantis

Irmo, SC

#3 Dec 17, 2012
it the Dravidian Proto-Aryans who were originally Rh negative in India not the Brahmin Indu or Moon worshiping Brahmin who intermarried black Aryan Dravidian women to get they Rh negative blood. The first Rh negative people were black Dravidians and Tamil of Sri Lanka.


#4 Mar 14, 2013
What an occult nonsense; current "Germans" are gothicized ("germainzed") Slavs - Veneti... The men lineage is Slavic R1a haplogroup and Tocharians were of Ra1a1 origin subclade also. You can hide this but the truth always shines back.
Stop stealing Slavic history. Rig Vedic language was closest to current Slavic AND Lithuanian languages.

End of discussion.

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#5 Mar 14, 2013
Uh oh... Looks like we might have a possible "German-Slav off" brewing here. LOL (Props to "Zoolander")

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#6 Apr 12, 2013
This guy does not know what he is talking about, the Tocharians were semi-nomadic and left the closer vicinity with Germanic populations long ago in Europe. They were the only advanced Germanic tribe, even the Greeks spoke highly of them and the Greeks never spoke highly of the Romans and despised any other Germanic people who they saw as Barbarians. They helped build the Silk Road civlization and would commonly assimilate into culture like they did in India, this is completely false. Physical Anthropological evidence shows that Mediterranean Caucasians were living along side the Black Australoid people and this persisted when the Tocharians came, it was only until the Indo-Aryan Invasions who were originally an Indo-Iranian people from a physical anthropology point of view were mixed between Nordic and Mediterranean Caucasians.

read all of this

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#7 Apr 19, 2014
Tocharians are R1b they are indo european people


#8 May 21, 2015
TArih wrote:
Tocharians are R1b they are indo european people
Tocharians are R1a as prusians :-)

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